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Cuddle time

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Private Security Guard for my Gaming PC

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A happy basking loaf ☀️🍞

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Ringnecks in Oklahoma!

I’m looking to get into ringnecks as pets and I’m in Southeastern Oklahoma. I’ve looked at Palomacy, and there don’t seem to be any recourses in Oklahoma. I’ve looked at shelter manager but they only seem to have pigeons. I’ve looked on craigslist and found a couple people, but the sales have either fallen through, or I don’t trust the sellers. I looked into Strombergs (I’m willing to buy from them but haven’t heard anything about the quality of their birds, how they raise them, lineage, ect.) I’m well aware of the “adopt don’t shop” and have tried to look everywhere possible. I’ve done my research, I have everything set up, and I’ve bought some of the supplies (the rest will be bought before I bring them home, but I’m not buying anything without knowing I’m getting a pair) I’m looking for a male and female pair or a female and female pair. Does anyone know of places around the area or anyone who’s selling? Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Today, after 2 months with us, Melia ate out of my partners hand. (Ignore the audio, im cringe)

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Question: Will doves fly away and settle in another place if I just stop throwing grains

Hey, first post here sorry for any mistakes.

So my father passed away recently and he owned a quite sizeable garden along with these doves, they have long feathers around their legs but no head decorations. They also are those flipping in mid-air doves. Kinda like this:


But they have mixed genes now so some have lots of black spots, some are completely black and some even look like feral pigeons like those with green heads.

I won't be able to take care of them in a couple of months, buying grains is gonna be a pain for me and I need to cut costs. I tried to sell or even give them away but no one wants them since they have wildly mixed genes.

I can't think of anything else but just, open the pen door wide and just let them decide for themselves? Smaller groups did disappear once the pen became too crowded and we live in a rural area next to big mountains but I can't tell for sure.

I have some grain left for them, it would probably last like 3 weeks or so? Any help would be appreciated.

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Square Loaf

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*Reminder* US Dove Owners!

Thank you so much to everyone who has already participated in my survey! I greatly appreciate your time and feedback!

As a reminder, I am a Ph.D. student in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at The University of Georgia and an exotic pet owner. I am conducting research on exotic pet owners’ opinions about how the exotic pet trade is currently being regulated or should be regulated in the future.

If you haven’t done so already, please fill out my survey as I would value your opinion. The online survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

To proceed to the survey, please click the link below. If you have any questions or concerns about your participation in this study, please contact Libby Pratt (elizabeth.pratt26@uga.edu) or Dr. Elizabeth Pienaar (elizabeth.pienaar@uga.edu).

Thank you for your consideration!


Elizabeth (Libby) Pratt


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Help making my own feed mix plz!

Hello guys! I’m currently planning on making my own feed for my ringneck doves and satinette pigeons and would like to know what they like or what I should add to their feed mix. I feed them the kaytee supreme dove feed but my town only has small bags and I would like to give them some better feed and have more than 5lbs! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you 😊

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male on female, or male on male action?

hey everyone! i've recently allowed my two ringneck doves to be out together (with supervision) and i witnessed my tangerine ringneck dove (Quincy) mounting my pied ringneck dove (Frankie) and like,,, rubbing butts together? Frankie is 9 months old and Quincy is an unknown age. is Frankie for sure a female seeing that they were mounted? or is it possible that i have two males that are just extremely aroused and mating together? TIA!

01:10 UTC


Tips for brand new pidgeon owner

Planning on rescuing a pidgeon as soon as I have enough money saved up to have a savings for them in case medical stuff happens.

In the mean time I am researching as much as I can!

If anyone here owns pidegons specifically, if you don’t mind could you word vomit everything you wish you’d known before getting one in the comments?

Some more specific questions I have are

  • is supervised outdoor time ok? Do they need to wear a vest w a leash for that? I know they have very good navigational skills and won’t get lost but I’m worried about predators (I do live in a college town that’s too urban for most birds of prey but still)

  • is it ok to rescue one from the wild? I am only asking this due to the fact that they are highly invasive and technically the equivalent of a stray cat in the sense that they are the product of thousands of years of domestication, but I still don’t know (I’m less worried about legal repercussions and more worried about the pidgeon tbh)

  • what cage/diet do y’all recommend? I’ve done my own research on this but am very curious to see what y’all recommend.

