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Sailor Moon Fanfic: Ripples. AmixZoisite Week 2023

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The Church Bells Toll for Thee, Lost Soldier (Marvel)

The Church Bells Toll for Thee, Lost Soldier

2,219 Words.

Marvel, Gen, Angst, Teen+ Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply

James Buchanan Barnes is a face and name on display in the Smithsonian. He reads about himself, and when he leaves, he heads to Brooklyn, where a haunting sound calls him to a familiar place.

In the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie, Steve comes home from his mother's funeral, with Bucky following. Church bells ring in the distance.

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Sailor Moon Fanfic: Dark Dreams. ChibiUsa/Helios Week 2023

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Operation Hindsight Updated

Operation Hindsight
Chapter 17/24 posted this morning

Bucky and Sam travel back in time to stop a sinister plan. Armed with knowledge of the future, Rollins wants to make sure Project Insight succeeds and Hydra rules the world. Bucky and Sam navigate a tricky timeline as they try to save the world.

To do that, Bucky has to take on the Winter Soldier.

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Fandom: Marvel, Avengers, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Agents of Shield
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: Gen
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes & Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes & Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes & the Winter Soldier
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Thor, Bruce Banner, Alexander Pierce, Jack Rollins, Undisclosed Character(s)
Additional Tags: Time Travel, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Bucky Barnes Needs a Hug, Bucky Barnes Feels, BAMF Bucky Barnes, Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes Recovering, Bromance, Alternate Timelines, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Time Travel Fix-It, Bucky Barnes-centric, Canon Compliant, Beta Read

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Sailor Moon Fanfic: La Cygne

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Avengers / FATWS time travel story updated. Posting every saturday.

Chapter 16 of Operation Hindsight has been posted!


Bucky and Sam follow Jack Rollins through time from 2024 to 2014. Rollins wants to make sure Project Insight succeeds, hoping to create a new timeline where Hydra rules the world. Bucky and Sam try to stop him, but their mission to preserve their timeline takes an unexpected turn.

Gen. No Archive Warnings Apply.

Characters: Bucky, Steve, Sam and the Avengers (along with a few surprises).

A touch of Agents of Shield.

Time Travel. Action. Hurt/Comfort. Angst. A bit of whump. Bromance. Team Dynamics.

And a cotton-ball sized bit of fluff.

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Genfic Discord Server

I'm new to Discord, but I've dipped my toe in making a gen fanfiction discord server (if there's one out there, please link/invite me!) I searched the best I was able to with my limited discord knowledge but found nothing.

So, I made one: https://discord.gg/x5raaDAF (it's officially three minutes old).

And, boy oh boy, do I hope I did it right!

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[Deltarune - Undertale] Three Strings - KFC Possession (Kris-Frisk-Chara)

Summary: How do you tell people you have voices in your head? Kris had been wondering that since it first started, he was very young. Normally that would be step one to getting help. Except the voices in Kris' head are apparently real, which freaks him out more than if he'd just been crazy, honestly.

The events of Deltarune, but Chara and Frisk live in Kris' head rent-free. Includes expanded scenes from the Spamton Sweepstakes as well as additional pre-Chapter 1 content to expand on the characters and their new dynamics.

Link: Three Strings Link

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Any Gravity Falls fans up for some Ford Pines & Dipper Pines familial bonding?

My new fic, From Now Until the End of Time has



-Trauma discussion

-No shipping

-Short word count

If you like those things, you may want to check it out. :)

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Looking for a fic

So a couple of years back I started reading a werewolf about this girl that was mated to the alpha of her pack but he was taunting her about how he would never want her cause she isn’t alpha so she rejects him and his pack and runs off to some other territory does that sound familiar?

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What's the best platonic soulmate fic you've read?

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Drop a cute fic that you think EVERYONE should read

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Survey - Why is there so much M/M on AO3?

Hello! I am a SACE student completing the Stage 2 Research Project as part of my studies. My research project question is ‘how does the user interface of AO3 lead to a greater prevalence of M/M fanworks when compared to FanFiciton.Net and Wattpad’, and seeks to explore the topic of online slash fanfiction and fandom culture. I’m posting it here (as well as more general fanfiction subreddits) in order to survey those who read/write gen fics, which will give me a broader range of data.

This survey is completely anonymous and should take no more than five minutes to complete. You are free to discontinue your participation in this survey at any time or to decline to answer any questions. The survey can be found at the link below. Thank you for your assistance.


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Has this happened to anyone else?

Has anyone ever had an idea for a fanfic, but it's more like a particular scene in a scenario you want to write, but you don't feel like writing the whole story to get to that particular scene because that would involve world building and set up that would just come out meh because you're not inspired to write that particular part? So you think about just publishing that scene and leaving context in the tags, summary and author's notes but are worried that it wouldn't be receaved as well as the whole story would've been? Just me?

