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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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  • SEASON 7 - 27th MAY 2020
Episode Date Discussions
The New Deal May 27th LivePost
Know Your Onions June 3rd LivePost
Alien Commies from the Future! June 10th LivePost
Out of the Past June 17th LivePost
A Trout in the Milk June 24th LivePost
Adapt or Die July 1st LivePost
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Saw this a while earlier and...

!Hey Mack... I think my leg's broken!<

Cue the crying and emotional damage. Why does Aos always have to go so hard?

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09:53 UTC


What if Hand had found Ward first in the SHIELD universe?


So we see the results of Hand finding Ward first in the framework, in a Hydra world. But if she found Ward first in our world, would he still be Hydra, with his tendency to always be the double agent? Or could he actually had been a 'good guy'? What are your thoughts on this?

02:51 UTC


Was going through Whitehall's wiki page and saw that he almost made it into Endgame


I'm kinda honored that a SHIELD character ALMOST made its way into Marvel's biggest movie.

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02:41 UTC


This man's story is so sad.

17:33 UTC


Coincidence? I think Not!

16:02 UTC


Agent Savage lmao

15:09 UTC


Question: X-Men Mutants, Inhumans powers similarities

Started the X-Men movies. Damn there's so many movies😭

My question is are there any Mutants with Daisy's powers? Controlling the vibrations in any and everything?

So far I've noted the following;

Emma Frost and Carl Creel- changing their skin to solid. Yes Emma's is just crystal/diamond but I think it's similar

Magneto and Joey Guitterrez- manipulating controlling metals.

Charles Xavier and Ben from season 5A Inhuman sold/killed off (RIP Ben) - mind reading, telepathic abilities

Jean Grey & Giyera- telekinesis

Kitty Pryde and Abby from season5A one of the Inhumans sold off- phasing, moving themselves through solid objects

Peter Maximoff & Yoyo- superspeed

Nightcrawler and Gordon- teleportation

Wolverine and Jiaying- enhanced healing and slow aging

Edit: Rogue and Jiaying- absorbing another's life force, potentially killing them in the process

Edit: Yukio and Charles Hinton- foreseeing people's deaths

I may have missed a few others I noted when watching. So far I've never read or seen any Mutants with vibration controlling powers (even from the comics) like Daisy so I was curious if any mutants are there.

Oh also Flint's powers of manipulating rocks isn't something I've found any mutants to have yet.

07:56 UTC


Random Facts from S3 Declassified (Part 2)

Hey guys, here's the remainder of the Season 3 Declassified facts. This book is more focused on plot and character exposition compared to past seasons and that's definitely reflected in this post. Season 4 will be here in a week, maybe?



-Yo-Yo is known as Slingshot in the comics, making her first appearance in Mighty Avengers #13 (2008). In the Secret Warriors series, she later becomes trusted ally to Nick Fury and Daisy Johnson.

-In 3x12, it's revealed that Australian delegate Ellen King has an Inhuman in captivity, named Eden Fesi. In the comics, Eden Fesi is Manifold, a member of the Secret Warriors team and later, the Avengers.

-There was a longer sequence in 3x12 of Coulson and Talbot being handcuffed together, which was unfortunately cut for time.

-Daisy and Lincoln's argument about the potential cure is meant to bring attention to her difficult past and hint at the things to come. According to Craig Titley (writer and consulting producer), Daisy is a tragic hero who's always been isolated and a prisoner of her own making.

-"Daisy is a tragic hero. She's always been a prisoner of her own making. Her van was a prison. This underground S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker is a prison for her. She's isolated herself physically and emotionally because of what happened with her parents, then she finds a semblance of a family in S.H.I.E.L.D. but is still isolated in a sense. And I think there's part of Daisy that would just like to open up to someone like Lincoln, but she's still guarded and there's a question of whether she'll ever be able to let that guard down. Sadly, the only time that she's able to let her guard down is later when she's under the sway of Hive and she's found the ultimate connection that she's always been looking for, and unfortunately it's with this parasite. The only time she's truly free is when she's under his control, and once again - she's a prisoner of his mind control.

-Brett Dalton absolutely did not like filming the sequence that shows the aftermath of Hive feeding on the humans. He found it super uncomfortable, especially because the goo used was pretty cold. It didn't help that the sequence had to be repeated a couple of times, either.

