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Hi! Would love some help...

Does anyone have favourite websites/resources to research art theory and history? :)

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Lessons from the subterranes -- a case for the mystification of prehistoric art

Would love to hear thoughts/feedback on it, check it out if you want to! https://atmidnightalltheagents.substack.com/p/lessons-from-the-subterranes?r=2eypst

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A discussion whether the last person on Earth would still create art: a case for the inter-subjectivity of art as a symbolic form

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I started a new subreddit community: Institutional Critique

Follow us here:

In artinstitutional critique is the systematic inquiry into the workings of art institutions, such as galleries and museums, and is most associated with the work of artists like Michael AsherMarcel BroodthaersDaniel BurenAndrea FraserJohn Knight (artist)Adrian PiperFred Wilson, and Hans Haacke and the scholarship of Alexander AlberroBenjamin H. D. BuchlohBirgit Pelzer, and Anne Rorimer.

Institutional critique takes the form of temporary or nontransferable approaches to painting and sculpture, architectural alterations and interventions, and performative gestures and language intended to disrupt the otherwise transparent operations of galleries and museums and the professionals who administer them.

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Stolen Francis Bacon Painting Worth $5.4 M. Recovered by Spanish Police

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Damien Hirst Dating Controversy Continues as Report Reveals More Works Made Later Than Stated

The ongoing controversy surrounding Damien Hirst, one of the contemporary art world’s most provocative figures, has taken another twist. A recent investigative report has revealed that several of Hirst’s works, previously dated to earlier periods, were actually created later than initially claimed. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the art community, racentreising questions about authenticity, market value, and the integrity of art provenance.

Full Article Here


The Unfolding Controversy

Damien Hirst, known for his provocative and often controversial works, has been at the center of a dating scandal for some time.....

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Livestream Portal Reopens in Dublin and New York Following Lewd Behavior

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What would good AI art look like?

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Newly Discovered Caravaggio to be Unveiled at the Prado in Madrid This Month

In an event poised to capture the imagination of the art world, Madrid’s esteemed Museo del Prado is set to unveil a newly discovered painting by the Italian master, Caravaggio.

This remarkable find, which experts have dated back to the early 17th century, promises to be a significant addition to the canon of one of the most influential figures in Western art.

The painting, previously unknown to scholars and art enthusiasts alike, will be revealed later this month, offering a rare glimpse into Caravaggio’s artistic evolution.

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Rare Teenage Photos Surface of Banksy Before His Rise to Fame

Newly revealed photographs offer a rare glimpse into the teenage years of the elusive street artist known as Banksy. Before he became a global icon, Banksy, whose real identity is suspected to be Robin Gunningham, was a regular student at Bristol’s prestigious Cathedral School.

See Photos

These images, capturing him on a school ski trip and near the Berlin Wall, highlight his early interactions with art and performance. Gunningham’s school days, filled with art classes, stage roles, and even sports, hinted at his potential for a unique artistic path.

Despite his now well-documented identity, the mystery surrounding Banksy persists, adding allure to his art and maintaining his status in the world of contemporary art. These photographs not only deepen the narrative of Banksy’s secretive persona but also enrich the dialogue about his roots and influences in the art world.

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Do you like or dislike abstract art? What aspects do you like or dislike about abstract art?

Personal opinion:
Not an art person but I do like people expressing their ideas, biases, feelings etc.. Art generally seems to be a very good way to do that. Since you can take two people and ask them to draw a police officer. One person can draw a fat pig in a dirty uniform(probably from the greedy abouts of donut consumption) arresting a black person while other person can draw a masculine white man with a tidy and clean uniform and sunglasses with a assault rifle fighting against "degeneracy". The reason abstract art is not so captivating for me is the lack of more explicit expression from the side of the artist.

Do you agree or disagree? What is your opinion?

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What is it called when one painted color is affected by another color near by?

The brain's processing of colors is affected by colors near it, even subtly, and when painting, sometimes this is accounted for.

