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Are kyriakos grizzly workouts more optimal for hipertrophy,strenght or endurance?

20:30 UTC


Chat GPT or AI prompts for sales training workshops

I've been searching for chat GPT or just general AI prompts for training workshops, I am in sales and can't seem to find the right wording to get what I want. Anyone find any luck with AI in training?

14:06 UTC


Anyone trying out the Apple Vision Pro headset for immersive learning?

13:44 UTC


Been working in L&D for 15 years... AMA

Hi all. I'm new to Reddit but have been working in L&D for a little over 15 years.

I've worked in customer services, financial services, local government, supply chain, and currently work for a consultancy providing services to a variety of businesses.

For a lot of my career I worked as the only L&D person in a business and operated with very little budget, forcing me to get creative in delivering solutions, hence my username: LnD-DIY.

Looking forward to contributing to the conversation!

12:52 UTC


I have a question for those of you who work in L&D and facilitate workshops at large organizations.

Hi all! I recently joined a company of 40k+ employees.

My background is in org psych with around 10 years experience.

This is my 3rd role, and I'm somewhat shocked by the process of being trained to facilitate workshops at my new company.

We have around 15-20 workshops that are set in stone and created by the design team.

In order for us to be able to facilitate these workshops ourselves, we have to 1) watch someone else facilitate the training then 2) facilitate the training while our peer watches us and 3) then we are finally able to facilitate the training ourselves on our own.

These are not challenging workshops - they are your standard leadership and communication trainings.

Is this also your process at your company? The fact someone could have 20+ years expereince and still need to follow those 2 steps before they can facilitate is a huge huge time suck in terms of resources. The intent is to give constructive feedback, but because everyone is so experience, there is rarely ever feedback that needs to get shared.

Everyone is constantly complaining that they are in back to back meetings/trainings with no time to take reasonable breaks.

For example, if someone leaves the company and a new hire joins this would be 100+ hours of extra work for the team to get them up to speed.

Am I overreacting? In past organizations I have worked at, you would have someone shadow your first few workshops to ensure your style meets company standards, but after that it's expected that you can do your job without this level of oversight.

23:52 UTC


Good Places to find Facilitators

I'm looking to find contract facilitators throughout the country in major market areas for occasional team building events. Any recommendations on where to find dynamic folks who might be interested in hosting fun and energetic events? Thx! 😁

17:34 UTC


📱 ¿Qué suplementos debería tomar para mi entrenamiento?

12:06 UTC


JHSC Certification Training

Ensure Workplace Safety with JHSC Certification Training!

Are you committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment? Join our comprehensive Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Training to equip your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and address health and safety concerns effectively.

JHSC Certification Part One - Lay the foundation for workplace safety with our 3-day training program approved by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development (MLITSD).

JHSC Certification Part Two - Dive deeper into workplace-specific hazards and learn how to mitigate risks associated with chemical substances, workplace violence, musculoskeletal disorders, and more. Our 2-day course caters to various industries, ensuring tailored training for your team.

JHSC Certification Refresher - Stay up-to-date with the latest health and safety legislation and best practices with our 1-day refresher course. Maintain your certification status and uphold workplace safety standards.

Why Choose JHSC Certification?
A certified JHSC ensures that your workplace remains compliant with regulations and prioritizes the well-being of your employees. Our training empowers both management and employees to proactively identify and address hazards, fostering a culture of safety.

For inquiries or to register for our JHSC Certification Training, contact us at (905) 760-2045 or email us at info@fast-rescue.com. Visit our website at www.fast-rescue.com to learn more and take the first step towards a safer workplace today!

Don't compromise on safety. Invest in JHSC Certification Training now!

12:27 UTC


Certification templates or guides

I am new to L&D and trying to get a sense of internal company certification formats for sales training. The one we have existing is more of a pass/fail qualitative approach vs objective and quantitative. It's not really monitored that closely either so it's left to me to create the wheel. I've tried to Google sales certification templates and ask chat gpt but I'm not getting anywhere I need to be.

