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Veganism: A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.

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Veganism: "A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." - The Vegan Society

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do non-vegans’ breath smell to you guys?

So i’ve been vegan for several months and was also for some time in the past (took a break because i am a broke college student; veganism is expensive). I am vegan for health reasons though not contributing to animal cruelty is a huge plus! my body just does not process meat well and i could go on forever about how unnatural drinking another animals milk is. Anyways, my boyfriend is not vegan. Which is not a problem to me I don’t have any judgements for non-vegans, they have just been born into this meat heavy diet and don’t have the health motivations that I do to change their mind. So I don’t mind him not being vegan but over the past few months I’ve started to notice how bad his breath smells to me. It never bothered me before but it genuinely makes me nauseous now. If i kiss him I can tell if he had eaten meat that day. Not really sure what to do about it I would feel bad to ask him to brush his teeth before ever kissing me, but I also just can’t bring myself to kiss him when all I taste is meat. Advice? anyone else relate?

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22:27 UTC


New vegan, need recs

Hey everyone,

I’ve decided to go vegan again.

I eat primarily minimally processed foods, and I am wondering if people could suggest me some social media accounts that share healthy recipes mostly of whole foods?

I used to like fullyrawkristina a lot, but I’m not really into the only raw vegan thing, and tbh she kinda scared me.

Any other recommendations are appreciated.


21:59 UTC


Suggestions for vegan welding gloves?

Hey all, posting this on behalf of my sister!

She is slowly switching to a vegan lifestyle (yay!) and is a welder. She purchased KVM gloves but they were one size fits all and are too big for her. She says a small or medium size would fit best. I also was aware of White Ox brand gloves, but the gauntlet style gloves that she needs are (again) too big. I've been doing some research and looked on the welding reddit as well, but not having much luck. I wanted to post on here and not that subreddit because people over there may be assholes if they hear the word "vegan" lol

So if anyone out there can recommend a vegan, MIG, gauntlet welding glove that has small/medium sizes, please let me know! I know this is probably a long shot, but who knows! Thanks in advance:)

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20:50 UTC


US treats for a Brit

Hello everyone 🤗 I'm looking for some suggestions please. My auntie is traveling over from Philadelphia to visit me in the UK and wants to bring me a treat. Unfortunately she's not vegan so doesn't really know what to get me.

What would you guys suggest that I wouldn't have tried before? Ideally would be something that doesn't need to be chilled and something that we can't get in the UK.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing your guys favourite snacks! 😋 ✌️

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19:51 UTC


Bawled my eyes out over a cattle truck

I broke down crying today as I passed a truck on the highway with cows in it. One of cows was sticking his nose out the side of the truck, sniffing the air. It’s heartbreaking to know that this is their last moments of life which consist of fear, pain, and suffering. It’s disgusting and sad. All for human consumption.

I’ve eaten meat my whole life and it makes me feel sick that I contribute to the problem. My heart hurts for the animals and I want to change.

19:13 UTC


Sumptuous Vegan "Meatballs" w/Tangy Marinara Sauce recipe video | You have GOT to try this one! My very favourite high-protein vegan "meatball" recipe. It's sublime! 468 cals, 36g protein, 56g carbs and 6g fat.

18:21 UTC


Can a diet be nutritious enough without fresh vegetables?

I usually don’t have much time to cook, so I meal prep. My diet includes a variety of whole grains, different beans and legumes, quite a lot of tofu and tempeh, some nuts and seeds (walnuts, chia seeds, etc.) and oils (rice bran oil, extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil). The grocery stores around me don’t always carry good quality vegetables, and when they do, those are not very affordable for me.

Can the products I eat be enough for a reasonably nutritious diet? If not, what vegetables or fruit can I add that would give the most bang for my buck in terms of nutrition and preferably store well? Thank you.

Edit: frozen veggies are also somewhat expensive where I live, but I try to include them when I can.

16:13 UTC


My shits are massive. It's awesome.

I need to share.

I've been vegan since early January for ethics, not a new years resolution, just ended up that way. I had been vegetarian for 7 years prior but started seeing it as a half-measure once I really began thinking about it. Didn't have much problem changing at all honestly, was never a huge consumer of animal products in the first place.

As a consequence of switching to being vegan, I eat mainly a whole food diet now. Lots of veggies, lots of fiber, almost no eating out. When I was vegetarian I was a frequent indulger of junk food, eating out, and low fiber meals. It made up the bulk of my diet. I feel GREAT. Seriously, I never have stomach upset anymore, I seem to have more energy. I think I also may have been mildly lactose intolerant because I also used to constantly be farting all fucking day and now I don't fart NEARLY as much. No more bloating, no diarrhea. Seriously this solved every gastrointestinal problem I've ever had.

