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A subreddit for everything open source related (for this context, we go off the definition of open source here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source)

A subreddit for everything open source related.

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    Automatically add print statements into your python code while debugging!

    Hey guys, every now and then we find ourselves adding prints into our code to debug the value of a variable as it passes through a function.

    Constable does that for you, automatically during runtime !


    Example -

    import constable
    @constable.trace('a', 'b')
    def example(a, b):
        a = a + b
        c = a
        a = "Experimenting with the AST"
        b = c + b
        a = c + b
        return a
    example(5, 6)

    Output -

    constable: example: line 5
        a = a + b
        a = 11
        type(a) = <class 'int'>
    constable: example: line 7
        a = "Experimenting with the AST"
        a = Experimenting with the AST
        type(a) = <class 'str'>
    constable: example: line 8
        b = c + b
        b = 17
        type(b) = <class 'int'>
    constable: example: line 9
        a = c + b
        a = 28
        type(a) = <class 'int'>
    constable: example: line 3 to 10
        args: (5, 6)
        kwargs: {}
        returned: 28
        execution time: 0.00018480 seconds
    02:02 UTC


    Open source contribution to digital manufacturing

    Hi All,
    I am looking for opportunities that are open source and I can contribute to as a person with software and machine learning skills.
    Does any of the members know of any repositories on GitHub that are open source and related to manufacturing that I can contribute to?

    23:06 UTC


    Seeking feedback on my messenger service.

    I built a messenger for self-hosting, and it has reasonable traction by my standards. I struggle however getting feedback on what works, what doesn't, and what are the most important missing features. I would be very grateful to anyone willing to give it a look and let me know their thoughts.

    Here is the project: https://github.com/balzack/databag

    Thanks in advance!

    19:55 UTC


    PDF reader that can bookmark across apps table of content?

    I'm using Xodo for reading PDFs on my Android. There is a bookmark feature to save important chapters and notes.

    However, these bookmarks do not show when opened in another app like Windows Acrobat's table of content.

    I'm looking for an app for android that can do this, and ideally free.

    19:20 UTC


    got fed up with email solutions, decided to change it, OS email launching today

    hey reddit!

    i think email is broken, lots of reasons, and theres no good open source alternatives out there

    so I took some time and built a fully open source and self-hostable modern email system

    we're launching the cloud version officially today and the repo is already live

    would appreciate some feedback and thoughts on where you think we should take this

    here's our repo https://github.com/un/inbox

    17:46 UTC


    Help: Mbus Parser [rust]

    Note: I have also advertised with the same text on Rust Programming Language Discord server

    Project's name: m-bus-parser
    Project's description: A modern , open source decoder for wired m-bus portocol decoder for EN 13757-2 physical and link layer, EN 13757-3 application layer of m-bus
    Why is help needed: to make it broadly useable, it would be good for more than one ( me ) contributors
    How can you help: Write a review of the code , give feedback or make a pull request for something unimplemented. Build it for one of the targets described in the readme. Ask questions . Create issues.

    github repository of m-bus-parser


    16:20 UTC


    Open Source Nas?

    I'd like an open source NAS but

    • pre-built solutions are not libre
    • I can make my own NAS with TrueNas and similar using a tower PC but I don't have space for that
    • I can use USB bays but they're not reliable.

    I'd just like to have a Nas-sized libre solution lol. Anything like that?

    11:06 UTC


    Openkoda - Open-source Platform for Faster Business App and SaaS Development

    Hi open-source community! πŸ’™

    Just recently, we have published our first release of Openkoda, an open-source platform for the rapid development of SaaS and enterprise applications! πŸš€

    Openkoda is designed to speed up the software development process by offering ready-to-use building blocks and pre-built templates. It enables developers, to create and deploy applications significantly faster than traditional methods by providing tools that simplify the customization and extension of functionalities​.

    Openkoda features:

    πŸ“Œ Application admin panel,
    πŸ“Œ Dynamic entities,
    πŸ“Œ User management functionalities,
    πŸ“Œ Event listeners,
    πŸ“Œ Job Requests,
    πŸ“Œ Support for multiple multi-tenancy models.

    Similar solutions often lead to the dreaded "vendor lock-in" problem, and that's why the open source core is so important. Organizations and developers who use Openkoda to build their applications retain full ownership of their code and can do with it whatever they want.

    Here is the link to our GitHub page. Feel free to check it out and share your thoughts!

    πŸ”— Opekoda GitHub Page πŸ”—
    πŸ”— Showcase Video πŸ”—

    09:02 UTC


    Looking for ways to open source my web app

    I have been working for the past 2 years on a web app called Just Remind which is basically a free version of Readwise (with a small and cheap premium tier).

    Now, I grew tired of the project and I want to move to something else but I don't want to let my users in the dark. But as I won't be developing it anymore, and I don't want to bear the cost of running it anymore, I was thinking of open-sourcing it.

    I have no experience with open-source other than consuming it (and mostly packages for my web dev job).

