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Aggressive behaviour update: when he's outside this is what he does all the time. If you try to interrupt him he's going to get angry and try to beak, same if you try to put him inside the cage. I though it was just a hormonal phase but it's lasting way too long, help

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Question about weird behaviour.

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New African Grey Baby not eating well

A little history; I’m not new to bird companions. I grew up with a cockatiel who we were told was male, but at the ripe old age of about 10 ‘he’ started laying eggs - about once or twice a year. I later on had my own tiles and budgies, both of which bred. I hand reared one tiel (with no problems whatsoever). Fast forward a few years and we now have a Green Cheek Conure (female), and a Pearly Conure (male). They were already paired and semi tame in a pet shop. They settled in immediately, and converted to a pellet and chop diet effortlessly. They look forward to their fresh chop in the mornings.

Two weeks ago we got an African Grey. We got him from a so called specialist bird pet shop. It seems like they have a high turnover of sales for the baby birds but they also have some older Amazons, several Macaws and one Cockatoo (the latter isn’t for sale). The babies are in small cages but all have access to pellets (although from what I saw, most were only eating their seeds). The shop seemed very good , as far as pet shops go. The larger birds were mostly out on Large Java trees. All looked healthy and were lively.

There were about 6 greys when we first visited. We returned a couple of times over the course of a few days, and eventually settled on an inquisitive male. He was 13 weeks old (now 15). He’s DNA tested, and tested negative for the 4 main bird diseases. Obviously he came with a CITES certificate too.

The pet shop staff told us (which I thought was strange for a weaned bird) to put his food dishes at the bottom of the cage, which we duly did, and that he could be out all day, but being young, and clipped (grrr), we would have to move him to various places so he could learn his new surroundings and of course access food and water. We did all that. We played with him, but also gave him rest times too, but it was clear he wasn’t eating much. This is the first large parrot I’ve ever had, so I didn’t know much he to expect him to eat, but he barely picked at a few seeds (mostly the sunflower, and discarded the rest), merely shredded any veg offered, but he did seem to like apple. Pellets were a no go, but we’ll work on that down the line.

We were told to return to the pet shop a week after buying him, and then another week after that so they could weigh him. He was 430g when we got him. During that first week, he most definitely begged for food like a chick does, so we rushed out and got some hand feeding formula (yes I know how to give it). He wasn’t interested in taking it from a teaspoon (I don’t have a feeding spoon), but he instantly recognised the feeding syringe and he took maybe 20ml or so. After that one time, he declined when I offered it again. Well, when we took him back to the shop for his first weight check (one week after getting him), he had dropped to 388g - significant loss. The shop insisted on keeping him for a week they said, but it ended up only being the weekend as he ate well. When they put him in their cage, he went straight to the seed, and ate very well. Made it look like we’d starved him. I assure you, we hadn’t!

So we brought him back home again last Monday (8th July). He was 410g. We ordered some avian scales over the weekend too, so we could also keep track ourselves. Since Monday he has eaten not too badly. I wouldn’t say well, but better than that first week with us. He’s been showing interest in what we’re eating too - as such we’ve got him to try various veggies, and most except broccoli he has either nibbled or playfully shredded. He’s also enjoyed tasting strawberries! But his weight is still hovering around the 410g. This time the shop told us to only let him out of the cage for 15-30min per day in order for his weight go back up, but for a bird like that, I feel is too short, but we’ve followed their instructions.

We took him back to the shop yesterday for what should have been his final weigh with them, but they want to check again in another week. He was 408g. He loved the car journey there. Didn’t need to be covered. He was quite happy looking out of the windows, and quite vocal!

Today he’s been rather sleepy, and definitely not eaten much. My questions to all you fellow grey companions are:

Is this normal settling in behaviour?

Is this normal baby grey behaviour?

Is the pet shop correct in telling us to only let him out of the cage for 15-30min per day?

What can I do to encourage him to eat better?

Just to confirm, he has seeds, pellets, egg food, fresh veggies and fruit, plus anything ‘safe’ from our plates (nothing salted, of course).

He naps a lot, which I expect is normal for a baby bird. It’s been a long time since I’ve had baby birds, and then they were smaller tiels and budgies. He loves his toys, and loves it when we speak to him. We also put music on quietly for him, as he came from a noisy pet shop in to a quiet home. We cover him at night (he gets 12 hours dark time, although I think he hears our tv, but he’s quiet and still once covered).

