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  • [3] - Light wear on box or components; playability of the game unaffected
  • [2] - Heavy wear on box or components; box might be damaged; game remains intact and playable
  • [1] - Game ultimately unplayable; sold for parts
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    [USA/MD - 21113 ][FS/FT][H] Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City Kickstarter, Too Many Bones Undertow + Upgrades [W] $$$, Specific Marvel Champions Hero Packs

    I have the following games for sale:

    • Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs of Night City - Edgerunner Pledge New in Shrink from Kickstarter:

    Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City - The Board Game core box
    All Applicable Rewards
    Exclusive V Edgerunners
    $200 + shipping

    • Too Many Bones: Undertow with deluxe HP chips and neoprene Adventure Map upgrades. $130 + shipping

    I'm also interested in the following Marvel Champions LCG hero packs and would do a cash + trade deal (if applicable):

    • The Hood
    • Mojo Mania
    • Hulk
    • Wasp
    • Quicksilver
    • Nebula
    • Valkyrie
    • Nova
    • SP//dr
    • Gambit
    • Deadpool

    Shipping will be from 21113, local pickup in central Maryland is available.

    1 Comment
    01:15 UTC


    [USA-20002][FT] [H] T.I.M.E Stories: Brotherhood of the Coast [W] another T.I.M.E. stories expansion

    Hi all!

    Looking to grab another one of the T.I.M.E. stories expansions. My copy of brotherhood of the coast is punched but in good condition.


    1 Comment
    01:04 UTC


    [FS][NYC 10027] ISS Vanguard Core Box NIS - $100

    Selling ISS Vanguard Core Box New In Shrink for $100

    PM if interested.

    1 Comment
    22:38 UTC


    [OH] [FS/FT] H: Ankh, Aeons End, Arkham Horror ect. W: Sleeping Gods or PayPal

    Looking to sell some games to make space. Buyer pays shipping. Prices negotiable if you buy multiple.

    Aeons End plus New Age- $60

    Ankh: Gods Of Egypt- $40

    Arkham Horror LCG(second edition) plus The Dunwich Horror campaign - $50

    Terracotta Army- $30

    Endless Winter: Paleoamericans- $30

    Sentinels Of The Multiverse with Rook City and Relics

    Want: Sleeping Gods or PayPal

    22:16 UTC


    [WTB] Roxley Iron Clays 100 Count

    Would love to purchase from someone, preferably the 100 count. I can pay for shipping.

    Also don’t know if I’m missing anything on here, never posted here before! Thanks!!!

    22:14 UTC


    [48313][H] games priced to sell, need the space - world of Warcraft 2005 w/ everything, feast for Odin, Senjutsu, the reckoners + more [W] $ / few trade

    Pagoda played once in good condition

    Miyabi played once in good condition $old

    Batman Gotham city chronicles season 1 all in Ks $230

    Tmnt change is constant all the loot $300 signed by designer

    Hall of the mountain king Ks w/ solo module $50

    Feast for Odin w/ Norwegians expansion $100

    The reckoners w/ steel slayer painted minis $150

    The initiative $old

    World of Warcraft board game 2005 w/ burning crusade & shadows of war mega collection in good condition; no broken minis $600 - high price but burning crusade alone last sold for almost $500, this is everything for the game, including shadows of war, this price is negotiable though

    Coffee roaster once in good condition $25

    So you’ve been eaten deluxe never played but not in shrink. Good condition. $25

    Creature, comforts, retail edition in good condition $20

    Arkwright the card game still in shrink $20

    Blitzkrieg played once in good condition $20

    Chronicles of crime and chronicles of time, chronicles of crime noir consolidated into two boxes base game in fair condition expansion in good condition $30

    Dead men tell no tales played once consignment game in a reshrink wrap $25

    Cooper Island never played in good condition $25

    San guo sha aka dynasty warriors $30

    Hunger games Mockingjay board game never played - tear on side of box. Not terrible $20

    Dreams and shadows with the monster with an expansion never played in good condition $40

    Iss vanguard lost fleet and deadly frontiers still in shrink wrap, still with the box directly from awaken realms $old

    Sentinels of the Multiverse huge box, comes with oblivaeon as well as rare characters, like stuntman and void guard. Comes with the legendary box in fair condition $50

    Apocalypse, legendary edition, with wasted, wild and cursed allies of the rapture all shrink still $150

    Senjutsu all kickstart big box with ink drop minis in good condition everything for the game $150

    Tiny towns with villagers expansion in good condition $30

    Doom town reloaded still in shrink $20

    Trade wanted:

    Middara Fallen lands Mythwind

    PayPal FF preferred (reputable seller on here) but G&S is okay too if you want!