    The way Just Remind works now is simple:

    • a user creates an account
    • download the necessary Google Chrome extension
    • imports all books from the Amazon Kindle website via the chrome extension
    • receives everyday an email with some of the books highlights

    A few dependencies are involved:

    • a vercel hosting for the web app
    • a database
    • a cron job service
    • an email sending service
    • an email domain
    • a website domain

    I can keep the vercel hosting (for free) and website domain (for cheap). But I would like to scratch the other costs.

    I would replace the daily email sending by desktop and mobile notifications. We're talking here then about a progressive web app that users could download and install from the landing page.

    After the user installs the PWA, the service can be enjoyed for free via the daily notification. This will scratch the need for the email domain and the email sending service (not sure about the cron job).

    The reason I was thinking about a PWA is because the service should be enjoyed from both a desktop and a mobile. But maybe it's just not possible? And what about the database? Can the user have the data stored on his own device? How is it then synced between desktop and mobile? Or can I use a free database hosting?

    I am bit lost as to know whether it's even feasible while keeping the app intact or even on how to get started and what to consider. Any thought or help would be greatly appreciated!

    1 Comment
    08:06 UTC


    How can I make a living by contributing to open source

    I am a software developer. Having knowledge and experience in various things(maybe thats not relevant here, correct me if am wrong). I want to contribute more towards open source but along with that I want to be able to support my family too.

    07:03 UTC


    Sharing an open source google drive / docsend alternative

    Hi everyone. I am building a google drive / docsend alternative. While there are similar projects on GitHub, many of them have become outdated and are no longer maintained. Hence I am building it with a new tech stack including additional feature such as sharing via email and advanced link control and password protection. This means you can easily remove access to your files anytime you want. Additionally, the entire project is open source, allowing you to self-host and customize it to your needs. I would also appreciate any feedback you have for me !

    I am using AWS S3 and Cloudflare R2 for storage, in addition I am aware that some people would prefer docker and host on their own VPS or NAS, so I am preparing that and hopefully I can get it setup in the next few months.

    You can check it out on github for more details: https://github.com/suzushi-tw/celestialdoc

    or try the deployed verison: https://celestialdoc.com/

    15:28 UTC


    Open-Source LinkedIn Scraper RestAPI

    I published this Restful API using fastAPI and selenium, it has to endpoints one for scraping profiles and the other for scraping companies and I want your opinion on the code and if there's any improvement or anything that I can add to it. Here's the repo of the project, feel free to try it, submit pull requests or request features :)

    14:54 UTC


    Having a crisis. Send help.

    Yeah yeah, things are tough all over.

    My issue (common?) is that I'm increasing unhappy with crappy, expensive software from the biggest software producers out there (Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, etc.) Smaller commercial companies that offer alternatives seem to be being bought up and merged into bigger companies at an alarming rate. Corporate "sponsors" (see:IBM/redhat, also Microsoft) are undermining the purpose of Open Source software, locking out the community while making a profit and forking/privatizing source code.

    The go-to Open Source alternatives to the big headliners (Photoshop, Premiere, ProTools, Final Cut, Logic and even Excel) are arguably not as capable.

    Am I missing something? Are there programs that compete with the commercial alternatives, at least for non-professional use?

    Also - what are some of the things regular folks can do to support Open Source software in general? Which civic and political groups are the most effective at sustaining and promoting the Open Source ecosystem?

    Thanks for tolerating the naive.

    13:20 UTC


    Looking for FREE Bookmarking, Highlighting and Commenting all in one software (Windows)

    07:13 UTC


    Multi-column email client similar to kanban?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some kind of multi-column email client or browser extension (probably for Gmail, though Nextcloud Mail would be neat) that would function similarly to a kanban-style workflow.

    The idea being that it would help me to support the concept of "inbox zero" by treating everything in my Inbox folder as something that needs actioning with organizing, replying, deleting, marking as spam etc. I would then be able to see at a glance what emails I still need to respond to with a "Needs Reply" column. Could have additional columns like "Waiting" if they're not actionable by me. Ideally, the "inbox" itself would be a column in and of itself too.

    https://kanmail.io/ looks similar to what I have in mind, but doesn't seem to be actively maintained, and also doesn't have a native Linux version (the workaround is Docker).

    Utilizing labels, it might be nice if all the emails were still viewable via the default "Inbox" view in any other email client, so I can still work through them without diving into individual labels (I imagine this could be figured out with conditional logic in the browser Gmail web app).

    Really struggling with email overload at present, and whilst labels in the Gmail interface are decent, as the old adage goes, I find that if things are out of sight then they're out of mind. So, I don't find it a conducive way to see what I need to be doing at any given moment as I can't have it all side-by-side all the time.

    I've tried the likes of DragApp, which is not open source and not too convinced as it assumes a "shared" inbox, and find the dense iconography hard to parse visually. I'm sure that if someone clicks with it then it's a cool solution, but not quite right for me.

    Ideally, I'd be able to drop Gmail and switch to something open source and hopefully native, but I only stick with it as there's so many browser extensions and add-ons that ease the crappiness of email in the modern age.

    Hope everyone is in excellent health.

    02:55 UTC


    Best upcoming open source games?