My favourite part is I now take absolutely massive shits. They are like the size of my forearm, and take ~15 seconds to lay. Barely need to wipe. It's awesome. I often stand over the toilet and stare in awe at what I've created. Super regular, every single morning pretty much. I used to struggle so much to get enough fiber and never did, now I get 30-40g per day easily.

Everyone acted like I was going to die within a month when I went vegan, my family full on panicked about my health and I feel better than I ever have. They were fine with me living off pasta, hashbrowns, and cheese though. Make it make sense.

I love being vegan.

16:05 UTC


I have a very expensive non-vegan parka, what should I do with it?

I bought it 3-4 years ago and now that I am vegan, I find it counter intuitive to continue wearing it, but its so darn expensive and good quality. I do not want to sell it for cheap, it keeps me warm during our harsh winters and all in all just a very beautiful jacket.

Fyi, if i want to sell it, it will lose a lot of its value and the parka is practically still new and could go for more years.

15:53 UTC


Is Vegan Food Expensive? | Can Poor People Afford Vegan Food? | Lecture | Q & A | Animal Rights

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15:44 UTC


Going Vegan is Expensive and Restrictive

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15:36 UTC


How do I remain vegan while owning omnivore/carnivore reptiles(turtles)?

I have two semiaquatic turtles that will only eat meat/fish or turtle pellets(made with animal products).The turtles are old and fiarly large(about 10 pounds each). I inherited them from my grandfather when he passed away

How do I remain a vegan while having to feed them animal products almost everyday? They wont eat any vegetable or fruits and I didnt find any vegan turtle pellets online

15:11 UTC


5 steps to start an effective, democratic vegan activist group

  1. Find a few other vegans in your area who want to start a group. Even 3 or 4 will do. Join an animal sanctuary, look for local vegan Facebook groups, go to vegan restaurants, table at a VegFest or Earth Day event, ask your friends if they know other vegans, etc. to recruit.

  1. Decide on a general goals, a code of conduct / rules, group structure, a name, and a logo. Be open and honest about strengths, interests, and experience levels so you can start where you are.

- The goals can act as a general motivating framework, and the group can do more than the goals or pivot as they see fit.

- A code of conduct should have an inclusivity clause, explicitly stating that vegans will have different backgrounds and approaches (e.g. welfarist, full liberation, plant-based capitalist, etc.) and all are welcome. You don't have to agree with all approaches, but it's important to coexist. I'll provide our code of conduct as an example in the top-level comment.

- Everyone should be on the same level, with equal input and consideration. This is very different than if a group has a leader, since that can lead to issues there's disagreement in direction or drama involving the leader. I suggest having a group of 4-6 "leads" who are asked to do additional tasks, like volunteer to organize an action if there isn't an organizer or backend tasks like upkeeping the social media pages.

- Be clear that a refusal to follow the code of conduct is taken as a resignation from the group, as it's critical that all members feel safe and included to be effective advocates.

  1. Officially create the group using a program or website of your choice. Mine uses Discord since it's really good for compartmentalizing discussions, providing text and file support, has a room for online meetings, has an excellent Events functionality, etc. Also have social media presence, like a Facebook page where you can display your actions or invite others to join in actions / join the group in general; this open and welcoming environment from the start helps with growth and retention.

  1. Now that your group is formed, focus on getting actions done. Actions could include leafletting, cubing, protesting, legislative pushes, tabling, online reviews and actions, etc. This will increase your group's experience and will make you more effective over time. Only have meetings when you need to, like when it's needed to plan something appropriately or if you want to hang out for some teambuilding time.

  1. As your team matures and evolves, it's important to keep your focus on the animals. If not enough events are available for the group, people might fill their time discussing controversial topics, such as wars overseas, which may lead to infighting. Some, such as Dr. Melanie Joy, identify infighting as the greatest threat to keeping vegan activist groups together. We don't have to be good friends with everyone in the group, but we do need to be able to collaborate effectively to help the animals. Proactively provide resources to your team on topics like this one on infighting to skill-up your team and make it more robust.

A recent poll I did of 400 vegans showed that the number one thing holding people back from doing vegan advocacy is having a good group to do it with. Creating a local group and advertising it can very likely lead to a driven, impactful, and fun group, like has happened in my area. I highly suggest anyone who's interested to do the same, and I'm here to give any inputs I can based on what we've learned in my group.

