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Welcome to r/SideProject, a subreddit for sharing and receiving constructive feedback on side projects.

This is also a subreddit to get motivated and inspired to work on new projects, so please submit links to projects you find interesting.

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AI generated lullabies that are read aloud to you and your kids

Fun little project I worked on! The lullabies are surprisingly good, too!

Lullaby Wonders

22:02 UTC


Niche design subscription services

Hey guys, what are your thoughts on design subscription services such as Designjoy, etc.?

I'm thinking about a similar service but specifically focused only on one part of the proces:

  • Research
    • save money on general participants and multiple tests/surveys.

  • Building only prototypes
    • Focus only on the ideation phase, creating low-fidelity prototypes to explore various solutions.

  • "Niche" design
    • I would save money by focusing on a specific niche (e.g., ecommerce) where repeatable patterns can be identified.

What are your thoughts on these ideas?

21:36 UTC


Lost Motivation

The company I work at has a programme that lets you build a software project and at the end of the year everyone is judged. The top 5 win prizes.

I got accepted into the project at the start of the year and I was so excited, I chose an app idea that I liked and that I'd use and end up building a pretty good proof of concept or in fact a useable app by the end of the year.

The results were announced at our company year end function and I was confident I'd place after my judging presentation went really well. I didn't even place in the top 5 and it absolutely killed my spirit.

I worked so hard this year and spent so much time, now I feel like if I can't place out in the top 5 out of 22 people (I came 9th) then how will my idea be good.

I've been working and planning in sprints but since the results I've struggled to work on anything. I feel like I failed already but I really wanted to release the app.

How can I build up the motivation again? I feel like if I released the app and got users I'd feel much better but I can't stop feeling like I've failed.

20:35 UTC


I made Yoodocs - AI-powered documentation service

Hi Reddit friends!

I created Yoodocs - AI-powered documentation service.
Yoodocs is designed to simplify the documentation process.
Here is a list of some features 👇🏼:

  1. ✅ Multi-page nested structure for organized documentation.
  2. ✅ Real-time collaboration for seamless teamwork.
  3. ✅ Versatile exports to different formats, including .md and .html.
  4. ✅ AI assistant to assist you in creating high-quality content.
  5. ✅ Direct integration with Github and Gitlab.
  6. ✅ Self-hosted option for complete control.
  7. ✅ Full content search for easy access to information.
  8. ✅ Auto export to connected Gitlab and Github repositories.
  9. ...and other

Whether you're a developer, writer, or project manager, Yoodocs has something for everyone.
If you have any questions ask me in comments section 😊

You can learn more at https://yoodocs.space/ 👀

19:53 UTC


Launching on Product Hunt, but no sign ups… what am I doing wrong?

We’ve launched on PH today and have a fair amount of upvotes (142) and comments (102) we’re in the top 10 but haven’t gotten any sign ups even for our free trial!

Is Product Hunt just for fellow entrepreneurs and not users? Is it our landing page or description? Is it the product itself?

If you’ve launched on PH, what are your results/conversions like?


19:50 UTC


Spliit v2 – Open Source alternative to Splitwise

A couple of years ago I created Spliit as a side project to learn the Go language (see announcement on r/SideProject). Surprisingly, around 100 people/day (maybe you?) still use it to share expenses with their friends and family.

It might be related or not to recent changes in Splitwise that make the app barely usable unless you pay for it. Anyways, I thought it would be a good opportunity to give the project some love 😊.

I totally rewrote it (migrating the existing data of course) with a technology I am more familiar with (Next.js, React, TailwindCSS, Prisma…), and made the new version open source! Feel free to contribute by creating an issue or even a pull-request if you want 😉.

I hope you’ll like it and find it useful! Don’t hesitate to share any feedback here 😊.

19:34 UTC


New social calendar app targeting gen z in the App Store 🚀 🚀

Hey guys, my friend and I have been working on a new social calendar that lets you share bite sized updates to your friends. We call it The Week. Imagine if gcal and snapchat had a baby. The idea came to be because I got tired of it taking over a dozen back and fourth text messages to figure out when I could hang out with friends. With The Week you can add what ever activities or events you have going on throughout the week it instantly gets shared with your friend group. Would love any feedback or initial impressions 🙏🏼

App link: https://week.fyi/dl


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19:22 UTC


From 0 to +600 free new users in 4 days. Here's how we did it:

18:27 UTC


We made an open-source, white-label SaaS project to help you start your conversational AI side-business.

In the past year, we've embarked on numerous AI projects and consistently faced the challenge of building our entire tech stack from the ground up. This process, involving setting up multiple databases, managing long-running queues, handling vector databases, and navigating a myriad of formats and dependencies, has been a cumbersome and time-consuming to say the least.

