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Aragorn, the Uniter or Rocco, Street Chef?

I'm having a bit of analysis paralysis right now. I've narrowed the next deck I'd like to make down to [[Aragorn, the Uniter]] and [[Rocco, Street Chef]] and I'm hoping to get some suggestions that nudge me in either direction.

I feel like Aragorn is almost clearly more powerful, but that Rocco is still quite solid and less likely to be targeted on site. I suppose I could even slip Rocco into an Aragorn deck and make a theme out of playing cards from exile.

It's difficult to decide. Any suggestions on which to go with? Which might be consistently more fun to play?

1 Comment
21:15 UTC


Clavileño, First of the Blessed decks not playing liliana's contract

I am looking at other people's Clavileño, First of the Blessed and I don't see liliana's contract in any but it seems like a good wincon for the deck since if you have 4 demon vampire cards, they have to have 2 removal spells to stop it. To me, it seems perfect in the deck

1 Comment
21:10 UTC


Minimizing *perceived* threat level

Part of the game is making sure you're not targeted, for obvious reasons. This can be done by using various cards.

And then there's old tricks like playing the victim and good old "diplomacy".

One thing I sometimes do when I have an empty hand, is keep 1-2 land cards in hand while keeping 3 (blue) mana untapped.. because no one wants their wincon countered.

What are some ways you have your friends/lgs/randoms not target you (until its too late), evoking your inner villain monologue?

21:05 UTC


Does your playgroup use Commander damage?

So I play Rafiq as one of my staple commanders which is the only time my friends occasionally let me use this rule. But my friends do not like the idea of committing to this. I find it a bit weird but don't want to make anything awkward regarding this. Does your group use commander damage? If not, can you please explain why?

Also, sorry this post is so long because of the 250 characters limit. In the words of Blaise Pascal. "I would have written you a shorter letter had I had more time."

20:38 UTC


Did I make the best Primer on Moxfield?

When does the deck become so bad the primer is better?

If it’s not apparent to everyone, the deck is a meme deck but might actually be kinda fun to play in low power games. Plan to test it out soon.


20:11 UTC


The Millennium Calendar!

Not sure why, but I felt compelled to build a deck around the new Millennium Calendar. Perhaps is the prospect of dealing 1,000 damage that is really enticing to me... not sure 😁

Anyway, this is my current list, though I still have 5 cards to cut to make an even 100. Any suggestions (also on stuff I might have missed) would be greatly appreciated 😉


20:07 UTC


What's your favorite Groupfun deck?

I say Groupfun because Grouphug is often "I give "everyone" things but only I benefit because heavy stax", or "I'm giving you horrible things you don't want, etc"

Show me your deck that might have a low winrate, but is a blast for everybody every time. Kingmaking isn't exactly my idea of fun either, I think I'd rather just uniformly hand out fun and maybe have a wacky win condition.

Ideally the deck doesn't give away bad things or deny resources, it just flourishes harder than other people from the resources it provides because it is built around benefiting hard from that resource.

Edited to not ask for a non-win deck, which I now understand is annoying.

19:58 UTC


Need help with choosing a deck

I'm contemplating between this 2 decks on returning to edh based on 2 of my favourite commanders

One is a brago blink deck


And the second one is a breya artifect deck


What do you think I should choose

19:55 UTC


Need help brewing Starscream

Hello! I'm currently brewing a list for Starscream since I'm a huge TF fan and I have been looking for Transformers decks to build!

I'm a big vorthos player and I'm looking for cards that reflect Starscream's personality. Cards that illustrate or mechanically demonstrate treachery, scheming, plotting, betrayal, etc. [[Scheming Symmetry]] for example. I want the deck to be on point thematically! Thank you!

1 Comment
19:26 UTC


Help with finishing up a Golem/Pod list for Brenard, Ginger Sculptor

Hello everyone!

I am currently working on my next deck and, as someone who has waited for a Golem Tribal commander for so long, i was really pumped for Brenard. This and the fact that its ability work very well with Birthing Pod led me to build this list, with Golem Tribal and a sprinkle of Pod Synergies as its core:


Now I'm debating whether to leave the 99 as is, or to make some ins and outs with the cards in the "sideboard", which are other pieces I found cool but didn't think made it yet. I am especially curious to try the Populate stuff, since it's the best way to recur value. If anyone has built a similar list, let me know if you have any advice and thank you in advance!

19:19 UTC


New player looking to make a dragon deck

Hey all, new to the game. I understand the general basics and also play yugioh and pokemon. I'd like to build a dragon deck because dragons are cool, looking for some help. I have the draconic destruction starter deck and am looking to upgrade it, my friends have been playing for years so I don't want to get stomped.