We also have a small dog (Shih Tzu), which although will never be unsupervised with any of the birds, he’s very calm, and the birds, including the grey don’t seem bothered by him. Other than him and my two conures, it’s just hubby and I. No children. Oh, and I’m home almost all day every day.

I almost forgot, his name is Monty!

Sorry for the long waffle, but I didn’t want to miss anything out that could help. Any advice will greatly received as I just don’t know what we’re doing wrong or what we can do to help him settle. I have a strange feeling that taking back to the shop to get weighed yesterday unsettled him?

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my uncle isnt taking care of his african gray

he’s had this african gray for about 5 years now and im pretty sure he got it when it was 3 years old. the first year or 2 he’s had it he was living with my grandma, after he moved out of my grandmas house he didnt take it with him, so he’s left it at my grandma and my grandma is literally incapable of taking care of it, shes too old, on a wheelchair, and only goes from ur bed to the bathroom and kitchen. theres no one to play with him because the only people he trusts are my uncle and grandma and he doesnt have any toys in his cage, and i doubt hed let me put any toys in it. my uncle REFUSES to sell him or give him up for adoption. what do i do??

12:17 UTC


One month passed since I’ve lost my best friend

I love you so much Wally.

They say it gets easier but it really does not.

We did everything we could. Took him to the vet as soon as we noticed a light wheezing. He seemed to get better, but after couple of weeks of medications, even a few vet check ups, the wheezing came back. Took him in again. The next day was one of the hardest I’ve had to live. I’m grateful my family was able to spend some time with him that day - we all sat around him during his last hours. He tried his best to be strong, it was just far too late. He passed away that same night. My family is still devastated.

What we originally thought was aspergillosis turned out to be a very serious respiratory infection. We are still unsure what caused it. Our vet thinks it could have been something he ate, that may have gotten lodged in his throat. Who knows. He was such a healthy, loved and social bird for 10 years.

I had always thought it would be me surrounded by my family, and Wally, during MY final hours.

If you read this. Please love your Grey. Please take a short moment to find some special time with them, hold them, cuddle them, anything. I would give just about anything to have one more hour with Wally.

07:11 UTC


How scary are blood tests?

Have any loved greys not awaken from the anesthesia? I’d like to get a blood test to check my baby’s health and know if and what changes must be made to diet. But I’m worried sick that this is a real risk.

03:19 UTC


Moto watching some tv with us

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Flex and apples

My silly boy 😜

16:25 UTC


Tweety getting milk from an imaginary catheter

I think this is a hormonal reaction. She only does this when we’re alone together.

20:04 UTC



I feel like it’s his nails annoying him,he keeps biting them.

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Our parrot Ernestine has bornavirus. She is the best and 32. We want to make sure the rest of her life is sweet, even if she won’t be around as long. The vet recommended probiotics. Any ideas?

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Repost with video

I got a new 4mo grey a few days ago. He’s happy to hang out with us (comes to the dinner table with us, makes mumbling sounds back at me, hangs out next to my bed while I listen to music or watch tv). He’s been very bitey. Not hard, but lets us know what he likes and dislikes. He seems to want to be with me, and looks like he wants to fly to me, but doesn’t want to step up without biting. The video attached is an example, but he usually does more light little nips like that. I don’t ever force him, but it is something he eventually needs to learn. He probably needs more time to adjust, but I’m open to ideas! Today he let me pet him, but I can’t figure out by his body language if he likes it or not.. I’m seeing different cues. He’s let me do it consistently since, but I don’t want to make him uncomfortable.

How do I prevent the biting? I’ve been ignoring the bites, but giving him space after he stops. Based on the photo (will comment below), do you think he likes the pats?

Name suggestions?


04:44 UTC


Sword fight with Gray

Sound on. He's so mellow. Follows all my whims. He used to be violent and attack me.

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Little fountain = $15 His reaction = Priceless

22:04 UTC


Help please

Hello I have a question that is very important Should I use this pellet for my African grey daily I will put it once while using 40g of pellets as main course for the African grey

21:27 UTC



Hello Are these pellets okay to feed to my African Grey daily

18:40 UTC


Why do I have a feeling my bird is sick 😅

He is talking , active and eating his fruits he seems fine, what do you think?

