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    Airdrop issue on Mac OS Ventura 13.6.7 HP Kabylake Laptop

    Airdrop from my iPhone to Mac is working but from Mac to iPhone is not working as no device found during sharing from Mac. Is there any solution?

    HP Kabylake Laptop

    Processor: i5 7200u

    Ram: 12 Gb DD4 2133hz

    Graphics: Intel HD 620

    Wifi: Broadcom BCM4352

    Mac OS Ventura 13.6.7

    1 Comment
    19:51 UTC


    iMac 15,1 (Late-2014) ram cut off 2gb after macos sonoma installation with OCLP.

    I recently installed macos 14.5 via open core legacy patcher and my amd radeon r9 m290x , i5 quad-core (haswell), 32gb ram was cut from 4gb to 2gb and my games are crashing with red screen. All of them. Any fix for this? Thanks!

    18:58 UTC


    OS X El Capitan on Core 2 Quad (Kentsfield)

    I managed to re-hackintosh my very first hackintosh PC (from 2008 Chameleon and Mac OS X Leopard era) with OpenCore (legacy boot). I wanted to test my skills with OC with an old rig, just for fun! I couldn't get Audio to work with AppleALC, I tried all compatible layout-ids and HPET Fix. As this is only for fun I used VoodooHDA to get at least an audio output.

    Below you will find my specs and details.

    Hardware: Motherboard: Foxconn G41MXE(-K) CPU: QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2,40 GHz (Kentsfield) GPU: nVidia Quadro K2000 2GB RAM: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Audio Codec: ALC662 Ethernet: Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Wi-FI/BT Card: No Wireless hardware installed BIOS Revision: v2.5 5/11/2010 SSD: 128GB (SAMSUNG MZ7TE128HMGR-000H1)

    Software: OpenCore 1.0.0 OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

    Working ✅ Audio (VoodooHDA) Video Power Management Sleep (Surprisingly!) Ethernet All USB ports

    Not Working ❌ Everything is working except the poor audio quality.

    1 Comment
    18:53 UTC


    TP-LINK UB400 working perfectly in Monetery?

    My Bluetooth is not working

    1 Comment
    18:24 UTC


    Will the new Snapdragon CPUs be able to run Hackintosh?

    With the upcoming Snapdragon CPUs which are based on ARM64 will it be possible to run MacOs even if the Intel Macs stop being supported?

    18:19 UTC


    Would hackintoshing my PC with the specs included better than purchasing Mac M1 for Final Cut?


    I currently own Two computers with these system requirements.

    First Rig:

    Motherboard: Gigabyte H610M
    CPU: 13100F
    Ram: 16GB DDR5 (If I hackintosh I plan before it to make it 32).
    SSD planning to purchase: Lexar NM710 GEN 4.0 NVMe 2TB
    GPU: RX 580

    I prefer the above specs for compatibility as I got another PC with the following:


    Motherboard: Gaming Plus Max B450
    CPU: Ryzen 3600X
    Ram: 32GB DDR4
    SSD: 1TB
    GPU: RTX 2070 Super (not compatible with hackintosh I believe).

    I mainly ask about the first rig, would It be better to Hackintosh this system instead of getting at least a Mac M1? I will be using it for montages: FinalCut Pro, etc. Nothing else, maybe have another version of it for Windows and general stuff and that's it.

    So comparing the performance of these specs and the MAC as I'm not really into it, which option would be better in general? I am looking for a decent experience for daily bases projects, I also heard about some new applications from Apple (AI) for M1 and higher macs that will even make them better, hence It's a bit hesitant.

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

    17:26 UTC


    Really bad screen flickering while using pycharm

    OS Version: macOS X High Sierra (10.13.6)

    Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 4400 HD 1536 MB

    4 Intel Core i5 Processors, 2.4 GHz (according to the "About This Mac" window)

    Memory: 12 GB DDR3 Memory with 1600 MHz.