    22:07 UTC


    [11218 NYC](FS) ISS Vanguard All in and Etherfields All in Sundrop!

    Hey all, both of these are for sale, opened but unplayed. (Etherfields was setup once)All sundrop for both games. If you are local and interested please reach out, substantial negotiation available for local. Taking best offers, looking to clear out the space quickly. Also open to discounting by removing any add-ons that are sold easily on ebay.

    Etherfields Core Box
    Sphinx campaign
    Harpy and She-wolf campaign
    Funeral Witch
    Creatures of Etherfields
    Alternative Creatures of Etherfields
    ALternate Advanced Heroes of Etherfields
    Etherfields Deck Holders
    Etherfields Kittenburg
    $500 OBO

    ISS Vanguard
    Personal Files
    Deadly Frontier
    Close ENcounters
    ISS Vanguard Minis
    All sundrop
    $400 OBO

    20:54 UTC


    [CA 93940] [FS] Uno Ultimate SDCC Exclusive Spider-Man 2099 and Venom [W] PayPal or Venmo

    Brand new, unopened. $40 + Shipping


    1 Comment
    20:46 UTC


    [NY 11363] [WTS] [H] Spirit Island, Energy Empire, Ducks in Tow, Scythe, Taverns and Dragons, and others [W] $$

    If interested, please send PM.

    Horizons of Spirit Island (Like New) - $15

    Spirit Island + Branch and Claw + Foam Insert in base box (Like New) - $75

    Extra Foam Insert for Spirit Island or Nature Incarnate (NIB) - $15

    The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire (Like New) - $45

    Nuns on the Run (Like New) - $20

    Friday (Like New) - $8 or free with another item greater than $30

    Taverns and Dragons + metal coins (Like New) - $60

    Scythe + metal coins (Like New, Unpunched) - $60

    Ducks in Tow + The Angry Goose Mini Expansion + Bugs & Slugs Expansion (NIS from KS) - $70

    1 Comment
    20:18 UTC


    [Loc] Portland Oregon [WTB] Button Shy Collections [H] Venmo

    Would prefer to buy multiple and not singles!

    18:20 UTC


    [FS/FT][US/46825] [H] Wonderlands War [W] Illimat, Sushi Go, & Harry Potter Scene It

    Everything for sale or trade. Wants list at bottom. Will also trade for specific yugioh cards.

    Wonderlands War Kickstarter Deluxe Edition (8$) - 275$

    Shovel Knight Deluxe Edition (8$) - 200$

    Sushi Party Go (4$) - 10$

    Mining Colony (4$) - 20$

    Biblios Quill & Parchment (4$) - 20$

    Manga Parbat (4$) - 20$

    Mint Works (and expansions) (4$) - 40$

    Here to Slay Deluxe Edition (8$),- 350$

    P'achakuna (4$) - 60$

    Mind burners (4$) - 10$

    Daring Contest w/Modifier Pack, Drunking Contest Pack, & Penalty Box Pack (4$) - 30$

    Veiled Fate Kickstarter Exclusive Edition (4$) - 80$

    Casting Shadows Deluxe (8$) - 250$

    Tobito Standard Size (4$) - 20$

    Looking to buy:

    Skyjacker Board for Illimat

    Rusulka card for Illimat from the Deluxe vinyl collection

    Sushi Go Party Expansion Sukeroku

    Sushi Go Party Expansion Inari

    Sushi Go Party Expansion Pickled Ginger

    Harry Potter Scene Complete Cinematic Journey DISC ONLY-

    1 Comment
    17:42 UTC


    [FS] [NY - 12019] Sleeping Gods KS, SG Distant Skies, Lords of Ragnarok, ISS Vanguard - Free Shipping conus

    Prices including shipping for UPS / CONUS 48

    Will provide pics upon request, chat or message me if interested and reply here too.

