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If a IATSE strike happens at the end of July how screwed is the film side of things?

Since anything that's caught mid-production will be shutdown since you can't make movies and shows without your crew. Anything in pre-production and not filming yet might be ok? They can just delay the start of filming. But the release schedule would surely be shaken up again? And depending on how long it goes for could impact the 2025/26 slate?

1 Comment
05:32 UTC


Tom Holland's Spider-Man will likely end up being the only survivor of the MCU's soft reboot

It dawned on me tonight why exactly Feige & SONY have been slow-stepping with SM4. We're headed to a new universe come 2030. The soft reboot is coming and every MCU project going forward sans FANTASTIC FOUR will star 616 characters the MCU will cease to focus on.

The aforementioned is being done for good reason. With ENDGAME, the 616 MCU peaked. It's protagonists died (Tony) & retired (Steve Rogers) and the overarching villain of the franchise for 8 years (Thanos) was defeated. Kang didn't work. Sam Cap, Shang-Chi, The Eternals, She-Hulk & Ms. Marvel underwhelmed. The whole Disney Plus experiment was a bust culminating with THE MARVELS and the biggest MCU financial kick to the teeth ever since it's inception. "Let's team up Carol Danvers with the stars of two of our streaming-only shows!" Great idea, right? Wrong.

Other than NO WAY HOME, a shared co-production with SONY, and MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS (which opened the door to the idea of other universes for MCU heroes to inhabit) things just haven't worked out for the MCU the way the suits expected them to.

WAKANDA FOREVER's box office was mostly a result of Baseman's death and people's curiosity about how the studio would explain/deal with it. A hypothetical BLACK PANTHER 3 would bomb without T'Challa.

GUARDIANS 3's box office was more about saying goodbye to the cast and Gunn given their extremely public comments on "This is our last film...." from virtually ALL of them after WBD poached them all.

Feige and co. looked at the map and saw nothing but dead ends:






CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD would have probably been cancelled had the Majors/Kang debacle happened earlier. THUNDERBOLTS* survived for the same reason. But now that Feige is heading for the soft reboot, these films can serve a greater purpose. They can play a role in getting the MCU to its conclusion. ARMOR WARS & DOCTOR STRANGE 3 will play the same role. Once SECRET WARS hits, no 616 character will get sequels. Game over.

Once SECRET WARS concludes, the only franchise that survives is the one that's set in the new focus of the MCU: FANTASTIC FOUR. And because Spider-Man belongs to SONY and is currently the star player of the MCU, it makes sense for Holland/Spidey to "survive" the soft reboot as well. The interesting thing is that the setup for this is already VERY convenient. Spider-Man is literally a stranger to everyone in his circle. May is dead. Tony is dead. MJ is a stranger. What exactly does 616 Peter Parker have to gain by STAYING in the 616 universe?

Imagine this conversation at the closing moments of SECRET WARS:

Reed Richards: "Why don't you join us? In our Universe?"

Peter: "What? Are you serious, Doctor Richards?"

Reed Richards: "We don't have a Spider-Man."

EVERYONE in the thousands of cineplexes opening night, SCREAMS in anticipation as Peter looks back at the survivors of the 616 universe and prepares to accept Reed's offer.

Reed Richards: "...plus I'd like to get a closer look at that suit."

The audience laughs, cutting the tension a bit. Strange then walks over to Peter.

Strange: "Go. This Earth is safe. You helped save it. Again."

Peter nods and with tears in both their eyes, Peter shakes hands with Strange and embarks on a journey into the new MCU.


Fast forward to the new MCU where we get a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies starring Tom Holland. A trilogy where Gwen Stacy is his sweetheart instead. Or where that universe's MJ (Zendaya again) is in his life.

Holland's Spider-Man can then team up/interact with the recast Steve Rogers/Cap who currently leads The Avengers. And he can befriend the recast Tony Stark/Iron Man who is Peter's age now. So the relationship shifts from father figure to brother in arms. He'll obviously have a great kinship with Quinn's Johnny Storm too. Holland's Spider-Man can run into the X-Men or The Midnight Sons. He can have team-ups with Daredevil & The Punisher and fight Kingpin. He can fight alongside the recast T'Challa/Black Panther in multiple Avengers movies.

The new MCU won't have the limitations the 616 MCU currently has. Every Marvel superhero will be alive and well and interacting with one another.

Because of SONY's involvement and the amazing (no pun intended) track record of the MCU Spider-Man films, Tom Holland's Spider-Man is bound to be the only remnant of the 616 MCU as we go forward into decades of Marvel Cinema in a new universe.