    Please let me know if you need more information about my hackintosh

    The issue is that pycharm looks very glitched out when launched, and at the bottom of the screen, it is glitching too. I first tried pycharm 2020, then to pycharm 2019, and now pycharm 2018, and all of them are glitched out. Pycharm 2024 is the latest version but I know that there is no way that it is supported on High Sierra. The python IDLE seems to be working without any glitches. I also tried a supported version of VS Code for High Sierra, the glitching was much less, but hovering over a button in VS Code would cause glitching at the bottom of the screen.

    I am also sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place, but since this only seems to occur on my hackintosh, so I think I am supposed to post it in r/hackintosh .

    Edit: I tried running High Sierra in a VM using VMware Workstation Pro 17, and pycharm 2020 worked fine without glitches, and there isn't any graphics acceleration too. But I don't want to use the VM because it it is laggy, like it is very slow when processing words to the IDE.

    16:04 UTC

    14:46 UTC

    14:39 UTC


    hackintosh bug

    Thought I'd share this because I just thought it's funny having the AM miniplayer being so expanded like that. FYI it's caused by a slow hard drive but don't have the money to upgrade it.

    14:02 UTC


    Can I install Hackintosh to my AMD laptop?

    I have a ASUS laptop (I guess it's Asus M515) with Ryzen 7 3700U with 16 Gigabyte Ram. Can I install Hackintosh to my device?

    12:44 UTC


    How can I find my audio codec for AppleALC?

    The only info I have is this:

    Manufacturer: Realtek

    Hardware ID: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0255&SUBSYS_10251133&REV_1000

    1 Comment
    10:54 UTC


    installation error"panic diags file unavailable , panic occurred prior to initialization"

    when I was trying to install my hackintosh, I stuck at please go to https //panic.apple.com to report this panic and then my computer stuck.(like the picture below)


    here is my efi config and error massages


    more info


    msi laptop gf72 8rd

    big sur

    if more info are needed please tell me, I will reply you ASAP. Tks

    08:03 UTC


    Keyboard not working on AMD Laptop Hackintosh

    Hello, I'm pretty new to Hackintosh-ing and after succeeding on installing macOS Sonoma 14.5 to my Lenovo laptop I noticed that the integrated keyboard wasn't working, but strangely enough the trackpad works flawlessly with all multi-touch features and whatnot. Everything USB related works fine. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    Here's a copy of my EFI folder: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/0kg7b850v7yw29jfaimzs/EFI.zip?rlkey=w2fiy4pn44ibwmc04p2se88qf&st=bttzp7wg&dl=0

    * Hardware:
    CPU: Ryzen 5 5600H
    GPU: Radeon Vega 7 
    RAM: 16 GB 3200 MHz
    Motherboard/Laptop model: Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 15ACH6
    Screen(s) Number: 1
    Screen(s) Resolution: 1920x1080@120
    Audio Codec: Realtek but I use a USB headset
    Ethernet Card: Realtek RTL8111
    Wifi/BT Card: None
    07:39 UTC


    Any hacks to get hdmi working on icelake with sonoma installed?

    I have an icelake laptop with sonoma, all works good, I'm just wondering if there are any hacks to get HDMI working with intel iris plus graphics. Thanks in advance.

    04:52 UTC


    How do I use Bluetooth on MacOS Sonoma

    I’m using a tp link ub400

    23:36 UTC


    Working MacOS Ventura on my Coffee Lake PC :)

    Started working on it 3 days ago and slowly fixing all issues.


    Actually it booted at first attempt so I was very happy! (A sign that i can read properly lol)

    My specs:

    CPU: Intel Core i7-9700
    GPU: MSI Radeon 5700XT 8G
    Motherboard: MSI Z390-A Pro
    RAM: HyperX Fury 4x8GB (32GB)
    Network card: Fenvi T919
    SSD: Plextor 128GB (A little small, but im not planing on using my Hac as a power machine, more like day to day use)
    OpenCore: 1.0.0 RELEASE (after playing with DEBUG version at first)
    MacOS: 13.6.5 Ventura

    Things that works:

    iServices (I have very old Apple ID from 2014, few legit iDevices, active iCloud subscription etc.)
    WiFi + Bluetooth
    AirDrop and Handoff (Thanks to Fenvi T919!)
    Continuity camera (from my iPhone 12 mini)
    Sleep (honestly idk how but it just works without any tinkering)
    All USB ports that i wanted to have (13 physical, with additional two of them in USB2+3 so 15 in total)

    Things that don't work:

    Sidecar (probably because I installed iOS 18 dev beta on my iPad mini 5gen)

    Addon I use to monitor my CPU+GPU temp:

    Stats - Github

    1 Comment
    23:36 UTC


    Stuck on AppleKeyStore on boot

    I’ve successfully installed Ventura on my pc from the installation drive but when I try to boot from the ssd this error shows and hangs the entire system. I’ve enabled the watchdog earlier and it results in a kernel panic. With the watchdog off the error in the image shows up.

