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question about electrons

if static electricity is the imbalance of charges in objects how can electrons (negative charges) become positively charged

07:56 UTC


Can you guess who this is?

What would history be if our legends were born in different eras?

1 Comment
07:47 UTC


Hello, I want you to advise me about electronics engineering courses.

I have this summer vacation and I want to take advantage of it as much as possible and develop myself in the electronics engineering specialty and I want you to advise me about the courses that you know about electronics and they are free and they are online I want you to give me the best course you know This will be very useful to me and thank you to help me ❤️.

07:43 UTC


Calculus-based Physics Course (1-month-long)

Hello! I am an engineering student taking Calculus-based Physics Course this summer and my temporary instructor gave us a rant about why they put this course in summer class when it covers wide and numerous topics... Now, I'm scared.

I didn't take STEM strand in High School so I'm a bit behind, hence I also have little to no background knowledge on this course. I passed Pre-Calc. and Differential Calc. the last 2 semesters tho... and to add in, the Integral Calc. Course can only be taken if I pass this Physics...

Do you know any website like paul's notes (it helped me big time in my calc courses) but physics version?

Thank you in advance!

06:49 UTC


Color Flow: Physics Puzzles

1 Comment
06:31 UTC


Space travel

How will we get to Mars. What kind of drive will work?

06:21 UTC



if quarks are fundamental and therefore arent made of anything(??) does that mean nothing is actually real

some rando put this idea in my head and now im just like in deep deep thought-- does this even make sense, is this true and if not can someone say otherwise

06:00 UTC


Math IA help

hey, I'm doing my IA on modelling and does anyone have a good IA and reference who could share?

I've checked classify and other websites but send me a message if you can help out

05:54 UTC


Physics Questions - Weekly Discussion Thread - June 11, 2024

This thread is a dedicated thread for you to ask and answer questions about concepts in physics.

Homework problems or specific calculations may be removed by the moderators. We ask that you post these in /r/AskPhysics or /r/HomeworkHelp instead.

If you find your question isn't answered here, or cannot wait for the next thread, please also try /r/AskScience and /r/AskPhysics.

13:00 UTC


NSAC Long Range Plan (2023)

I learned about the plan (which has been given every few years since ‘79) recently thanks to my Mechanics professor (researches matter in neutron stars).

I missed any talk about it at the time. Does anybody have any words on the subject? From their Long Range Plan Fact Sheet, recommendation number 1 is to increase investment in research, including graduate students. How much influence do the committees actually have, and could Nuclear Physics grad students in need actually see stipends that match an inflated economy?

The NSAC paint the future of nuclear physics to be pretty bright. I hear a lot of people online talk very poorly of the progress in nuclear physics though. Why such a sharp divide? (I’m assuming nuclear is grouped with particle physics)

03:13 UTC


Giving my first talk soon… any advice?

I’m working in a soft-matter physics lab this summer as a third year undergraduate in physics, and my advisor wants me to give a small talk in a few weeks about my project.

The talk will be with other students and advisors in soft matter (around 30 people). I’ve never given a presentation on academic research before, so any advice for a greenie like me would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Add on question: how do you make sure you know the material well enough?

21:04 UTC


Just in: The UN Has Proclaimed 2025 as the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology

This year-long, worldwide initiative coincides with the 100th anniversary of the birth of modern #quantum mechanics and will:

🎉 Celebrate the contributions of #QuantumScience to technological progress over the past century

🌍 Raise global awareness of its importance to #SustainableDevelopment in the 21st century

🟰 Ensure that all nations have access to #quantum education and opportunities

The U.N. proclamation is the culmination of a multiyear effort spearheaded by Ghana and an international coalition of scientific organizations. This broad, multinational support signals the need to strengthen the education, research, and development capacities of governments — especially those of low- and middle-income countries — to advance quantum science and technologies for the benefit of humanity. 

Throughout 2025, the coalition will:

🗓️ Organize regional, national, and international outreach activities and events to celebrate quantum science

🤝 Build scientific partnerships that will expand educational and research opportunities in developing countries

🥼Inspire the next generation of diverse quantum pioneers 

More information about these activities will be announced in the coming months. In the meantime, let us know in the comments how you plan to celebrate #IYQ2025. 


Alt text

A line that changes color from yellow to red to blue to orange to pink and to green forms a knot on a blue background. Underneath the knot white text says “International Year of Quantum Science and Technology.”

18:16 UTC


Tour a particle accelerator, ask real scientists questions and more at Jefferson Lab.

The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, VA is having its biennial open house tomorrow Saturday June 8 from 9am-3pm, admission and parking is free. Learn about superconducting materials, supercomputers, particle accelerators, particle detectors, nuclear physics research and much more. See our web page for more information.

13:05 UTC


Textbooks & Resources - Weekly Discussion Thread - June 07, 2024

This is a thread dedicated to collating and collecting all of the great recommendations for textbooks, online lecture series, documentaries and other resources that are frequently made/requested on /r/Physics.

If you're in need of something to supplement your understanding, please feel welcome to ask in the comments.

Similarly, if you know of some amazing resource you would like to share, you're welcome to post it in the comments.

13:00 UTC


Careers/Education Questions - Weekly Discussion Thread - June 06, 2024

This is a dedicated thread for you to seek and provide advice concerning education and careers in physics.

If you need to make an important decision regarding your future, or want to know what your options are, please feel welcome to post a comment below.

A few years ago we held a graduate student panel, where many recently accepted grad students answered questions about the application process. That thread is here, and has a lot of great information in it.

Helpful subreddits: /r/PhysicsStudents, /r/GradSchool, /r/AskAcademia, /r/Jobs, /r/CareerGuidance

13:00 UTC


Physics Questions - Weekly Discussion Thread - June 04, 2024

This thread is a dedicated thread for you to ask and answer questions about concepts in physics.

Homework problems or specific calculations may be removed by the moderators. We ask that you post these in /r/AskPhysics or /r/HomeworkHelp instead.

If you find your question isn't answered here, or cannot wait for the next thread, please also try /r/AskScience and /r/AskPhysics.

13:00 UTC


What made you fall in love with physics?

Incoming physics undergrad student here and wanted to hear your reasons on studying/liking physics!

11:48 UTC

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