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Tor + VPN?

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Tor on iOS (iPhone)?

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If the vast majority of the internet is on the deep web, why is its access so discouraged?

It is difficult to find concrete information, I am new to the concept and I'm trying to get some bssic knowledge so I apologise for the silly question

It goes without saying that the deep web is home to some vile content, but if we are to imagine its vastness, should we assume that it's overwhelmingly illegal content/malware injected websites? Does the dangerous reputation of the underground block the cautious and lawful user from accessing beneficial information from non-malicious sources, or are such things on the deep web few and far between?? And if there are websites with good intentions on the deep web, isn't the onion URL preventing them from reaching a broader audience that subsides exclusively on the clearnet, often unaware of the existence of onion websites in the first place? That is if we assume that said user utilizes the proper anonymity tools

18:16 UTC


I'm trying to route tor through Firefox and it's failing to connect to the Internet

I'm using debian 12 and tor socks 5 with the default and it just won't connect no matter what I do the conf looks right and all and tor lights up with all green flags saying all is working the present is enabled the status is 0 = success and tells me enabled even tho it's not

16:17 UTC


Tor donation message

the message that pops up on tor states that until dec 31 any donations to the tor project will be matched.

Who is performing the matching ?

08:58 UTC


Is this book any good?

Hi, I couldn't find any information about book Tor And The Deep Web: The Complete Guide To Stay Anonymous In The Dark Net, is it any good or do you know better source to learn about tor?

07:31 UTC


Is there a point to disabling JavaScript if I'm using Qubes-Whonix?

As I understand it, JavaScript can potentially leak machine info or fingerprint me, yet all information it would learn (besides things like mouse movements and keystroke patterns) would be unique to the VM I'm in, right? Am I missing something here?

Additionally, it seems that any site level attack (like man-in-the-middle attacks via a malicious http site) would still also need malware that hacks the Whonix Vm?

01:18 UTC


Need help getting my hidden service working.

Alright so Im pretty decent with computers but dont know jack shit about servers and networking. Ive gone through about 25 guides online trying to get my onion to work to no avail. Everything looks so easy but it just will not work. Ill post a copy of my torrc and apache config if someone would please tell me what Im doing wrong. Also, port 80 incoming traffic is blocked by my isp but with these virtual ports it shouldnt matter though, right? All the guides Ive read have used port 80 in their examples so Im not sure which ones to change. Im trying to use port 9050 because thats the default tor port. Not sure if thats the issue or not. I've also tried using 8080 etc and no port is working.

torrc :

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/

HiddenServicePort 9050

Ive tried changing both these ports to 80 and just one to 80 and didnt change anything.

ports.conf in apache - Listen have also changed to this 80 and didnt work.

I also made the hidden.conf file which has this in it


DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/onion"

ServerName localhost

ServerAdmin you@example.com

<Directory />

Options +Indexes +FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI

AllowOverride All

Order deny,allow

Allow from all

Require all granted


Have also tried changing that port to 80 as well.

I just cant wrap my head around changing all this stuff. One guide I saw had the .onion url in one of servername spots but I cant remember which one. I probably just need to change 1 or 2 things and itll work. Can anyone help me get this working please? Or atleast understand what the issue is.

23:27 UTC


Can Crowdstrike (Falcon Windows Sensor) see TOR browser activity?

Company installed Crowdstrike on my computer recently and wanted to know if they can use Crowdstrike to view all my web browsing activity / if I'm using TOR.


20:56 UTC


Downloading ebooks from Tor websites

Is it safe to download ebooks from onion sites like Just Another Library, Imperial Library of Trantor etc? How is it different than P2P? Will my internet service provider know that I downloaded the book?

P.S: I am in Germany.

20:31 UTC


Tor privacy surprise

So I'm in tor going to a site that I have been to with other browsers. I start to login but Google is right there with my username and password.

That means Google monitors my tor usage and knows when and where I login at the very least.

This seems like a security risk if you think tor is hiding something about your internet habits.

20:01 UTC


Tor breaks Orbot

I use Orbot on my android device with the TOR browser. However, I’m unable to route the browser through the Orbot VPN and it’s denied access. It also seems to crash Orbot, disabling it until I restart the app. Is there a way to make the TOR browser route its traffic through Orbot, or must I separate the two entirely?

Edit for clarification:

I am not trying to route my traffic through TOR twice. I simply can’t allow TOR to access the internet without disabling the “block all non-VPN connections” toggle with Orbot. I simply want to know if I’m missing a feature to allow TOR access without the other applications, or if I’m just dumb for trying.

19:00 UTC


Expert Bundle: How do I change the guardnode?

I'm using doing some testing with tor, but can't find out how to change the guardnode. I think I've got a duff one but well, Tor is not changing it.

18:36 UTC


How to configure new Orbot to run ONLY as SOCK proxy?

I have downloaded new version of Orbot and I do not understand new GUI. In old version, I could launch it as VPN, or as SOCK proxy only. In new version, I do not see any such setting and Orbot seems to start as VPN. I do not want it, I want only SOCK proxy. How do I configure it so it DOES NOT act as VPN, but as SOCK proxy?

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18:00 UTC


TOR not listed in Fdroid?

I enabled the guardian repository and found Orbot, but TOR isn’t listed. The only listed application is OrfoxRIP, which just tells you to download the TOR browser. Is my repository broken? Is this a common thing?