-Adrian Pasdar does actually grow the mustache out when he comes on the show to play Talbot. It only takes ten days and he actually cut his hair for the role.

-According to Adrian Pasdar, Talbot's relationship with Coulson is peripheral to that with his wife and son. Despite their rocky start, Talbot values Coulson far more than he lets on.

-The Spy's Goodbye was shot right before the cast and crew's holiday hiatus.

-Most of Bobbi's and Hunter's stakeout in 3x13 was shot at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch. A few sections of the fight sequence however, was filmed on Stage 11.

-General Androvich's "shadow" in 3x13 was entirely visual effects - when filming, actors would interact with stunt doubles in motion capture suits. The stunt doubles were then replaced with the digital doubles during post production.

-The Xsens motion capture suits used by stunt performers in 3x13 differed from traditional mo-cap suits - unlike typical suits like the one Fitz briefly wears in 3x21, these suits did not have spheres. Instead, these suits used small built-in motion tracking sensors to better capture movement. These suits also gave the stunt performers greater mobility in stunt sequences.

-"In these big organizations, there are people who are fighting for what's right, and I think that's what Daisy and Coulson immediately understand about each other - that they share the same moral compass." -Chloe Bennet

-Daisy, once a hacktivist on the side for civil liberties, now finds herself on the other side, "possessing seemingly unlimited power and working for a black-ops task force with little to no supervision."

-"She's changed and I think it's a scary thing for her. There's no one to have a check and balance on her in many ways now. So she has to figure out what her limits are and what she believes in." For Daisy, this comes in the form of Mack and their adorable sibling-esque relationship. Despite their differences, especially with Daisy's new methods, they remain devoted to each other and keep each other in check. Drew Greenberg (writer and executive producer) enjoyed writing Daisy and Mack's relationship. "He can have this argument with her and walk out, but by the end of the episode her only concern is that she should have been there for him."

-Production of the attack on Mack's brother's house (their childhood home) took almost three days to complete.

-Mack's shotgun-axe symbolizes him becoming more comfortable in new role, as someone who's now in the field all the time. He believes if he has to be in the field, he might as well build himself a weapon to help him.

-The names Abbott and Hinton (from 3x15) are references to two 19th century science fiction writers. Charles Howard Hinton authored "What is the Fourth Dimension" and coined the term "tesseract." Edwin Abbott wrote Flatland; both books talk about the idea of life in other dimensions.

-The opening action sequence of 3x15 (where Hydra opens fire on the team) was also shot at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch.

-The Transia building's exterior was shot in Century City, but was too tall for the show's needs. To fix this, about 20 stories of height were digitally removed using Visual Effects.

-The Transia boardroom and the rooftop were built on set. The helicopter was brought onto stage without its rotors, to make it fit. The fire and rotor blades were later added using visual effects.

-Malick's exosuit was created to be simplistic to make him the main focus - the scene was supposed to focus more on Malick's motivations and they didn't want to distract from that. The props department used arm braces (available at drugstores) as the base of the suit, then added joints, interactive lighting, paint, weathering, covers and gauntlets to make it look more militaristic.

-Hive's outfit was meant to look timeless, yet futuristic, without feeling too alien. Dark green was chosen for the suit, as it "felt like a colour that belonged to this world". To achieve the futuristic look, there are no visible buttons or closures on his suit and shirt - it's also meant to make him feel simple and seamless. Even the shoes have no laces or ties - they're slip ons.

-In earlier drafts of 3x16, Coulson takes less responsibility for his actions in killing Ward and Fitz is more accusatory towards him. In the filmed version however, Coulson takes more responsibility and has to come to terms with the fact he gave the enemy exactly what they wanted and Fitz tries to support Coulson by using Coulson's words against him.

-The Malick family home was also used as the exterior shot of the Wayne Manor in the 1960s Batman TV series.

-This season, Daisy has taken a page out of May's book, tamping down her emotions about the loss of her parents, refusing to talk about it to anyone. She seems fine with it all in S3, but Hive's sway taps into her emotions to the point where she opens up to him in any way she hasn't with anyone else on the team - it's cathartic and incredibly damaging at the same time.

-According to Brett Dalton, Hive and Daisy overlap with Ward and Skye. They both want and need to connect with something bigger.

-Fitzsimmons obviously have a deep connection, but often struggle to communicate their emotions. To better communicate, they prefer thinking about things in terms of science (even their relationship), which basically becomes a shorthand for them.