I'm thinking about changing the commander to Ur dragon, Miirym or Scion. Miirym seems most budget friendly but I hear it gets targeted which might not be great as a new player to deal with. I also wonder about the playstyle, is it wait wait suddenly giant winning turn? I'd like a deck to be balanced,in yugioh it's called midrange. Something that can apply consist threats from early on with good recovery if board gets wiped.

Budget is another $50 for upgrades (not including the commander). Any suggestions would be great!

19:11 UTC


Advice for my next deck. Can’t find a fitting commander I like

So I’m currently struggling to find a new nice und fun Commander for myself. Currently my main deck is a Tasigur Control deck and I recently got me a OONA faerie tribal and I have a gishath deck laying around that’s waiting for upgrades after Christmas.

I really really wanna include red and/or white in my next. I got really interested in Shu Yun at first because I like the jeans I combination but the fact that he’s only build to one shot is just boring. Another commander I looked a bit into was tetsuo but I’m not quite sure if he’s even good.

Fact is, I wanna go a bit into an Aggro direction and do a lot of damage but still don’t wanna need to quit after one set back in a game. And I don’t think that I want tokens because that’s what my last deck did a lot.

Recommendations are really appreciated & I like some underground stuff. Just hit me with the decks u have fun the most with. Ps I wanna keep it causal and fun.

18:52 UTC


Commander for an all legendary deck

Since legendary cards are being printed at increasingly higher frequencies these days, I've thought about building a deck where every nonland card is legendary. I think you'd need at least three colors to have enough options for legendaries. [[Dihada, Binder of Wills]] and [[Shanid, Sleepers' Scourge]] both give card advantage and buffs. [[Kethis, the Hidden Hand]] and [[Nashi, Moon's Legacy]] cater towards a more graveyard oriented build. [[Jedit Ojanen, Mercenary]] and [[Alistair, the Brigadier]] are perfect for a token strategy. +1/+1 counters are also not off the table with [[Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful]] and [[Reyhan, Last of the Abzan]]. Lastly, the most generic picks would be [[Sisay, Weatherlight Captain]] and [[Jodah, the Unifier]] for legendary good stuff. Who do you think would make for the most interesting build?

18:46 UTC


I've noticed lately that people really hate playing against morph. What's a deck you hate to play against?

With a morph deck, almost every single morph is some form of interaction whether it be a bounce effect, destroy, counter, or some other neat shenanigans.

With that there's always something useful to do whenever a morph is on the table. In my last handful of games I've noticed people don't like the control element of morph and was wondering.

What decks just grind your gears?

18:43 UTC


(Jund) Is Devour worth it?

Pretty straightforward question with a bit of nuance I think.

I started playing when Devour came out and most people I knew just decided it was garbage. I tried to brute force it but never got any good results.

Years later I'm looking at Jund cards I've collected and see a bunch of Devour cards. My current pile includes Slimefoot and Squee, the two Korvolds, Prossh, Kresh, etc. Some aristocrat shenanigans, some sacrifice shenanigans. But now, looking at devour, I love the flavor, but it feels so one note. Ever had someone tell you not to play mutate cause you're encouraged to put all your eggs in the same basket? Well this feels like it but worse.

[[Mycoloth]] makes sense to me because even with just 2 devours it's super valuable.

[[Bloodspore Thrinax]] too.

[[Thromok, the insatiable]] though feels like somebody just wanted to meme, and while I like it, I'm questioning whether I should give it a second look.

Lacking Haste and lacking Trample makes me feel like I either need a [[warstorm surge]] out or a [[The Ozolith]] to take advantage of it.

The only real plan I've found for Devour is with Reyhan and Tana, but it feels like yet another +1/+1 deck but with extra steps. But maybe that's good enough? Idk anymore.

Nowadays there's so many ways to sac reliably, between the altars, bombardments, seers, etc, that Devour feels like it's too risky for no real payoff.

I'm definitely not posting this as a sick way to get proven wrong and see others' ideas.

18:36 UTC


Getting started

At a young age I used to buy magic the gathering cards, I probably played a few games with my brother but nothing accurate, God knows how were we interpreting the rules and card texts. Lately (17 years later) I have been playing arena and I'm getting the hang of it, I have also been playing paper with my wife. Got the stater decks from 2022 and we have been having fun, after realising how popular EDH is I got two EDH decks from LCI (will do our first match today) Now my question is: knowing what you know today, what are the best sources to learn more about mtg. I'm particularly interested in learning how to build a deck and how to play the game more strategically, but any advice at this point is welcomed. Thanks

18:31 UTC


Building a commander cube, where to get proxies made?

