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Beautiful slow Motion Duck takes a Dive!

21:31 UTC


Rats that need your help!!

Hello! I’m with the Medina County SPCA in Ohio. A few weeks ago, and I believe someone shared the news story in this group, our shelter took in over 200 rats from a hoarding situation. They’ve been through a lot, but these guy are fighters!! We have been doing appointments for adoptions as they’ve become available but starting next week we’re opening up to walk-ins (during adoption hours). We have males and females of all different ages from pinkies to seniors. These rats can only be adopted as PETS. So if you have room in your heart and in your home, please consider adopting these guys. It would make such a difference in their lives to live and retire in safe, loving conditions which they did not know before.

We have a condition for adoption that if you only adopt one, you must have proof of owning other rats at home, or you can adopt a couple at a time.

The rats were all intermixed in their previous home so naturally we’ve had a lot of pregnancies. Because we cannot say for sure if female rats that are adopted are or aren’t pregnant, we’ve made a contract that states that if you can foster until the babies are able to be weaned we will take them back at 5 weeks and adopt them out. You have the right to keep the babies of course but to try and reduce overpopulation and unwanted pregnancies, this was the best we could come up with.

Please consider these sweet squeaks!!

04:18 UTC


Boy is Getting Ready for a Hot Summer Swim!

21:18 UTC


Is a cage like this appropriate for any animal?

I've had this cage that sits on top of a tank for years but never kept anything in it. I was wondering if it is appropriate for any kind of little critter or if I should just get rid of it. I'm moving to a new place soon and was thinking about getting a pet but I want to make sure they're safe and happy. Any feedback is appreciated!

(Also ignore my carpet; I vacuumed right after I took this picture)

23:43 UTC


Duck Chills at The Field, Dives for a Quick Swim Later!

22:12 UTC


New Mouse Mom

Hi! I recently got a female mouse. She is adjusting to her new enclosure and environment but, I was curious if my alarm to wake up in the morning would startle her. As well as any tips to help her get used to me being her owner.

01:13 UTC


Duck's Slow Motion After Bath Routine!

22:16 UTC


Duck's Splashy Swim!

22:17 UTC

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