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Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix and Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker edh HELP PLS I'M GOING INSANE Q.Q

Hello everyone i'm trying to come up with some ideas (it's a really long time i try to create a deck like this that work, like 5-6 months q.q) and ultimatelly create a deck with these two commanders [[Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix]] and [[Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker]]. I want to try two types of decks, one is trying to establish some board presence with cards like [[Alandra, Sky Dreamer]] and [[Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse]] and using cantrips to draw cards capitalizing with Kydele's ability also using combos to close games. The other kind of deck is a more stax focused, i use creatures that untap permanents and other creatures to get ahead and really slow other people at the table. if you could send me a list if you have one or give some tips it would be really really appreciated.

Here i got some interesting cards for the deck: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/a9bRuWoiY0u2uO-Uj7RquQ

1 Comment
23:35 UTC


CEDH name confused me

I am not new to commander by any stretch, but I live in a bubble.

I have just been starting to get into youtube MTG content, and hearing about Rule 0 (House rules with a fancy name?) and how power level and whatnot seems to be a hot topic, it all really baffles me, I'm not trying to dredge up wounds, just explain my thought process. That being said:

How the heck is the C in CEDH competetive? Isnt EDH competetive by nature of being a TCG?

Wouldn't it be more apt to creat Casual EDH where you have custom rules?

Either way it just makes no sense that a game variant is just a pool of cards that are preferred, not even banned or not.

It isn't like CEDH is a league;

If you play with two decks that are just below the threshold of being called CEDH, but then switch to two stronger decks, you are still playing the same game.


Old man yells at cloud

I mean no ill will, I just genuinely found this a brain stumper lol!

23:21 UTC


Looking for a certain card and can't find the right combo of words to scryfall it

Maybe I'm completely wrong, but isn't there a black card that puts all creatures you control that die in a turn back onto the battlefield/into your hand? Does this card not exist and I'm just misremembering (I'm almost positive there is a white version of this card)? Anyone know what I'm talking about, or have a card that can serve the same purpose? I'm mainly looking for instant-speed defense against boardwipes in a monoblack deck - bonus points if it can also revive a board after a [[Crypt Rats]] wipe.

22:59 UTC


Cases that will fit Gamegenic Watchtower/Stronghold or Ultimate Guard Sidewinders

To anyone that owns Gamegenic Watchtower/Stronghold or Ultimate Guard Sidewinders what do you guys use to carry your deckboxes? I was looking into bags, cases, really anything that'll fit them. I recently bought the Amazon Camera Bag Essentials, but realized it was too small to carry them and more. So if anyone has any good cases if you could recommend them that would be greatly appreciated.

22:39 UTC


What’s in your opening hand?

Hey everyone!

I'm curious to know, what cards do you all like to see in your opening hand when you play? Are there any cards you always hope to draw first?

At the moment I just hope to have 3 lands and call it good, but maybe I need to start being more picky. So I’m turning to the experts on Reddit to get your take on this.


22:34 UTC


Extort Question

Hello guys, I want to build a K'rrik commander deck and i think that can be good fill it up with the extort mechanic. My answers are: 1 can i pay extort with k'rrik ability? 2 How many life i get from one single trigger of extort with 3 opponents? Ty for help

1 Comment
22:33 UTC


Australia: Commandfest 24 Tickets on Sale

Quietly at midnight last night Good Games opened sales for Sydney CommandFest with no posts on social media:


Sharing so fellow Aussie redditors have the chance to get in and scoop up some weekend packages before they sell out.

Edit: Fewer than 20 VIP passes remain!

22:33 UTC


Building a Deck

I’m currently building a super friends deck and I need to know some ways to fix it. It’s not full yet around 90 cards I want to know some cards I should add and some cards I should get rid of from the deck list. The command is Nicol Bolas, the ravager and I’m building it around the 5 planeswalker variants of him. Anything would be appreciated, especially things that create tokens for me.

Deck list

1 Comment
22:29 UTC


Advice for returning player / no prior collection

I played standard and modern formats from 2017-2019 and thoroughly enjoyed it before dropping the game due to a move of cities. I’m now back in a position where many of my friends have completed commander decks and play often. I’d like to get in on this action and saw there is an Eldrazi pre on coming with the MH3 wave.

Would it be a better decision to purchase cards individually to build my deck or is purchasing the set of four collectors precons worth at all? Thanks in advance :)

22:15 UTC


Critique my ORKS

So. I cooked this and from the looks, I absolutely love it. I wanna hear your thoughts. For context, I play Beast Snaggas in 40k and once upon a time, Uruk Hais in MESBG.


