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[Hiring] Halo Infinite Forerunner Hex Pillar Design

I am making a diorama from Halo Infinite and need a specific design from the hex pillars in the game. The design will be printed on high quality paper and glued onto a hexagonal frame made of wood. I have pictures of the design in a link to my google drive. Pay rate $20-40/hour. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1COomcZbWWABopMnJ6J2GdUMv3CAcWzBK?usp=share_link

17:04 UTC


[For Hire] i will give you a number of desings generated by IA's for a fair price

Are you in need of creative and compelling characters, stories, or concepts for your game? Look no further! With my expertise in both AI-generated designs and my own imagination, I can help bring your vision to life. Whether you're in need of detailed character designs or compelling storylines, I'm here to assist you every step of the way. Let me know what you're looking for, and together we can create something truly amazing. Contact me today to see how I can help!
PD: i dont own all the IA's on the market but let me know which one u want.

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01:38 UTC


[FOR HIRE] UI/UX designer with 3+ years of experience helping you to get your website/product built or redesigned

Hello, I am a freelance UI/UX designer. I create stunning websites or apps that are optimized for conversion. A website/app is crucial for any business today, having a pretty website/app is no longer enough. From Start-Ups to Charity Organisations, I have helped many to achieve their goals through a well-designed website/app

My process includes -

  1. Understanding your business goals and your users' goals
  2. Obtain any content including images needed for the design (if you don't have them, I can provide free stock images)
  3. Target user research and competitor analysis
  4. Building the user persona, user flow, and user journey
  5. Strategic layout of the content
  6. Finalize the design and delivery (Style guides, and components).

Simple isn't it? Send a message with your idea and we can start right away.

My rates usually start at $25/hr or a fixed price of 340 Dollars for a website with 1-3 pages or for 6 screens. Here is my portfolio. Thanks and have a nice day.

https://dribbble.com/hasanrins - Design shots

https://www.behance.net/hasanrins - In-depth case studies

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23:37 UTC


[For Hire] Designer of Enduring Logos and Brand Identities

Hi there,

I create logo and visual identity that creatively represent your company and immediately impress your customers.

My Portfolio: https://www.picograf.com

Quick Examples: https://i.imgur.com/qqzl62b.png

Price range: Logo design: $300-$800. Branding identity: $1000-$1500

If you are interested to collaborate in the design area, feel free to get in touch.


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23:25 UTC


[For Hire] Professional UI & Visual Designer for Web & Graphic Design Projects


I’m Viktorija - UI & Visual Designer from Europe working remotely on various projects around the world.

  • Portfolio:
  • I have extensive experience as a Graphic Designer & Illustrator, having worked in various places. My skills include designing with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, and Sketch.
  • I have over 6 years of graphic design experience and 3 years designing UI for websites, mobile apps, and wireframes.
  • I focus on creating functional and human-centered UI design, as well as crafting beautiful designs that are focused on usability.
  • I graduated from the Bachelor of Graphic Design studies at Vilnius College of Design, where I gained Design Thinking skills and best design practices.

My base rate is €20/hour, but I usually charge per project.

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06:49 UTC


[HIRING] Minimal or Single Line Artist who is South Asian for a fashion project


As the description states I am looking for someone who is able to do well with minimal or single line art that is from a south Asian background. I am working on a South Asian clothing brand and would like to have a very specific design embroidered on both the front and back of a shirt. Would love to send over specifics as well as design inspo over DM if possible, please send me over your rates and portfolio and we can get a discussion started! Don't have a specific budget in mind, willing to spend between 25-40 an hour.

03:44 UTC


[for hire] Freelance Web Designer/Developer Redditor for hire. smooth transaction and ready

[for hire] Web Designer/Developer Redditor for hire 10yrs+

I'm looking for new clients! Please do not hesitate to ask!

Please do not hesitate to ask!

What I offer:

WordPress theme development

  • Design a theme, and present a design mock up
  • Code any design you provide to working HTML/CSS/JavaScript pages (coded from scratch!)
  • Integrate any page to WordPress
  • Customize WordPress, premium themes, plugins however you want (can pretty much do anything with this CMS)

PHP/MySQL (PostgreSQL etc.)