    SOLD[5] NIS - Sleeping Gods KS, Tides of Ruin, Dungeons, metal coins, painted ship, upgraded resources - $130 including shipping

    SOLD[5] NIS - Sleeping Gods Distant Skies - $90 including shipping

    SOLDAll sleeping gods stuff above combined, $200 free shipping

    [5] NIS - Lords of Ragnarok collectors all in sundrop - $265 free shipping

    [3.5-4] ISS Vanguard core, miniatures expansion, personnel files, SG box. Game was played through one campaign, SG box is in shrink. $200 free shipping

    Local pickup ok too

    17:40 UTC


    [FS/FT] [Chicago, IL] Moonrakers Kickstarter, Cryptid Cafe Deluxe, Escape Plan, 7 Wonders, Space Base, Beasts of Balance, Windward, Red Rising, and more!

    Looking to sell some games. Buyer pays shipping - willing to negotiate shipping if purchasing multiple games:

    All games are in very good/great condition or brand new, from smoke-free/ pet-free home:

    7 Wonders [3.5] $15

    Moonrakers Kickstarter [4] $40

    Escape Plan [4] $60

    Space Base [4] $20

    Sushi Go! [4] $5

    Catan NIS $15

    Between Two Cities [4] $20

    Forbidden Desert [4] $10

    King of Tokyo [4] $15

    Planted [4] $15

    Cryptid Cafe Deluxe [4] $30

    Windward [4] $20

    Raccoon Tycoon [4] $20

    Arch Ravels [4] $20

    Ticket to Ride [4] $15

    Pan Am [4] $15

    boop. [4] $15

    Vindication [4] $70

    Slide Quest NIS $15

    Dixit [3.5] $15 SOLD

    Beasts of Balance [4] $20

    Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates [4] $15

    Kingdom Builder [4] $15

    Red Rising NIS $15

    Santorini: New York [4] $10

    Fjords Kickstarter [4] $20

    Space Gate Odyssey NIS $15

    Evolution: The Beginning NIS $15

    Crystal Clans NIS $15

    Tokaido [4] $15

    Last Night on Earth [4] $15

    Lift Off [4] $15

    Codenames [4] $8

    The Grizzled [4] $10

    The Crew NIS $10

    Sushi Go! Spin Some for Dim Sum [4] $10

    Hand to Hand Wombat [4] $10

    Pandemic [4] $10

    Wants in trades: Everdell Farshore, Bamboo, Beacon Patrol, Come Sail Away!, Dorfromantik, For Sale, Las Vegas, Maquis, and Resist!

    17:03 UTC


    [FS][US-VA 24065] Big List including kinfire Chronicles bundle [W] PayPal, a few want in trade

    Shipping from 24065 via pirate ship

    I tried to price competitively, $30 minimum to ship please. I'll accept PayPal/venmo

    Interested in trading for conan board game, Uprising curse of the emperor, Solomon Kane, fallen land 2nd edition

    a feast for odin base, Norwegians and two mini expansions Norwegians is NIS 90 -sold

    bonfire base nis 20

    boonlake base NIS 25

    Claustrophobia base + furor sanguinis, de profundus expansions are NIS 95

    crowbar base plus expansion 70

    Destinies base 10 sold

    Divinity Derby base 10

    Dungeon Degenerates base 35

    Era Medieval Age base 25

    frostpunk Kickstarter plus expansion 60 sold

    goa base 30

    hoplomachus bundle lost cities, rise of Rome, origins and a couple small expansions 75

    Irish gaige base nis 20

    Jaws of the Lion base nis 20- pending

    kinfire Chronicles bundle base, acrylic standees, sleeves, bonus treasure pack from deluxe box played through but fully reset. rinky dink insert in the welcome box is removed so I can store acrylic standees 110 sold

    Kingdom Rush Rift in time base 15

    Luna Llena full moon base 10

    mysterium polish version 20

    princes of the Renaissance base 10

    Red Rising Collectors edition base 10 sold

    sidibaba base 10

    sleeping gods base, dungeons, tides of ruin 60 sold

    stardew valley base 60

    Theseus dark orbit base and bots expansion 15

    this war of mine base 20

    thunder road vendetta base nis 25 sold

    16:29 UTC


    [FS/FT] [US-NJ][07042] *Free item(s) with purchase* [H] Marvel Zombies Undead pledge, Star Wars: Rebellion, Painted Heroes of Land, Air and Sea, Empire's End, Everdell Complete Collection and more - [W] $$$, a few trades

    Clearing out a bunch of mostly unplayed or very lightly played games from my collection. Buyer pays shipping from 07042 or local pickup available.