For doing a rotisserie draft where everyone is picking from a pool of cards, where would I go to get about 1000 proxies made? I'm not looking for real looking ones, so somewhere that makes them with a different back or something would be good. Ideally I don't want to spend tons so if there's any good suppliers with bulk pricing that would be great. Any help is appreciated.

18:28 UTC


Group is playing heavy aggro decks

So my playgroup has sliver aggro, a tovolar with errata, a xyris and a godo. I hate them all. I really dislike playing against aggro players. Like let me play my game. What are some decks I could use to feel better ? I was thinking winota to show them how unfun is it for casual tables to rush. I would wanna avoid stax because that too doesn't let you play your deck. I'm currently playing this Narset enlightenment exile and I feel like I can't keep up at all. https://www.moxfield.com/decks/BCMZ5O-TC0iAEGS6J3Ulow

18:09 UTC


What is your favorite low mana commander?

Just read a new post on here about favorite high cost commanders, curious about what everyone’s thoughts are on low cost commanders, 1-2 mana. With lower power level games, I hate playing for 20 minutes before getting my commander out, so that’s why I like low cost commanders. One of my friends bought an [[Emmara, Soul of the Accord]] $25 precon and I’m very impressed with it. I was also thinking of tinkering around with [[Norin the Wary]] and making a burn deck around him.

So, who is your favorite low cost commander and why?

Edit: My friends and I are each building out a $50-60 deck and doing a white elephant for this Christmas. I made a [[Magar of the Magic Strings]] politics deck and am excited to see it in action. Really cool commander for only 3 mana!

18:09 UTC


[Podcast] What is your favorite way to close out a game?

Whether it is combo or combat, the game has to end sometime. How do you prefer to win and what is your favorite way of getting there?

We recently had a game end with five Blightsteel Colossi on the battlefield (we all had one and one player had two), and it resulted in a hilarious end to our game as all the Blightsteels came crashing down one after the other.


In today's episode, we talk about a problem player named Kyle, when twiddling your basalt monolith goes wrong, and gloating hard in front of your friends. This episode was recorded live at MTG Summit, and we have our buddy Nick along for the ride with us today.

We also talk about hashafrashaing your food when it is too hot and the proper grammar for ETB.


If you like salty stories and EDH discussions, we would love for you to check out our show! You can find us wherever podcasts are found, and our info is in our reddit profile. We love to hear salty EDH stories, so if you have a good one, send it our way to be on a future episode.

18:01 UTC


Good commander for a Wurm Tribal

As someone fairly new to Magic, I’ve become completely addicted to building new decks, and I’ve been building a lot of tribal decks. The next one I want to build is a Wurm tribal (they just seem really fun). I’ve been looking at multiple commanders, and one that caught my eye was [[Atla Palani, Nest Tender]], but if you guys have any other suggestions, I’m completely open to any and all feedback/suggestions.

17:59 UTC


Host of Mordor upgrade with LOTR cards


I'd like to upgrade the precon "Host of Mordor" but only with LOTR cards (either from the commander or the set) to keep the flavour, manabase aside (I'm following the TCC video for that).

I'd swap the commander for Saruman, the White Hand, and cut Sauron. So I'd probably go toward the Amass Orcs cards, which are not that many.

Probably cut [Rampaging war mammoth], [Subjugate the hobbits], [Shelob, dread weaver], [Monstrosity of the lake], [basalt monolith] maybe, [worn powerstone] too if, Talismans are available in the right colours.

I don't know much, any help is welcome. Cheers!

17:08 UTC


Marrika, Brutal Gladiator/Zangief pilots.. is it FUN? Would love to pick your brain.

[[Marrika, Brutal Gladiator]] seems pretty unique, although I don't want a full on voltron build. I love jund. I play in a battlecruiser meta so I'm not looking for combos/out of no where wins anyways.

I'd really like to know if there are any pilots out there/people who have experience with this deck and tell me what its like. Is it FUN? General lines of play/wincons? Also what are some of your must include cards in this deck and why?

Greatly appreciated.

17:04 UTC


Full Retro Frame Syr Konrad build

I decided to try and get as close to all Retro framed cards as I could in this deck, There are a couple I just could not live without. Any other retro cards I may be missing that could replace some of the ones that arnt? Ravenous chupacabra I have the retro promo on the way.


16:37 UTC


What Unset commanders would be best accepted at a regular table?

I wanted to build with an Unset commander, but I wanted the deck to feel like a standard deck without breaking the game too much.