Motivated by this, we've decided to create a user-friendly, open-source solution that streamlines this entire process. I'm excited to share the initial version with you. Our team is dedicated to further enhancing and refining this project in the coming months.


Please note that the template requires setting up some basic accounts, but this is the most efficient and cost-effective approach we've discovered so far.

18:01 UTC


I built a tool to help you to reduce your CHRUN and boost your MRR

Hey Reddit, I'm Clement 👋

Excited to share my latest SaaS, Keepuser, which I started working on just a few weeks after selling my first SaaS!

Keepuser is designed to gamify the user experience of other SaaS products. It offers a set of components and an API that are easy to integrate, providing real practical use cases.

There's a special early bird offer going on for the next few days ( one week ). Plus, there's a free tier available if you're looking to test the product out. ( No credit card needed ) 🙂

I've got a lot mapped out in the roadmap, but the main goal is to develop Keepuser based on what you need.

So, I've launched a Discord server to make sure I can hear and adapt to your feedback. I really believe in the potential of this product.Your input is incredibly valuable to me, and I'm ready to act on it 100%.

Thanks for being a part of this journey!

Keepuser : https://keepuser.dev/
Discord : https://discord.gg/SZ5AbXe2NP

17:25 UTC


I made a bowl for my dog.

Last year, our 9-year-old Shar Pei began coughing for unknown reasons. During her medical evaluation, we discovered her creatinine levels were alarmingly high, indicating a potential kidney issue. Despite extensive testing, dietary changes, and supplements, her condition didn't improve. A month into her treatment, she started limping, and we learned she also had arthritis.

We realized her reluctance to drink water, due to the pain in her front leg, was likely causing her elevated creatinine levels. This revelation led my husband and me to research the safest materials for dogs' food and water bowls. We found that glass was the best option. Our search for a non-slip, durable glass dog bowl proved challenging, as they were quite pricey. This sparked an idea to create our own.

After some research, we designed and manufactured a glass dog bowl, which we began selling on Amazon. The product was born from our personal need, but unfortunately, it hasn't attracted many buyers. We're seeking advice on how to increase sales.

P.S.: It turned out her coughing was due to allergies.

16:31 UTC


Does it get easier to build a Saas?

Two years ago, I launched a small SaaS business that has become profitable, generating a six-figure ARR. I'm wondering if others have used their knowledge, resources, and experience to replicate existing platforms and monetize them. It seems that over time, it becomes increasingly straightforward to establish a profitable SaaS business in under six months. What are your thoughts on this?

16:24 UTC


Creating a Userbase

for my app i am only using posts on reddit to promote my app. as i am rounding of some functionality for the proof-of-concept app, i would like to start developing a userbase for my app.

i would like advice on how i can promote the app for free. i expect it is relevent to know that it is a "p2p chat app" to determine which audient to target... but i dont know how to proceed further.

i wonder if my reddit posts are bordering spam, but analytics indicates this creates a spike in traffic... and is that not the goal? i try to be moderate in my posts and create a post when there is a new noteworthy feature ("noteworthy" is a vague quality).

in my posts i often mention that the app is a "work-in-progress" and a "proof-of-concept"... could this kind of wording be discouraging to users? (... it is however true and i dont want to mislead users on the apps stability).

16:17 UTC


Do you plan on taking your side project full time in 2024? How?

What do you need to accomplish to make it happen?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This subreddit has a lot of great people with helpful experience.

14:56 UTC


Finally having success with my side project! After failing 5 projects in 8 years.

I always wanted to have a side project that would generate good revenue to leave my full-time job. That's why I started my first business back in 2016.

When choosing a side hustle, I always focused on businesses that require low screen time. As a designer, I'm spending most of my day in front of screens.

  • My business was about hand-crafted products. The first 3 months were great, but eventually, it was draining my energy more than the revenue I was making. So I left after maybe 5 months.
  • Started my 2nd one back in 2018. It was a cosmetics business, I invested only $180 and made approximately $1000 within a month. Continued for 6-7 months, then again competition became so much and female expertise was needed in this category.
  • I also started building a Theme/Template based website design in 2018. But I found out I had little experience handling developers, and after a year I couldn't take the stress anymore. So I quit again. But revenue was it was good, still giving me a small amount in 2023.
  • Started my 4th side hustle back in 2019, with baby products, especially clothes. The market was huge, and our products were super unique, but the product return rate was high. I identified people who can't assume the sizes of their newborns, hence the wrong sizes order every time. I had a partner in this business after a year I left and handed over the business to him.
  • After COVID-19 in the year 2022, I started selling imported bags and accessories for women. Me and my wife both worked together in this business. The response was good, and the profit margin was good, but I felt disconnected after a year. Now, my wife is handling this business.

After all these years, and all these struggles I felt that it was the design I loved the most. I was running away from screen time but that is what excites me the most. I have almost 12 years of experience in UX/UI and graphic design, this is what I do the best.