  • If you need a more sophisticated approach, larger applications
  • Do any type of website with PHP and any database
  • Can work with any framework, templating system
  • API integration, creation and documentation
  • Work with any deployment method and remote services

Responsive Web Design

  • Make any page compatible, neat and pretty to any screen size, devices, or OS. zero bugs and fast!

Android/iOS app development

Other platforms I have experience with (scaling, migration to professional self-hosting)

  • Wordpress.com
  • Shopify & other cart website
  • Squarespace
  • Wix

Covering technical aspect of popular products/brands/services... (anything related to, any data to work with)

  • Google
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc)
  • Reddit itself, YouTube
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Analytics etc

Can cover JS heavy and Python tasks

More to offer...

  • Redesign websites, recode to be updated with the current web standards
  • You can provide me with a design/pages, (or logo/branding) done by a designer and I will code it with pixel perfect alignments, colors, and all the details. It will not be butchered! And your designer will be impressed how close it was done! 100% guaranteed
  • Integration to any application, software, script or API/3rd party to your website (provide link to docs)
  • All websites will be deployed to a live server by me as necessary (every step is covered! no hassle on your end, what ever type of project it is in.)
  • Any content/type of website is accepted (except illegal, used for scamming -big no)
  • I will complete projects and not leave you about % halfway through the project
  • Transparency -if I cannot do a complex task
  • Daily response to emails or chat, update every 2-3 days
  • Fast turnaround, perfect for those looking to get things done in a reasonable amount of time
  • Asia service provider, proficient and clear communication. and I offer flexible rates!
  • USD / PayPal / Wise and more, I also accept crypto payments
  • Email as main communication channel or instant messengers available: Telegram, Messenger (FB), D iscord, WhatsApp, Slack, Skype (please be brief in chat, time is gold!)

About me:

  • I’ve been in the web development industry for more than 10 years
  • I work fully remote for my clients no matter where they are at (time zone is not an issue)
  • I oversee content updates, core updates, debug, security, backups, social media and API/misc. integration for most of my past clients
  • You can always contact me after completing a project
  • I am looking for both project based and long-term professional partnerships
  • Affordable rates, not competing with very low budget nor overpriced. Reasonable and perfectly balanced for you
  • Constantly looking to utilize my skillset, learn new stuff and gain more experience
  • If I'm on a break, I cook new recipes. Watch movies, tv shows, anime and read manga. I also play games! I drink coffee or tea daily!


  • Please be 100% you are offering a project (not just asking for professional opinion)
  • Please be 100% committed (be on schedule too)
  • Please be casual but professional
  • Please have a clear overview of your goals
  • Small upfront may be necessary depending on the project
  • No ghosting, drama and excuses (low balling but more work required = asking for free work)
  • No long processes or interviews (it's 2023)

Dm me while I'm available!

Link to portfolio (cold start server) click here

starting at: 20 USD/hr

Fill up this form https://forms.gle/HFvSVW2Z6VmFjghM9 to get started

Services | Portfolio | Get a quote Google form

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23:56 UTC


[Hiring] Logo and Simple Animated Motion Graphic (of Logo) $450


I own a video production and IT/AV Consulting Company. We specialize in live streaming. I'm looking for Logo to be designed and motion graphic to go with. It would be great to have versions with and without text. Motion graphic would be nice to have something simple and loop able. Please send me a link to your portfolio!

Deliverables Requested:


Illustrator Project and .SVG

Motion Graphic:

After Effects Project at 4-8K 16:9 resolution. (4K Acceptable)

*All Fonts used

20:28 UTC


[Hiring] Video editor for recap videos

Hi there,

I'm looking for a video editor who can create 60-90 second internal videos for a large OEM manufacturer. These videos would be a recap of recent product launches, including footage of the launch, media commentary and product unboxings etc. Experience working with AI video generation would be a plus, but not necessary.

If you could send your hourly rates and relevant portfolio to herman@mynacomms.com, that would be great!