    Specs Intel Core i5-10300h Comet Lake 12GB RAM 128 Sata SSD Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650ti Intel UHD 630 Graphics Intel Wireless-AC 9462

    Kexts: Airportitlwm AppleALC CtlnaAHCIPort Lilu NoTouchID SMCBatteryManager SMCDellSensors SMCProcessor SMCSuperIO USBInjectAll USBPorts VirtualSMC VoodooPS2Controller WhateverGreen

    This is my own EFI I’ve been making from scratch following the Dortania’s Open Core Install Guide

    23:26 UTC


    Ethernet Kext not recognized and NIC Status not blinking

    Hi guys, this is my first time trying to make a hackintosh on my pc, but I have a problem. My ethernet kext doesnt seem to be working/recognized when typing kextstat in terminal. Im using LucyRTL8125 ethernet kext and im booting off the latest updated Sonoma installer. My Specs are down below and help would be much appreciated. Tell me if you need my config.plist. Ill provide a download link or just screenshot a bunch lmao.

    CPU : Intel Core i5-13500 2.5 GHz 14-Core Processor Motherboard : Gigabyte B660 GAMING X DDR4 ATX LGA1700 Motherboard Memory : G.Skill Aegis 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory Storage : Samsung 870 Evo 1 TB 2.5" Solid State Drive x2 Video Card : Asus ROG STRIX GAMING OC Radeon RX 6650 XT 8 GB Video Card Ethernet: RealTek 8125BG



    20:49 UTC


    Help with getting ethernet working

    I have an old laptop that I want to make into a hackintosh (High Sierra). I've managed to make everything work that's needed to go through the setup (trackpad, keyboard etc.), however, the only thing thats holding me back is the ethernet not working. I've tried every Realtek driver on Dortiana's OpenCore Install Guide, however, nothing works. What else can I do?

    Device: HP Pavilion 15-n267sa

    AMD A8-4555M APU
    Realtek RTL8101E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (10/100)

    18:18 UTC


    [OC 1.0.0 ] LAPIC Patch Doesn't seem to work. Upgrading to Ventura.


    PLS WATCH STARTUP VIDEO FROM START TO FINISH : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pGupuSIXAHPHQSRmfRIdAgWZ5jui7Dth/view?usp=drivesdk

    EFI FOLDER https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CfdE69qy31ko1UltWM88sUZT8Ab-LYN0

    Upgrading from Big Sur 11.7.10, to Ventura Via SYSTEM SETTINGS. The System rebooted, and I selected "MacOS Installer ( External )" IN the OC 1.0.0 Picker.

    SMBIOS: MacbookPro 14,1

    Hp Laptop cs0023tu

    Intel core i3 7020U

    Intel HD graphics 620

    Elan SMBus Trackpad ( VoodooSMBus )

    PS2 Keyboard ( VoodooPS2 )

    Realtek RTL8111 Ethernet

    Realtek ALC236 Audio


    All kexts are UPDATED. Completely.

    17:42 UTC


    RTL8821CE kext

    rtl 8821 ce kext plz i wanted to make a hackintosh laptop everything's fine except wifi

    17:10 UTC


    Automatic Updates locked to: "Security updates only"

    I am on macOS Sonoma 14.0 and when I try and update it doesn't allow me to update normally, any ideas why?
    My SMBIOS: iMac20,1 Intel Core i5-10500 @ 3.10 GHz

    17:06 UTC


    Ventura vs sonoma

    Hi. I was supposed to hackintosh my gf's pc months ago, but I'm too scared of messing something up. I was originally going to do a ventura hack, but I'm now wondering why not sonoma? Is there any reason I should go ventura rather than sonoma? Pc: intel 10100F, gpu i think radeon 6600. Getting a random intel wifi card secondhand because i cant get the bcd 9360 (or something like that) ones in my country. And fenvi is not in my budget in this country. Ssd1: windows, ssd2: planning hackintosh.