When is a certification usually given? Is there a template used or do you based it off the training/marketing material? What is the assessment criteria? How often is certification required on a certain topic or resource? Is certification the same thing as a competency?

02:13 UTC


Training Specialist Interview

I think I’m greatly overthink this. I have a second round interview for a training specialist role where I must do a 15 minute “how to” training presentation. The topic is up to me and I’m having the hardest time picking one.

“This can be either work-related or on a personal topic that will reflect your expertise and ability. For work-related topics, this could be tips and tricks to improve efficiency of work applications where personal productivity can be enhanced. For personal topics, a hobby or area of interest may be an opportunity as well. An example in this space might be starting a particular hobby on a budget.”

Here are the ideas I have played around with: mindfulness, critical thinking, gamification, and the feedback loop. I’m just not sure what will help me standout the most. I’ve got to take the topic and turn it into a “how to” also. Any help is appreciated!

01:23 UTC


Training management software for small training business

Looking for suggestions for a training management software. I can't afford Administrate or AccessPlanet now, but looking to have a tool that can help us manage behind the scenes and communications for our new public offerings.

02:58 UTC


Top 10 Web and App Development Institute in Nagpur

Nagpur, a bustling city with a thriving IT landscape, stands as a beacon for those seeking to excel in the field of technology. In this article, we'll explore the realm of IT education in Nagpur and highlight the top 10 training institutes that pave the way for aspiring professionals.

Institute-Based Training:

Nagpur boasts an array of prestigious IT training institutes, each renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and industry-oriented approach. These institutes serve as pillars of knowledge, nurturing talent and fostering innovation in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Company-Based Training:

Alternatively, company-based training offers a hands-on learning experience, immersing individuals in real-world projects tailored to industry standards. Such training not only enhances technical skills but also cultivates invaluable professional acumen essential for success in the IT industry.

Choosing the Right Path:

Selecting between institute-based and company-based training hinges on individual preferences and career aspirations. Whether you prioritize theoretical knowledge or practical exposure, understanding your learning style is paramount in making the right choice for your professional journey.

Now, let's explore some of the top-notch training centers in Nagpur where you can embark on your journey towards a thriving career:

  1. E SENSE Corporate Training (E SENSE CT) https://esensect.com/

  2. Atlanta Computer Institute

  3. Nagpur IT Training Institute

  4. Disha Computer Institute

  5. Xenocode Technologies

  6. Nice Software Solutions

  7. Global ProEdge

  8. Pixerea Solutions

  9. Aacharya Commerce Academy

  10. Swago Institute

07:43 UTC


Training Research

We are looking to improve our onboarding and training practices. If you've held a customer service role before I'd love to hear about your experiences with training. Or if you want to comment on some of the practices that work for you!


15:21 UTC


Training Needs Analysis

Can anyone share or recommend a good TNA Template please? thanks

09:07 UTC


Looking for senior training and operations leaders in BPOs for a consulting opportunity

Hey there! Apologies if this post breaches community guidelines. Please let me know, I will remove it.

We are an assessment platform looking to understand how trainings happen in BPOs, what are the KPIs and where do assessments fit in the entire picture. We are looking to have hourly paid consulting calls with folks in the US, who are at least at a manager level, and have ideally spent 5+ years managing trainings in BPOs. Please DM and I will be able to share the details. Thanks!

12:43 UTC


Growing Your Training Business

Is there anyone here interested in growing their training business? I've had my own training company for 4 years and want to connect with like-minded individuals to learn more about some of the challenges you face.

15:00 UTC


Skills management software looking for training experts to collaborate with.

Startup LMS system for manufacturers looking for a training professional to create content for our training library. Prefer to partner with people that have industry experience and knowledge.