I've found some great articles on the illusion of this, but I swear a year or two ago someone had a name for it. I recently overheard someone else call it "tone crushing," but that's not at all what I"m looking for.

Thank you

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The over all options on art mediums as they came to be, is AI art a medium or a fad?

So i recently have found myself in a decision on the legitimacies of an AI Artists, someone who strictly uses Ai to make there art, and tearing down all notions on the effects on art as a whole in a copyright infringement way. the other person claims artist are gatekeep art from ai artists. and it made me wonder has any other form of medium cause this controversy? when digital programs come to be like krita or coral draw did those cause an split in art over physicals and digital, photoshop?
and speaking on a term of AI as a medium, if we could quell all notion of it ruining art in a mass media. could we come to respect it as a movement or another medium. when you get down to it AI is a its simplest a tool that takes data and a prompt to generate an idea. which in some form takes creativity. personally i think using Machine learning with summited reference work used to teach people about perspective by taking there drawing cross referencing them and show what and how they can be improved would be an amazing use of AI art and i do believe it can have its positive uses. seeing family member use it to get there personal ideas out of there heads into some visual form is really cool, long as people actually use artist for the finished products. at the end of the day it will never be perfected 100% and i think as long as people fight it in media like movies' and tv by boycotting those things people who can use ai to express themselves with a program that is properly sourced which can only help art as a whole. id like to hear from other people as well. those who study art or partake in it as well, any medium

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Experiencing contemporary art in NYC

Hi, I've been seeing a lot of art in NYC and wanted to capture my experience and thoughts, so I started a semi-silent vlog. Each episode is centered on an exhibition or artist, but it's also about going to see art and what a private art life might look like in New York. Some armchair theories, but more random thoughts. If you're interested, here's a link to the first few episodes!


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Mona Lisa’s smile

Are we sure the Mona Lisa wasn’t a self portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci as a woman? And THAT’s the reason for the smile?

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Alternatives to theme-based categorization of contemporary art?

My observation is that it has become common practice to categorize and critique contemporary works based on themes, e.g. ecology, labor, colonialism, gender, etc. Although that seems to work fine, I sometimes think that this way of looking foregrounds the narrative aspect whereas material aspects, processes, abstractions or methodologies become secondary. Are there any theorists that suggest alternative ways in recent years or decades?

By alternative ways I don't mean going back to old-fashioned medium-based taxonomies such as painting/sculpture/drawing (adding newer media doesn't change much, it's still the same 19th century medium-based taxonomy), but something that is more suitable to represent contemporary or what you might call post-conceptual art. Are we stuck between the medium-based and theme-based perspectives?

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"What is Art?" by Leo Tolstoy, on the value & moral status of art — An online reading group discussion on Thursday March 7, open to everyone

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What is the difference between meaning and message

Hello everyone!

I'm wondering if there's someone who tried to explain the difference between these two concepts and what is your personal opinion.

Thank in advance!

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Dive into self-exploration through dance & Share your art story

Hello everyone! I’m doing research into the way art influences our lives.

I invite you to explore the transformative power of dance in this article, "Dance as a Form of Self-Exploration," and see whether it resonates with you. But the journey doesn't stop there — we want to hear from you!

Have you recently had an impactful art experience, perhaps a visit to a gallery, a day of creative expression, or an exploration into art therapy? Join us for a 30-minute chat to share your story. It's an informal, stress-free conversation aimed at celebrating how art influences and transforms us.

Interested? Reach out and let's inspire together through the beauty of art.

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Does anyone have good resources on the philosophy of anarchist art?

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I have a theory.

So basically, the race you're usually around has an effect on your art style. What I mean by that is if you're usually around lighter skin coloured people, you're characters might be more on the light skin tone as opposed to darker skin coloured people. Same with darker skin coloured people. I know it's a bit rude but it makes sense to me. Delete it if you want, I don't mind.

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