19:31 UTC


[FOR HIRE] Make Your Business Stand Out with My Graphic Design Skills! $30/hour

Looking for top-notch graphic design services? Look no further! I'm a professional graphic designer with years of experience in creating custom logos, flyers, mockups, posters, menus, and photoshop/photo editing.

I'm passionate about bringing my clients' visions to life and ensuring their brand stands out. I use the latest design software and techniques to create high-quality and eye-catching designs that will leave a lasting impression.

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, I'm here to help.
Contact me today to discuss your project and receive a free quote.

Work examples: https://imgur.com/a/6l8CSqC
Contact: uvisionsome@gmail.com

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14:27 UTC


[FOR HIRE] Will Professionally Photoshop or Illustrate/Vectorize Anything

Greetings, and first of all thank you for your time reading this.

Hi, I'm Ivan a versatile graphic designer with 10 years experience specializing in Photoshop and Illustrator. With my expertise in these software programs, I have the ability to create stunning designs, logos, and illustrations that cater to the unique needs and requirements of my clients.

With my wide range of skills I can photoshop or illustrate anything as in ANYTHING as for your request! Need some cool photoshop manipulation? Want to get rid of unwanted people or things from your beautiful taken picture? Need some simple retouchment? Damaged picture from your love ones that needs some restoration? Or maybe you want some nice illustration from your favorite cartoon character or for your pet?

I got you covered.

And if not satisfied with the outcome, will gladly do revision!

You can find my portfolio as an example here in my google drive Or you can visit my reddit page for more examples.

My base rate is USD$25 per hour, but I'm happy to negotiate based on your budget.

Feel free to contact me for further inquiries, we can chat about your needs or if you prefer you can email me instead. Thank you!

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10:08 UTC


[FOR HIRE] Book Cover Designer / Artist

Hello, you can see examples of my work at KLRcovers.com ... Currently open for commissions, or if you're on a tighter budget I've started a collection of premade covers. Pricing and testimonials can be found on the site. All artwork and photography is original and unique to each cover. Look forward to hearing from you - just DM me here... or contact me through the site

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08:26 UTC



Hello im looking for a graphic designer , budget is 50-150 usd , i need logos for my betting group, please dm me in discord $FTX#8527

03:08 UTC


[for hire] Web developer for SME businesses/companies/store dynamic sites, full CMS applications developer

freelancer developer looking for projects

gained experience thru English speaking agencies/marketing since
real world websites with branding
remote work setup, email or chat
flexible working hours
on-call debugger/fixer, 24-48hrs turnaround (agency employer)
can work without supervision
full setup, assisted finishing up to live deployment
build, manage, maintain multi websites
no to using templates or pre-build code that are unnecessary/bloated
looking for project based or long-term hiring

plan and build website layouts, mobile-friendly
create mockups before committing to code
convert design to code, fully customized/working. clean code, no builders
create fully working website from existing html (front-end tech + backend/db integration)
single page, landing pages, up to xxx pages
cms websites with Wordpress and PHP, Javascsript jquey/vuejs/react
has seo background
can edit pictures/video media
accepts adult related projects
accepts crypto/python/automation related projects
kindly contact me to get your project details reviewed within a day

pricing $20/hr

previous works at http://kwpworks.a2hosted.com/

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01:09 UTC


[For Hire] Book Cover, Portraits, Oc, RPG character art, Fanart, full body/half body in a semi realistic style.

Hi everyone! I'm a digital artist and if you liked my work, I'm glad to say that my commissions are open!! The work that I offer is a full body/half body illustration in a realistic style. The minimum time that I need to do the Illustration process is one week, depending on the level of details it may take a little longer. The starting price is $260 (full body per character), $220 (half body P/C) and $180 (portrait P/C) *Weapons, pets, wings and background will be charged separately.

I will keep you informed throughout the Illustration process. If you want an Illustration of your favorite character, your RPG character, a portrait, book cover or a personal project, please feel free to send me a message. I can't wait to explore my skills in new opportunities!!



To see other works:


Thanks in advance.