    For every $60+ purchased, get any one item that is $15 or less for free, just need to pay the shipping. $120+ -> 2 free items, etc.


    Available games

    All items marked as condition 5 are new in shrink wrap.

    AEG bundle 1 (includes Number Drop, Deep Dive, and Waffle Time) [5] - $50

    AEG bundle 2 (includes Number Drop, Deep Dive, Waffle Time, and Shake that City, all in excellent condition and played a few times) [4] - $60

    Ahoy Kitten [5] - $15

    Alicematic Heroes [5] - $20

    Ark Nova [4] (excellent condition, played once, includes assembled folded space insert and is fully sleeved) - $75

    Cahoots [5] - $10

    Catacombs (Third Edition) + Ice Box + Red Box [4,5,5] (base game played once, fully stickered and sleeved, expansions NIS) - $120

    Catan [3] (only played a few times but has been sitting around for many years) - $10

    Catharsis bundle [4] (includes the base game, duo powers, sagas 1 + 2 as well as 4 playmats; all fully sleeved and stored in a custom 3d printed insert that holds everything including the playmats in the base game box; only played once) - $200

    Curious Cargo [4] (played once, excellent condition) - $15

    Dice Conquest [4] (played once, fully sleeved) - $15

    Empire's End [4] (deluxe edition with wooden resource tokens, played once, fully sleeved and insert cut on bottom to make room for sleeved disaster cards) - $60

    Equinox Golem Edition [5] - $20

    Everdell Complete Collection [4.5] (fully sleeved and stickered, never played, also includes deluxe resource vessels) - $300

    Five Seals of Magic [5] - $15

    Hamlet [4.5] (KS deluxe edition, punched, assembled, unplayed, like new) - $40

    Hanamikoji [5] - $15

    Heroes of Land, Air and Sea [4] (includes base game, Order and Chaos, and Pestilence, and Mercenaries expansion pack 3. all heroes are painted, all cards are sleeved, and organized with a 3D printed insert and condensed into 2 boxes) - $300

    Intrepid + Mission Critical [5] (new condition, shrink just opened to verify expansion was in the base box) - $40

    Kingdomino [3] (good condition, a bit of shelf wear) - $5

    Maglev Maps Volume 1 [4.5] (box was opened but unplayed) - $50

    Marvel Zombies [5] (Undead pledge, includes stretch goal box) - $225

    Middara 1.1 cards and rulebook [4] (I received the 1.2 update pack so I have a full set of all the 1.1 cards as well as the rulebook. Happy to split up if you just need a subset of cards) - $20

    Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai UV insert from eRaptor [5] - $30

    Oathsworn accessories [5]

    • Armory - $35

    • Art Book - $25

    • Secret Box (the newer one) - $20

    Poetry Slam [5] (KS limited edition) - $15

    Promos [5] - $5 each

    • Starship Captains: Convention Visit Promo Card

    • Terraforming Mars: 16 Psyche Promo Card

    • Venice: Nursery Promo Tile

    Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town [4] (excellent condition, played twice) - $30

    Relics of Rajavihara - base game, Thriller Seeker, + Montalo's Revenge [4,5] (base game played through a few levels, excellent condition, expansion NIS) - $60

    Rising Sun Art Book [5] - $20

    Rolling Heights [4] (only played once, excellent condition) - $40

    Star Wars: Rebellion + Rise of the Empire expansion [4.5] (never played, combined in base box with assembled folded space insert) - $100

    Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles [4.5] (all-in pledge, fully organized and sorted but never played, all game content consolidated into 3 core boxes using this insert) -$400

    Touria [5] - $15

    The Battle of Five Armies [5] - $55

    Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak [5] - $20



    • Moonrakers: First Encounters expansion
    • Sniper Elite deluxe upgrade kit
    • Heroes of Tenefyr
    • Moon - deluxe edition
    • Bus
    • Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation
    • The Downfall of Pompeii
    • Roads & Boats
    • Square on Sale
    • Glory to Rome
    • Fresh Fish
    16:22 UTC


    [FS][Northern VA] Big box games - Aeon Trespass, Gloomhaven, 3D Printer Bundle [W] $

    I have a few big box campaign games, as well as some smaller games for sale. Unfortunately a few of these will have to be local only due to the size/number of their boxes. Also newly added to this, a 3D printer bundle for both PLA and Resin printing at a huge discount.

