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Anarcho-primitivism is an anarchist critique of the origins and progress of civilization. According to anarcho-primitivism, the shift from hunter-gatherer to agricultural subsistence gave rise to social stratification, coercion, and alienation. Anarcho-primitivists advocate a return to non-"civilized" ways of life through deindustrialisation, abolition of the division of labour or specialization, and abandonment of large-scale organization technologies.

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Anarcho-primitivism is an anarchist critique of the origins and progress of civilization. According to anarcho-primitivism, the shift from hunter-gatherer to agricultural subsistence gave rise to social stratification, coercion, and alienation. Anarcho-primitivists advocate a return to non-"civilized" ways of life through deindustrialisation, abolition of the division of labour or specialization, and abandonment of large-scale organization technologies.


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"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." --Henry David Thoreau

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Is Marc Augier a Anarcho-Primitivist?

The man, though associated with the French Right, was mainly an environmentalist and believed in the abolishen of both capitalism and communism. He also advocated for small communities as to protect the environment more. Still I do not know if he could ebb considered a AnPrim or not.

18:15 UTC


What are some Primitivist critique of Transhumanism?

I am sympathetic to transhumanism and had recently come across the ideo of primitivism. For not remaining in a echoe chamber, I would like to hear some criticism.


14:37 UTC


What do anarcho-primitivists think about the works "The Truth About Primitive Life: A Critique of Anarchoprimitivism" by Theodore Kaczynski and "War Before Civilization" by Lawrence H. Keely?

20:56 UTC



one of the criticisms ive heard of anarcho-primitivism is that it will cause the mass death of disabled people or people with long term health conditions which can be managed or treated under industrial societies, while i understand and agree that the state of nature argument is bullshit and human societies have always cared for the sick and injured and that minor illnesses and injuries can be treated without industrial society what is the response to this point? do we have to accept that if the collapse of civilisation is inevitable then you have to accept that these people will just not make it? or should we try to maintain some positive aspects of advanced civilisation as some kind of compromise?

19:21 UTC


Autonomous Gnomestead Community

Perhaps I will make a springtime tradition of this, posting this to my favorite subs where homesteading and livin off the land is discussed:

I am on 5 beautiful wooded acres in western washington usa, about 10 minutes drive from decent size towns, and i want to grow an Autonomous Gnomestead Community here. I got into this place with my partner and stepson, but they have become very disabled with (essentially) autoimmune disorder and cannot be here to work on the place.

So each spring I'll put out this invite, to all you mossfolk and vagabonds and curious homestead imaginers: Wanna come try it out? Live in the woods and sort out pigs and chickens and dogs and mud? This offer is a rent-for-trade sorta deal. You dont have to pay any $ rent to be out here, but you gotta help care for these animals (its not all that much), and you gotta work out your shelter. There's shed loft space for a person to crash in, and theres a little cabin just getting started.

Its been a whole lot for just lil ol me to get done by myself, especially workin a mostly-full time job in town.

Hit me up in a message for more personal details & thanks for reading, i hope everyone is keeping warm Cheers

17:31 UTC


Isn't anarcho primititivism deeply nihilistic?

Given the current state of the world and its technological development, isn't being anarcho primitivist deeply nihilistic?

I feel that if we can't get to our natural state of pre agriculture, just knowing that our current state is "wrong" alienate us into a nihilistic way of living.

Once you agree with the main anprim premise, society makes not much sense. Whats your opinion? Do you have any cope mechanism?

11:05 UTC


Technological Slavery and Anti-Tech Revolution

Has everyone here read Kaczynski's books Technological Slavery and Anti-Tech Revolution?

If you have, what were your disagreements with specific arguments he makes?

22:24 UTC


Driver licences and cars

Do anarcho primitivits have a driver licenses or cars? If not, why? U dont want to contradict your ideology or if you have, isnt that contradiction?

09:34 UTC


Should i?

Im thinking about starting to spending less and less time on my phone. Its draining, as an anprim i knew internet and social media makes life miserable, but i didnt knew it was that bad until i experienced it myself. Should i try to do it, even if its really hard to stop?

21:53 UTC


The question of healthcare in a primitive world.

One of the most common questions I’ve seen about anarcho primitivism is what to do about healthcare, or what would one even be able to do if they were ill, injured or disabled. I asked the kind people of r/CavemanPhilosophy and here are some of the suggestions to relieve this issue:

  1. Try leaf
  2. This is a skill issue
  3. Do what you want. (I think this basically means “figure it out for yourself”)
12:49 UTC


So, how would a hypothetical AP society after the collapse of technological civilization avoid restoration of agriculture, hierarchy, slavery and feudalism?

So, let's assume that collapse of technological civilization is inevitable. Why would the society stay as peaceful and egalitarian hunter-gatherer tribes?

08:30 UTC


I don't want to live in a world where factory farming exists!

I just can't cope with the fact that at this very moment, billions of animals are held in the most horrible conditions you can imagine. Living in darkness, in cages so tiny they can't even move, sleeping in their own shit and piss, getting tortured by the sadistic worker scum and brutally murdered just that some fat domesticated office weasel gets his burger delivered to his doorstep in 20 minutes. What the fuck? What world do we live in? I consume animal products, and I know that I'm guilty for supporting this evil industry directly or indirectly (most of times you don't know where your meat is from these days). But humans are not herbivores, we need animal products to be healthy. I'm not saying go vegan I just wanted to share how disgusting factory farming is and I'm sure everyone will agree with me. We eat and drink poison, breathe poison, watch poison, screens, ads, noise pollution everywhere. We are forced to do things we don't want for 8h a day 5 days a week just so we can pay for our existence. How does the average 21st century western man "live"? Wake up in a box, drive a box on circles to the workbox, wageslave in a box, drive the box back to his sleeping box, jerk off to depraved shit, sleep and repeat. We have to realize that dystopia is not something that will come in the future. Dystopia is already here! We are living a nightmare we created ourselves. The industrial revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race!