In June 2023 I came across an idea to make design services in a subscription model. The idea is simple, you provide all kinds of design services for a fixed monthly fee. The same fee every month for any kind of design like website, app, graphic design, pitch deck designs, etc.

I loved the idea and wanted to try this model, I planned, researched, and made the website. But it took me some time, finally launched on the 15th of November, 2023.

I charge $2490 a month for the Standard package. I was able to acquire two clients within 3 weeks and 8 client meetings. This is by far the best revenue I made from a side hustle within a short time. Additionally, I do have domain experience here.

I felt super excited about this service/side hustle more than any other side projects I have done in the last 8 years. I know it's super early to decide if I quit or not, but I can see a future with this subscription model.

Do you have any similar experiences?

14:50 UTC


I made a GPT-4 chatbot that creates a beautiful website for you

I was wondering if it's possible to create a website just by talking with a chatbot so I started experimenting with GPT-4. I am pretty happy with the results, and it works well, especially with simple presentation websites.

URL: https://www.getsite.ai

14:43 UTC


Tool recommendation for Facebook marketing anyone?

Gosh, sending DMs to people manually is annoying.

Any tool you guys can recommend to autoDM people once they comment on Facebook?

I'm posting lead magnets on couple communities and just wanna cut some manual work.

Links welcome!

13:38 UTC


What are your thoughts on a merch/ecom tool for side hustlers with direct factory integration?

Hey folks,
I'm developing a tool aimed at streamlining merch/ecommerce operations.
It's is about creating an all-in-one platform - from design to sale, without the usual ecom complexities.


I noticed that current solutions are painful to use, have tiny margins and don't offer the whole package.

The Benefits:
• Design in 3D - in minutes.
• Direct factory buying = higher margins. ( Premium Portuguese Manufacturers)
• Integrated shop - no Shopify or Etsy needed!
• Dropshipping ready
I’d love to hear your take on such a tool. What are the essentials for you in an ecom platform? Any pain points with current solutions you're eager to solve?
Your feedback is invaluable and will help me create the tool designed for ease and efficiency.

Thank you

12:59 UTC


Embedded or self-hosted preference page, what would you chose to implement in your product notifications system?

12:57 UTC


Odyssey: Connect and run AI models locally without a single line of code

Hi r/SideProject

I wanted to share a side project I've been working on with a few folks from my day job called Odyssey. Odyssey is a native Mac app that lets you connect generative AI models, APIs, and different actions through a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface.

We've been grinding away at this for about a year and we're finally ready to start releasing. Odyssey's unique in that you can run Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, custom image models, and Llama2 locally while also leveraging dozens of image, text, math, and eventually audio and video functions in one app. While we make it extremely easy to get started with generative AI, we're also a bit of a Swiss Army Knife where you'll have one app to do hundreds of different workflows.

We've been taking a "marathon" approach to Odyssey. We've grown a waitlist of about 1000 sign-ups primarily through subreddits like r/StableDiffusion and r/LocalLLaMA and then we've been validating with a TestFlight group of about 50 or so testers that give us a TON of feedback. We didn't want to release an MVP and really wanted to build something remarkable.

I wanted to share the app here since the app has been a labor of love and it's a true side project - we all work full-time jobs at tech companies and spend our mornings, nights, and weekends grinding away at Odyssey. If you're interested, sign up for our waitlist - we're aiming to get this out to everyone by the end of the year.

Here are a few examples of what Odyssey can do:



12:34 UTC


I made an App that acts as a travel guide in real time ( Yet another travel guide ? )

During my travels with my family and friends I noticed that the actual apps that acts as a travel guide are full of audio guides that all are nearly the same with poor information and without the hability to ask for more.

I started a project [Kaita AI](https://kaita.ai) and the main idea is integrate LLM/GPT models and mix it with multiple data-sources of information like Wikipedia or local referals.

Actually the app has a map to geolocate yourself, retreive tipical info from internet and you can chat with the AI.

The idea is evolve it to a full travel assistant from plan your trip offline to discover in real time.

As a reference: Im engineer working on AI sector since more than 6 years.

Actually Im searching feedback and help on markeitng the app to get more resources to improve the idea.

12:19 UTC


Discover How to Fly More for Less with the Columbus App! 🚀💸✈️

Hey, travel enthusiasts of Reddit!

I created an app that helps you find your next destination. Columbus allows you to select categories (beaches, islands, capitals) along with flexible dates (months, seasons, etc.), and you'll get a result of destinations with current flight prices.

🔍 Why Columbus?

  • Category-Based Destinations: Whether you're into beach holidays, city breaks, or nature retreats, Columbus finds the cheapest flights to destinations that match your interests.
  • Flexibility with Dates: Plan your trips around months or seasons with our flexible date options. Perfect for those who can adapt their schedules for the best deals.
  • Price Analysis: View flight price analysis for your selected destination, allowing you to choose the best time to fly.
  • Intuitive Design: A user-friendly experience that makes travel planning fun and straightforward.