    Not interested in trades, except possibly for Dune: War of Arrakis.

    Please post in the thread before contacting me

    3D Printer Bundle - Elegoo Mars 3, Mercury X Wash and Cure bundle (wash machine and curing machine), and Anycubic Kobra 2 - Everything is in very good condition, used but taken care of. The Mars 3 is great for printing miniatures, and the Kobra 2 produces excellent larger items, such as box inserts and terrain for wargames - $300 (local only, lots of stuff here)

    Time of Legends: Joan of Arc (4) - includes core box, Reliquary, and Apocalypse expansion - $125 [local only]

    Aeon Trespass: Odyssey (4) - excellent condition, barely played. Includes a 3d printed insert for all components - $300 [local only]

    Gloomhaven (4) - barely played, only 2 or 3 stickers have been placed on the board. Includes a wooden organizer for the box, as well as a separate folio with all of the map tiles - $70 [local only]

    Mythic Battles: Pantheon (3) - decent condition, purchased used and the main box is not in great shape. It is also missing a mini (the unit is a multi-model unit of dogs, and 1 of the 4 models is missing). Includes core box and Pandora's Box - $100 [local only]

    Final Girl Collection (4) - great condition, played only a few times. Includes Core Box, Camp Happy Trails, Creech Manor, and Into the Void - $50

    Destinies: Time of Legends (4) - played a few times, great condition - $15

    Battlelore: Second Edition core + expansions (3) - includes original game plus Heralds of Dreadfall and Terrors of the Mist expansions, all in the original core box - $150

    Gaia Project (4) - played once, great shape - $50

    Dinosaur World (4) - opened and punched, never played - $20

    15:33 UTC


    [US 45011] [FS] Final Girl, Marvel Zombies Galactus, GWT 2E, Empires of the North, Explorers of the North Seas, My Little Scythe, + more [W] PayPal, limited trades

    All games are in excellent to very good used condition, with any exceptions noted below.

    Buyer to pay shipping using least expensive rate available on PirateShip.

    Not looking for much in trade (maybe Robot Quest Arena, Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles, or imports). Otherwise, purchase with PayPal (add 3% if using Goods & Services).

    Final Girl - Core gameplay box, The Happy Trails Horror, A Knock at the Door, Madness in the Dark (in shrink), Into the Void (in shrink), Season 2 Playmat - $95

    Marvel Zombies Galactus the Devourer (includes Silver Surfer & expansion content)- $160

    Great Western Trail 2nd Edition (box shows wear and tear but inside of game was only played once and all components are in excellent shape) - $30

    Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria (no cardboard insert) - $25

    Explorers of the North Sea & Rocks of Ruin expansion (expansion in shrink) - $40

    Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North, w/Roman Banners expansion - $35

    My Little Scythe - $29

    War Chest w/Nobility expansion (plastic insert modified to fit base game and expansion in main box) - $35

    Deep Dive (new in shrink) - $10

    Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits - $10

    Mint Julep (ButtonShy game) w/Alternate Starting Cards & Win, Place, Show expansions - $14

    Mysterium (cardboard clock round timer has loose arm, but works if laid flat) - $10

    Say Anything (2017 Northstar Games edition) - $8

    1 Comment
    14:14 UTC


    [WTB] Feast for Odin + Norweigian Expansion + Other Mini-Expansions, Battlestar Galactica: Exodus, Roads [H] Venmo, Zelle, PayPal

    I will pay for shipping to 19104.

    05:17 UTC


    [FS] [US-DC] Dune War for Arrakis, Unsettled Supernova, Project L All In, Fractal Collector's, Night Parade of 100 Yokai, Bantam West, Dead Reckoning, Paleo, Frosthaven, Northgard, Hamlet, Valor & Villainy, Loop, Cubitos, Globetrotting, Raid, Power Plants, Spill, Connecting Flights, more [5]

    I am not trading at this time. Payment via Square/Stripe/PayPal G&S or local pickup with Venmo/cash. All items are new in shrink unless noted. Buyer pays shipping or free local pickup.

