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Veganism: A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.

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Veganism: "A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." - The Vegan Society

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I went to HR about coworker for 3rd time now.

I just went and talked to hr about my coworker again. I haven't posted here about 1st 2 times I went to HR because they weren't food related but they were this time. The first 2 times I went was because gossip coworker was spreading rumors around with that I was dirty and gross and didn't shower because she overheard me talking to another coworker about how I care for my hair. This time it was about my food though. She's been talking crap about my food for a bit more than just today but I got mad today because she was trying to get others to agree with her. She complained that I stink up the lunch room with my "gross vegan food" (vegetable korma) today and was trying to get others to agree with her. Nobody else in lunch room agreed and even one asked me for the recipe saying it smelled really good.

18:57 UTC


where are my mentally ill vegan baddies

hi everyone!

27f here, i’ve been a vegetarian for about 6 years, was vegan for about 8 months within those years. my ethics align strongly with veganism and i would really like to stop consuming animal products forever.

i suffer from a lifelong phobia/mental illness that has a daily effect on my ability to eat enough calories. at this point the only animal product i consume is cheese and i want to make the jump and cut that out too.

in my (short) experience being fully vegan i ate cheese made from coconut fat, which at the time was what was most readily available in my area (canadian city). i found the lack of protein difficult because i’d find myself hungry very soon after eating it (ex. on a bagel or pizza).

specific questions:

what brands/formulations of vegan cheese do you like most and why?

what are your go-to “i’m too fucked to cook right now” meals/snacks? at times where rice and beans is too much effort.

is the protein gap issue simple enough as adding nuts/seeds to the meal on the side?

more info: i have no dietary restrictions except for an avocado allergy. i enjoy soy, nuts, and seeds.

thanks baddies ❤️

18:16 UTC


Is there some good in "more ethical" farming to disrupt the factory farming market?


I feel like this has turned into basically an argument about whether or not this is ethical. I want to clarify that I am aware it is not. I feel like this has turned into whether or not you should buy meat at all, or this should exist. I'm under the opinion that it should not. Please read the entire post before commenting.**

Hi Veg Friends!

I've been vegan for a bout 10 years but grew up with a family ranch with cattle and at one point chicken and pigs.

I wasn't sure how to title this but tried my best to sum this up into a specific question.

My family has owned a cattle farm since I can remember. It's pretty much what meat eaters think when they think of where their beef comes from. Large pastures for grazing, cows are treated with medicine when their ill, no artificial insemination, lots of food and water, even toys to play with, they reach a decent age before slaughter (Still killed early and only the females).

Not justifying this, I want to make that clear.

I've tried to find another use for that land that is even half as lucrative as cattle farming, but I haven't found anything and haven't thought of a way to convince my parents to switch to anything else. I feel like ethical sheep farming sounds like it could exist but would cost more money than it would make in Missouri.

What I've been thinking about recently is whether or not it's better for more ethical farms to exist instead of them being bare land since people are eating meat anyways. This at least takes a little bit of business away from factory farming.

As cruel as it feels and as sad as I am to think of the fate of these cows, isn't this disrupting the market in some way?

I'm open to any thoughts and would love to hear any alternatives if anyone can think of one!

15:17 UTC


Hello I am new, any other trans-vegans? What do people think of intersectionality?

I am a trans girl who does a lot of vegan activism, and has had a lot of issues with intersectionality in the vegan movement—especially regarding trans 'vocal' celebrities and figures within the vegan community.

I was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts on intersectionality within the vegan community? I personally don't go to trans spaces almost at all anymore because 95% of trans people abuse animals. Meaning the only real space I can feel safe is vegan spaces—and yet so often in those spaces I don't actually feel safe because I am trans.

This is why I try and raise awareness of trans issues in vegan spaces, not because I want to divert the movement towards human rights—but because I have to do that in order to feel safe myself.

12:13 UTC


Which types of vegan events get the most interest? I made a graph using data from connectforanimals.com to see

12:17 UTC


So called “pests”

What do you do with them? I’m talking mosquitos, roaches, flies, ants. I try to find the good in these creatures, but I often can’t. What is your take.

13:51 UTC


List some good news from your country's vegan scene

Like increasing membership or decreasing meat consumption

Update: over 1000 views later I have received one reply. We need more optimism in this community..

14:00 UTC


Join me for the #FastAgainstAnimalSacrifice campaign 🙏🏾❤️🐑

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13:37 UTC


A rant about crop death

Recently, my brother shows the infamous video. To which I responded,”why don’t you eat the meat raw and why use flavouring”? To which he said, “ my claim is there is no cruelty-free diet”. It ticked me off and I didn’t understand how to respond to this.

Edit: I should have mentioned why it ticked me off. My bad, the reason it ticks me off is I know that cruelty-free is impossible but I always believe in cruelty- less. However, it’s annoying cause it’s getting hard to explain to him to not interfere in what I am doing. It’s literally like my whole family is against me for being vegan. They think killing less or more doesn’t matter as at the end of the day it is killing.