Exciting times.

09:54 UTC


Which heroes from the 1970s movies would you like to see again in a main role?

During the late 1970s, four Marvel heroes got one or several movies:

Doctor Strange, played by Peter Hooten

Hulk, played by Lou Ferrigno

Captain America, played by Reb Brown

And Spider-Man played by Nicholas Hammond


Would you like to see one of them coming back to Marvel movies through the multiverse, and being part of the main heroes of Secret Wars?

Which one would you want?

Would you like them to have a whole new suit, or just their original outfit like they had in the 1970s, which would feel like Old Loki's costume?

I think any of them would be good.

Also it's a shame Nicholas Hammond didn't even had a cameo in No Way Home, since he was the very first live action Peter Parker. (And the only one missing if we don't count the one from Earth-11714)

16:02 UTC


In Thor (2011), Thor goes east after being told his hammer is 50 miles out west

20:57 UTC


What movie or series killed your Marvel excitement after endgame

For me, it had to be Loki now hear me out watching Loki was wonderful, but it left me feeling like the marvel universe was going to get overly complicated with the Multiverse and overall, I didn’t even like WandaVision or Loki that much, so I had to force myself to watch it a little it took out the fun of not knowing what was going to happen and the storylines building to some big threat because it was all leading multiverse which I already knew, I wasn’t going to like

00:10 UTC


I recently watched the first Iron Man movie, decided to make a little poster.

What do y’all think? Constructive criticism is welcome. I think it could be better, but this is what I got.

1 Comment
04:20 UTC


Daredevil S2 (spoilers for those not in this yet)

I just started rewatching Daredevil since I finished S1 a few years back.

I thought Foggy and Karen shared better chemistry. Is it really Matt and Karen in the comics? Are they like Peter Parker and MJ type of a couple?

I would've preferred Matt with Claire, tbh. Convenient too with his injuries 😅

04:57 UTC


Do y'all thing Jensen Ackles would be a good choice to play wolverine in the MCU?

05:16 UTC



I was so happy to see Shang chi and i wanted to see more of him but now it’s been years and i have lost all interest in him. Why marvel why you killing it.

04:13 UTC


Which 2025 Project has the most potential, What one are you most looking forward too and which one is most likely to Flop?

Imo Fantastic 4 has the most potential but I’m most looking forward to Daredevil Born Again.

I feel like Thunderbolts has the most chance to Flop because, Cap 4, wether good or not it will manage to grab some of that attention still left after Deadpool & Wolverine similar to MoM and NWH, while Thunderbolts is in a sticky spot and has a lot of things weighing it down like Lesser known Characters bar Bucky and Disney Plus Tv Show homework

What do you think?

04:01 UTC


Was HWR more compassionate than Kang?

In the Loki series, Sylvie killed HWR. Ultimately, Loki destroyed the Time Loom and replaced it with the (Yggdrasil) Time-tree to evolve into the God of Stories.

In Quantumania, after being pulled into the QR, Hank out of amazement wonders why he didn't see any of the development though he studied the QR for years. And Janet says to Hank and Hope that Hank was unable to look deep enough, not through the Void and Sub-atomica.

She further says, that there are worlds (inside the QR), Worlds within worlds. It is a place outside time and space, is a secret Universe beneath the 616-Sacred Timeline.

Later, when Janet is captured, Kang goes on to explain why he did, what he did and tells her,
"When you see time the way I do, you don't get to close your eyes. And that he is the only one who see that its broken. He says every variant of himself, throughout the Multiverse, played with time, like children and broke it. And he was the only one who saw how it ends. He saw the chaos spreading across realities. Universes colliding, endless incursions and that he saw the Multiverse which was dying. And he blamed it on his variants. And that is why he took control. So, ultimately Janet infers that Kang started the Multiversal War and without any compassion, wipes away any universe that is a threat to him."

Kang reasons that he destroys and burns any timeline because that is what conquerors do, so as to build a new one. Janet argues with Kang and says he doesn't care about saving anything or anyone and gets revenge because he lost to his variants, who defeated him in his quest and exiled him in the QR.

Kang gets snarly and fuming, goes on to agree that he lost something, but says that Janet has no idea what he lost. And he will burn his variants and Universes out of time for what they did to him, murdering trillions of people and it doesn't matter to him.

In the end, Kang is killed after being kicked and sucked in the exploding multiversal core.
Pharoah Rama-Tut informs Immortus and Scarlet Centurion of Kang's death after reconvening the Council together.