    Games for sale:

    • Dune War for Arrakis Carryall Pledge - $280
    • Unsettled Supernova with Sleeves (and replacement kit) - $320
    • Paleo (new in shrink, top box dishing/creasing from shipping) - $40
    • Frosthaven - $145
    • Project L All-In with Phoenix Expansion - $215
    • Fractal Beyond the Void Collector Edition - $160
    • Night Parade of the 100 Yokai Game-play All in (Base Game + All 4 Expansions, no playmat) - $140
    • Bantam West Home on the Range (with map) (minor corner ding) - $110
    • Dead Reckoning Captain of the High Seas Pledge - $280
    • Northgard War Chief (dinged corner) - $220
    • Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak Deluxe Edition - $60
    • Hamlet Founder's Deluxe Edition - $50
    • Carnegie Deluxe (sealed, corner/side ding) - $130
    • The Loop (NIS, dinged corner) - $25
    • Cubitos - $35
    • Supercharged + Free at Last (slight corner damage) - $70
    • Illiterati Deluxe - $60
    • Globetrotting Limited Edition - $100
    • Seas of Havoc Captain Pledge - $105
    • Micro Cosmos + Expansion - $45
    • Power Plants Deluxe - $60
    • Raid + Asgard Expansion - $60
    • Silver River Kickstarter Deluxe Edition + 5th Player Expansion - $70
    • GI Joe Mission Critical - No Average Joe Pledge - $120
    • Calico + Cascadia + Verdant Kickstarter Editions - $120 for all 3/$40 each
    • The Spill Kickstarter Edition - $75
    • Villagers Gameplay All-in - $80
    • Arkham Horror LCG core set (older version) - $20
    • C.O.G. + Shifting Gears Expansion - $30
    • Too Many Bones Automaton of Shale - $70
    • City of Gears Founder's Edition + Juggernaut Expansion - $50
    • Connecting Flights Deluxe Edition - $40
    • Human Punishment: The Beginning (KS edition) - $75
    • Human Punishment: The Beginning (KS edition with deluxe upgrade) - $120
    • In Too Deep Kickstarter Edition - $70
    • Monster Lands Kickstarter Leader Edition - $80
    • Temporal Odyssey Kickstarter Edition - $25
    • Kingdom Rush Rift in Time + Spider Goddess + replacement cards - $80
    • Agents of Mayhem Pride of Babylon Kickstarter Agent's Field Pack Pledge - $150
    • Coup - $8
    • Frontiers: Liberty or Death - $10
    1 Comment
    04:58 UTC


    [US 80741] (FS) - Codex Card-Time Strategy Complete Collection w/ Sleeves [w] PayPal, Venmo

    I will try to keep the shipping charges as reasonable as I can and combined shipping is available.

    Message me if you are curious about an exact shipping quote.

    All items come from a pet-free and smoke-free home.

    $80 - Codex Card-Time Strategy Collection - [4] - This is for a complete (non-deluxe) collection of Codex Card-Time Strategy. It includes the Core Set, the Starter Set, Flagstone Dominion Vs. Blackhand Scourge Expansion, and Whitestar Order Vs. Vortoss Conclave Expansion. All the cards are sleeved in official Codex brand sleeves. Everything is in very good overall condition.

    Please message me if you would like pictures, have any questions or would like any more info on things, thanks.

    1 Comment
    02:50 UTC


    [US-CA Bay Area][FS] Codex, Sol, Crusaders Thy Will Be Done, Stone Garden, El Grande Big Box, Witch's Brew, Kokopelli KS, Rolling Stock, Imported Games & More!

    Local is preferred or buyer pays shipping.

    Most games were played once or not at all. Please feel free to make an offer - not looking for trades unless you're local.

    $150 each: Race to the Raft The Isle of Cats Fan KS Edition [4], Codex: Card-Time Strategy – Deluxe Set [3], Sol: Last Days of a Star [5]

    $110: Crusaders Thy Will Be Done (Deluxe Edition) + Divine Influence Expansion [4]

    $100 each: Vinhos Deluxe Edition + All Expansions [4], Stone Garden [4]

    $85 each: Stars of Akarios [5], El Grande Big Box [4], Rolling Stock [4]

    $70 each: Yokohama Duel Deluxe [4.5], Table Golf Association Pro Edition [5], Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North includes Japan, Roman, and Barbarian expansions [4], The Isle of Cats: Miniature Pack [5]

    $65 each: Oros Collector's KS Edition [4], Witch's Brew [5], Kokopelli Kickstarter Edition includes acrylic Kokopelli standees and expansion 1 [4]

    $55 each: After the Empire Retail Edition [5], High Rise [4]