14:37 UTC


Emotional Intelligence and Professional Communication

I'm at a large mom-and-pop that's pushing for a culture change. I'm trying to develop a series of lunch-n-learns around emotional intelligence with an emphasis on communication as a means to employee engagement, with coaching sessions in between. Does anyone have any experience or tips for developing or executing something like this? Or any experience conveying material in this realm in any capacity?

There are a lot of people wanting to have a say in which direction this goes, and currently, the push is to focus on emotionally intelligent communication to engage employees and streamline operations.

Any tips, insights, or discussion is appreciated.

18:15 UTC


What payment integrations do you use for complex insights ?

As the title says, do you guys use any tools that benefit you with more in debpth data ?

1 Comment
15:07 UTC


Garden of Knowledge & Skills: My Case for Classroom Training Events Over Virtual Events.

In the era where the value of economic optimization seems to be everything, I run the risk of being labeled a dinosaur; old fashioned, antiquated, and rigid, for my thoughts on training events. Which, by the way, are triggered by the intrinsic and sentimental value I derived from past events.

Disclaimer: This is not an attack on your expensive Learning Management System(LMS) and the flexibility that it offers.

But, I tell you yaarrr, traditional face-to-face training events are like excursions to fine dining experiences with people you may enjoy versus online training which seem a bit like making indomi noodles for yourself, as you throw off your shoes and load up the Netflix. You know, like that John Travolta meme from Pulp Fiction (https://tenor.com/search/john-travolta-meme-gifs) You gerrittt?

I have had it with virtual training events (I will still attend them, grudgingly, mark you.) And no amount of breakout sessions will make me enjoy them anymore. My case (fallible as it may be) for selecting traditional face-to-face classroom training events may be shallow but was sparked by the lack of “fulfillment” from attending online training events. So, permit me to get into it.

Obviously, you engage in training events to gain additional knowledge and skills. Other reasons could be; partaking in some form of structured learning, networking in some form way or the other, eye-balling your instructor to get some reassurance about what you already know, participate in some form of debate with your fellow participants, etc. I am not saying you cant do this via your online platform, but limited social interaction, muting of participants, internet interruptions, etc makes the face-to-face interaction more tangible.

Tayyib, you identify a knowledge/skills gap that needs filling and your organization okays your plan to engage in a face-to-face training event to fill this gap. Immediately, you feel seen and valued by your organization. There is your evidence of their mid to long term commitment with you. The excitement runs high as you envision the entire thing. You register your attendance for the event and this process may tell you a bit about what your experience will be through to the end. The amount of care, or lack there of, you receive will tell you if you will receive the training that was advertised or you receive a dose of that bitter false advertising.

Whether the training will be conducted at your organization’s HQ, training academy, private training provider (local or foreign), it means time off work, while on work. Finally, you can switch off from the work rhythm. Yippee! Yes, you feel like the boss of you as you head to the garden of knowledge. You will likely be rising later than usual on the training day(s), donning your Sunday best (first impressions), and taking a different route-scenic, I hope- to the knowledge garden. All on the organization’s bill! Now, if your training event is held in a foreign country, then yeahhhh. Baby, yeahhh!

When you get to the garden of knowledge that you selected, and you are met by reception/administration, it may feel like being ushered into a restaurant for dinner by the maître d’hotel. The proof of welcome and recognition by reception/admin, if done right, may steadily increase your dopamine levels (dont quote me.) LOL!

I say, your training engagements will further be enhanced by the facilities which the knowledge garden offers. A training provider I worked for offered a buffet I can swear by, and a billiards table-hihi. Just know, breakfast, lunch and dinner were covered by the training provider. These guys. Yowza! For participants who did not care for the buffet, (https://tenor.com/search/john-travolta-meme-gifs) there was a separate restaurant with a spread of meal offers. Gardening consumes a lot of energy and these guys took care of the fuel your brain needed to keep gardening.

