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    are there non-hindgut fermenters that arent ruminants, pseudoruminants, marsupials, sloths, hoatzin, or colobus monkeys?

    are there any non-hindgut fermentors that arent ruminants, pseudoruminants, marsupials, sloths, hoatzin, or colobus monkeys? Those are the foregut fermenters I could find but i feel like-especially with like sponges, jellyfish, zooids, insects nematodes, rotifers, etc etc- that it would be unlikely that they would all be hindgut fermenters.... and that usually when ever I try to search anything that related to all animals, the results only pertain to terrestrial animals, plus maybe a few common marine life (eg large fish, marine mammals, sharks) and even still, will often sometimes exclude insects, amphibians/reptiles, and rodents

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    Graduated in AS w/bachelors. Looking for advice on next steps to pursue research career.

    I had the dream to be a Veterinarian before school and a year into my major. Realized I no longer wanted that career but enjoyed research in large animals instead.

    I’m exploring careers and possibly grad school. I’d like to hear from all kinds of people and perspective’s.

    My advisor wasn’t even in my major so i’ve been at a loss for seeking advice for my future. Plus, my college leaned more towards food science students and left us AS students hanging even though there was a lot of us.

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    20:53 UTC


    Would ruminants (and hoatzin) be considered zooids because of the microbes in their stomach?

    Would ruminants (and hoatzin) be considered zooids because of the microbes in their stomach? Some of the microbes that ferment in the rumen are considered animal life....

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    20:37 UTC


    Do frogs jump on people?

    I have a severe frog phobia and I don’t want to look at or touch frogs. My main fear is frogs jumping on me, like my feet or my back. Is that common or unlikely?

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    23:20 UTC


    Please I need your help for Environmental impact of methane emissions from cattle farming project

    I write a research review about Environmental impact of methane emissions from cattle farming for my school project, I need 100 participants during these two days please, good people, take a few minutes of your time https://forms.gle/PTWthyNJBJD26JqBA

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    Question about major

    I’m thinking of going to cal poly for animal science on a pre-vet track but I heard on another thread you have to take classes on slaughtering animal which I’m not interested in. Is this true or is that optional?

    04:18 UTC


    Animal science career

    What are the careers after graduating animal science? What is the average salary?

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    Podcast on the World's Largest Dog Study

    Featuring UW biogerontologist Prof. Daniel Promislow on the Dog Aging Project—and what it can tell us about why some dogs live longer than others.


    15:45 UTC


    Questions to ask, Animal science professionals

    What is your job position/title and profession?

    How many years of experience do you have in this profession?

    Describe a problem, situation, or disease relevant to human or veterinary health that you encountered/researched in your profession and was directly caused by an insect or arachnid

    How did you mitigate, diagnose, or research this problem, disease, or situation?

    Describe a problem, situation, or disease caused by insects or arachnids that you are most concerned about emerging in the future and directly threatening animal and/or human health ?

    What advice do you have for students/trainees aspiring to succeed in your profession?

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    applying to grad school and creating a CV for first time- can I see CV examples?

    Hi! Im graduating with my ASCI bachelors in 2 months and Im working on making a CV for the first time. My TA and one of my professors did send me theirs but I was wondering if I could see other people's CVs for reference on how to format and what to include in mine? Especially graduate-level people's CVs would be very helpful.

    Thank you!

    16:31 UTC


    what's your favorite example/s of convergent evolution?

    list your favorites (i like learning new ones so this is a fun way)
    Mine are:
    Mouths (venus fly traps/animals)
    Crop milk/milk (pigeons, flamingoes emperor penguins mammals)
    Foregut fermentation/rumen style (ruminants, hoatzin, apparently some primates?)
    Elephant shrews-shrews-rodents

    16:25 UTC


    Video Capturing in Research

    Hi all :) We are creating a user-friendly, scalable multi-camera capture platform for all camera types in 2D and 3D, aiming to simplify machine learning model use. We welcome insights to improve our product and would appreciate sharing your experiences.https://aivero.typeform.com/survey

    Your anonymous survey responses are crucial to our progress. In advance, thank you for your support.