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21:32 UTC


[For Hire]: Budget friendly Graphic Designer

Hi, I'm Paul and I am a freelance graphic designer from Romania who specializes in Logo Design and branding but is no stranger to other branches of design. I am currently able to take on new projects. My portfolio can be found at: https://cpaul.design/

As far as cost goes, it varies depending on the project. Starting at around 50$ for small projects like edits of existing designs, polishing, 1-2 hrs of work. For example, logos sit around the $250 mark. Other work is of course to be discussed! I often do custom costs for different projects so feel free to reach out and we can talk and figure out what would be best for you. You can reach me through reddit messages or via my website or via E-mail. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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21:25 UTC


[For Hire] - | Illustrator/Graphic designer : Branding, Logo Design, Tshirt Graphics & More |

Examples https://imgur.com/a/R3qIvXh


My name is Rodney, an illustrator & graphic designer base out in the United States. Would like to work on some projects either long term or short, looking to freelance or a full-time remote position. proficient with illustrator & Photoshop. If you're looking for something for your business or personal I'd be happy to help.

Check out my work through my Portfolio's.



Personal work


Some Services provided.

Illustration Assets for webdesign
label design
Logo design
Cover art
T-shirt graphics
Business card
Book Cover
Card Border

Hourly rate $30/hr

Flat rate starting at $300

Message me if you have any questions or for a quote.

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20:17 UTC


[For Hire] Minimal / Professional Logo designing services

I'm a Logo Designer with nearly 5 years of experience and expertise in logo creation, I mainly specialize in modern and sleek designs.

Here's a quick glance at my work: https://imgur.com/a/4I69SZK

Extended portfolio: https://www.behance.net/rahman_ansari09

I charge 25$ per hour or a flat out fee in accordance with my hourly rate.

My rate includes everything from a concept art to the finished file you get.

Feel free to message me and I can help you create the ideal logo you'd need for your brand.

Hope you have a nice day! :)

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18:40 UTC


[For Hire] Minimal Logo & Brand Identity

I'm Paul and I've been a brand identity designer for 10 years at my own studio.
My services include logo design, product packaging design, and custom print and stationery designs. I'm familiar with most niches such as real estate, e-commerce, cosmetics, food & drinks, SaaS, CBD, hotels, restaurants, digital marketing, and others.

Portfolio, clients, recommendations, and previous Reddit projects: www.paulcobranding.com

My pricing is $40/hour, but to get a free quote for your project email me or contact me using the form on my website.

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17:16 UTC


[For Hire] UI / UX designer

Hey, I am a UI/UX designer looking for projects to work on. Here's a link to some of my work: bucaciuc(dot)me Or https://dribbble.com/fantasticsiur

My rate: $23/hr but I usually charge per page or per project. For some reason I don't get chat notifications so it's easier if you either DM or email me.

I'm online most of the day and checking my emails.

Thank you.

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08:24 UTC


[for hire] graphic design

a selection of past work

from $70 per job.

thank you.

05:14 UTC


[Hiring] Remove background from animation

I have an animation i want to be transparent so i can embed in a website , i have tried all of the free online tools but it always comes out distorted.I need it to be compact and high quality as well.

P.S. If a graphic designer has ready made animation related to software i might be willing to pay for said animations if i like them. P.M. for details.oh , and the only way i can pay is CRYPTO or buy an item(giftcards,etc..).

19:49 UTC


[For Hire] 2D Motion Graphic Designer! Love working on logo animations and motion branding!

Hey All,

I'm Hamza, I have 5+ experience in motion design.

Reel| Website| Instagram

If you think I could help you, or you just wanna chat, feel free to reach out.


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18:30 UTC


[For Hire] Brand designer and strategist that's worked with businesses in 10 countries

Every business has a brand, even if they don't have a logo or any identity system. As soon as a customer has bought from you, engaged with your business, subconciously formed an identifiable mark for your business, and told someone about your business, you are a brand. The difference is, whether you're the one in control of those identifiable marks, opinions, and values, and whether you can leverage them to increase customer retention in the long run.

My name is Boris. I create fully thought out brand identities and conduct brand strategy workshops and discovery sessions.