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dove behavior?


i've never used reddit before, but since i got myself a dove instead of a parrot, i thought i'd join a community where i can get some quick advice, because they aren't as easy to look up with regards to behavior and such.

i have a little 4 month old ringneck dove (his name is eurydice!) and he's a happy healthy baby boy. i was just curious about something i notice he does from time to time, because i don't know if this is upset or happy behavior.

i let him free roam a lot in the room, it's super spacious and he's always within eyeshot (truth be told, he ends up sunbathing or laying around me most of the time anyway), but sometimes he will do something where he'll hop and flap his wings. i don't know how else to describe it aside from a "dove binky" like when rabbits jump in the air sometimes.

his wings aren't clipped and he does fly from his cage to my desk, so i know if he was trying to take off, he definitely can, he just chooses not to.

i'm assuming this is just happy behavior, but i don't want to assume just in case it means he's upset, and i cannot find a single thing about this behavior!!!

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The star of the tree has been placed

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Helping a hurt pigeon

Hello all, I know these posts pop up from time to time, and I have often seen the recommendations there.
I have found an injured pigeon in town today. It seems that she was either too exhausted or too injured to move out of the way of passersby on the street or defend herself from other pigeons attacking it.

She has no visible injuries or blood marks, but she seems to be unable to stand on either leg. She sort of just sits on her belly with her legs on either side. When pressing on her feet, they do not grip my finger at all, just sort of stay limp.

She has eaten and drunk a little bit too and mostly slept in the last few hours and I have her sitting in the spare room in a dark box with a towel and soft food tray.

My local animal rescue lines are currently closed, and I'm just wondering what else I can do to make the pigeon more comfortable until she either gets the help she needs or passes away. Any ideas?

16:31 UTC


anyone know if Dove’s World is a reliable place?

i’ve really been think about getting a pair of doves, and have most of the aspects of their care covered. except for where to actually get them. based on what i’ve found, Strombergs and Dove's World might be the best options for me. i have seen some negative things about Strombergs, so if anyone disagrees with this that would be helpful to know. but if that is the case, that leaves Dove’s World (assuming i didn’t scan over any other good options) so if anyone here got doves from there, or know someone who did, and had good experiences, i would much appreciate any of that!

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Any toy recommendations?

She really likes playing with my rings and hoop earrings as well as pecking at anything that dangles. She plays with the paperclips and q-tips I put in her cage, but I wanna get her more stuff.

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they see me loafin, they hatin

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What is my dove doing?

My dove, who I’ve raised from a nestling, gets extreeeeemely excited to see me. I can barely hold him anymore because he does not sit still. He puts his head down like he was a pat but as soon as I go to pay him he’s wild again haha. Can someone explain? Is this mating behaviour? How do I calm him? Video is attached of him this morning!

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Watching you

One of my fav pics from the summer, Mijo one moment before hooting up a storm.

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What's this

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First time bird owner - dove or pigeon?

Hi folks. I've been interested in getting a pair of collared doves for a few years now, and now that I have my own apartment I've been looking to go forward with acquiring two birds. However, a friend of a friend informed me that getting pigeons is also an option I should look into. I'd like to hear opinions from people who have experience with both --- should I get a pair of collared doves or a pair of pigeons? A cursory glance around the internet shows other people have asked this before, but all of the responses I could find were people saying "doves are better!" or "pigeons are better!" without really saying why or comparing the two. I think I would enjoy either but I want to ensure I make the right choice!

I'm no stranger to owning pets, but these would be the first birds I've taken care for. I've been doing a lot of research and I know I would be able to let my future birds thrive but if you have any tips or tricks they would be greatly appreciated!

01:29 UTC


Butt wiggle?

My dove has the habit of running up to me and cooing very loudly and then sitting down and wiggling his but from side to side. He will also come up to us to try to swallow our fingers whole which is definitely strange. Am I correct in thinking this is a mating habit? I haven't been able to catch it on film because he usually does it very quickly. Let me know why he might be doing this! Thank you!

22:53 UTC

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