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Here we talk about the rights of animals and what we can do to defend those rights. Some topics include: animal experimentation, the ethics of eating animals and their products, animal used in entertainment, protests, activism, news about animal protection victories.


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Hunting Dog Training

The other day, I went over to let a family friend's dog out since she wouldn't be getting home until late. She's still living with her parents, and in total, they have 5 dogs: 3 beagles, a mini golden doodle(her dog), and a mastiff. The issue is with two of the beagles, the family's self-proclaimed hunting dogs. These two dogs are kept in a 3ft. by about 6ft. wooden kennel with another smaller attached room for them to sleep in. The floor is grated, so poop falls through, and they had plenty of food and water, but their nails were much too long, and the behavior they presented with was behavior that abused animals usually present with. For example, they immediately moved to a corner of the kennel and crouched with their tails tucked and ears back when I approached. It took some coaxing, but I got them to come up to me, which they did via crawling even though the cage is high enough for them to stand. The final straw was that I was forbade to let them out of the kennel, and judging by the mounds of poop under it, they don't get let out, played with, or given much attention other than filling their water and food.

All I'm wanting to know is do I have a case if I report them. It seems like obvious abuse to me, but I know laws can be interpreted in different ways. My state is Indiana.

23:45 UTC


Poisoning Dogs and Cats in the Street, because someone is feeding them 📷 WARNING!! SENSITIVE CONTENT #CAIRO #Egypt #pets #AnimalRights #AnimalAbuse

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Save the MBR Beagle's

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Save the MBR Beagle's

Those of us at a certain age will recall the furore about Huntingdon Life Sciences back in the day and the discussions about vivisection and animal testing. I thought it was a thing of the past and then I discovered MBR Acres and LabCorp. MBR Acres is based just outside Huntingdon and is the UK's largest puppy farm. They breed beagles in converted pig sheds and these beagles are kept in cages with an automated lighting and feeding system. They never get let out to feel the sun and rain. On average they breed 2000 puppies a year at MBR. Once these puppies reach 20 weeks old they are sold to labs for testing on. Huntingdon Life Sciences use to be the main lab in Huntingdon where animal testing happened but the uproar of locals and the constant attention of the animal rights movement had them on the ropes... until the government saved them....they eventually were brought out by (you've guessed it) LabCorp, who are still on the same site and still testing on animals. LabCorp is one of the biggest purchasers of beagles from MBR in the UK. At LabCorp the beagles will be burnt, have bleach poured down their throat via a tube or forced to breathe in toxins via gas masks. This happens until the Beagle's die. If they don't die they are killed as they no longer have a value to LabCorp. Beagle's are used as they are reluctant to bite and have a placid nature.

I honestly thought these practices didn't happen anymore!

There are alternatives, using these alternatives would put LabCorp and MBR out of business and the results would be more reliable since over 96% of tests performed on animals fail when tested on humans, as we are not the same.

Camp Beagle have been camped on the verge outside MBR Acres holding this practice to account and documenting the movement of beagles in a non violent way since July 2021. They currently have a petition asking the government to direct more money to non animal testing. Please sign it and share it with friends and family and on your social media as I'm sure, if you visited Camp Beagle, the haunting cries of the puppies would weigh on your consciousness forever.


If you wish to know more then there are video's on You Tube of course Huntingdon Life Sciences, LabCorp and MBR Acres.


22:13 UTC


What's the most ethical and yet effective way to get rid of bugs?

I have been using vacuum cleaner recently and it's very effective against all sort of bugs but I saw that it doesn't kill the bigger bugs instantly and the poor creatures suffer a lot of unnecessary pain.What are some better ways?I was thinking about putting some sort of filter over the tip of the vacuum cleaner that would prevent anything from falling into it, then catching all the bugs with it in slow mode (my VC has 3 speed modes) then going outside and turning off the vacuum and letting all the bugs out. I guess that would move all the bugs outside of my house without causing them much pain but I've never tried that method and I don't know if it will be effective.

[EDIT] I just realized this post might not be a good subreddit because it's related to ethics and not rights so please remove it if you think it doesn't belong here.

17:51 UTC


TRIBUTE FOR THE ANIMALS - Mozart - Dies Irae (metal version) - for National Animal Rights Day

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A nice talk about veganism with a polite woman [ENG subtitles]

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A short talk about veganism. "We can't change anything" ENG subtitles

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Why were they killing all these animals?

I found this video of guys just hunting and killing dozens of wolves and bobcats and whatnot and i am just curious as to why

Is it for like overpopulation and pest control? Too many of them in their area or something?Or are they pathetic idiots that just do it for sport?

I dont understand, im also myself not vegan or super anti hunting or whatever its just if this is for straight up sport while they laugh at the animals when they die i just think they are actual scumbags

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