14:49 UTC


Keep advocating for animals. It’s working.

Animal ag propaganda machine makes it difficult for us to recognize progress. As vegans, we are so often hopeless as we see those around us fail to change their behavior to align with their values. And we are often fed alarming “facts” and propaganda that make us think our activism doesn’t matter.

  1. 80% of people who go vegan end up quitting.” Don’t believe this for one second. In reality, these 80% of people who quit are the same assholes we talk to who say they were vegan once, but what they really mean is that they tried a plant-based diet for two weeks and then gave up.

  2. “There were more vegans in 2016 than there are now.” This idea was drummed up based largely on an analysis of google trend results. Which really to me says that 2016 was the year people discovered what veganism is and chose to pursue it or not. And since then, guess what’s happened, millions of those people have gone vegan. In fact, polls show that a vast majority of vegans went vegan in the past FOUR YEARS. So even with population growth outpacing the amount of people becoming vegan, what’s important is that the decision-makers - adults (the ones having and raising all the kids), as well as young people are adopting veganism

  3. Veganism is dying” and was just a fad, citing declining sales of plant-based foods. Supply and demand for plant-based foods will fluctuate over time but ultimately grow. Wall Street overestimated it’s growth which also contributed to this narrative. But in reality this is a market-economy issue, not an indicator of how many people wen’t/are vegan.

  4. "While 30%+ of people go vegan because of documentaries, only 1% go vegan because of 'activism'" Nahh this is total BS. In reality, a big reason street outreach is important is not because it has the ability to convert people one by one - which it does, albeit at a very slow pace - but because you end up encountering future lawyers, politicians and documentary filmmakers who then go on to influence the masses. You can count me as one of those people.

This is all noise. What’s important is to look at the number of people who are going Vegan. Which it’s been reported that ONE MILLION people in the UK adopted veganism in the past year. This is great news!

The point is, it’s working! You are making a difference by advocating for animals!

14:29 UTC



Greetings everyone, I am a graduate student conducting research on the correlation between length of being a vegan and depression. I have prepared a survey and would greatly appreciate your participation. Feel free to DM me if you're interested in receiving the research findings. Thank you! (This is a repost - also I didn't use reddit before this, this isn't a throwaway account)


13:28 UTC


2 Weeks from my last post

Good afternoon everyone,

2 weeks ago I made the following post- https://www.reddit.com/r/vegan/comments/1bjde6w/need_help_becoming_vegan/

I spent the last couple of days watching a various amount of Earthling Ed videos, debates and so on. I can safely now say that the switch has been flicked in my head and I won't be having anymore animal products in my diet. I turned vegan for 11 months around 5 years ago, I was at my absolute healthiest and happiest. Then I completely fell off and started eating meat again.

Today is day 2 of veganism, but I already know in myself that this is permanent.

Thank you to everyone who replied in my previous post, I look forward to my journey and browsing this subreddit for a long time.


12:30 UTC


I have a cat (?)

I live in a small hamlet where only three houses are still inhabited. There's many hamlets around, them all in the same situation. The few population is very old, most of the houses have been empty for decades and are collapsing and we are quite far away from the "civilization".

Well, a month ago a cat was meowing outside my house. It wasn't any cat I saw before (and it's easy to know all the dogs and cats living around me). I went outside to check on that cat and he immediately came to me, looking for some petting. After that interaction, he started to show up a couple of times a day. Day after day. I took him with me and started asking all my neighbours if they know he.

No one knows him. This cat is not from any village near, but he's very friendly. He was clearly raised with humans. Has no chip, is not sterilized.

I have no problem with the cat being around. Indeed I'm sharing my food with him. And surprisingly, he eats quite a lot of veggies. He prefers meat imitations like vegan sausages, burgers, etc., but he eats almost anything I cook. Cabbage, rice, lentils...

Now my questions... I always though cats were obligate carnivores. So I'm worried he's malnourising. He's free, and I saw him hunting and eating mice in the woods, I just don't know if he's having a proper diet. And I'm definitely not buying cat's food for him, I wouldn't feel confortable with that.

I imagine he wouldn't be around me if he wouldn't feel good. But I don't know, I'm just worried about this stupid cat who decided to adopt me...

I will appreciate all your thoughts about this situation. Thank you for your time dear vegan friends.

11:41 UTC


Quick Questions

Do you know any companies which manufacture “Plant-based” seasoned meat used for Mexican food (e.g. vegan taco meat, fake ground beef) in the US?