    13:19 UTC


    What wild cat is the most loyal to thier owner in captivity ?

    I know that wild animals , especially wild cats like tigers and lions are not supposed to be domesticated

    The QUESTION:- I want to know what big wild cat is the most loyal, attentive, and protective of thier owner? like for example if thier owner is being attacked they won't hesitate to defend him

    06:06 UTC


    Bio MS or grad certificate, trying to decide


    I'm a 40-year-old disabled veterinary technician educator looking into graduate-level programs I can do online (unless it's local) to gain formal expertise in ecology, evolution, zoology, that kind of thing, with the ultimate goal of being involved in informal or formal education, like working in a zoo or wildlife center education department, or in consulting for teaching materials or husbandry products. I mentioned my disability only because I'm limited in what I can do physically--I'm not in clinical practice anymore because of it--so I don't want to have to do demanding fieldwork.

    I searched every kind of specific degree I could think of, but I landed on a program at Western Kentucky University. It's just called biology, but there is a lot of stuff more on the macro end. They have a master's program and they also have a graduate certificate. I'm really into the certificate idea since it's cheaper, quicker, and easier. But would that be pointless? If I just have a BA in anthropology and an associates in veterinary technology and then a graduate certificate, would that be enough to maybe work in my field of interest? Or is it much smarter to just commit to the masters? Thanks for any advice or insights!

    19:35 UTC


    Options for careers with Animal Science degree

    I am currently on course to get my Animal Science degree and become a Vet Tech. I know that being a tech is not the best paying job in the world, but I am super excited about it as I already work in cat rescue. But, if I were to decide to do something else with my degree, what kind of options do I have? And no, I have not asked my advisor this yet; I have been told a few options that I have but I would love to hear real life experiences if anyone can relate to this.

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    What can I do with an Animal BioScience/Animal Science degree in Canada?

    I'm in my second year of my degree and I'm honestly considering transferring my courses now and switching to a 2-year Vet Technology program. I'd graduate the same time. Which is better?? Should I stick it out at university or become a vet tech? Can I be a vet tech with this degree or something similar that pays well? I don't even know what I'll be able to do with this degree I just know that I want to be working in with animals.

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    17:05 UTC


    Best Carolina college for Animal Science

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a good Carolina college that has a good program for animal science, I’ve been looking at NCAT but that’s an HBCU so I’m a little nervous because I couldn’t be whiter hahahaha, but also been looking at NCSU and I just don’t know if they have a good program or not. I’m out of state so. Thanks in advance :)

    12:16 UTC


    Cal poly major

    Hi, I applied to cal poly under dairy science but I was wondering how hard it would be to switch to animal science? They are in the same college and department

    06:56 UTC


    Paper on the development and testing of an integrated measure on birding motivations

    This study aims to unify the construct of birding motivation in one measurement model, summarizing previous attempts that show some inconsistencies.


    Read the article

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    I've got a question that Google can't answer

    Why do isopods AKA pill bugs eat Styrofoam I didn't even know that they could please explain

    03:39 UTC


    Dissertation Survey Help: Sound as an anthropogenic disturbance on marine life


    I am in my final year of my Zoology degree. For my dissertation, I am looking at sound as an anthropogenic disturbance on marine life, specifically public perception of this. I would be grateful to anyone who can take a few minutes to complete this. Thank you.

    Happy to complete others in exchange!


    12:44 UTC


    Using BORIS

    Hello everybody,

    We're using Behavioral Observation Research Interactive Software for a research on Black-Tailed Godwits. We're using pictures but we can't seem to get the picture in BORIS any bigger, like it stays small in the observation window even when we make the window bigger. Has anyone ever had that problem? And do you also have a solution for it?

    Thanks in advance

    12:19 UTC


    Dissertation on the effects of overfishing

    Hello everyone

    I'm Doing a dissertation on the effects of overfishing for my degree and I would like to ask if you could spare 5 minutes to fill it out for me


    Thank You

    23:53 UTC

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