    Planning on using the opencore guide on this sub step by step. Maybe a youtube video when I'm struggling.

    Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

    15:43 UTC


    2024 - The Perfect Hackintosh?

    Hey Guys! Go easy on me :) I'm a/was a dedicated Mac user currently still rocking the M1 Pro from 2021 Macbook Pro. Lately stumbled upon a used Alienware gaming rig - the graphics blew my mind (What a surprise) I decided to get my hands dirty and build my own custom PC! I'll be doing it this upcoming weekend actually. Here's the specs I've got :

    • i9 - 12th Gen

    • 32GB 6000Mhz DDR5

    • Asus Prime Z790-V AX

    • Nvdia RTX 3090

    I honestly didn't know we could run 'Hackintosh' on a custom built PC - Pretty much after lots of videos and reading, I've stumbled upon this reddit page. I was super excited to know I'd be able to run native Mac OS on my custom built PC ... Until... NVIDA's aren't supported lol Atleast not the one I have.

    So I'm on the lookout for a used RX 6800 to add in with my rig and probably boot Mac into the AMD and Windows with the Nvdia.

    However, my question is - How perfect is the 'Hackintosh'? I see alot of posts with many things not working, like sleep mode, audio issues, bluetooth issues, wifi issues. What makes something perfect? Do you think I'd be able to run a perfect Hackintosh with the specs mentioned above + RX 6800? Or should I not put my hopes up. It's 2024 and alot of posts have been from a atleast a year or more ago. ( I know the latest Mac OS would have compatibility issues )

    Would love to hear your feedback guys! Again, I'm super new here - Please go easy on me :) Thanks!

    14:42 UTC


    Version not Supported

    Hi guys, recently i’ve had to take the SSD from my hackintosh, upon installing a new SSD, i can no longer install mac os. I just get the apple support screen with a circle and a line going through it, which on the apple website states that a version of mac os is there, but not available. I am pretty sure that an iMac17,1 can install monterey? i’ve tried building a new EFI twice, and then found a further two prebuilt ones online, so i’ve tried 4 EFI files, and none work, all receiving this issue. I’ve been trying to fix this for about 2 days now, and i’m on the verge of giving up. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks in advance.

    Specs: I7-6700 iGPU 24GB DDR4 NVME SSD

    13:28 UTC


    I'm on macos ventura hackintosh, how do you upgrade to a newer version?

    I was wondering if I wanted to install the latest version of macos how would I do it?

    Is it possible to upgrade without having to lose all your files?

    12:56 UTC


    Sonoma installer stuck

    • CPU: Ryzen 5 5600H

    • GPU: Integrated IGPU - (RX Vega 10)

    • RAM: 8GB @ 3200mhz

    • Motherboard: oem mono, Lenovo Ideapad gaming 3

    • Dgpu: Nvidia RTX 3050ti

    • Audio Codec: Realtek ACL257 (onboard).

    • Ethernet Card: Realtek RTL8822

    • NVME: samsung oem installed

    Any idea how I can debug the errors on screen. I used dortania's opencore guide to create my EFI. The challenge is once the installation is done my system boots, the apple logo shows up and with a few minutes left to the progress bar my reboots are ending up here

    11:57 UTC


    SUCCESS! macOS Sequoia Beta 2 Intel on Lenovo ThinkPad T480

    Finally, 2 weeks of finding issues


    • CPU: Intel Core i5-8350U
    • iGPU:Intel UHD Graphics 620
    • RAM: 8GB of RAM
    • 1x 256GB PNY CS1031 NVMe Gen3x4 (Windows and macOS)
    • Network: Intel Wireless AC-8265 (802.11ac)


    Any questions? Write down here

    • itlwm and HeliPort is used for Wi-Fi


    11:39 UTC

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