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A subreddit dedicated to Environmental Action - petitions, fundraisers, events and other actions related to education about and protection of the environment.


This is a subreddit dedicated to actions people can take or are taking to preserve the environment - petitions, fundraisers, events, infographics, images and videos of events are welcome. Emphasis should be on actions users can take or images they can share elsewhere.

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  • [EVENT Flair][San Diego, CA] Tues. March 12, 2012 Meeting of the local Sierra Club Group. Details inside.

  • [PETITION Flair][Denver, Colorado] Petition to Denver City Council Requesting Monitoring of XXX Plant Emissions - Deadline March 31, 2013


  • All submissions must relate to enhancing protection of the environment or education about environmental issues. Infographics are OK, general photos of some beautiful site are not.

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Transforming poor agricultural land, into thriving biodiverse conservation lake

10:44 UTC


From Vancouver with love. Declare a Global Climate Emergency!

20:16 UTC


Join the green movement now!"

"Hey Eco-Warrior! 🌍 Our planet thrives when we listen and act. We're on a mission to create a brighter, greener future, and YOU play a crucial role. Dive into our eco-friendly survey and let your voice echo for change. Together, we can shape a world that celebrates sustainability. Ready to make waves? 🌱🌊 Join the green movement now!" open the link to fill this survey.


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Cop City in Atlanta is an ecological issue, an abolition issue, and a civil liberties issue. It'd be the largest urban warfare training centre in NA built on the largest urban forest in the US — and people who protest it are getting thrown in jail on domestic terrorism and RICO charges. #STOPCOPCITY

22:38 UTC


Time to send a message. ——— Share this ultimatum widely, but get strategic too. The people responsible for the climate crisis have names and addresses. The CEOs of psychopathic corporations and the weak-willed politicians keeping the tap running. ——— Send them a message.

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19:36 UTC


Storms are intensifying planet-wide.

16:37 UTC


Cryptocurrency has finally found a real world use case

22:50 UTC


We tried politeness. For 50 years we laid the climate science on the table, we marched in the streets. World leaders and corporate CEOs ignored us. — Now the skies are orange. The world’s on fire. — We can’t afford to be blown off again. This Friday, post this poster everywhere. Let them know.

21:37 UTC


Regenerative Agriculture - Wildlife vs. Livestock

15:35 UTC


Nonprofit Ending Rainforest Fires: The PROVEN Inga Solution Unveiled

12:14 UTC


March To End Fossil Fuels

06:25 UTC


A Fresh Perspective To Turn Conversations on Climate Disasters Into Climate Action

Our brains struggle to grasp climate change.

Reactions to flooding, wildfires, and heatwaves often include anxiety, denial, and despair. Connecting these feelings to specific human actions can be challenging. For over a decade, I have been striving to encourage policymakers to be more ambitious in protecting our environment.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to shift any climate conversation into a sensemaking perspective, potentially increasing the likelihood of people taking action.

Many individuals find it hard to accept that climate change is irreversible. When confronted with this reality, it’s essential to quickly emphasize that it will fundamentally alter every aspect of our civilization.

This leads to the realization:

Climate Change equals Poverty


Some studies suggest that climate change could reduce global economic output by up to 14% by 2050, while others predict a 30% reduction by 2100. However, these figures may underestimate the true economic damage.

But there’s hope.

Fighting climate change means we can lessen the harm to people and nature and, at the same time, improve the air we breathe and our overall well-being.

Climate change is the next economic revolution.


We are navigating a huge wave of people realizing that the whole global economy needs to be re-wired to reach decarbonization as soon as possible.

With significant gaps in education and capabilities worldwide, there’s enormous potential for career transformation or initiating climate action for anyone eager to channel their anxiety into positive change.

05:46 UTC


Livestream Marathon for my fundraiser! A Solarpunk Social Network with Cool, Subversive Content!

Join me as I livestream in a marathon today to raise awareness for the planet, talk about life, love and dating and make some cool stuff! Let's discuss your vision of a utopic future https://www.youtube.com/@fastfrwrdio/streams

20:09 UTC


Best resources to explain the current triple planetary crisis

I work in the sustainability sector but often find it hard to provide relatively simple-to-understand resources that explain the current triple planetary crisis and how they are interconnected.

For example, last night a friend who is slightly on the conspiracy fringe was saying how he is well onto biodiversity preservation but doesn't really see how carbon emissions are that bad.

It took me a good 20mn to explain the basics on emissions, global warming effect, and how these impact and are impacted by biodiversity loss and pollution. And I barely scratched the surface.

The hardest part for many people to understand seems to be this interconnectedness, it's not JUST carbon, nor is it JUST pollution, but all these different elements influencing each other making the issue exponential.

I'm curious if you have any go-to graphs, infographics, or resources that help communicate this?

One example find really well done and makes good use of infographics is this page by french newspaper LeMonde (although it does focus mainly on emissions).

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14:59 UTC


Smart Ceo's will say protecting the Planet; even if there is no profit made for a year or two is not bad. Since profits won't protect many lives when we see floods, wildfires, catastrophic weather events and environmental degradation. We all need to plan with environmental protection in mind.

We will recycle, repair, protect ecosystems, protect our biodiversity, our water, soil and air. Our environment protects us in many ways and gives us the opportunity to live a healthy life.

15:24 UTC

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