-Radcliffe's transhumanist hideout was filmed at a club named Reserve, located under the Bank of America building, located on Spring St. in Los Angeles. The set had to be redressed quite a bit, but a different section of the same location appears as the underground "Boiler Room" in 1x12 (Seeds).

-In the comics, Holden Radcliffe employs Aaron Isaacs, creator of the Autonomously Decisive Automated Mechanism, a.k.a A.D.A.M. Isaacs and Radcliffe clash over Radcliffe's goal to create an android army. In the comics, Radcliffe is far more villainous but the show's interpretation of the character was created to be more sympathetic.

-3x19's town (where Hive establishes his base) was filmed in Piru, about an hour away from LA. The town has been featured in productions such as The A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard and The Rocketeer.

-The Kree featured in 3x19 (Failed Experiments) were initially meant to be Kree Sentries, but they instead chose Kree Reapers while drawing inspiration from the Sentries. The Kree Sentries ended up being blocked for a later project.

-Two versions of the Kree axe were created - a stunt model made of foam-rubber, as well a hero prop for close up shots. They were tight on budget for the episode and used a Chitauri staff as the base, making modifications and adding the clear blade and attachment piece to achieve the final look.

-Both Reapers in 3x19 were portrayed by the same man - Esteban Cuerto. Cuerto has appeared as a stunt performer in Iron Fist 2, Fast Five, as well as S1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

-Production ran late into night during filming of 3x19 - at one point, Cuerto fell asleep on the gurney during Mack and Daisy's fight, cracking up Henry Simmons and Chloe Bennet.

-The mall in 3x20 (Emancipation) is located in Hawthorne, CA. It's often used as a filming location or police training facility.

-The finale features a theme of addiction pretty prominently. Daisy had a void she tried to fill with her family and later, the Secret Warriors. Neither works and she later gets fulfillment artificially, through Hive. For Lincoln, he found control over his addiction through Daisy. Losing her to Hive devastates him as she keeps him in control. His desperation to get her back while she's swayed is because he is trying to regain his anchor.

-Daisy goes to Hive with the intent of stopping or stalling him, however once in his presence, she relapses and seeks out his sway as it could take away her pain. The guilt and shame she feels over her actions + her going back to him are what ultimately factor into her decision to go rogue in S4.

-3x21's missile silo was built on set as they didn't have access to a real one. It's design was inspired by 1960s missile silo designs and the decommissioned Atlas and Titan silos.

-It takes about three weeks to complete sound effects and recordings for each episode. This includes Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) for dialogue, sound effects, sound removal, etc.

-Ambient sound effects are initially removed from recordings and are later manufactured and added, on Foley Stage. So sounds captured on footage, like footsteps, clothes ruffling, etc. are removed at first. They are manufactured and added in, synchronized to what is happening on screen - this includes sounds like glass breaking, bodies falling, footsteps, even movement of clothes.

-The sounds for each character's powers sound, including instances where they are used on different objects and in different manners. For instance, despite similar appearances, Lincoln and Lash's powers have audibly different sounds. Daisy throwing someone across the room with her powers sounds different from when she's using them to choke Fitz.

-Bear McCreary's scores are often made to versions of episodes that are not yet final. Because of this, each cut to the episode affects the timing of the music - the recordings of McCreary's music is conformed to each episode by Music Editor Lodge Worster.

-Music and dialogue are mixed together in a three day process, which is considered lengthy for a TV show.

-Regarding Lincoln's decision to sacrifice himself, Lincoln believed every inhuman has a purpose - he believed Daisy's was to protect the inhumans. Where Coulson is often thought of as humanity's shield, Daisy is pretty much inhumanity's shield.

Edit: tried to unclump the text to make it easier to read

03:28 UTC


Eric/Billy/Sam/LT/Thurston/Ernest Koenig appreciation post!! Which Koenig is your favorite?


I know that most of them basically have the same personality, but which one is your favorite?

06:45 UTC


Is it just me are did marvel really waste the character blizzard he had so much potential

00:05 UTC


Why didn't Nathaniel Malick need arm gauntlets but Daisy did?

00:00 UTC


Why wouldn't May teach FitzSimmons how to defend themselves? They get kidnapped WAY too often.

I know that in later seasons they're more efficient with guns and can hold someone off a little better but they are agents, even if their specialty is science they go into the field all the time and should be able to fight back when necessary.