📱 Download: Available on iOS and Android.


I'd love for you to try it out & share your feedback!

11:53 UTC


PixelMBA - Buy a pixel and get access to exclusive perks

Just launched my project to help me finance my MBA at INSEAD. With a €10 contribution you will earn your spot on the internet forever and get access to exclusive perks.


10:28 UTC


I created a Twitch Overlay That Brings Viewers Into the Stream as avatars with browser source

I've been dabbling with a project for my Twitch stream and decided to try to make it publicly available after few requests from fellow streamers. The site is antsyavatars.com

AntsyAvatars is a straightforward, web-based overlay for Twitch. Its magic lies in turning your viewers into animated, real-time avatars on your stream. I got the inspiration from stream avatars but wanted it to be zero installation required, easy to setup, and free :D

I'd love to hear from the r/Sideproject community about this. Are there any features you think should be added? Any improvements or creative suggestions?

AntsyAvatars is a straightforward, web-based overlay for Twitch. Its magic lies in turning your viewers into animated, real-time avatars on your stream. I got the inspiration from stream avatars but wanted it to be zero installation required, easy to set and free :D

10:26 UTC


I was happy to launch a Youtube summarizer app but I realized there’s too much competition…

Hey Reddit friends,

I wanted to share a bit of my journey and seek some advice. A while back, I embarked on an exciting project: creating YouSummy, an iOS app that sums up YouTube videos, no matter the length. It was a challenge I was passionate about, especially for those lengthy 6-hour videos!

But here’s the thing: When I started, it felt like I was the only one with this idea. Fast forward to now, and it seems like similar apps are popping up everywhere.

Here’s My Dilemma: It’s been two weeks since YouSummy went live. I’ve got some users (yay!), but no subscriptions yet. I’m at a crossroads and really need your thoughts:

1.	Features and Direction: What features would you love to see? What would make an app like this stand out for you?
2.	The Big Question: In this growing field of ‘GPT wrappers’, how can YouSummy be more than just another app?
3.	User Experience: Could it be the UI/UX? If anyone’s willing to give it a try and provide feedback, I’d be incredibly grateful.

I guess I’m also asking – should I keep going with this? Your honest opinions and advice would mean the world to me.

Thanks for reading and for any insights you can share!

10:10 UTC


I have created a website that captures the hottest trends each day, to help you build your next product

🌟 ChaseTrend - Your daily hub of information!

🚀 Updated Daily

🔗 Integrating the hottest content from Hacker News, GitHub Trends, and Google Trends, presenting curated content in technology, development, and the internet domain.

🔍 Designed for Developers - Content specifically tailored for independent developers and tech enthusiasts, ensuring access to the most relevant and valuable information.

💡 Expand Horizons - At ChaseTrend, not only can you track current hot topics, but also discover emerging technologies and innovative ideas that may become trends in the future.

09:07 UTC


An AI-based resume parser for recruiters.

I built https://www.prospect.fit. It is a tool for recruiters to be able to manage the resumes they receive in a more efficient manner. It accepts resumes in PDF format and parses them into searchable data.

How it works.

It uses OpenAI APIs to parse the given resumes into a searchable format. A full demo can be found here. https://www.prospect.fit/demo


It is still in the development phase and I would love to hear people's thoughts on this. Do share with any recruiters you know.

09:06 UTC


I made a website that turns URLs and text into short shareable videos


Shotty is a fun weekend side project that lets you create short videos for TikTok and Instagram from URLs and text. Please don't take the generated content too seriously :)

Demo site: https://shotty.fun

(Apologies, the demo is currently slow to process videos)

Repo: https://github.com/n4ze3m/shotty-fun

Some examples of generated videos:



Give Shotty a try and let me know what you think! I'd love your feedback on how to improve it.

07:00 UTC


I made an app that gives you a call 📞 if someone attempts to steal your Mac when you step away to order coffee ☕️

Hey all! Hope the holidays are treating y'all well.

We've all been in a situation where we've had to leave our MacBook in a public place like a coffee shop or library, only to be left feeling anxious about the safety and having to ask strangers to watch our device.

I’ve made an app that lets you alarm your MacBook when you go away to do something and if someone tries taking your laptop while you’re gone, it gives you a call on your Apple Watch + Phone (Bypassing Do not Disturb as well). You can also configure it to ring a loud alarm while the theft is happening if needed :=) You do not need to download any iPhone app, plus this kicks in before FindMy does anything. Feel free to try out the basic version and if you like it you can purchase the latest version from theclyde.app :)

Would love to hear y'alls feedback.

PS: Clyde dis-alarms itself when you authenticate yourself as the user while signing in :)



06:39 UTC

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