A friend of mine have a sticker deck, which I'm not a fan of because the concept is still confusing to me (and to other people unfamiliar with unfinity), but I'd say it's the limit of what I'd accept in a standard EDH game.

So I was eyeing [[The Big Idea]], which look pretty standard since there's been so many roll dice cards printed in the past years with D&D sets. But power-level wise, it won't be very strong, and might not hold up at a regular table.

Surgeon General Commander looks pretty standard (albeit a bit boring regarding its ability). Grand Marshal Macie looks cool, but maybe it's too game breaking?

So yeah, any suggestion?

Something fun to play, not game-breaking too much and with an ok power-level.

16:19 UTC


Card draw help on Eriette budget deck

I have an Eriette Aura deck that I really like. I am trying to figure out card draw on it. I have played it a few times in Untap and like it but the downside seems to be card draw. If I get everything out in the beginning then my opponent starts getting rid of things I have found I am stuck since I will have a few cards in my hand and have no way to pull cards that will help or draw more to find an answer. The deck is currently around $50 and don't want to go to much higher since its still a budget deck (Maybe up to $100).

16:02 UTC


Is this deck too high powered to use regularly?

So I've been helping a friend make an aragorn the uniter deck. He's just getting into magic and the lotr set pushed him over the edge.

So far its just online but he plans to buy a physical version of the deck soon.

Having already had an aragorn deck, it started out as just teaching him how to use mine. (The theme being multicolored legendary tribal)

Since it was online only we decided to upgrade it. (I only ever use cards/decks i have in person so when I play onliney decks tend to be a bit worse than others but thats fine.)

Now, my aragorn deck is one of my strongest decks I own, mostly because its just goodstuff legendaries. Its consistent and doesnt really care if aragorn is out or not, he just adds extra value for casting multy colored spells. The strongest card is winota (I owned one and i refuse to make a deck with her as a comander but I figured I would just put her in here since the deck was essentially all the commanders I owned in those 4 colors that I would never make a deck with individually.)

With my deck being strong because of consistency and simplicity, once I made it, I would only play it every so often as it would either curb stomp the table if left alone for too long or get targeted to the point of it being worthless. (Which is fair.)

This brings me to the topic of this post. The upgrades have been... Significant to say the least. Standouts being sigardia, chulane, winota (not an upgrade but winota is winota), and the most recent one being the new galadriel light of valinor. With a bunch of ways to consistently cheat out creatures, even if ignoring winota, and just several value engine combos between many of the creatures I feel the deck has become a little too strong. He's a new player and loves the deck but i dont want him going to local events only having that deck and either getting bullied by other high level decks or being shunned for having too high of a power level deck.

So I ask people more experience than I (presumably you), is this deck too strong to use casually/regularly?


16:00 UTC


Deck Help: The Valeyard

The deck

I've been working on a [[The Valeyard]] deck. I am hoping to build this focused around voting & villainous choice to maximize his abilities, but also to just have a fun/unique deck that utilizes these mechanics.

However, while I want it to be fun the pod I play with run fairly powerful decks so I am hoping to get this thing as optimized as I can.

Goal is to include lots of voting/villainous choice, along with spell copying to make use of these cards and others as much as possible throughout the game. I also have some light token creation going on to help me build a boardstate outside of the voting/villainous choice and non-combat damage occurring there. Also hoping to include lots of removal/counterspells to slow the game down and hopefully give me a chance.

Don't know if this deck will win me games, but I'd love for it to feel fun and make an effort as best possible when I play it.

I need to cut around 30 cards atm, I have a terrible deck building habit of stacking it with everything I'd want to include and then reducing down to 100.

All suggestions appreciated!

15:56 UTC


Orzhov Protection?

Hey y'all!

I'm building an Orzhov spirit deck with [[King Of The Oathbreakers]] as my commander. The issue I'm running into is that I need some more protection while my spirits are phased. I've got a [[Windborne Muse]] and a [[Ghostly Prison]] slotted in so that attacking me is costly, at the very least but I'm looking for things that prevent damage. Perhaps [[Orbs of Warding]]?

15:21 UTC


How do you build your 3 colour mana bases?

Since I don’t personally enjoy using proxies, I’m trying to decide on the best strategy for an upcoming deck I want to build (Lara Croft secret lair)

Thing is, I have quite a few decks and it’s getting to the point I don’t have as many amazing untapped lands spare, I won’t for example be able to use more than two shock lands for it, and so i’m trying to be creative.

I’m thinking this deck isn’t going to be the highest power level, so it would be nice if it could be fast out the gate, curious to hear how people usually run their lands in tri colour mana bases.

15:20 UTC

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