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This is a community for the discussion of parrots. Feel free to talk about parrots in the wild, owning parrots, the pet trade, rescuing parrots, purchasing parrots, avian veterinarians, and anything pertaining to these beautiful creatures.

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This is a community for the discussion of parrots. Feel free to talk about parrots in the wild, owning parrots, the pet trade, rescuing parrots, purchasing parrots, avian veterinarians, and anything pertaining to these beautiful creatures.


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i cannot get a cute picture of this bird

19:43 UTC


Cockatiel has a protozoan infection, should I put her in her new cage now? Or wait?

My cockatiels cage is arriving today, a couple days ago she was diagnosed with a protozoan parasite in her fecal matter. I’ve treated her one day so far, should I put her in her new cage today? Or should I wait? I also ordered her new perches but they’re made of natural wood. They too come today. I’m scared to put them in if they get bird feces all over them, because then I would need to throw them out. Thoughts???

19:05 UTC


How long did it take for your parrot to be "bonded" to you?

Just like the title says- how long did it take for your bird to bond with you?

I recently got an Indian Ringneck Parakeet, about 2 months ago. I know it can take a while before they will trust you to give them scritches and kisses, but I was curious how long it took on average for everyone.

18:58 UTC


Help! New budgie not eating.

We found a budgie on the street a month ago and she ate the first food we gave her. Millet right down the hatch.

A month goes by and we figured she could use a friend, so we picked up a young male the day before yesterday and he hasn’t eaten a thing since coming home.

The birds are in separate cages right now, as advised, but have met on opposite sides of the bars. She sat on a perch outside his cage and she lightly pecked with their beaks.

But the new guy just sits in his cage not moving or eating all day.

I understand this is normal behavior for a new bird as he might be a bit stressed, but we just hit the 48 hour mark and it’s starting to worry me. Is this bird going to starve itself to death?

How do I get him to eat?

Note: he was raised eating whole fruits and veggies like carrot and fennel, and seeds. That’s what I am giving him now. No interest.

18:57 UTC


Pic for attention (Info in body text, need help with chewing)

My bird Nebula has a very bad habit of chewing on my blinds and my A/C vent in her room. I live in an apartment and I can’t keep replacing things, I’m afraid she’s going to do permanent damage or hurt herself. No matter what I do, it doesn’t work. I’ve been trying to train her out of this habit for 6+ months and have made no progress. The only way she’ll stop chewing is if I go to her and act like I’m going to pick her up. She’ll fly back to her play stand. But then 10 seconds later, she back there and chewing. I’ve tried redirection with toys, target training, positive reinforcement, just anything I could think of and it’s not working. I have had birds for over 15 years and I have never had this much trouble with a bird. I absolutely love her and I’m afraid she’s going to chew paint and get harmed. I’m constantly getting her down from the blinds and vent but the second I turn around, she’s back up there chewing. I work from home and this is effecting my work now because I’m constantly having to get up and get her down from the blinds and vent. She has trust issues, I’ve been working with her for like 2 years now and she doesn’t trust me enough to actually step up on my hand. She lets me give her scritches and she comes to me to be close to me a lot. I’m pretty sure she was mistreated before I adopted her. I’ve made a lot of progress with her and I don’t mind being patient and waiting until she steps up voluntarily. But it’s difficult with the chewing issue. I’d like to tell her no and put her in her cage for a bit to teach her that chewing on blinds/vents = timeout but she won’t voluntarily go in her cage until it’s time for bed. All of my birds are let out of their cages in the morning to fly around and play on their play stands until it’s time for bedtime (Rooms are bird proof except the blinds and vents nebula is chewing on). Diet is approved by my avian vet and she’s healthy. I just don’t know what to do. PLEASE HELP

(Thank you if you read all of this btw🩵)

Pic is of Nebula after a bath 😂

17:45 UTC


Loving that blow dryer!

17:39 UTC


look mom! A fluffy ball!

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16:13 UTC


A Cocoa Coco miraculously appeared to me today

All hail my holy parrot!

15:38 UTC


Anyone else try to get nice pics but end up with blurry bird butts? 😂 The struggle is real.

14:44 UTC


What do you guys think about harness and clothing?

Hi reddit! A tiel mama here! I can't make up my mind on costumes and harnesses for birds I didn't put a harnesse or clothes on mine because I think he would've hated it.. But I am interested in figuring out about your opinion.

A little bonus- a pic of my birdie being all cute

13:35 UTC


HELP! are they ok? I'm desperate and don't know what to do anymore.

My birbs havent been acting normal. They're not eating as before (they still eat tho) and they're fighting a lot (nothing dangerous, more bitching) and they also scream more then normal. What could this be? Hormonal behavior? Sickness? They walk around each other screaming and scretching themselves and it really seems like they wanna approach me (they're not tamed). I'm looking for an avian vet but I would like to know if this is really a vet case. I'm in só much sorrow. I just want them to feel good. Please help :(

11:08 UTC


Eating time 😍😍😍

09:06 UTC


How can I get my GCC to stop ripping my hair out?

she preens my hair nonstop every time she’s on my shoulder, it’s to the point that she’ll clip strands or even pull pieces out. she creates a lot of tangles and knots. I know preening is a sign of affection, but it drives me crazy because I want her close to me but I also don’t want her messing with my hair so much (i have a nervous system disorder that causes it to be very painful) or possibly ingesting it :(

08:11 UTC


Aviary for Birds in Cold Region

Hello everyone.