    I don't know how to keep up to date with which games are in-development since there's no place I've found that actively keeps track of projects.

    The only ones I know in active development are:

    • 0 A.D.
    • Veloren
    • Beyond All Reason, recommended by u/Possibly-Functional
    • Mindustry, recommended by u/Interesting_Bet_6394
    • Osu Lazer, recommended by u/Interesting_Bet_6394
    • OpenTTD, recommended by u/sakunix
    01:33 UTC


    Announcing OpenZiti v1.0 - A platform for designing secure connectivity into your applications

    Hi there. I'm CTO/Co-founder of NetFoundry, the company behind the OpenZiti (Apache v2) project. We set out to revolutionize secure networking as software you can design into your apps, and today marks a big milestone for us: OpenZiti is now v1.0! See https://blog.openziti.io/announcing-openziti-v1

    A big thank you to everyone who has used/contributed to OpenZiti and helped us along the way.

    01:14 UTC



    Have you ever used pling.com or some instance of it like gnome-look.org?

    Every now and then I use it to look for new icons, themes, wallpapers, and other stuff for my desktop.

    Overall, it works really well. However, I feel that it could be way better in terms of UX, mostly in terms of promoting the best content and in finding what we are looking for.

    I did not found the source code anywhere so I assumed it is not open-sourced. The idea of a rebuild came to my mind, but maybe I am being silly.

    What do you guys think about it? Any thoughts are welcome.

    23:53 UTC


    Growth Hacking Killed GitHub Stars

    I have some thoughts I have been thinking about for a bit and thought I'd share them here for discussion.

    I don't think there is an argument about whether GitHub is the place for open source. Overwhelmingly, most new projects choose GitHub and looking back in 2023, the biggest projects with the highest star growth (the current metric for success) can be attributed these large star events to intentional marketing.

    There was a time when open source was driven by weekend code sessions; but today, open source is fueled by sustainable sponsorship conversations and venture capital. This is not entirely a bad thing, as it provides a sustainable future for the biggest projects we get to use and love.

    The challenge in this new reality is defining what is worth looking at and whether GitHub Stars are still relevant for discovering projects worth your time. Correlating the best metric to identify projects to invest your time in depends on who has the biggest reach in a community. This seems contrary to how open source started and marks a shift in how we think about success in open source moving forward. These high growth moments are now indicators of significant events like appearing on a subreddit or getting mentioned by a developer influencer on YouTube.

    My question is, what is success in open source?

    23:39 UTC


    Does anyone know an open-source android PDF Text-to-Speech Reader?

    An app which reads aloud pdf documents, using a TTS engine. Btw do you know any standalone, open-source TTS engine which supports hungarian language? I tried posting into r/fossdroid, but i always get an error, that i need to choose a post flair, even though i have chosen one.

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    18:35 UTC


    Announcing Medusa 2.0 - an open-source commerce platform with a built-in framework for customizations

    Hello, I'm Nick, one of the founders of the open-source project MedusaJS (repo), an open-source alternative to established ecommerce platforms like Commercetools and Shopify.

    We just announced the biggest product update to date with Medusa 2.0, which will be a step-change for our ecommerce platform. I wanted to share it with this community.

    With the release, we'll ship a lot of things:

    • Redesigned Admin dashboard
    • New commerce features and modules
    • A fully modularized architecture
    • A built-in server framework for customizations


    Building a server framework for customizations

    While all of the additions mean a lot to us, the built-in server framework is probably one of the biggest differences from what you'll have seen in traditional ecommerce platforms.

    With Medusa 2.0, we modularize all of our commerce functionality into 17 independent services for cart, payment, orders, customers, authentication, and all the different areas you need to operate a modern ecommerce setup. We then also add a fully-fledged server framework for building native customizations that are easy to maintain and evolve. Some of the framework's tooling includes:

    • Custom data models, business logic, and API endpoints to build native customizations - e.g. build a custom auction module or link customers to a b2b organization.
    • Subscribers for event-listening and cron jobs to automate recurring tasks - e.g. to run daily product sync with a PIM or update product fulfillment statuses with ERP info.
    • Workflows to orchestrate actions across your commerce stack and systems like CMS, ERP, PIM, custom systems, etc.
    • Index Engine to help you make performant queries across 3rd party tools, custom modules, and existing Medusa modules.
    • Admin Extensions allow you to add custom UI to your commerce Admin, such as Widgets to customize existing pages or UI Routes to build completely new Admin pages.

    This framework tooling aims to make it much easier for developers to create custom logic and flows, which we find is often needed in modern commerce applications and is not easily supported in existing proprietary systems.

    As always, we would love to hear your feedback!

    15:00 UTC


    Any live speech to text converter for Windows (opensource & works offline)?

    Hi I am looking for some speech to text converter for windows, but not able to get anything.

    I know there are two popular models, vosk and whisper, but I am unable to find anything which I can use on windows for live transcription.

    Any suggestions please?

    09:43 UTC


    Opensourcing Jellybox code, cross platform client for Jellyfin

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    09:37 UTC

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