22:12 UTC


Favorite Consistent Card Draw in Sultai

[[Rhystic Study]], [[Black Market Connections]], [[Mystic Remora]], [[Beast Whisperer]], [[The Great Henge]] - these are all excellent card draw engines that are popular. However, I'm curious what your favorite card draw engine is in Sultai that is either lesser known, or you've found has worked wonders for you.

Always love to see fresh new pics from folks!

21:57 UTC


Review my commander

This is probably my strongest edh deck. Not necessarily cEDH but I would call it very high power. I feel like when I can ramp into my big spells I can pop off and win but sometimes I don’t have the right hand. Would appreciate some thoughts on it.


1 Comment
21:43 UTC


First EDH deck made - Marneus Calgar advice please

Hello everyone,

So I upgraded my first precon, all by myself. I am not winning much as my pod is pretty strong. With my newbe eye I think it's 1 level below cEDH.

I would like to ask if any of you could review my deck and throw some advice if it is strong? does it have potential? or maybe what cards are not good for the deck and you could propose better alternatives. I played a few round with it and it doesn't feel that consistent.

Generally I wanted to win here by draining my oponents a bit with [[Mirkwod Bats]] or [[Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim]], do a lot of card draw thanks to Marneus and dig the deck for [[Moonshaker Cavalry]] to finish the game.


We are not running tutors or infinite combos.

I would be greatful for any advice :)

21:14 UTC


Need to make one cut in my Jasper Deck

Laughing Jasper Flint is easily my favorite flavor/mechanic/card Wizards has printed in awhile, so I have to go all out on this deck, but making cuts have been really hard.

Obviously the main mechanic is crime, with the play from exile and treasure generation sub theme.

Any suggestions on what to cut or some shifts in the flavor or themes would be appreciated!


20:54 UTC


Built my first deck with Loot!

A few weeks ago a cracked a collector booster for OTJ and pulled a sweet [[Loot, the Key to Everything]] raised foil. I love this format but so far all the decks I have are precons, so I was inspired to build my first deck around this lil guy. I have a description of what I want the deck to do in Moxfield, but it's basically a landfall ramp with a superfriends sub theme.

Here is a link to the full decklist. I'm struggling a bit with the manabase and the curve of the deck, any suggestions and critiques are appreciated!

Keep in mind I am also a fairly budget player- a lot of the more expensive cards are what I already had, so budget friendly recommendations are also much appreciated :)

20:51 UTC


Help Speeding up a Cat Tribal Deck

Hi, I bought a precon with Arahbo back in 2017. I've upgraded it gradually somewhat, but I'm not too great at deck building. I want to increase the power level quite a bit. I'm open for any sort of swaps and price range. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Feel free to be cruel.


20:46 UTC


What are the best defensive clap-backs in MTG?

TLDR- Looking for offensive Fogs

There are people in my local pod who’s decks get out of hand early and often, and they like to swing big, buffed tokens around without assessing threats- just being bullies. Often they land for 20-40dmg a turn and they can usually pull it off at will.

I’ve started running cards such as [[Sudden Spoiling]] [[Polymorphist’s Jest]] and my favorite- [[Hellish Rebuke]] in every deck to turn their strategy on its head and wipe their attackers. Are their any more cards like this that I’m missing or may not have heard of?

I love the flavor of Hellish Rebuke and it’s effects, but kind of dislike that to balance the card, I have to take the damage first. (Sometimes I don’t live to pull it off)

20:43 UTC


How can I make Oskar more interesting?


Working on this Oskar build currently, I want to get a couple games in with him before the EDH Pride event on the 28th, because I want to build a Grixis discard-toolbox-reanimator with Oskar and [[Chainer, Nightmare Adept]].

I used a lot of suggestions from EDHRec but tbh I’m a shit deck builder. I realized that I have a lot of bloat, maybe? Like my card advantage is crazy but I don’t have enough interaction or even a real wincon besides hopefully storming [[Tendrils of Agony]] or a good [[Grimoire of the Dead]].

20:40 UTC


Marchesa the black rose theft

I‘m looking for suggestions for my marchesa the black rose deck. Gameplan is to steal some creatures, get counters on them and sac em. The typical stuff. Since this is my first deck of this kind I could really use some help. I build this deck mostly of cards that I got anyway. Do I maybe need more sac outlets or more counter enablers? I really got a hard time to get the numbers right. Thanks for you help!

20:07 UTC


Mana burn commander?

So this is my first attempt at burn, I think Im doing it right? And if i can get sum help with cuts thatd be amazing lol, Its pretty much as many burn/group slug effects that I tried to fit in so I can get as much damage out on the board as i can. Its my first ever deck that I tried to make the whole gameplan being burn so dont judge me too badly if its kinda wonky https://www.moxfield.com/decks/JD9aF6R-HEWzjVem6Allfw

20:06 UTC


Coolest Mono Red creatures to turn sideways

I’m working on a [[Holga, Relentless Rager]] and want a couple cool red creatures to turn sideways. They might have cool abilities or artwork or something.

