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Here we talk about the rights of animals and what we can do to defend those rights. Some topics include: animal experimentation, the ethics of eating animals and their products, animal used in entertainment, protests, activism, news about animal protection victories.


This subreddit has been created as a source of post regarding Animal Rights and related topics as animal cruelty for entertainment, food ethics, vegetarianism, veganism, and such. If your issue is more related to animal welfare, please note there is a subreddit for that!

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How to make effective claims for animal rights (text based on findings of sociology)

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Join the Feline guardian subreddit


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"Humane Slaughter" Example & Commentary

My criticisms over a popular "humane slaughter" video to help dispel the notion that there's anything gentle about it. It is age-restricted, which goes to show how humane it really is.


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What can i do to help this animal

This guy in the next neighborhood over has an 8 year old rottweiler who has spent every day of her life alone, outside, in a fenced in concrete patio. She has nowhere to cool off, no grass just concrete, totally alone with nothing and no one to interact with all day every day with no exceptions.

The only interaction with other life forms she has is when her owner brings her 2 scoops of food once a day, and when she barks at squirrels in the nearby tree. That is it.

And it's getting really hot on the gulf coast... i know that concrete can't be comfortable to lie on in this heat, but she has no choice. Well she does now i just bought her a cooling mat for dogs.

What makes it worse is the owner will buy her a toy like once a year, but believe it or not he's so cheap (despite living off millions his parents left him his whole life) that she isn't allowed to play with any of them because she would tear them up, he says. Same with treats. He has some, but she isn't allowed to have any because she can't deviate from her super strict diet.

Her entire life is nothing but sensory deprivation, other than the pain she endures being exposed to the elements. You wouldnt even do that to a person on death row.... I don't understand how people like this can sleep at night. It's not even my dog and it's affecting MY sleep.

Short of breaking any laws, which i might not be entirely opposed to doing depending on the options as I'm somewhat of a criminal already anyways if you couldn't tell by my name, but what can i do to help this animal? Gotta do something... Someone has to help this dog... And I guess it's me...

22:27 UTC


Abuser made a new YT a channel


Report this one as well. This fuck thinks he can escape

19:32 UTC


Famous Dog Trainer Plans Texas-Wyoming Motorcycle Rally For Tortured Daniel Wolf

Stop calling for physical violence - You know who you are Stop being jerks 😑 - or this will be shut down faster than a backroad in a blizzard.

I’d like to see this get national coverage…

Also, still supports boycottWyoming - No tourist money spent there if it really is a get in and get out...

Jonas Black, a dog trainer with millions of followers on social media, is organizing a 1,300-mile motorcycle rally from Texas to Wyoming in honor of a wolf that was tortured and killed in Daniel. He will donate all funds from the rally to wildlife groups.

That something has turned out to be the Hogs for Hope motorcycle rally, an epic 1,357-mile ride — depending on the route.

He put out feelers to his social media audience, and the idea blew up. Hogs for Hope plans to leave Austin on May 23 and arrive at the Green River Bar in Daniel on May 26.

“It’s a nonviolent gathering,” he said. “We don’t plan to linger in Daniel. We plan to present the donated funds to the wildlife organizations, have a brief ceremony and leave.”

If you want to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/hogs-for-hope-a-ride-for-wolves?qid=6e66b65560ff533507e81db7e2135b07

Reference: https://cowboystatedaily.com/2024/05/09/famous-dog-trainer-plans-texas-wyoming-motorcycle-rally-for-tortured-daniel-wolf/#

I can’t go (plans with my nephew for months) but I am sharing it everywhere for bikers who can…

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When Controversial Questions Lead to a Vegan Epiphany

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Do you think the cat torture people check reddit? Look at our posts and comments?

Or is reddit banned in China? If so, do you think they try to send their friends in America to come hurt our cats? If any of those types come after my fur babies, I have a surprise for them lol

02:09 UTC


Please look after your mental health too!

Hey everyone, I found this sub after hearing about the horrible things that have been inflicted on the innocent cats and kittens in China. I wish I hadn’t found out, but at the same time knowing about them adds one more number to the supporters who are working tirelessly to end the suffering of these cats so it is for the best.

Just a little reminder to take care of yourselves as well as I know a lot of people are outraged and horrified about this.

My stomach always drops when I hear about another new victim. It is extremely upsetting and horrifying and I have to remember that I cannot turn away from them despite how traumatising it is (the easiest thing is to forget) as these cats need defenders and protectors where they have none.

Remember that we have to stay strong for them so we can keep fighting for their rights. Their lives will not be in vain and I have faith one day animal abuse will be heavily punished.

In addition to this sub I also follow the wholesome ones like r/eyebleach, just as a reminder that the majority of humans are good and kind, and there are lots of animal lovers. I need the wholesome posts to keep me strong to stay fighting for the abused kitties.

These poor babies will be remembered and loved forever in my heart. (Also thanks for all the volunteers like feline guardians who are going through the horrible footage to try identify the monsters and bring them to justice)

21:16 UTC


11 kittens entered the rainbow bridge - china cat abuse


The victims of last week, 11 kittens.

All passed by the hands of one "human "

While they might not have names, they have faces and they will be remembered and missed.

Rest peacefully, little furballs, This world was way to cruel to you.

More info and how to help stop this can be found here:


10:28 UTC


Kind Girl Admits Going Vegan Is The Way To Go || Will she conquer her inertia tho? #PuertoRico

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Subreddit for the cat torturing tg

I have suggested making a sub Reddit that closely follows the ongoing violence and gore in China with the cat killers. If anyone could please assemble and make a sub Reddit it would be great, we could exchange information and be more active. This subreddit is also good but sometimes posts could be flagged for spam. Also it is nice to have everything in one place. What do you think?

13:47 UTC

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