15:18 UTC


Does anyone how to make Alexa app for windows 11 work on top of an OnionFruit connection? Thanks

13:56 UTC


Can anyone explain how to install onionfruit in a raspberry to make all Internet connections from any computer in the LAN go through TOR by default?

Can anyone point to any web explaining how to install Onionfruit in a raspberry in a LAN to make all Internet connections from any computer in the LAN go through TOR by default?

Is this possible?


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11:58 UTC


Does Tor Browser itself completely hide your IP address?

11:06 UTC



Can I get tor on my Chromebook or some type of alternative?

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03:27 UTC


is it safe to use DW via whonix running on a virtual box ??

is it safe to use DW via whonix running on a virtual box ??

17:11 UTC


Is javascript always bad?

I am having an argument with a friend and we cannot seem to find a clear answer to this.

So do you turn of javascript because it can be used as an attack on you, like a malicious site is running a special type of code through javascript that has the possibility to deanonymize you. ( this is what I think)

Or, my friend says, that using ANY site using javascript is gathering enough data on you through it, that it can that way deanonymize you. So for example using something like Facebook, will probably require you to have javascript on, but it is not very likely that Facebook has malicious code in its script to deanonymize you. So can they still do it through that?

The debacle is running pretty high right now :P So I hope someone can clear this up lol

Edit: ok tnx for all responses guys. And it seems to be that the majority of people indeed think javascript can be bad even if there is no malicious code in it specifically to deanonymize you, but it still could.

11:38 UTC


Bridges for Tor...

If I type bridge on the Tor browser, will my ISP automatically not know that I'm using Tor? Do I need to take additional steps?

06:15 UTC


Tor + Nordvpn needed ?

I’m confused 😕 I have been using Tor for about 2 years now. I have came across so many different articles, and YouTube videos on how to ‘ safely ‘ search through the dark web, and I have yet to find an answer. I am a little confused, especially with so many different videos and opinions but first off my main question is if I want to search to the dark web through tour, do I need to use a VPN like Nord? And if I do why, or why not please someone feel free to school me on any of the subjects that have to do with dark web TOR Nord VPN or so on because I’m most definitely a Noob at this.

05:33 UTC


Is it possible to run tor and torrc as non-root user [1] like on Orbot and host my own onion website?


  • Port number ≥ 1025. It would be better if I choose a port that's between 28000-65534
  • torrc is located at the home directory, "${HOME}/.torrc"
  • It may be on a normal laptop or a home desktop PC
  • Connected to a home wifi network

I use

python3 -m http.server "${PORT}" # [2]

to most my own onion website!


  1. normal user, on most desktop Linux systems, that's the UID of ≥ 1000
  2. Must be ≥ 1024, preferably 28000-65534
04:35 UTC


Tech Support with Onionshare: it won't connect to Tor

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I'm having trouble with Onionshare.

It simply won't connect to Tor. If I go to settings, and do a test connection, it works fine.

I can connect to Tor fine using the Tor browser (default settings I haven't touched anything).

However, when I launch the app...nothing happens. It starts connecting to Tor and is stuck at 0%.

I tried a VPN thinking something was up with my ISP, but no such luck.

I don't even know where to start fixing. Can someone please help.

Edit: Solved I think...but a little upsetting. I installed the flatpak version instead of the one in my repositories. It's disappointing that the repo one is unmaintained to the point of being problematic.

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14:40 UTC


Do onion websites have Honeypots?

And if they do have honeypots is there a method to avoid them ?

09:22 UTC


How Common is Tor in Places Like China?

I was wondering how common Tor is in places where it has been blocked. I know this question seems kind of stupid. However, given that there are proven workarounds, I was wondering how many people in those countries are actually able to get it working. Obviously we don’t know who uses Tor but I was wondering if anything was found proving that Tor is used by a large population in those countries.

07:19 UTC


Is it possible to decrypt Tor traffic using a quantum computer?

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15:39 UTC


DNS-alike in Tor?

I know that due to Tor's decentralized nature that there isn't supposed to be a single governing service for this and in i2p it is solved by subscribing to addressbooks (i.e. reg.i2p's hosts).

Is there a similiar project in Tor? Because I can not remember v3 onions, even if my life were to depend on it... x)

I did think of just using CNAME at first - but... that's not how CNAME actually works, so it wouldn't do what I expect it to.


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03:00 UTC


Does Tor browser hide device information

Does Tor browser anonymize MAC address or similar information?

23:50 UTC


Was creating my alt through Tor a mistake?

I wanted an alt reddit account where I can talk more freely about being an Ex-Muslim and other things, where there would be next to no way to trace it back to my identity even if you had direct access to Reddit IP logs etc. So I made an account through Tor over VPN, with an alternate E-mail address, hoping to only ever use that account through Tor.

Well, the account got immediately Shadowbanned, none of my post appear anywhere and my profile isn't accessible outside my account. I've been submitting appeals every day for a week, and nothing so far.

Is there anyone who had a similar experience? Should I just risk it and submit my appeal through a regular connexion (that isn't mine), instead of through Tor? Like, are all appeals made through Tor rejected automatically? Should I just give up on that Alt and try making another one?

I'd appreciate all advice. Thanks!

21:51 UTC

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