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This is a subreddit dedicated to actions people can take or are taking to preserve the environment - petitions, fundraisers, events, infographics, images and videos of events are welcome. Emphasis should be on actions users can take or images they can share elsewhere.

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  • [EVENT Flair][San Diego, CA] Tues. March 12, 2012 Meeting of the local Sierra Club Group. Details inside.

  • [PETITION Flair][Denver, Colorado] Petition to Denver City Council Requesting Monitoring of XXX Plant Emissions - Deadline March 31, 2013


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Change the money, change the world.

00:00 UTC


all-weekend Food Autonomy Festival in Weelaunee forest

11:10 UTC


Just Stop Oil's 2022 Campaign Video (www.juststopoil.org)

16:25 UTC


Drumming at the Internatinally Women Day 2023 March through Valletta, organised by Movimenti Graffitti chanting: "whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes, no means no|"

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19:23 UTC


I used MIT's climate policy simulator to order its climate policies from least impactful to most impactful

14:19 UTC


There's A New Pollution Problem in The Arctic. Can We Fix It?

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03:49 UTC


Marianne 2024

Do you know anything about Marianne Williamson’s public campaign to free wrongly imprisoned environmental lawyer Steven Donziger?

View Poll

20:09 UTC


Felling trees to help with climate change

09:15 UTC


Coming Soon!


Hi. My team and I are trying to build a platform called Terrestrious, a kind of online citizens lab for crowdsourcing ideas and resources to fight environmental problems like climate change. I think of it as a choose your own adventure where you can find eco-friendly jobs or opportunities matched to your skillset, or even start your own projects be they research, startups or anything else to really foster innovation in the sustainability space. We're in the seed stage right now, so we're looking to build traction. We'd like to ask anyone interested to sign up to our Newsletter on our website www.terrestrious.com, and anyone working on anything interesting in the sustainability space to tell us about it on our discord community server. We always appreciate the support and your feedback.

23:21 UTC


Census of Environment: A roadmap to environmental and economic sustainability / Recensement de l’environnement : une feuille de route vers la durabilité environnementale et économique

The Census of Environment is a new program that aims to provide foundational data on Canada’s ecosystems to help monitor environmental trends. Cataloguing all the ecosystems in Canada is an important step in helping Canadians make evidence-based decisions to protect, rehabilitate, enhance and sustain the environment. While policy makers currently have access to a wealth of economic and socioeconomic information when making critical decisions, it is much more difficult to get the full picture on Canada’s ecosystems and their benefits. The Census of Environment will provide that missing piece.

The overarching objective of the Census of Environment is to deliver a full picture of the complex relationship between ecosystems and the economy, society and human well-being in one easily accessible location.

This will in turn

  • allow all levels of government to develop policies and legislation that support healthy ecosystems and preserve natural capital
  • serve to inform planning by cities and municipalities
  • support decision makers in key economic sectors, including industry and agriculture
  • assist individual Canadians in their understanding and decision making.

Learn more about this project here.

[We are Canada’s national statistical agency. We are here to engage with Canadians and provide them with high-quality statistical information that matters! Publishing in a subreddit does not imply we endorse the content posted by other redditors.]


Le Recensement de l’environnement est un nouveau programme qui vise à fournir des données fondamentales sur les écosystèmes du Canada afin d’aider à surveiller les tendances environnementales. L’établissement d’un inventaire de tous les écosystèmes au Canada est une étape importante pour aider la population canadienne à prendre des décisions fondées sur des données probantes afin de protéger, de restaurer, d’enrichir et de préserver l’environnement. Bien que les décideurs aient actuellement accès à une mine de renseignements économiques et socioéconomiques lorsqu’ils prennent des décisions cruciales, il est beaucoup plus difficile de dresser un portrait complet des écosystèmes du Canada et de leurs avantages.

L’objectif général du Recensement de l’environnement est de fournir un portrait complet de la relation complexe entre les écosystèmes et l’économie, la société et le bien-être humain en un seul endroit facilement accessible.

Ces résultats contribueront à :

  • permettre à tous les ordres de gouvernement d’élaborer des politiques et des lois qui favorisent la santé des écosystèmes et préservent le capital naturel;
  • éclairer la planification des villes et des municipalités;
  • soutenir les décideurs dans les principaux secteurs économiques, dont l’industrie et l’agriculture;
  • aider les personnes au Canada à mieux comprendre la situation et à prendre des décisions.

Pour en apprendre plus sur ce projet, cliquez ici.

[Nous sommes l’organisme national de statistique du Canada. Nous sommes ici pour discuter avec les Canadiens et les Canadiennes et leur fournir des renseignements statistiques de grande qualité qui comptent! Le fait de publier dans un sous-reddit ne signifie pas que nous approuvons le contenu affiché par d'autres utilisateurs de Reddit.]

13:54 UTC


Stop The Willow Project

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19:52 UTC


As a Manager, Director or Chief working in corporate sustainability what is the hardest part about ESG compliance and reporting at your company?

I am looking to create an impact driven startup that can help businesses with sustainability compliance and reporting. We’re currently going through our first round of user research

It would be great to hear from you to learn your pains and see if any are shared across the businesses you may work for or own

I appreciate your help and am also open to connect if you’d like to discuss topics further!

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06:02 UTC


We cleared 1500 kgs of trash from the streets of Hyderabad, India.

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16:56 UTC


Stop attacks on the old growth forests by the State of Washington and the Federal government

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17:54 UTC


Would you buy misprinted t-shirts to wear as "B" shirts?

With the rise of print-on-demand (POD) e-commerce stores, theres a lot of misprints that go straight to waste.

They can't be resold at outlets since they aren't big brands.

So would you buy these otherwise great quality t-shirts with random and misaligned designs and logos?

Could be worn as undershirts, sweaty/dirty labour, at-home wear, etc.

They would be extremely cheap, and have great quality.

Would you opt-in to a subscription service to get an X amount of these delivered every X months or so?

18:45 UTC


Tortuguita said if police razed the camp, arrested and killed any who resisted — that days later the forest would be full of defenders. — The cops did it. Now it's "days later" — This is for the climate, for abolition, for the right to protest. For Tortuguita. — Atlanta. March 4-11. Bring a tent.

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18:59 UTC


Just a reminder of list of companies that negatively impact the the environment

18:31 UTC

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