14:18 UTC


Does anyone else have a Grey that does this to want to be picked-up/held? Sorry for the crappy picture.

11:16 UTC


Can someone please what this behavior is? It looks like he’s scared of something.

11:14 UTC


Harness training?

Any tips on harness training?

Our grey hates her harness even though she has worn it before with no problem, and we'd like to let her stay out in our garden because she's always trying to go there, and it'd be nice when we're all out to have her with us on a perch

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08:35 UTC


Is it too late to change his name?

Angel is 18 years old and has had the same name for at least half but more likely all his life. I've never liked his name and don't know what I'd change it to but if I'm stuck using his current one, I won't think about potential new ones. Is it too late for him to learn a new name?

00:20 UTC


Adopted a new parrot

Hi guys, I adopted a new african grey parrot, and his last owner used to abuse him. The parrot has been caged for more than 4 years. The owner used to leave him in the house and come after 4-5 days to change his food and water. For all of these years, he didn't have any human interaction, and he didn't even used to see the sunlight.He has never seen love or affection in his life.he even changed 3 families in the past month. I feel like he is depressed and sad. Even when i open his cage to go out, he just stands on top of the cage and does nothing. Can someone help me and suggest how can i help him to feel loved and become used to love and affection. I want him to be able to enjoy life again and spend time with me and my family and to feel free again so he can enjoy time outside his cage. Ty for ur help

22:40 UTC



My gma got this African Grey abt 2-3 years ago?? I used to be terrified of him bc he was pretty aggressive and mean and bites a lot but recently (abt 7 months ago) I moved in w my grandma and have been bonding w him while she’s been at work. Today he let me hold him for the first time 😭 It’s a shocker bc nobody in the household has ever held him unless it’s by toweling him lol. Just wanted to share bc I thought it was pretty cool. Anyways say hi to Butch yall :)

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Hello. My African grey has fallen a couple of times from his perch this week. It’s weird because he will fall while flapping his wings (honestly will fall a couple of times) and look absolutely terrified. He also sometimes acts dazed and makes a weird groaning noise. He just fell right now at 6:30 in the morning and held on to the bottom of the cage tightly. He’s on his perch now but he’s looking down. When I went to check on him he seemed freaked out but he’s not falling anymore. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m just scared because of the falling and the noise he makes. The last time he fell like that was on June 29th. It is now July 7th. He does have a lot of trauma due to his previous owner but he’s never done this before. He also starts to jump like this from his perch :/ I’m trying not to be worried but I really don’t want anything to happen to my baby.

11:14 UTC



This was Doodoo. Our first pet. A 5 month old baby boy. He was a happy little guy. Before getting him we did research about the love and attention he would need. We use to interact with him many times in a day. Since both me and my wife are working professionals we use to leave him alone for 8-9 hrs. We had set up play area and had given him toys to be occupied while we were away.

Everything was fine. He was little silent yesterday and his food intake reduced. And today by the time we were back home he was gone..

We are devastated. It happened so quick. Only thing I can recollect was yesterday, we were running some errands and it got late and he had not eaten as much as he usually does.

We were concerned and and schedule a appointment with the vet today. But, I guess we didn't react quick enough.

My mind is plagued with the guilt. I'm still wondering what went wrong in just a day's time. He was talking ; as in - responding to our calls, eating properly and a curious little bud 2 days ago.

Yesterday he was silent

and today he's no more.

If anyone can help me understand what mistake I made so I can be a better caregiver maybe.. maybe in the future. Thanks

08:09 UTC


My parrot broke his foot

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately my African Grey broke his foot, I have no idea how, maybe in his cage he must’ve missed the perch is my likely thought

I’ve taken him to the vet but I just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas on how to make sure he heals properly, what steps and care I can put in place so he’s stabilised and not putting pressure.

Also, does anyone else’s parrot not give any signs of anything being wrong , this frightens me a lot. I literally sobbed cause I didn’t know he was in pain.

In the last two weeks he’s had a bacterial infection and a broken leg. I’ve had in for years, so I don’t know what’s happening, I’m stressed

22:41 UTC


Bird bites a lot

Hi guys! My african grey tends to bite a lottt. We take it out of its cage regularly and it’s a generally happy bird. But it tends to bite a lot despite being very comfortable around my family. What can I do to stop it?

14:32 UTC

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