02:18 UTC


A Penchant for Mischief - Tangled/HTTYD/Brave/ROTG Hogwarts AU fanfic

23:05 UTC


I made a Star Wars fan fic

the start of it happens in a timeline where Anakin, after he finds out the Chancellor is a dark lord, decides to destroy him with Mace Windu instead of joining him to save Padme, insisting that it's not the jedi way to go down that path. Time skip a long time and a period of peace is interrupted when what is remaining of the Seperatist army comes out to attack the Jedi Order, saying that their master in Sidious has returned somehow (I can tell you if you wanna know, but its not important in the grand scheme of things). Palpatine sends a message to the Council with a Sith Acolyte, saying that someone within the ranks of the jedi he wants as a new apprentice, someone claimed to be more powerful than Anakin ever was. Sin Mantatus, a new padawan of jedi master Scyrus is curious about both sides of the force, having the council fear of his curiosity. Through all of the story he is neglected by the jedi until his eventual downfall, as he destroys the jedi order after a civil war breaks out upon the Republic due to invasion of the sith.Now known as Darth Mantatus, he rules the galaxy with Palpatine, not out of loyalty, but only looking for more knowledge and power as he once had looked for. From here its almost the same as the originals, as the Rebels try to take down the Empire. in the end, Palpatine is bested by Mantatus as he takes on his own apprentice in a boy called Magnus, who's powers with the force were so powerful due to the amount of torture he went through for training with Mantatus. Luke Skywalker, who was trained by Scyrus as well as the Jedi Order when it was still thriving since he had been born then defeats Darth Mantatus, who was going easy on him, as death is what he wanted from the start. His death would test his powers as he found balance with the force, as he becomes a force ghost and haunts Luke

I still have to develop the last part where Magnus is in the rule, but its not as developed. How do you guys like it? I accept feedback!

03:34 UTC


One Piece Gen fic recommendations

Hi! New to this sub (how cool to have a gen section!) and just returned to writing fanfics after a very, very long hiatus, and it was recommended that I post here because my stories are not geared towards the romantic stuff. So, if you're looking for gen One Piece fics, or just some drama/comradeship-type stories without that lovey-dovey element, I might have something up your alley!

Fandom/Characters - One Piece, Roronoa Zoro & Vinsmoke Sanji

Rating - T (Language, Blood and Violence)

Title - Boys Night Out (complete - 5670 words)

Categories - Action | Humor | Nakamaship

Links - AO3 / FFnet

Summary - A night out on a remote island turns into an all-out fight. Zoro drinks a cocktail, Sanji paints the town red, and hard lessons are learned by bounty hunters when it comes to collecting on the Straw Hat Pirates.


Fandom/Characters - One Piece, Roronoa Zoro & Vinsmoke Sanji, Straw Hat Crew

Rating - T-ish (Language, Blood and Violence)

Title - Tit for Tat (on-going, just posted chapter 5! - 9491 words)

Categories - Drama | Action | Angst | Grudging Friendship | Adventure

Links - AO3 / FFnet

Summary - A high seas crash, an opportunistic fight, a new kind of friction starts between the cook and the swordsman... It's just another day on the Grand Line until the afternoon's fun ends with a bang.


Fandom/Characters - One Piece, Vinsmoke Sanji & Straw Hat Crew

Rating - G

Title - Food for Thought (complete - 3390 words)

Categories - Slice of Life | Friendship | Domestic | Fluff

Links - AO3 / FFnet

Summary - Life on the Grand Line can be hard on the body, but the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates knows how to take care of his crew. A slice of life one-shot, pirate-style.

I'd also love some gen One Piece recs, so please share if you have any or know of any you think are worth a read! Thank you~

(It wouldn't let me add the Rec flair for some reason...)

Updated: Added in a new one because more action never hurts, and it seemed silly to make a new post. :D

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Fandom: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond|Shining Pearl

Rating: G

Genre: Character Study

Wordcount: 1,222

Summary: Even in the most unlikely of places, Cynthia was recognized

20:23 UTC


A recommendation for anime fans.

This isn’t a self promotion, but an advert for a story I dearly love and miss.

• ⁠My Recommendation: Magical Girl Noir Quest

• ⁠Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Warhammer 40k, anime, Max Payne, magical girl

• ⁠Rating: 10/10.

• ⁠Summary: It’s better to just start reading the fanfiction, as it’s genuinely difficult to summarise or say in words with it’s batshit awesome plot. It’s predominantly a crossover between Warhammer 40k and PMMM, but it’s a lot more complex than that. We see crossovers, romance, bloodshed, a noir plot, golden guns, and memes galore. I suggest it because I finished reading up to it’s current status, only for my shock to rise as it has been on hiatus since late 2018, with the author citing a lack of interest; I’ve seen so many unfinished stories in my life, and in this time of uncertainty, I want to make sure this one story finds it’s ending. So please read this fanfiction (start here, and tell it’s author (Deculture, or @magicalgirlnoir on Twitter) to keep up the good work. Please.

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Yoooo! I'm so glad this sub exists.

Hello! Refugee from r/FanFiction because those guys don't understand that not everyone likes endless, plotless romantic bullshit.

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