03:51 UTC


Benjamina: the most beloved

One of the things I struggle the most is finding something “good” at humanity.

I find myself trying to make sense of the past through the lens on the present.

Were we always violent against other species and against other humans? Are we just selfish genes trying to survive?

Sometimes I thought old tribes would killed or outcast the weak and abnormal ones. Maybe I read it in a book from Noah harari or it was the influence of Hollywood and movies like 300.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I learned about Benjamina and for a second I recovered hope. She was a Neanderthal girl who was born with a cranial deformation but live until 10. The tribe took care of her.

Whatever has happened in our past that led us here I hope we can fix it and the future generations can live in love and peace.

10:05 UTC


Youtube video exposes the origins of the idea of "progress"

17:25 UTC


How to check mental illness in primitive?

How to check mental illness in primitive tribes? Is there any study about it? Can you recommend something?

20:54 UTC


How Overstimulation is Making Us Dumber

16:31 UTC


How Overstimulation is Making Us Dumber

16:22 UTC


Assistance with quote?

Hi all, I have been desperately trying to remember/find a quote stating that humans prior to language were walking around effectively in a mystical state (or a daze). I have not been able to recall where I came across this and really need the quote for a project. I have searched numerous permutations of these words with and without various ones in quotes, etc., and no luck so far. I believe it was a quote from someone like Zerzan (I thought from Running on Emptiness, but not finding it there), or else maybe from a psychologist, psychoanalyst (someone Lacanian perhaps), or an anthropologist? If this rings a bell, I would be so grateful for any assistance -- thank you for any thoughts.

06:15 UTC


Call for zine submissions

Plastic In Utero: A Journal of Anti-Civ Anarchy Reborn from the Compost of Wasteland Modernity • is calling for submissions for its first issue. This issue seeks to focus particularly on the notion of 'artificiality,' whatever that means to the author.

While Plastic In Utero does focus on an anti-civilization outlook, I would love to see it expanding to other circles, such as Individualist Anarchism, Nihilist Anarchy, anti-State Communism, etc etc.

The deadline for submissions is June 15th, giving me time to get this out by the end of Summer, but feel free to send stuff later in case I need more submissions or for later issues. Any who submit will get a copy, of course. The hope is to also send small bundles if people want to help distribute!

Submissions can be sent to: tmwg1995[@]protonmail[dot]com; please be sure to indicate any formatting or particular quirks about your submission you want kept the same when changed over to a digest-style zine format.

Submissions can be essays, poetry, visual art, or polemics!

Any questions or concerns can be sent via email or just comment below.

For Wild Nature, AGT

•thanks for the sub-title idea, Jason Rodgers! ;)

00:53 UTC


I have questions

I’m starting to lean towards anarcho-primitism and wanted to ask a few things to you guys. I want to learn so Plz don’t be hostile I Just made this account because I don’t use social media normally but this is my best option to ask questions

  • sexism. Disclaimer: I’m not talking about divide of labour because I’m mostly fine with that.

BUT I’m talking about abuse of women. Like getting beaten up and rped. Don’t say “bUh AgRiCuLtuRal SoCieTies iNveNted patriarchy” because they did not. That’s a fact that in many tribes women were seen as property or even given to men as kids. Beaten up, rped etc. (Even read some cases of being killed after getting old/menopause because you’re seen as burden to the tribe at that point and can’t even make kids) Oh and female genital mutilation (in African nomadic cultures I think?) Why as a woman, should I be anprim then?

  • I’m extremetely near-sighted. Do I Just die? Honestly NEVER found an answer to that people Just get hostile when I ask.

  • Tbh I just love science and learning more about the universe. Would all of that Just be put aside?

I want honest answers don’t so sugarcoat.

06:37 UTC


(SELF-PROMO) I run an anti-tech YouTube channel, check me out!


I run an anti-tech YouTube channel that posts regular, long-form video essays on topics that relates to the problems of technology. My goal is to reach 500 subscribers by the end of the weekend.

If the users of the r/anarcho_primitivism subreddit like the sound of that, make sure to check me out and subscribe!

21:45 UTC


Anarcho-Primitivist fiction recommendations?

21:25 UTC


The answer to "why don't you just go live in the woods, then?"

"What are you waiting for?"

For me, it's because that lifestyle only works if we're all doing it. Kinda like how modern industrial capitalist civilization also only "works" if we're all a part of it (not really sure it works, though).

Not that tribes didn't have many different ways of organizing, because they did. But I would argue that survival and happiness was best when there was social mobility and nearby communities. Just like I think a very large, diverse, and spread out group could survive and thrive in the wild. But one or a few people trying to make it on their own would be a much bigger challenge.

17:36 UTC


An anti-tech explanation of the Corporate Art Style.

16:35 UTC


Rewilding from trees

14:23 UTC


Anti-Tech Collective Debate Revolution 3/19 w/ Dr. Skrbina

18:28 UTC

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