Was HWR more compassionate than Kang?
With the threat of HWR and Kang out of the way, what will the Dynasty do next?

Bonus Question:
Would the Celestials know the existence of Kang and his variants? And about the death of both HWR and Kang?




02:12 UTC


Two Iron Fists

If the rumors are true of a female lead iron fist project, can we have two? And I’m not talking about iron gun. Like get some kind of arm guard imbued while Shao-Lao chi so Rand can actually fight. And put Danny with Luke and do Heroes for Hire. We have two Captain Americas in the comics, we can do this.

00:13 UTC


If there's one thing about the MCU that's totally baffling, its making the Skrulls sympathetic.

The Skrulls in the comics are fucking cunts. There's a few cool ones, but by and large the entire species are just complete douchebags, and I love them for it.

I have no idea why they took a surprisingly well fleshed out race of shapeshifting Monarcho-fascist space colonizers into a group of sad displaced refugees.

It just seems so arbitrary.

23:40 UTC


What do you think the story of Shang Chi 2 will be?

23:01 UTC


What would you think about an animated series following Steve Rodgers after the events of Endgame?

22:18 UTC


WIfe hasn't seen any X-Men movies...

So I wanted to watch all of the Fox Universe before Deadpool and Wolverine but looking at our schedule I don't see that many movie nights between now and release day unfortunately. I think we'll watch about 5 of them.

I want her to see First Class, Days of Future Past and Logan for sure. But then I was thinking Origins, and maybe The Wolverine? I can't really decide which ones to watch.

I'll commit the cardinal sin and admit I personally am not the biggest fan of the original 3 movies but I know they're awesome to most.

But anyway how does those 5 sound?

  1. First Class

  2. Origins

  3. The Wolverine

  4. Days of Future Past

  5. Logan

Edit: She’s seen Deadpool 1 and 2

Edit: I think I have decided on the following

X-Men 2000 X2 First Class Days of Future Past Logan

21:42 UTC


If Feige could travel back in time to talk to his younger self knowing what he knows now, what advice do you think he’d give himself? What changes do you think he’d make to the MCU?

20:20 UTC


A question about Nick Fury in Berlin Ambush in far away from home

Was this Nick Fury who picked Peter up in Berlin to the fake office made by using the drones? He talked and drove Peter to the office and got shot by one drone later during the ambush by Beck. Can drones made image do all of these things?

18:28 UTC


Thoughts on a Battleworld Series?

Do you think a Battleworld series could happen connected to Secret Wars?

18:24 UTC


The first episode of Secret Invasion turned 1 year old yesterday. Looking back on it, what do you think about it now?

17:31 UTC


I am honestly super confused how they all exist together. What is the actual difference between timelines, universes and realties. (in the context of the MCU)

16:11 UTC


I Met Cobie Smulders! Not sure if she was real or a Skrull..

14:55 UTC


Latest TV spot for Deadpool and Wolverine, packed with a new scene.

14:50 UTC


I got Loki'd.

07:21 UTC


Thought on the idea of Peter Quill becoming a villain?

I was talking about this with a friend tonight. I think it could be interesting is they turned Quill into a bad guy in a similar way to what they did with Wanda.

Quill has gone through a lot, losing his mother, living on Yondu's ship for years in likely awful conditions, finding out about his father and then eventually what happened to gamora and the fact that he couldn't do anything about it.

All these things piling on top of each other could break a man, it would be interesting to see a plot line where Quill's mind shatters and he goes crazy because of everything that happened.

Maybe he could try to reawaken the powers he lost in the second movie in order to try and bring Gamora back or perhaps he turns to the "underworld" of space and makes deals with shady characters, searching for any way of reuniting with his love.

I just feel like the fallen hero trope is something that marvel does really well but hasn't done much of in recent years. Literally the only one I can think of is Wanda unless you count civil war.

Id love to hear what you all think, would you like to see Quill sort of go crazy for a while before being brought back to reality? Or maybe you would use a different character to do a new fallen hero story, please do let me know.

06:10 UTC


Spider-Man Far From Home should have seen Peter make a Spider UK suit just to keep his cover like he did with Night Monkey.

It would have been a really cool reference especially cuz the final fight is in London. The black and red is fine but it's not as imaginative as the other suits were.

22:00 UTC


Looking for Pitches of MCU movies


Can someone help me find the pitches for the movies in MCU, I am looking to understand how these movies were pitched and if there exists Pitch Bibles or any other form of these documents that can help me understand more about these movies being made.

I know that there exists Art books for these movies but those are not necessarily pitches, right?

03:26 UTC

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