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i wanna smoke a grav but i’m too new of a smoker i’ll be tweaking and throwin up all over the place i gotta hit one once i know i got high tolerence. like i’m kinda stumblein all over the place after like half a rollie

03:45 UTC


Took too much THC

It feels like i’m constantly waking up from dreams and i have nightmares where i can’t escape my dream so it feels like i’m stuck in an endless dream i can’t escape i just want someone to hold me and tell me that i’m awake and i’m fully conscious and im not gonna die right now please i need grounding techniques help

01:45 UTC


seeds in my shit?

when grinding my weed i sometimes find seeds. is this normal?

01:16 UTC


Can you mix fake pee and real pee for a urine sample for a drug screening?

So I ordered synthetic pee and my package arrived today and literally all of the pee leaked out the bottle wasn't twisted on tightly. I'm wondering if I get some real pee to just top it off will it be enough to pass a test or would it mess with anything?

23:08 UTC


Just had 50mg of edible gummies, how long does it take to wear off I am getting this heat feeling in my chest 1.5 hours after first eating

20:25 UTC


Still slightly high 6 days after eating edible

I took 3 mints (10mg each) for a total of 30mg. Solid enough dose I know, but this wasn't my first time either. I had a pretty crazy high the night of, and was still pretty buzzed the next day, and the day after. I looked around online and found out that this was common enough. However, now it's the 6th day after I took them, and I still feel slightly light headed, and have trouble focusing my eyes. It's been like this for the past 3 days without much change. I've been drinking water, eating, exercising, etc but it hasn't really gotten any better past this point. My program requires taking a lot of notes so it's starting to get pretty annoying, was wondering if any of the more seasoned users here had any advice?

16:59 UTC


First time taking delta 8 edibles or edibles ever, smoked about 40 times previously

What should my dosage be my plug has 25mg delta 8 edibles and I have a low tolerance and never taken or experience delta 8 edibles or delta 8 in general. How much should I take for a relaxing time?

11:34 UTC


Icecubes in a bong

I was wondering if I should use ice cubes in a bong, I've heard that it can release a white vapor that can damage your lungs. But then what are the indents on the bong for, I don't even know at this point.

05:38 UTC


How to ask someone to hook me up w/ their plug?

(Repost & changed the title bc it sounded a little sketch lol) Bear with me y'all, I have anxiety and suck really bad at talking to people but I need some input on going about this. All 2 plugs I know of are dry rn and I want to message this girl I went to school with to ask if she wouldnt mind giving me her plug's snap or smth. I don't really know her well and she probably doesnt remember me. What should I say to not sound like a cop or come off as a loser?

22:18 UTC


dorm plug help

this is lowkey (highkey) embarrassing

idk what to do i used to have carts and that was my first n only time getting shit but now im out. im at college now and idk how to find a plug? i have extreme social anxiety which is WHY i want shit rn dawg😭i don’t really have friends here yet either.

tinder ? i even saw people talking ab grinder ??! my only thing is that i dont wanna seem sus bc im very awkward

18:31 UTC


Is it normal to place a deposit before buying weed? So it’s my first time buying and he’s saying £40 now (on PayPal) then £70 in cash. Is it normal for a dealer to ask this ? I’m just scared it’s not legit . Could anyone with more experience say if they’ve done this and how it went ? Thanks

14:07 UTC


Strange effects when high?

The past few times I’ve smoked I’ve gotten an intense body high but my mind feels the same. It’s like my body is giggly and happy but my mind feels trapped in it.

I also have a lot of trouble staying present in the moment and I get lost in my thoughts. I have to keep reminding myself of where I am and who I’m with.

I smoke about once a week and I usually don’t go overboard, maybe one or two joints with a friend.

What could this mean? Are there any ways to combat it?

13:08 UTC


Anyone ever have a hard crash when high?

So I am a nearly-daily smoker (5-6 days out of the seven in the week for many months now) but last night I had a new and strange experience… I was having a nice, normal, relaxing high, enjoying myself, listening to music, etc. when suddenly, randomly, I crashed. I could barely keep my eyes open. Every movement felt soooo difficult. About 20 mins of that and I just gave up and went to sleep early. And this morning I did not feel rested at all.

