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Lasercom is free space optical communications. Think NASA, ESA, SpaceX StarLink. Lasercom is a revolutionary technology delivering faster, cheaper, more secure data at light speed. Applications include quantum comms, telecom, banking, maritime, agriculture, urban monitoring, emergency services, military and government intelligence, global navigation, and space exploration. It enables amazing high-def space photos, and will become a backbone of the interplanetary internet.

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Space Lasers. Lasercom is free-space optical communications on the ground, in the air, or in space. This is currently a huge growth market. Think NASA, ESA, Amazon Project Kuiper, SpaceX StarLink... Information is being sent via laser communication at the speed of light and across 1,000's of kilometers of space. Lasercom is a revolutionary technology you've probably never heard of, delivering faster, cheaper, and more secure internet to anywhere on Earth. It's applications include telecoms, banking, military and government intelligence, global navigation systems and space exploration. Lasercom allows us to get amazing high definition space photos, and will also become the backbone of the interplanetary internet.

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    SDA compliant for Beaconless modulation

    Does someone know why the SDA standard requires amplitud modulation with a modulation index > 80% We are working on this for our EDFA but we found this requirement quite complex, specially the repetition rate required which is 50 & 60 kHz I try to look for more information about it but it doesn’t really says why they choose that. Any comments are appreciated

    23:30 UTC


    Free Space Optical communication

    Could you suggest a research topic on the FSO? I can't decide which aspect of FSO I should focus my research on to do a PhD.

    17:13 UTC


    NEC and Skyloom to Pioneer 100 Gbps Space Optical Communications, Transforming Global Internet Connectivity | NEC Global (19th March, 2024)

    07:04 UTC


    SpaceX to sell satellite laser links that speed in-space communication to rivals

    04:38 UTC

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