I am moving away from my home to pursue a degree. Unfortunately, I will not be able to take my birbs with me as I will be living in a hostel.

I have let my birds roam freely in my room as long as they have lived me with and only put them in their cages to sleep.

But unfortunately, none of my family members know how to handle birds. They will not be able to put them in the cage at night.

So before I leave, I want to built an aviary for them. An outdoor aviary would be preferable but the temperature here drops to -3 to -5 degree Celsius during winter. Two out of the four birds I own are tropical. I live in a third world country so I am not sure about the insulating material that I could get here. If anyone living in another third world country has any clue please let me know.

If nothing works, I can have an indoor aviary for them. But I am not sure what kind of flooring would I need? The rooms here have wooden floors which are hard to clean and my birds will probably destroy it.

A flooring that is easy to clean is what I am looking for. Sand or gravel is not an option.

Anyone has any suggestions please do let me know. I am devastated to leave my birds behind and I know they will miss me but I want to make sure they live as comfortable as possible before I leave. Rehoming is not an option as people around here don’t care about birds much. They are kept as toys for kids or ornaments for their house more than anything else.

Please help!

06:59 UTC


Best and safe websites to buy parrotlets? Or any birds for that matter? I’m nervous on buying from a pet store. I’m in Canada.

06:18 UTC


I saw this bird and took a picture of him several days ago. Could anyone tell me what specie he is, please?

04:54 UTC


Anyone else’s bird kiss them?

04:44 UTC



A gang-gang pair nattering away like an old couple, until a galah crashes the party

04:08 UTC


Broken blood feather/pin

I noticed my hanako baby had something red on her head it was blood it’s was a “Aw shi here we go again” moment but this one is different because it’s on my hanako I’ve never had to remove one on her before let alone on the head! so I did a little prayer grabbed my baby and moved her crest aside to see the culprit. And I snatched it gently smacked some corn starch on there for good measure even tho it wasn’t bleeding when it was pulled. she handed it so well I’m so proud of her.

I feel like this should be talked about more considering it can happen to any bird and knowing what to do is important

make sure to pay attention to any off behavior of your bird! aggressive preening difficult molting or anything red or pink or brown even if you kissed your baby with lipstick still check! better safe than sorry!

03:26 UTC


Kai in his daily walk

Today he was very playful, when things are difficult he always finds a way to brighten our day. He is a Red Tailed Black Cockatoo.

02:46 UTC


Well this isn't something you see everyday. We pulled two and a half grams of fluid out of my parakeet today.

02:00 UTC


Cockatiel prefers Husband over me, feeling really sad. Would it be dumb to get another?

My cockatiel Jovie has really warmed up to our family. She’s been doing amazing. I adopted her from her previous owner, and she wasn’t well cared for. She’s came in a tiny cage, low quality food, hardly any toys, etc. we took her to the vet and she had a bad parasitic infection. I’m glad she’s in our family and doing better, Since then we’ve upgraded her on everything too! The only issue is, she LOVES my husband and my husband only. The second he walks in the door from work, she is flying away onto him and will bite and hiss at me if I try to take her back. I’m really bummed, as having a bird has been my lifelong dream. I’ve always wanted a close bond, but obviously you can’t force it. I will admit my personality is the opposite of my husband. He’s calm, quiet, and level headed. Whereas I have extreme ADHD, and I’m very loud and obnoxious. Will no bird like me? Selfishly I’ve been considering adopting another cockatiel praying that the next one will prefer me more. Now that I’m more educated I would 100% be getting the next one from a reputable breeder and one that is handfed. I will add that we are NOT rehoming Jovie tho, she will just be getting a sister/brother.

01:17 UTC


Anyone know of good stainless steel wire mesh for an aviary?

I work for a local pet supply store and we have a surrendered moluccan cockatoo who's lived here for 29 years. Love that (not so) little dude to death and I want him to have a more comfortable environment to sleep and eat in since his current cage just isn't cutting it. He's always out by the register but at night he goes in a little 40 inch wide 60 inch tall cage and I feel awful doing that to him. My conures live in a bigger cage than that. So i'm emptying out half of one of the rooms in the store and turning it into a roughly 9 foot wide 7 foot tall aviary, but I can't find a suitable wire mesh to save my life. Everything is either galvanized or pvc coated (which he'll chew in two seconds) and the few ACTUAL stainless steel meshes I've been able to find are like 20 gauge with tiny wire spacing and he'll bend that just by looking at it. If anyone has any resources or links I (and Sherbert) will be extremely grateful <3 Here's Sherbert for the bird tax


01:10 UTC


The infa Parrotlets

00:58 UTC

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