Has this happened to anyone? Weed usually puts me to sleep, especially in the later half of the high, but I’ve never had that sensation hit me so suddenly before. I suppose there’s a million reasons it could have happened (and I probably need a t break as well) but I am just wondering if this happens to other people.

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12:33 UTC


How does CBN affect your tolerance of both CBN itself and THC?

I just started taking CBN for sleep and it's really helping! Even a small dose is helping me, which is excellent.

So that you know exactly what I'm talking about: It's called Medipharm Labs CBN NIghttime Formula, and the description in the store says: "Each drop (activation) of this product contains approximately 0.28 mg of CBN, 0.55 mg of THC, and 0.03 mg of CBD." I take 0.2 of a dropper of this to sleep. It comes with a syringe.

Just wondering though if taking this every night or almost every night for sleep will increase my tolerance to THC or CBN itself, meaning I'd have to take more and more to sleep. Thanks!

11:43 UTC


Can I just use CBD tinctures/edible as a quick way to get less high in case of getting way too high/greening out

04:08 UTC


When I smoke my back hurts worse?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced or has an answer for this weird thing that happens when I smoke.

I have some on/off back pain from posture and other back issues and I noticed that when I smoke it gets so much worse, especially before I go to bed, to the point where I can’t get comfortable. It feels like I need to stretch or crack it and I can’t

It happens near the right middle side of my back and happens with both pure indicas/sativas/hybrids it doesn’t matter and wether it’s a cart/bong/blunt/joint/dabs.

Is there any way to avoid this? Or minimize these symptoms?

23:34 UTC


Neck Pain

I (F19) have smoking for a year now and I started to use it everyday for 7 months now I haven’t taken a tolerance break because I get heavy withdrawal symptoms. I’ve started to notice this small bump in the back of my neck I noticed it irritated me when I smoking then it went away later on. Recently yesterday afternoon I woke up with super neck pain like I can’t even turn my head to the right I’ve took advil liquid gel’s it didn’t really help. This morning I got a heat wrap for my neck.

My question was my neck pain was caused by inhaling a lot of vapor or did I just sleep wrong?

14:03 UTC


Question about tolerances

So I have a pretty high tolerance right now. For edibles I need at least 5 to just get a little high, but It would be really hard for me to take a full t break since my anxiety gets crazy out of hand if I just stop for a few days.

So my question is, if I just smoke less and in less amounts will me tolerance slowly lower or is the only only way to lower it really just to stop.

For example I’ve been taking 50-100 mg of edibles after work or I spend the evening with my pen(worse purchase of my life), so if instead I just smoke some a preroll just to control my anxiety will my tolerance also lower since it’s a smaller amount of thc?

11:12 UTC


(Story) the highest ive been

So i got 8g "joker og", 2 600mg edibles (they were called like medible or something like that). So i go home decide to smoke a blunt, 20 min later i roll a few joints and look at the edibles thinking they looked fake as fuck and thought since they look fake and could be weak why not eat both so i ate the chips then smoke another joint and was decently baked, then the edibles kicked in and felt like i was in the state when you lay in bed half asleep thinking your dream instead of actually dreaming. So i decide to call my sister and she has a crappy phone mic, and this sound from it very hard to describe formed a melody in my head that made me extremely happy (this was probably from sleep deprivation as i tend to hear things when doing an all nighter) And i ended up walking in circles around these two door frames that loop around for about an hour with this melody in my head, and idk what happened with my sister but i wasnt able to talk much and kept forgetting the topic so she probably hung up cause i wasn't talking. Then high as i was decided to smoke another one for shits and giggles and it felt like time almost stopped and i felt super happy and euphoric until like 8 pm and i started at 1. I live with my mom so i was incredibly scared cause i smoked in my room but she didnt notice thankfully. Man that was so fun.

10:07 UTC


Is edible tolerance separate from smoking tolerance?

So bit of background. Daily smoker. Have been for years. Recently been able to gain access to recreational dispensaries so obviously I have been experimenting. Dabs were first. Shot my tolerance through the roof. Too good. I can’t afford to go through a $50 gram every two days lol. So learned my lesson there. Next was edibles. Gummies, cookies, chocolate. First experience blew my mind. So baked it was wonderful. 100mg dose. Fast forward to today. I ate 200mg and barely felt anything. I did not smoke yesterday however just edibles due to family situations. I get home from work bummed cuz neither the cookies or the gummies really hit me at all. I smoked a bowl and got super baked. Help?

