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Transgenic plants, food, organisms, genes, insects, and biology. Includes transgenics.

Transgenic plants, food, organisms, genes, insects, and biology.

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PASTEL - a visual scifi short film

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Transgénicos: Análisis del informe 2016 por Academia Nacional de Cienci...

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Am i transfobic for not considering transsexuals real men or women?

So here's the thing, before anyone gives me heat about this question, i must say at once that i'm here to be educated and not to spread hate or criticise anyone.

(pardon the bad english, i'm still learning) So here's the story behind my question. I've been dating my girl for the last 6 months and she have a a few transexual friends that usually hang out with us. I love this guys, they're fun, they're honest hardworking people that i respect very much and love hanging out with and even going on double dates. But recently i've heard them talking with my girl about a guy that one of her trans friends gone out on a date with and said that she wasn't a real women and that was way too transphobic. That randon piece of conversation made me question my whole stand about the trans community, and i come to realise that i never considered transsexuals real women, i've always consedered them as a 3rd gender and, allthough i trated them as i would treat any women, i've never really seen them romantically or anything like that (i've been approached by a few when i was single, but always refused) so here's the question. Am i being transfobic? Even tho i have no hate at all for the transexuals community, never beem scared or unconfurtable around them? I swear to you guys, i used to consider myself, and i still do, an open minded guy, but now, i suddenly feel divided on what should i think.

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transgenic OR transgenics as the subreddit title? If you have a preference, you are free and uncensored to post your view.

Comment or submit something new as you see fit.

FYI, Firefox's spell checker says transgenic is spelled correctly while transgenics gets the red underline.

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