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Burger of the day

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to do a burger of the week instead so when people like it, they can tell others about it so they can come to try it? Can’t exactly do that if it’s a diff burger everyday lol

06:31 UTC


What's your favorite song from Bob's burgers?

Mine is Electric Love https://youtu.be/DtE-EmXUmnY?si=ysUBaAbI_NNGk8Zv (the one by borns is pretty good too!) & Bob's happy place!! https://youtu.be/QyZBoOSBylY?si=LiTudHijZMFY0NbH

05:54 UTC


Season 14 episode ranking from most to least favorite thus far ...

  1. Escape from Which island?
  2. Fraud of the Dead ... Zombie doc
  3. Mission Impossi-Bob
  4. The Raccoon King and I
  5. The NIGHTMARE 2 DAYS BEFORE Christmas
  6. The Amazing Rudy
  7. Jade in the Shade
  8. The Pickelorette
  9. Bully-ieve it or not
  10. Running down a Gene
  11. Wharf me worry?
  12. Fight at the not okay chore

00:20 UTC


Fake arts / performances / media in Bob’s Buegers

What media or performance in the world of Bob’s Burgers would you most want to see.

-TSA the musical -Zentipede laser light show -Vampire Disco Death Dance -Cake -any Hawk and Chick movie -a Banjo movie -Working Girl the musical -Die Hard the musical -Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl -Something else

1 Comment
00:09 UTC


Past LeBonz Projects

Since we mostly see Louise’s academic life and Ms. LeBonz seems to repeat projects and we know she also taught Gene and Tina, I’m always curious about what the older sibs did when they were nine. What hero did they pick? Which biome? Which country? What was Gene’s favorite dinosaur?

1 Comment
22:20 UTC


Watching the Equestranauts episode

& noticed Tina writing with her right hand. Isn't she left handed?

21:45 UTC


Ahng ahng ahng…oh Bobby ahng ahng ahng 😩

My fav moment in the whole show lol

21:47 UTC


was going to wait until it healed and faded but i just couldn’t. i got my barrette-lace tattoo today! tina led me to getting diagnosed with autism and i wanted to represent her in some way (i cried)

18:49 UTC


The perfect recipe

I now see what Bob’s burgers have that makes the show work so well. It has the 5 key characteristics embodied in the family needed to produce incredible humour

Bob: Monotonous Linda: Overdramatic Tina: Awkward Gene: Overbearing Louise: Sarcastic

I thjnk every show should follow this formula in some shape or form

19:40 UTC


FYI: No New Episode This Week 4/14

There is no new episode this week, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about!

The Simpsons, 2 new episodes of The Great North, and Grimsburg will air tonight.

Be nice, respect others opinions, and have fun.

Check out the rest of FOX's Animation Domination at the following subreddits.

The Simpsons (Sundays at 8:00/7:00c)

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The Great North (Sundays at 9:00/8:00c)

Grimsburg (Sundays at 9:30/8:30c)

Family Guy (Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c)

13:01 UTC


Burger of the Day

How do you think Bob actually pulls off the burger of the day? EVERY day he has a new specialty item - yet he only goes to the farmers market on the weekend and gets regular buns and meat and other stuff delivered on a regular basis. For ex) when he puts fennel on burgers one day and dragon fruit the next day - is he running to the grocery store every day for that and how does he decide how much to buy? From my experience being a produce supplier to restaurants you usually buy enough to last you a whole week. Does he have so much produce waste?

07:48 UTC


Which season do you think really changed the vibe of the show the most?

It’s no secret that the earlier seasons and the newer ones are very different in a number of ways. I guess I’m curious where you think the threshold is for where it really changed?

05:03 UTC


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

05:30 UTC


I was watching the "...and his name is Bob Burger" scene and for some reason this popped into my head...

04:26 UTC


Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise

Rewatching and this episode is great! It had a lot of funny moments. But I especially liked the line, “You’re my Angel Dust, that’s a drug.” 🤣

02:52 UTC


New here!! I had a question as to whether or not someone can turn my sister and her family into a CGI-esque cartoon of them standing in front of the counter with the kitchen in the background. I can obvs pay.

Full disclosure, I'm fairly sick and this could be the last present I'll be able to give her but I'll try my best to scronge as much money as I can. She's my best friend and my niece and nephew are my world. I want to leave her with something her and her family can remember me by. They're huge fans so I want to leave her and her family something fun to remember me, nothing sad. Please DM me or comment if you're able to help. Thank you for taking the time to read this ❤️♥️💜💙

02:42 UTC


Was looking for a T-shirt, came across this gem

Honestly I’ve been a fan since the pilot and I’m just now seeing this shirt. Idk maybe others have seen it? Got a good laugh

01:00 UTC


This remains one of my top five favorite scenes in all of Bob’s Burgers.

Bob scrapping with some wind chimes.

02:06 UTC


Which therapy doll are you??

00:29 UTC


Trivia Question Help?

I'm working on a trivia game with friends and I asked people to give me specific categories they want to be quizzed on. Somebody chose Bob's Burgers and while I watch the show, I'm hoping you all can assist me with some trivia questions because my knowledge is only surface level. I'm looking for medium to hard questions.

22:32 UTC


What episode is it where Gene tells Louise off for being overprotective?

I believe it had something to do with a music shop or some form of negotiation snd towards the end Gene tells Louise she is being too overprotective and it makes him feel like he’s not good enough. She then apologizes and says when people hurt you I just can’t take and go crazy but you’re right you can handle things yourself.

18:16 UTC


Sometimes I randomly think about Season 1 Gene in a balaclava

17:42 UTC


Wondering if there's any crossover between Bob's fans and Still Standing fans?

Still Standing is a really funny tv sitcom from the early 2000s. I always felt there are a lot of parallels between that show and Bob's Burgers.

If you're unfamiliar, Still Standing is about a married couple, their three children and the wife's crazy/annoying sister. The man sells toilets, the wife is a dental assistant, and the wife's sister is a psychology student with a pitiful dating life. Oh and the sister's name happens to be Linda.

The oldest child is a nerdy boy, the middle child is a wild spirit girl who is also a singer, and the youngest is a sarcastic and kind of naughty girl.

1 Comment
16:58 UTC


I've seen a few others, so here's the Kuchi Kopi my wife crocheted!

16:49 UTC


Tammy is to insufferable

I’m all for a great villain in a show but Tammy just imo a bad character especially for a show like Bobs Burgers. I watch this show to feel good but anytime Tammy is on screen my mood is destroyed. Her voice is annoying, her personality is annoying, even her character design annoys me. Booooooo Tammy

15:13 UTC

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