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Doves Pecked Hole in Their Egg?

19:42 UTC


Dove started laying eggs, diet questions


My dove Hermes (who I was certain was a he lol) surprised me about a month ago sitting on a fresh egg. Since then I've been swapping out her eggs for fake ones which she happily sits on, and making sure she has plenty of grit to keep her calcium up. Is there any other sort of diet change I can introduce to help keep her healthy?

Also, she seems to always lay 2 eggs, and push one of them out. Should I leave the dropped egg out or bring it back to the nest so she doesn't try to lay more?

16:16 UTC


Hormones and new bird

What can I do? My old bird (Denali) is constantly courting the new bird (Cheyenne) and it's really annoying.

Before I got Cheyenne, Denali would court me with nest calls and wing flitting, and I'd just pick him/her up and give her scritches and that was that - the cooing stopped. But now Denali is flirting with this new bird constantly and the new bird is ignoring Denali's advances (sometimes flying to Denali and also wing flitting and cooing). Denali will coo nonstop and her/his voice started getting coarse. I try to give her scritches but she/he's got no interest in me anymore it seems.

Just earlier, Denali was wing flitting and then Cheyenne stood on Denali's back. No deed was fulfilled lol.

Idk how to read their behaviors. Im afraid Denali will start getting frustrated. Any tips, and clues on their sexes?

02:59 UTC


Pet dove diet

Hi! In a couple months I’m planning on getting two ring-necked doves, does anyone have any informative pages or websites they found helpful 🙏🙏

Specifically looking for pellet to seed ratio, how I should offer grit / calcium, and behavioural issues or signs I should watch for

I’ve never owned birds so any advice from anyone is welcome and is appreciated!!

20:51 UTC


What does this behavior mean?

I got a smoll ringneck dove ive been raising for nearly 2 months. He's the absolute sweetest, chillest and cuddliest bird ive ever owned. I never owned a dove before, so while some behaviors i can kinda understand thanks to other birds ive raised, some i dont understand and wonder what they could mean.

Every morning, i perch him on my finger and hold his back while i baby talk him a good morning and kiss him all over his lil face and neck. And everytime, he closes his eyes and starts doing these small fidgety(is that the right word?) pecks on my face, hes not actually bitting me or trying to run away, i never forcefully hold him and can tell when he doesnt wanna be held/petted. He only does it in the morning, all other times he just cuddles to my nose and gets all confy. Theres also times he does it to my hand when he's laying down on my desk and i start baby talking at him as i hold and scritch his neck and head.

Other thing i dnt understand is the times when he's chilling around me and i decide to touch or hold him i'll feel his body vibrate strongly for a split secound. Its not a continuous vibration, it almost stops immediatly, and if i let go and hold him again he will always do that little vibration.

What does it mean?

17:34 UTC


Seeking Advice On Broody Dove

Hi everyone, I am new to owning doves and this whole ordeal started with me trying to save an orphaned ring neck from dying who then became imprinted and frankly was not going to survive if I released him back into the wild so I instead spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours building this large outdoor aviary, it is 6 feet wide, 8 feet long, and a little over 6 feet tall with a slanted roof. There are multiple perches of different material and sizes, a nesting box, a few shelves for food bowls and lots of shade throughout the different times of day. While reading up on ringnecks I found that when keeping them outdoors in an aviary it is best to keep them with others, so I purchased two females and got them established with my original bird, who at the time I thought was a female but was not 100% sure. Now to the part where things got more clear for me.

Two weeks ago one of my newer females laid two eggs, I found her sitting on them a few hours after I had last checked on them all and was shocked but not totally surprised so I let her be. At the 5 day mark I candled them and did not see signs of life, but I wanted to give her the chance to sit on them incase I was wrong. It has now been 15 days and no sign of hatching, I read that they only incubate for 14 days so I went to pull the eggs out today so they do not start to attract bugs. Unfortunately when I tried to remove the eggs momma bird was extremely unhappy and broody, so I left her alone out of fear she would hurt herself trying to keep me away. Now my question is how do I go about removing the eggs and ensuring her health and wellbeing? I have never had birds before but have worked with many species but this is uncharted territory for me and I want to ensure I do everything correctly. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

02:12 UTC


What does this mean?

