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This subreddit is for the submission of online petitions.

This is for the submission of different online petitions.


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Support mental health care changes in Sk

Most people know someone or have been someone let down by the mental health care. I unfortunately am one of those peoppen and had a very close family member struggle with mental health and although that brought on its own difficulties with some of the toughest trials and tribulations, navigating through our current mental health system brought on a lot of defeat itself; I turned my negative feelings and experiences about it all into something that I hope brings positive change to our mental health care. I have officially launched a petition that I think most, if not all people can resonate with. The more signatures, the more powerful!

"Empowering Mental Wellness: Demanding Adequate Funding and Reform" https://www.change.org/Skmentalhealth

I certainly don't expect anyone's signatures solely because youre reading this but please take a look and I think it is something that most people can relate to, empathize and agree with- and if so, please support it and sign.

I don't have social media so if you could share it- I appreciate it a lot or some people have requested a flyer and/or paper copy to post at work, that's awesome too. Just let me know!

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Oregon School District isn't running under good superintendents right now. Come sign this petition to have them resign!

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14 Years Is Too Long - Move Case of Missing Kyron Horman from Multnomah County Sheriff's Office to Oregon State Police

On June 4, 2010, 7-year-old Kyron Horman went missing from Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. There has been no trace of Kyron since then. MCSO didn't start the search for Kyron until 9 hours after he was last seen. They chose to disregard the profile the FBI provided to them. 14 years later, there is still little progress in the case.

Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing or is abducted in the United States. Approximately 840,000 children are reported missing each year and the F.B.I. estimates that between 85 and 90 percent of these are children.

People are not meant to live without knowing what happened to a lost/missing loved one. Our hearts are not meant to endure this pain. We ask that you help us show Oregon Governor Tina Kotek that people care that Kryon is missing and that he deserves justice. We believe it is time to allow the Oregon State Police the opportunity to review and investigate this case.

Please sign. Please share.


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Women's health classes petition (all)

Hi guys! I have a petition I know could catalyze vital changes for woman and our education system. https://chng.it/JrSk8VrDtj

23:55 UTC


Stop roku from showing ads when pausing HDMI source

https://chng.it/zXJKhXHx9h link to sign please sign today

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European Citizens' Initiative to tax great wealth: 160.000 signatures already collected

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Petition for Youtube to remove all ads on "Never Gonna Give You Up"

If you go through this link and you get an ad, please comment. Not a Rickroll.

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UK Residents, will you sign my Gaza petition to the UK government to get the UK to pressure the USA to enforce the binding ceasefire resolution by the UN Security Council?

Click this link to sign the petition. It can get up to 22 signatures before it has to go through a waiting process before getting published on the UK Government's website officially:

My petition:
Pressure the USA to enforce the Security Council's binding Ceasefire Resolution
The UK must use all the diplomatic tools at their disposal with the United States to ensure they enforce the binding ceasefire resolution at the UN security council. If this fails, then the UK should file a dispute with the USA using the UN Convention Against Corruption treaty dispute mechanism.
President Jimmy Carter described the USA as: “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”. The Supreme Court rulings Buckley v Valeo and Citizens United v FEC created a system where cash for policy transactions are legalized. Special interest groups like the Military Industrial Complex and the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) influence US foreign policy relating to Palestine / Gaza towards the interests of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and continued war.

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Halt the production and sale of vapes, particularly to minors

In some countries vaping already is illegal, but its still a big problem. Vapes can still be easily bought and gets sold, particularly to younger people. Young people are way more vulnerable to drugs and vaping and vaping is as bad as smoking a cigarette or maybe even worse. We would like if the government would pay more attention to this problem and do something more about it.

It is also a high school project and we really need some more signatures.

Make sure that when it asks to share you skip, because if you click away he doesnt count it as a signature for some reason.


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Legislate to make Community Meals on Wheels a statutory service

Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition!

Community meals on wheels is a service catered towards giving vulnerable people access to a fresh and nutritious daily meal.

We believe that making Meals on Wheels a statutory service would save billions of pounds in costs to the NHS and adult social care in treating the costs of malnutrition and associated illness and would improve health outcomes, whilst combatting loneliness and social isolation.


16:22 UTC


Funding For Ukraine

We have started a petition to President Biden for release of seized Russian assets to Ukraine. This petition requests that funds be provided to support both war and recovery efforts. Additionally we request full transparency to the money being transferred to ensure that the funds end up with the people rather than end up in the pockets of corrupt officials or Russian agents in Ukrainian parliament. Key benefits of the petition:

  1. Fund Ukraine's efforts without impacting US and other supporting countries' tax dollars.

  2. Place accountability on those responsible for decisions that led to these war crimes.

  3. Lessen economic burden of reparations in post-war Russia.

  4. Reduce the number of Ukrainian and Eastern European migrants crossing over the Mexican border.

Please support this petition. This is a no cost way to help those affected by war and play a role in shaping global history.

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The Matrity Party Petition

Are you passionate about fostering a society that values justice, equality, and environmental sustainability? Look no further – The Matrity Party is here, and we invite you to be a part of our transformative journey!

🌐 Who Are We? The Matrity Party is a dynamic political force committed to building a just and equitable Georgia. Rooted in the principles of democracy, inclusivity, and cooperation, we strive to create positive change for individuals and communities across the state.

✨ Our Core Values:
· Social Justice: Advocate for fairness and equality in every aspect of society.
· Environmental Sustainability: Work towards a greener, sustainable future for Georgia.
· Progressive Policies: Champion policies that enhance the well-being of all citizens.
· Inclusivity and Respect: Embrace diversity and collaboration as catalysts for progress.

🤝 Join Us and Make a Difference: Become a member of The Matrity Party and be a driving force for change! As a member in good standing, you gain access to voting privileges, leadership opportunities, and a vibrant community dedicated to creating a better Georgia.

🌈 What We Offer:
· Engaging Events: Participate in thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and events.
· Leadership Opportunities: Shape the future as a leader within our organization.
· Professional Development: Access opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge.
· Community Impact: Contribute to projects that make a meaningful difference.

💡 How to Get Involved:
Membership: Open to anyone who shares our values and mission.
Attend Events: Join our monthly meetings and special events.
Follow Us: Stay connected on social media for updates and opportunities.

🗳️ Be a Catalyst for Change – Support Matrity:
· Sign our petition for recognition in Georgia.
· Spread the word: Share our mission with friends, family, and colleagues.
· Volunteer: Contribute your time and skills to Matrity initiatives.

📧 Connect with Us:
Social Media: https://twitter.com/TheMatrityParty

💪 Petition Link: https://forms.gle/53UQJknWFntE51TR8

19:06 UTC


Improved access to affordable ADHD medications in Morocco !

Hey everyone! I'm reaching out to ask for your help with something super important to me. I've started a petition aimed at making a real change for those affected by ADHD. Your support means the world to me and could make a huge difference in the lives of many.https://chng.it/bFGDTDtJX5

12:10 UTC

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