20:16 UTC


What do you think was SHIELDS strongest season finale?

I just finished rewatching the whole show, and I wanted to hear peoples thoughts on this after the fact. I feel like for me, the season 3 and 5 finales are the most emotional (excluding the series finale), but I just love season 3’s storyline so much and I remember the lead up to season 4 having so much mystery and potential that I think it’s my favorite finale (I also have yet to watch it without crying). But Id love to hear your objective and subjective thoughts

16:45 UTC


We made the fitz-simmons sandwich

While rewatching the show and enjoying it 😍

14:43 UTC


Been rewatching AOS these days

and this is the phone wallpaper I rock

21:33 UTC


Fitz and Deke

Do you think the same thing or something similar that happened with Fitz would have eventually happened to Deke? I’m curious if we had more of Deke and if the show didn’t end if he would eventually had brain damage or some type of disability as well just like Fitz did. I wonder what the show would have done to make his character eventually mature more.

I also wonder if it would have happened if Daisy and Deke did actually get together. He’d definitely do exactly what Fitz did even if they still wouldn’t have been together. And I wonder if Fitz would have caught on that Deke had a crush on Daisy since he did the same thing.

20:07 UTC


How do we feel about this guy?

I feel like he could've been a better parent if Daisy gave him an actual chance, all he wanted was to get his family back after they were taken from him. I wish he'd made an appearance once or twice in later seasons. Her cringing while he hums to her is always so funny to me.

12:18 UTC


Am I the only who didn't realize they were playing Daisy Bell in this scene?

They were hinting at her real name. Cal hummed it again later on.

16:22 UTC


How crazy is it Raina became the thing she believed in and heard stories about?

The foreshadowing from season 1 was great. Even if it wasn't foreshadowing its still pretty cool.

16:20 UTC


AGENT CARTER has been added to the MCU list on the DISNEY+ home page! (its not on the timeline order on the marvel section just yet, just on the home page)

15:38 UTC


Containment module appreciation post for bringing some of the best tear-jerking Fitzsimmons moments

14:03 UTC


Who wants to talk about how Season 2 Fitz broke our hearts?

15:15 UTC


On March 22, 2016 (8 years ago today), Parting Shot aired

13:20 UTC


What can gravity powers do?

In the show it's used a lot like telekinesis

What's the difference between the two?

Also this is embarrassing but what is gravity? Like I'm not totally stupid I swear 😭 but I wasn't ever taught about gravity in depth in school, I always just thought it was the thing that kept us from floating (if you give a longish but simple answer I'd appreciate it)

Please if u see this don't bully me too much about the last part

00:08 UTC


Unpopular opinion I love Ruby

In fact she's my fav character

She was only 18 years old, and she wasn't evil just broken (maybe shattered) she was trained to kill since birth

She was no more evil than Natasha in the red room

I truly believe if yo yo didn't kill her and they just knocked her out they would have

  1. Removed the voices
  2. Teach her to control her powers
  3. Train her to be a shield agents (the morals not the fighting she was already better than probably all of the others in combat)
  4. Make her a better person (daisy would be her mentor)
  5. She'd maybe make amends with yo yo (I don't think they'd be friends but after a couple of years they'll probably not hate each other but yo yo wouldn't ever forget what she did to her)

I would pay for a what if comic series saying what would happen if she didn't die

Honestly she really won me over when she refused to kill her dog

00:03 UTC


Anyone else think he has a very punchable face?

19:24 UTC


Help! Did Disney or someone cut the an extra line that Mack says in the framework?

I season 4 episode 18 I swear Mack used to say “I’ll be the judge of that” at least twice. Was just watching it and he only says it once. Though I swear he used to say it atleast twice. I am thinking it used to be “did you do your homework… I’ll be the judge of that. Did you clean your room… I’ll be the judge of that” now it is only the last question. Am I wrong?

17:45 UTC


Fitz and Paranormal Activity

It's referenced in One Door Closes, but I just kept thinking how he'd be watching it for the first time.

Do you think he'd be trying to explain things away or saying how ridiculous things were, followed by doing some hilarious yells and screams when he'd get spooked?

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16:34 UTC


Daisy johanson sister Kora (thoughts and feedback on her character)

What are your thoughts about kora character Was she a good add on to the story How was her character Did she have a good casting of not who would you choose to be casted for the role?

14:06 UTC

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