20:47 UTC


obligatory noob smoking indoors post

to clarify, im an adult whos not risking getting evicted/confiscated/etc. my parents know that i smoke with my friends, they just really really hate the smell and theyre a bit judgy about me using at home and id prefer they didnt know. ive mostly been smoking outside when my parents are away from home or otherwise preoccupied, or i walk a few blocks to a hiking trail in the woods, but with the weather getting cold id love if i could smoke discreetly indoors. i just got a small hand pipe, and i was planning to pack one hit at a time, cap the bowl with my lighter, and blow the smoke out the window (i have 2 in my room and theyre both open). id also have a fan pointing outwards and a scented candle lit for a few hours. i can also make a sploof if thatll do anything to help. i figure that it still will smell some, and that i still have to wash my hands and shower to get the smell off me, but my main concern is making sure that the smell wont be noticable from across the hall. is this enough to contain the smell? will it work at all? if so, how long should i wait before opening the door again after the smells mostly aired out? anything appreciated.

20:38 UTC



A week ago I made a post about consuming half a gummy on a Wednesday and being randomly drug tested Friday. I have yet to hear anything and I’m certain I’m in the clear. I’m not sure how I passed because I have a slow metabolism and I’m overweight. Im sure if there were issues, HR would have let me know by now. Is anyone familiar with the time it takes to typically hear something if there is an issue?

16:36 UTC


how to microdose thc in a joint ??

usually i either smoke just weed or smoke just hemp/cbd but i want to experience a little buzz in my day to day life. i don’t want to eat edibles or anything. i want to smoke becos … oral fixation ig??

so how would i go about this ?

here’s my plan :

so i usually smoke 1/2g hemp in each joint. was thinking maybe grinding up like 1/4 of a high thc weed strain (idk like gmo cookies or stardawg) and sprinkle that on top.

is this actually a valid way of microdosing ?? or will this just not work the way i want it too. all i want is a tiny dissociative buzz but nothing where i’m actually pretty high and comprehending stuff is hard.

i’m asking u guys cos i don’t wanna spend money on a strain i won’t need

13:58 UTC


Which do you prefer?

11:45 UTC


cant tell if still high or just weirdly tired

so i first started smoking like half a week ago wednesday and was high first day, didnt smoke next day, next day took 2 SMALL hits, was high for TWO DAYS WITHOUT EVEN TAKING ANOTHER HIT, next day decide im sucking at video game and im better high so i decide to take another hit lmao. oh btw never smoked before and my friend told his plug that i never smoked and plug decided to troll me epicly by getting me an 87% thc cart

Im the lightest lightweight that has ever existed. And im proud of that, i don’t have to spend so much money and i can offer hits to my broke homie :)

oh yeah how do i tell if im still high or my brain is just being dumb?

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06:46 UTC


does smoking for 4 months straight cause permanent damage?

if a 15-16 year old smoked a incredible amount of thc, consistently for 4 months, would they have permanent brain damage? or would those 4 months just be a blur, and cause near-future memory issues but eventually they’d recover? thanks everyone, sorry if this is too complicated of a question.

02:00 UTC


mom found out I smoked a few times, now she thinks I'm addicted to it

Hey, so, as the title says, my mom found out I've smoked pot a few times, I'm 17, I still live with her, I've done it 4-5 times this year (I did it 2 or 3 times when I was 13 out of curiosity with my brother) and the last time I did it was almost 3 weeks ago, since then I haven't smoked and I don't have any intention to do it in the meantime, ok the thing is, weed has made me realize that I may have ocd as I have false memories after smoking which makes me anxious, the thing is I asked my mom to take me to a psychologist and she overheard one conversation I had with a friend about how I developed false memories after smoking or drinking a beer, and now she thinks I'm addicted to weed for doing it a couple times and that I want to talk to a psychologist to get myself out of this "evil" addiction. About my suspicions of OCD, I can say that weed didn't make it worse, it's just that after smoking I have some weird false memories, but the last one I had made me really anxious, it doesn't happen with weed only, also with alcohol (the only time I've drunk I had a horrible thought of something I thought I did which of course, I didn't)

00:32 UTC

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