Friendships flourish over free, ballistic explosions of flavor on your pallete in that place. Between breaks, participants are free to hit the billiards table and let the freshly planted ideas sit and digest. Training providers should be like the place I used to work.

Away from the training provider that I worked for; I have had the privilege to both attend and deliver training in foreign countries. Think tourism! It is another thing altogether. Yawa!

I had the opportunity to meet and shake the hands of people, far and wide. To this day, I am pals with many of them, a few of whom form the intersection of the Venn diagram of my friend and professional circles. More power to you guys. Another beauty about participating in foreign countries is the opportunity people give you to represent your country. You become ambassador of your great nation for all interested folk. A most exhilarating experience was when I walked into a shop in Singapore and ended up having a long discussion about one of the former presidents (Idi Amin Dada) of my great country. Enjoyed every bit of it.

I walked the streets of a few foreign towns (sometimes, lost my way) and subjected my pallet strange delights. I munched on some strange foods and will never forget those people and places. Mali, oh Mali 🇲🇱 ❤️ Eating acheke/attieke and fish, ordering for shoes from Timbuktu and shopping for African fabrics top my training experience in that beautiful country. Oh, I hope I am not confusing that with my excursion to Merkato, Addis Ababa 🇪🇹 during a separate training event 🤔 Anyway, that is some bit about training events attending training events in foreign countries.

Unsolicited advice: As you leave the airport, do leave something in the donation box and hope that it goes to a worthy cause. You will feel good about yourself and those there are proper vibes.

After your training shenanigans, you return to base (training gap filled, of course) feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to apply yourself to transform the world! For these reasons, and not these reasons only, I will always choose face-to-face training events whenever the opportunity presents itself.

12:40 UTC


What’s stopping you from starting your own training company?

For those of you who already work in trending and development, especially as a on person team, have you ever thought about starting your own training company? Or even being a freelance trainer?

I did this a few years ago and have made more money in less time and honestly with fewer corporate headaches.

14:00 UTC


Getting into corporate training

I'm a psychotherapist who is getting burnt out very quickly. I make good money, but I'm WIPED out. I'm thinking of going into corporate training to diversify, but I'm not really sure how to get there. I have a friend who is a banker that is going to link me to a friend of hers that needs some soft skills training at her bank. It would be a free "lunch and learn" to get a feel for how it is. Any other ideas of how to break into this field? Thank you!

21:50 UTC


Getting learners to respond to emails

Creating / rolling out / offering new or updating courses and training is one thing. But then contacting learners and getting them to check their email is a whole other challenge!!

How do others go about this? Do you use text? Voicemails? More personalized email vs mass style?

12:13 UTC


Tracking Timed Task Performance Certification in LMS

Hi! I'm working on a certification for entry-level retail associates and part of it requires them to be able to perform SOPs to spec within a certain amount of time. I'm trying to figure out how to log and track that piece of the certification in our LMS. Open to any and all suggestions. We use Dayforce Learning for our LMS if that helps.

Thanks in advance!

18:23 UTC


What's Your Single Biggest Challenge as a Training Professional?

Hi everyone. I'm curious to know, what's the single biggest challenge you have as a training professional?

I'm just wondering if some of the things I'm facing in my career are unique to me or if everyone in this field is dealing with the same things.

17:26 UTC


Connect the Dots: Knowledge Networks & Social Organizations

Hi! I'd like to extend an invitation that I think you'll find interesting and valuable - or at least I hope so.

This Thursday, I have the pleasure of hosting Ana Neves, a foremost expert in the confluence of KM, community cultivation, and organizational networks .

In a live, interactive session, we will explore several facets:

- The intricate pathways knowledge travels within our workplaces

- Bringing vital knowledge within easy reach

- The intertwining of social connections at work

- Fostering thriving professional communities

🔗 Click to RSVP: https://www.togetherplatform.com/events/connecting-organizations-through-knowledge-networks

In the spirit of knowledge exchange and diffusion, hope to see you there 😎

23:17 UTC

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