He will sometimes open his beak like he's yawning and I don't know what it means. It's not often but I have seen him do this on multiple occasions. Seems fine afterwards

17:34 UTC


is it normal for a chick to be upside down in the nest

they are wild, not pet but ive grown attached to the mom that has her nest on the porch. it looked like its chest was rapidly moving but i dont know if thats normal. (also the third egg was laid later so i still think its going to hatch)

01:18 UTC


Should I get dummy eggs?

So I have two male diamond doves that are deeply in love. They take turns sitting on their "nest" and one of them keeps begging the other to lay eggs but uh. Yeah. Would introducing dummy eggs make things worse or better or would it do nothing? I just want them to be happy! My older male is a little aggressive in his advances toward my younger, but nothing crazy, no real violence, but I do wonder if dummy eggs would stop the courting thing that makes him aggressive. Thank you!

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13:58 UTC


What did i do wrong? baby dove care

Hey last monday my dad found a baby dove and brought to me to see if i could help it. Its nest had been destroyed and where it used to be it was not really safe to place him back since he was quite clumsy and we had really strong winds. I bought baby bird formula i fed him with a dropper and kept him warm all day/night under a heat lamp. Just yesterday he started breathing heavily and he wouldnt poop as much as the first days i had him. I was afraid of overfeeding him cuz his crop would hardly go down. Today just now i tried to give him a little more heat by putting a warm sock on his nest (i read that they need to be warm to digest their food) but suddenly at night he was gone.

What did i do wrong? I was gonna take him next day to the vet to get him checked but he didnt last me till tomorrow 😔

Now i just want to know what was my error since i still have its sibling to take care of

I would appreciate any advice thank you

03:27 UTC


Female who has nothing to do with the male?

Hi y’all! I’ve posted a couple times before this about my 2 doves, and I have some exciting news and some questions!

First off, I’ve finally gotten to the point where Dega (assumedly the male) will just chill with me when Lou (assumedly the female, not 100% on that though) is in her cage. He comes up and perches on top of my laptop and I usually feed him a couple of safflower seeds, and he eats right out of my hand.

Second, I’ve started noticing that Dega constantly bow coos, and it seems like he’s trying to court Lou, but she has ZERO interest in him. When they’re both out of their cages, they like to fly onto my ceiling fan and chill.

If you go back to see one of my older posts about these two, I originally thought I was given 2 males, due to fighting. What I assume this was is that neither of them were matured, and neither had reached “puberty” so they were just fighting. They have separate cages where they can see eachother, and they get out of cage time together and alone

There’s a video attached of what keeps happening every time Dega (the one cooing) tries to court Lou. Maybe she hasn’t reached maturity? Maybe she’s a he? Their cloaca’s look different, and I heard somewhere that it can be a sign of sexing. Any ideas on what to do? Do I just wait and see?

03:01 UTC


The Pipsters Back!!! 🎊

03:36 UTC


Help - wild dove

Not sure what to do, any advice or experience very much appreciated!

On Tuesday, this dove smacked into our window, it was convulsing and in very bad shape. We covered it with some light towels to keep it warm and hoped for the best, but didn’t think it would make it. Came home from work and it was walking about, drinking rainwater off leaves. We put some seed out for it and went to bed.

It is now Saturday, and it’s still here walking around and…looking at us. Feet, head, neck, and to some extent wings seem to be working fine, it hops and flaps a little like testing its wings but is not going anywhere (besides strolls around the yard). We put out a dish of water and refresh 2x/day, put out bird feeder mix seeds (it tries to protect the pile from squirrels). It’s been very hot the past few days (85F) and we’re not sure how else to help? Any ideas?

21:17 UTC


Fluff is fine!

Fluff's back to her usual self! She was not egg bound, thank GOD. Took her to the vet and she's been acting just fine since. I think she was stressed. No more preening her vent lol.

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21:53 UTC


Nesting materials from outside

Hi, I’m getting pet doves in a couple months and was wondering if its safe to use twigs from outside and how would I properly disinfect them, if it’s unsafe at all or you recommend not doing it lmk! Any advice is appreciated

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09:27 UTC


URGENT: Parent Laughing Dove attacked by cat - What to do now?