Also do you know any companies which manufacture “Plant-based” seasoned meat used for Mexican food (e.g. vegan taco meat, fake ground beef) in Southeast Asia? Where can I buy it?

10:08 UTC


How a fox's suffering led me to veganism

So, where do I begin...

I'm seeking advice, but I also feel the need to share what recently happened. It's a story that has made me reflect deeply on the past 28 years of my life:

Driving home late at night after a concert, driving 30mph on a 50mph road known for deer crossings.

Approaching a curve, something caught my eye and before I understood what was happening, I felt an impact.

I stopped my car and then I saw a fox lying on the road.

In a state of shock, I approached the fox to check if it was still alive. To my dismay, it was indeed alive but clearly in a very bad state. The fox was scared and attempted to run towards the forest, but it could barely move. Witnessing its struggle broke my heart.

Those images and sounds still haunt me.

After what felt like an eternity, another car approached, asking me if everthing was alright.
Turns out, the guy inside the car was a hunter. He approached the fox, and immediately knew, the fox wouldn't make it. He would have frozen to death because he seemed to have several broken bones etc.

So the hunter took out a knife, and ended the fox's suffering, while I held the phone flashlight.

It was truly horrible, yet deep down, I knew it was the right thing to do.

Returning home, I was tired and hungry, so I decided to cook some chicken breast.

While I was eating, I was still processing what happened.
And then it hit me. I was on the verge of tears over the death of one animal, yet I was consuming another without a second thought.

The realization was overwhelming...and that night I made the decision, to become vegan.

So here I am. Not really sure on how to approach the whole situation.

I know how to cook, but I'm unsure about making healthy vegan meals in the long run. I've been on a weight loss journey, mostly eating chicken or turkey dishes for the past few months

Do any of you have advice for me? Is there something I have to be careful about, also when buying products (maybe some hidden animal ingredients that aren't labeled or something like that) ?

Thank you!

07:30 UTC


From NYTimes : "New Technique Could Make Your Eggs More Humane. A system that determines the sex of chicks before they hatch eliminates the need to destroy young males"

Full article (no paywall)
Interestingly, in the comment section, several people write that they had no idea about the killing of male chicks and claim to be horrified. And horrified they should: hopefully they'll think twice before buying eggs next time.

05:48 UTC


Indian Vegan from 8 months

• No one forced me to go vegan • No one influenced me to go vegan • No one told me what veganism is all about • Just got to know about cruelty in dairy industry and left dairy after some research which were validated • Never ate meat in life • Working out almost regularly • Getting all the necessary nutrients from beans, seeds, dry fruits, grains • Never felt as healthy as today. • Always had a non-violent nature towards everything, hence had no issue in transforming into Vegan. • Because of this nature, never bought leather, ditched riding horses, camels, elephants, Oxs from a long time. • Tired of people being Ignorant to everything.

04:17 UTC


Preparing non-vegan food for a job

Hi everyone,

I'm a little overwhelmed with this situation and could really use your advice:

I just started a new job and occasionally I have to cook small meals for our guests. I did not know this was part of the job because I usually do not go for food related jobs if I can't be sure all food is vegan. I have not worked the shift where I have to cook yet but I will be this week.

I know that we do cook meat sometimes if the guests are not vegan/vegetarian themselves and just the thought of having to touch, cut and cook meat stresses me tf out. I know there are other vegans that can deal with this but I can't because when dealing with meat all I see is body parts and not a food item and the smell makes me nauseous.

I was thinking of telling my boss but I don't want to come off as the hysterical vegan and I don't want to cause problems at my new job. I know one of my colleagues, who regularly does these shifts, is vegetarian and apparently has no problem with cooking meat so I feel like my request could seem unreasonable to them.

I'm up in the middle of the night thinking about this and to me there seems to be no solution for this dilemma. Sorry for being dramatic. I would really appreciate your help!

03:53 UTC


Does anyone else get people assume you’re gluten free because you’re vegan.

I was wondering if anyone else has people think they’re are gluten free as well. I feel like so many people around me assume I don’t eat gluten.

Now obviously some people don’t eat gluten however when they find out I’m vegan they nigh say things like oh does this have gluten in it or this is gluten free as well etc ect.

I find it so random because to me veganism has nothing to do with not eating gluten.

Just wondering if anyone else has this?

Don’t get me wrong stoaked people are looking out for thing for me (this is mainly at work) but I just find it interesting.

02:31 UTC

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