    $45 each: Orconomics Kickstarter Premium Edition [5], Sabika [4], Rolling Heights [5], Reif fur die Insel [4], Buurn [5], Papayoo [4]

    $40 each: The Princes of Florence 2023 Edition [4],Sheriff of Nottingham + Merry Men Expansion [4], Panda Poker [5], Volto [5], バスケットリテ2on2 Basketrite 2on2 [5]

    $35 each: Bamboo [5], Trick-Taking in Black and White [5], Windows -小窓の妖精- [5]

    $30 each: Free Radicals [4], Odd Socks [4], Mobile Markets [5], オコノミ Okonomiyaki [4], Wink [5]

    $25 each: Vamp on the Batwalk [5], Pick-omino Deluxe [5], Jixia Academy [4], Jalape-NO! [4]

    $20: Unlock! Secret Adventures [5]

    $17: Walking in Burano [4]

    $15: Cartographers Heroes [5]

    $10: Connect 4: Shots [5]

    $5 each: Monopoly Deal, Dice Tower Archer Set Promos 2023

    00:29 UTC


    [Dayton Ohio][FS] Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, Legends of Andor & Expansions, Dinosaur Island (X-treme Edition w/ Totally Liquid & Space Raptors, Aeon's End & Expansions, The Grizzled, & Galatune. [Cash or PayPal]

    I'm getting out of the boardgame hobby slowly. Trying to sell off items that I just haven't had time to even play.

    45440 is the area code.

    Dinosaur Island Package - $150

    • [4] Dinosaur Island X-treme Edition
    • Has FS-DIN from Folded Spaces put together inside.
    • Completely Sleeved
    • [4] Dinosaur Island: Space Dinosaur Promo x2
    • One set the cards are the wrong size (They sent an entire replacement set)
    • [4] Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid X-treme Edition
    • Shrink wrap taken off never punched
    • FS-DIN from Folded Spaces (not put together)

    Legends of Andor Package - $75.00

    • [5] Legends of Andor
    • [5] Legends of Andor: Journey to the North
    • [5]Legends of Andor: New Heroes
    • [5]Legends of Andor: The Star Shield
    • [5]Legends of Andor Mini Expansion: Mermaid Iria & Call of the Skrals
    • Still sealed
    • Never got the time to open to learn or play.
    • Selling as en entire package - $75.00

    • [4] The Grizzled - $10.00
    • Never Played.
    • I received it as an add on during a trade and was not punched and still remains not punched.
    • Still has shrink on cards.
    • [4] Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress - $120.00

    • Shrink Wrap was taken off

    • Never played

    • All parts are still on runners

    • [4] Galatune - $10.00

    • Opened and never played

    I also have a ton of Aeon's End items that have not been opened [5] if you are interested look at my BGG page linked below and reach out if you are interested in any of them.

    I would really prefer to do a local meetup I can provide pictures for any of the boxes and contents.

    Here is my Boardgame Geek Collection Page.

    • I've made purchases and trades there and on here, its just been a little while since the last one.
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    00:02 UTC


    [US 75067] [FS] Marvel Munchkin with all expansions (2&3) + Deadpool + X-Men W/ Sleeves [W] $$

    Free Shipping! All cards in great condition and fit in the core and X-Men boxes. Message for pictures. Sleeve king premium sleeves included for all cards.

    1 Comment
    23:31 UTC


    [27293 NC] H: ISS Vanguard Ultimate All in sundropped W: $/trades

    Just arrived today. This is the sundrop ultimate all in pledge. Just looking to get what I paid. Haven’t even cracked the shipping box.

    Includes all content, sleeves for everything, dice tower, dice, etc. you can view the game found page to see what’s all included.


    Buyer pays shipping. This is a 50lb box. I use pirate ship for best rates. $20 flat shipping if your east coast/midwest regions.

    trades/partial trades I’m looking for Era medieval age collector set 4 Street masters twin Tiger Thorgal pledge Oltree - undead expansion Ex Libris and expansion - new version Witchcraft! Tamashii all in Dungeons of Doria ICE collectors edition Dungeons of Infinity (newest version) Lobotomy 2

    1 Comment
    21:11 UTC


    [FS] Los Angeles 90068 [H] Nemo’s War, One Deck Dugeon, After the Virus +exp, more [W]$$