So recently we found a Laughing Dove's nest near the ceiling somewhere inside our place and its 2 eggs hatched probably yesterday. Today, just an hour ago, we saw a bunch of feathers on the floor and a cat nearby. Looks like the cat was trying to catch the parent bird but wasn't successful. I have no idea how the parent bird is doing right now. Now the two tiny nestlings are there in the nest without a source of heat and I don't know if any of the parents will return.

What should I do? I was thinking about maybe putting a large hot-water bottle we have near the nest... is it safe to do so? It's about 8 PM here and I'm afraid the babies might die without their parent sitting on them.

EDIT: There's sadly no such thing as wildlife rehab center in this country.

16:36 UTC


Comprehensive collection of Photos of All Known Doves breeds ?

Are there any free online sources that collect images and categorize all known dove breeds?

I've looked for books but they are very scarce and way too expensive, and having taken a look inside, not many photos...! And the ones included are quite small

Any recommendations?

13:25 UTC


Dove-Crack : Safflower seed addiction?

Turns out they know their name and have... Okay recall, I just wan'ts using the right, er, motivational treat.

Question : what is a safe amount per day? I am checking their weight/girth and they don't have any change

11:58 UTC


How to bond/care for pet Dove?

A few weeks ago, my sister gave me her pet dove, who is 7+ years old, since she could no longer take care of it. He came in this old and run down cage and am planning to get him a new one.

But for the meantime, I am trying to find ways to bond/care for him and wondering if anyone has any good tips on how I can do that? Every time, I even approach his cage, he starts freaking out but I don’t like him being locked up in the cage all day and would really like him to be out for a bit. But he doesn’t seem too fond of me and I don’t want to scare him or hurt him by accident.

04:40 UTC


She's over preening her hole?? (Bird butthole warning)

I just got home from college, and Fluff will not leave her vent area alone. She greeted me with a stinky, watery and green fecal excretion (my mom blamed the dye in the crappy seed she bought while I was away), and has been producing small, watery droplets since. I'm worried that she could be egg bound, seeing as she usually lays two eggs but there's only been one so far. Anyone have any help???

22:41 UTC


Our dove just died

We had her for about 5 years .

Woke up and she was dead inside her bowl

Quite sad actually I really liked that bird .

First pet bird that was nice and hand tame , she’d go anywhere .

It really sucks .

I keep thinking of her and it makes me so sad.

14:10 UTC


Diamond dove is driving me crazy

Brief introduction: In February, I saved a diamond dove from freezing on the street. At the animal clinic I was told that they couldn't take him because this species does not occur in our region. No one was looking for him in my area either. I quickly became attached to him and decided to keep him, providing him with the best possible conditions. Also, long research convinced me that we would be a good match because he was supposed to be a quiet and calm bird.

Unfortunately, everything changed in early April when he started cooing constantly. He starts at about 7 a.m. and doesn't stop until I come to him, although it doesn't help at the moment. His occasional coos used to make me happy, but now that they're so frequent and much, much louder, they're driving me crazy.

I was thinking about getting him a mate, but I read in many places that some doves coo so much and loudly despite having a companion.

This morning I had a nervous breakdown and I don't know what to do. An additional problem may be that I am a person very sensitive to loud noises. I sleep with earplugs every day, but when he starts cooing in the morning while I'm in a separate room, even that doesn't help and wakes me up.

I would like to ask for help and advice, what can I do in this situation? I think he's used to me, but there's no real bond here. He never lets me touch him, when I bring my hand closer he always flies away, sometimes he even attacks my fingers. I read in one thread that it helps to remove the food bowl from the cage and feed only by hand. Would it help to develop a closer bond with him? Is it even possible to establish a bond in such a case?

06:48 UTC


Short cooing sounds?

I got my first dove a week or two ago and shes starting to get comfy sitting on my monitor while im on my computer, but while shes there she puffs up and sleeps and sometimes makes a short quiet coo? havent been able to catch it on video since its random. i think its happy noises but am really not sure and am worried because ive heard birds can get coughs.

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05:38 UTC

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