13:12 UTC


Subbing leather without resorting to plastic?

Hi y’all,

I’ve been shopping for a new pair of boots. I used to purchase leather (i.e. dead cow skin) boots for their repairability (they can be resoled over and over again, can potentially last a lifetime, etc.), but the last time I held actual leather in my hands I felt like crying. (So for those of you who suggest I thrift leather instead, besides being somewhat against it ethically, I probably also couldn’t emotionally handle it.)

However, I hate plastic. I hate microplastics, I think plastic itself is unsustainable, and I think a biodegradable or plant based material that can still nonetheless take a beating is really what I’m after (waxed canvas maybe?). I hate buying new things so something that lasts a while is really important to me.

Anyone got any recs? I would love to hear alternatives to belts and wallets as well, since these are often BIFL items that are made unfortunately from dead cow skin.

14:12 UTC


I ate honey and it was no accident, I feel horrible

Hey, I went vegan on Valentine's Day this year, it's a decision that makes me very happy and I know I will never go back. My grandmother is very ill and I have been sleeping very very little these days and today at lunch time, I ate walnuts with honey, HONEY, how can it be, when I go to buy gluten free bread I look that it does not have honey like a psychopath, I refuse to eat dishes that have been prepared for me that contain it (or any non vegan ingredient) and today I just ate it without thinking that what I was eating was honey, I feel absolutely horrible, I feel like I polluted myself, my ideals were crushed by simply not having enough sleep, I'm used to look out for specific ingredients (gluten intolerance) and its not even a fucking accident, It was clear what I had on my cup (my dad made em for my brother and I ASKED HIM if I could ate em) holy shit, a fucking conscious decision, its not his fault ofc, he always supports me with veganism, it was me who had to realize. I feel that everything I have done since February 14 is tainted. My whole body hurts. I will take the whole thing as a sign that I have to sleep more, I would have preferred to fall down the stairs or fail an exam because of it, but instead this is what happened.

I would have liked to see this video earlier Why don't vegans eat honey?Why don't vegans eat honey?I might have reacted in time despite the lack of sleep.

Srry I just needed to write it down, maybe someone encounters a similar situation and won't feel alone, it hurts for sure. Im going to sleep and hope the feeling goes away.

13:52 UTC


Overnight crockpot breakfast recipes

Hi, I’ve been looking for a while for something nice and savory for breakfast, that I can make an a crockpot, or something easy that I can let run overnight. I’ve certainly find a few things, mostly oatmeal. I don’t want to eat that much oatmeal. Found something for chia seeds, and then started looking for grits. Anyone have any suggestions and having a nice warm breakfast that was prepared the night before?

13:28 UTC


Is pet sitting vegan?

Hey all! I have been vegan for over 10 years now. I have been on and off part time pet sitting for a few years, but recently decided to go full time with it since there seems to be so much demand for it in my area. And I’m making more money than I ever have! I get to walk and hike with dogs and take care of animals for my job so I love it for that of course too.

However, I don’t personally own any animals of my own because I believe it’s wrong to have domesticated animals in the first place. But then I wonder how I can justify caring for others’ animals…am I just making it easier for people to own/exploit animals?

One place I do consistently work for is actually a farm animal sanctuary. So that I feel would get the vegan approval. But in addition to people’s pets like dogs and cats, I also care for people’s backyard chickens…which is definitely not vegan.

What do you all think? I’m sure there are going to be a range of responses. Just wanted to hear your thought processes. Thanks 🌱

11:53 UTC


Hey, vegan paintbrushes?

I've started Oilpainting, and I'm having a hard time finding a vegan equivalent to a hog-bristle brush, or just hard brushes in general.

I have a pretty low quality set of soft synthetic brushes, but in the future I'd like to find some higher quality stuff for that as well.

Any tips on what to look for?

10:52 UTC


Mila vs Trader Joe’s Vegan Soup Dumplings

For some time, Mila was developing a vegan soup dumpling recipe. Fast forward to a couple months ago, they offered their new dumplings for pre-order, and said they’re using jackfruit as the meat alternative.

Now all of a sudden, Trader Joe’s released their vegan soup and of course the base is jackfruit.

I had decided to do the pre-order because I’ve been waiting and waiting for a veg option, and the order is finally set to arrive today. When you look you look at the Trader Joe’s ingredients, jackfruit is the base.

What are the odds that Mila is either selling their product or sold their recipe to Trader Joe’s?

09:58 UTC


Looking for vegan insights

Hi fellow vegan friends!

My name is Yvo, and I created Foodprint, a community-driven platform that motivates users to reduce their environmental impact through better eating and mindful purchasing.