    After the Virus + The Long Cold (Stored in gamegenic deck box) - $40
    Arctic Scavengers: Base + Recon + HQ - $30
    Beacon Patrol - $10
    Grove -$10
    Nemo’s War w/exp 1,2,3 + Holidays - $50
    Next Station: London - $10
    One Deck Dungeon w/Forest of Shadows + Abyssal Depths(All stored in gamegenic deck case/sleeved) - $45
    Skoventyr - $15
    Would consider trades for games with solo modes

    1 Comment
    20:52 UTC


    [USA-PA][19128][H] Instant Arkham Horror: The Card Game collection! -- 2x Base set, 2 Full Expansion waves, scenario packs, investigator packs, and acrylic accessories!!! [W] PayPal

    Have a sizable collection of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Looking at NEW prices on Amazon, everything in this lot would be about $720.

    Photos of what you're buying: https://imgur.com/a/vy99pKV

    Here's a list of what I have:

    Two copies of the base game

    First wave of new format expansions

    • Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion (NIS)
    • Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion (NIS)

    Scenario Expansions

    • Labyrinths of Lunacy scenario
    • Guardians of the Abyss scenario
    • Murder at the Excelsior Hotel scenario
    • War of the Outer Gods

    Dunwich Legacy complete cycle

    • Dunwich, Undimensioned, Lost in Time and Space, Where Doom Awaits, Essex Country Express, Blood on the Altar, Miskatonic Museum

    Character Packs

    • Stella Clark (NIS)
    • Nathaniel Cho
    • Harvey Walters
    • Winifred Habbamock
    • Jacqueline Fine

    Etsy Upgrades

    • acrylic investigator boards x2
    • acrylic doom tokens x20
    • acrylic investigator tokens x2
    • acrylic path markers x10
    • acrylic investigator stands x4
    • acrylic charge tokens x2
    • acrylic ammo tokens x2
    • acrylic innsmouth conspiracy set (keys and floods)

    Card Case

    • BCW Collectible Card Bin 3200

    Asking $300 + shipping

    Obviously local to Philadelphia area would be great, as shipping this will be very expensive.

    Please send me a PM, as I don't really use the chat feature here. Open to offers, but not looking to trade or break up the lot.


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    20:02 UTC


    [Pittsburgh, PA][FS] <I C E Artefact Collectors pledge>

    New in box never opened I simply ordered and extra pledge alongside of mine.

    $175 buyer pays shipping or if you live local I can do a local meet for cash

    PayPal for online

    19:18 UTC


    [NC, 28081] (FS) Starcadia Quest $45

    Hi! I got a copy of Starcadia Quest for sale. Hardly used. Asking $45 or best offer. Buyer pays shipping.

    Pictures: https://i.imgur.com/BiCE95W.webp

    17:41 UTC


    <Chicago, IL> [FS/FT] Bloodstones (NIS), Too Many Bones- Large Box 3rd Edition w/ Ghillie & Nugget, Stuffed Fables, Oath w/ Chronicle Journal, and more [W] $$/Trades

    Updated prices and new game added. Looking to sell some games, make space on the shelf, or trade them. Here's a list:

    • Bloodstones (NIS)-$180- pending
    • Too Many Bones- Large Box 3rd Edition with Ghillie & Nugget (4.5, played once or twice)- $160
    • Stuffed Fables (4.5, played once only through first page of book)- $30
    • Oath w/ Chronicle Journal (4.5, played 3 times, world deck unopened)- $75
    • Shake That City (NIS)- $25
    • Oceans (4.5, played once)- $30
    • Vast: The Crystal Caverns (4, unpunched- would be 4.5 but one of the punch boards was glued together and caused one or 2 pieces to be slightly damaged)- $25
    • Mysterium (4.5, played once)- $25
    • Fortune & Famine (NIS)- $10 or $5 if included with one of the above

    $5 or included with one of the above

    • Mafia de Cuba (4.5, played once)
    • Catan (2, Half of the cards are discolored and warped, still playable).

    Want $$ or Trades or Combination of Both:

    • Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game
    • Mr President

    Local Pickup in Chicago, will ship via pirate ship. Buyer pays shipping. Happy to negotiate a bundle. If you’re interested reach out.

    17:38 UTC


    [NC, 28081] (FS) $200 Nemesis + Aftermath + Neoprene Mat

    Hi! I got a barely played copy of Nemesis with the aftermath expansion and the neoprene mat. Asking $200. Buyer pays shipping.

    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/k09bgRb

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    17:26 UTC

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