You can find out more on my website at www.viboris.com

  • Best understanding of how to communicate to western audiences.
  • Preferred industries are IT and fashion.
  • Despite the preference I also have experience in a wide selection of industries: construction, logistics, architecture, ecommerce, coaching, marketing, online publications, gaming, music.
  • Experience with enterprise clients (most recently McDonalds)

Rough hourly wage would be $40/hr, but I charge per project, 50% upfront and 50% after everything is finished, delivered and you are more than satisfied. No unexpected costs for you, not too much extra math and bureaucracy for me.

I also have experience and skills in digital marketing, and have ran businesses/studied under entrepeneurs so I have some advice and knowledge for you in those areas as well.

Thank you for reading this through, if you think I could help you in some capacity I'd love to get in touch!

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17:55 UTC


[For Hire] Logo designer


I specialise in high quality logo design services.

Quick preview

Pricing depends on the scope of the project and starts at $300. Feel free to contact me for a quote!

For more work visit my website: https://wova.pl/

Email: wovastudio@gmail.com


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14:38 UTC


[For Hire] Experienced and Versatile Graphic Designer | Logo Design and Branding, Stream Graphics, Marketing Materials, Web Design and more







Hi everyone! I'm John, a freelance graphic designer who has worked with many clients on a multitude of projects over the past few years. Versatility is one of my key strengths. Whether it’s a modern approach or something more casual, I believe I have the skills and knowledge to meet your needs.


I design for

  • Businesses and Startups
  • Streamers and YouTubers
  • Authors and Comic Creators

I also provide standalone services, such as

  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Marketing Materials
  • Web Design


Pricing is dependent on the scale, budget, and scope of work for the project. I usually charge a flat rate based on my hourly rate is $30 per hour. Don't hesitate to contact me for a quote and we can discuss further.

I'm currently available for new projects, If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to send me a message and I'll try to help as best as I can. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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11:10 UTC


[Hiring] We are looking for logo designers, graphic designers and social media content creators for a pay rate of $20 - $30 per hour. Please contact us at the email: careeroportunity@mailfence.com

We are looking for logo designers, graphic designers and social media content creators for a pay rate of $20 - $30 per hour.

Please contact us at the email: careeroportunity@mailfence.com

20:31 UTC


[For Hire] Start off on the right foot and look good doing it! - Logo, Branding/Identity, Packaging Design and more


My name is David and I'm a graphic designer. My main focus is on branding/visual identity design, as well as packaging, but I am potentially open to other areas as well (I started dabbling in UI/UX, but please go easy on me).

No matter if you're working on a new business, product, service or if you're in the game for a while, taking care of your branding is half the battle and it's never too late to get that done!

When it comes to pricing I try to take everything into account and be flexible whenever possible. With that being said my standard hourly rate is $35/hr, though I prefer to work at a fixed price which typically starts in the $350-500 range for most projects such as logo or packaging design. This of course varies depending on the complexity and amount of work.

Check out my website/portfolio here.

Feel free to get in touch either over reddit messages or by email found on my site should you have any inquiries.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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16:05 UTC


[For Hire] Logo Designer/ Branding Specialist for your brand

I'm a Logo Designer / Brand Identity Designer, I have worked on many branding projects for start-ups and businesses all over the world and managed to deliver effective design solutions.

✦ Portfolio: https://dribbble.com/hvbrands/

- Logo Design package starts at 350$ and includes:

- Branding Packages start at 750$

- Brand Identity Package starts at $1800+

Let's work together! Contact me at itshvdesign@gmail.com

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23:42 UTC


[For Hire] Professional freelance UX/UI designer & web developer

Hi, my name is Tea, I’m a freelance web developer and UX/UI designer.
I can help you with:
• Frontend development (React JS)
• UX/UI Design and Redesign (Figma, Adobe XD)
• Consulting for design improvements
I will provide a modern, practical, and high-quality result. Your satisfaction is my top priority, so let me turn your idea into a real product. I’m open to any kind of questions so we can reach your goal.


Hourly rate
My hourly rate is $25, but I am also open to a flat rate depending on the scope of the project.

Contact me:
Feel free to email me at [kermetcieva.tea@gmail.com](mailto: kermetcieva.tea@gmail.com), or take a look and contact me at my LinkedIn profile

My Portfolio:

22:37 UTC

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