We all know that vegan recipes are the pinnacle of sustainability, and that’s why I’m reaching out for your help:

  1. Feedback needed: what do you think about the idea behind Foodprint? Is there anything you feel is missing or could be improved? Check out all the current features here: Foodprint features

  2. Recipe Sharing: Would you be interested in sharing your recipe on a platform like this? What would encourage you to share your favorite recipes? Learn more about sharing recipes here: Foodprint for Creators

My goal is to create a platform that inspires sustainable food choices and saves animal lives, and your feedback would be invaluable. 🙏

Thank you in advance for your support!

Green greetings, Yvo

07:43 UTC


What is the hardest part about being a vegan?

06:21 UTC


I struggle with really low energy and chronic fatigue. I'm committed to staying vegan. Please share some tips 🙏

What I'm already doing:

  • tofu scrambles with mixed veggies and avocado
  • alternate with beans like chickpeas and kidney beans
  • protein smoothies with probiotics and fruit
  • multivitamin with B12, iron, Omega-3, D, and more
  • snack off cashews and pistachios
  • coffee
  • green juices
  • avoiding all added sugars in anything
05:06 UTC


Reminder to think of the darters.

I killed a poor squirrel today and I feel terrible. I know that these things happen but if I was going 10mph slower I probably could've braked in time. A few years ago I hit a rabbit and I made a conscious effort to be more careful by driving slow enough to brake for darting animals but years go by and the sting of past experiences fades from the forefront of your mind. For all of you who have not hit an animal in years or ever, I hope this will serve as a reminder to not get complacent like I did. Keep the darters in mind especially on wooded roads and at night. A few mph slower might give you enough distance to brake.

00:29 UTC


VegFund and Donation Alternatives

There must be something going on with VegFund. Their social media accounts haven't been posted to in a while and their website says they're not issuing any new grants for the time being. Does anybody know what's happening?

They were always my go-to for donations, but I'm starting to think my money would be better spent somewhere else. Is this reasonable? Should I donate somewhere else or stick with VegFund?

I'm not interested in welfare improvements, which rules out ACE and most ACE charities. I want to help make more people into vegans, which is why I gave to VegFund.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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23:33 UTC


Heated Debate with a Vegan Goes Wrong | Jamie Pitcher & Chris Jeffries

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23:24 UTC


Dizzy and Spacey

I am 2 days into being Vegan I went straight from meat eating very unhealthy diet to vegan in a matter of hours. I have been vegan in the past but not full blown vegan since highschool (im 22 now). Im feeling very spacey and dizzy and (TMI>) my poops are very dark brown. I havent had time to go and get B12 so im wondering if its lack of b12 or iron making me feel this way?? If anyone has any advice it would be GREATLY appreciated I desperately dont want to go back to eating meat.

22:00 UTC


Which countries have the most vegan-friendly laws?

For example, there's a law in Portugal that requires "public canteens (e.g. schools, universities, prisons, hospitals) to provide a 'strict vegetarian' (meaning vegan in Portuguese) option"[1].

Are there many vegan (or rather animal) friendly laws like this around the world? Where are the most vegan-friendly laws?

21:40 UTC


Is mühle cruelty free?

I use a razor with double edge razor blades and i just found out that the blades i have been using are from a brand that is not cruelty free. Is mühle a cruelty free option?? Sustainability seems to be important for them but that doesnt mean being cruelty free is too. If they aren’t, does anyone have any recs for a similar brand?

20:58 UTC


Any finance/investment people in here? Are there any ESG ETFs that you believe align with your views, especially regarding animal rights?

I've finally paid back my student loans and I'm looking to invest money. I was initially going to invest it into a passive index fund and I learned about ETFs in my quick googling, seemed right for me, but right before I was about to pull the trigger, I realized I just couldn't stand the idea of my money going to giant animal ag operations, among other things. And so I googled further and discovered ESG funds.

Obviously I care about other parts of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and I have more general concerns about how these ratings are put together, how meaningful the metrics are, and so on. But at least on those issues I see eye-to-eye with the general population of decent people-- no child labor, taking action to reduce global warming, protecting natural landscapes/reducing deforestation, etc. So while I realize some people are still highly skeptical, it seems performance is not worse than regular ETFs and I'm fine maybe being a bit of a sucker and paying some higher fees in the hopes that it is making a difference.

Even so, I'm doubtful whether I can find an ESG that aligns with a no-animal-use goal. Has anyone else done their research and can suggest an ESG investment that is acceptable to a vegan, or the closest thing available? I'm okay with a marginally higher expense ratio (lowest I could find on ESGs was about .5%, which is higher than a lot of other ETFs but worth it to me.)

Thanks for your info. I'll also update if I find anything. I'm relatively new to all of this, so resources or general info are fine as well, even if you don't have a direct answer to my question.

20:12 UTC


I literally forgot margarine existed

So I've just become vegan.

Today I was craving toast. I usually eat butter on toast. Obviously I can't use butter, so I just put straight-up jam on it.

And I was thinking "shit I need to make a post on reddit or google and find out if there are vegan versions of butter."

And then I remembered that margarine exists. And I literally have some in my fridge. I could have just used that lol (it is vegan).

19:28 UTC

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