The ones I have so far are

[[Chancellor of the Forge]] I can get a goblin early on and then later get a couple more

[[Chaos Terminator Lord]] Give something big with trample double strike

[[Knight Rampager]] Mostly just cool art, but also a nice beater with a death trigger

[[Life of the Party]] just seems fun 🤷‍♂️

I also have considered effects like [[Rite of the Raging Storm]] so if anyone knows cards like that you could recommend them too

20:04 UTC


Greyfax Commander deck - Help wanted

Hey y'all. I want to make a Greyfax(esper) commander deck. I was inspired by four main cards, being [[Deny the Witch]], [[Don't Move]], [[Savor the Moment]] and [[Stasis]].

It would focus on three elements:


Go wide


The general idea is stax to slow people down and keep on swinging with vigilance without the opponents being able to block very much since their creatures are tapped, all the while keeping mana up for interaction like counterspells, and if i don't end up using the mana I sac a clue to draw.

However, I'm not that good at deck building and think i may have spread the deck a bit too thin, and not given enough love to certain aspects. I'm not looking to make a cedh deck, my pod doesn't really play that way, but i want a deck that works well and is fun to play. With that in mind, I'd love to hear what yall have to say, in helping me bring these jumbled ideas together. Here's the moxfield link.

Obviously, right now it missing lands and has a bit more cards than is possible, but this was the general idea i was going for. My thoughts right now is that it is missing more ramp, more draw, and it doesn't have enough creature token generation.

No real, budget, but nothing stupid expensive

20:02 UTC


Constructive Criticism for Esika God Tribal/Legendary

Hello fellow magicians, I’ve been theorycrafting this tribal god deck recently and I’m curious what cards should be cut and what they should be replaced with. I should mention the group I play in doesnt use infinite combos. Generally speaking I think its pretty solid but not optimized: good mix of ramp, mana curve is solid, plenty of synergy and some low drop cards for the early game. I wouldnt say its especially strong but still competitive. Also, this entire deck will likely be proxys so money is no obstacle.
List: https://archidekt.com/decks/7714809/esika_god_tribal

1 Comment
19:58 UTC


Are you switching your eldrazi deck?

Hello fellow eldrazi enjoyers. I have got a zhuladok deck that has been pretty heavily upgraded. With the new eldrazi precon are you looking to switch your commanders? I run zhuladok, have most of the titans in there. I'm concerned if I switch to the new one it is going to swerve onto the relevant of a good stuff commander.

I think I'm sticking. I do enjoy having a purely colourless deck. Just wondered what others were thinking.

19:31 UTC


Decks shouldn't be allowed to run more than 2 of these cards

I have a list of cards that i feel you should not be able to run more than two of. Like, puck 2 cards from this list, you can run those two if they REALLY fit your archetype, but nothing else from this list. They’re all egregiously expensive and could pretty much fit into any deck at all.

Mana crypt

Mana vault

Dockside extortionist

Jeweled lotus

Lotus peta

Urzas saga

Vampiric tutor

Demonic tutor

The one ring

Jeskas will

Fierce guardianship

Anything you think i should add to this list?

edit 1: fine you’ve convinced me to remove blightsteel

edit 2: apparently reanimate costs an actual reasonable price now, so off the list it goes

19:20 UTC


I think my deck could be banned from most LGS's and have no one to play with other than my playgroup 4hrs away.

I got into mtg without knowing any of the not written rules, for example not everyone likes playing around infinite combos, this sucks because I've so much effort in this deck and it is my favorite and not being allowed to play is sad.This is my only deck by the way so I can't use anything else (I'm gonna build another one). I just think banning infinite combos is a stupid rule in my opinion, I always get targeted all the times anyways. Deck at most is a 6, maybe a 7 with good RNG.

18:58 UTC


Help me cutting 14 cards from my „Thrun Forest Thrun!” deck

Hello guys,

so I’m fairly new to edh and I’m currently building a Thrun deck. I made a list where I included cards I like and thought they fit in well. But as finished the build I saw that I was 14 cards over the max. Due to the fact I’m bad at decision making I was thinking of including this subreddit.

Which cards would you cut (and why)? Any must-play cards I forgot to put in?

Thanks in advance!


18:42 UTC


Wizards should reprint all the expensive commander cards

Now if wizards wants to have sanctioned commander tournaments they are going to have to make it accessible. Without the power cards readily available it becomes a pay to win format. We all pretend commander works so it does, but EDH is broken. If they started printing precons with mana rocks would the format fall apart?

CEDH precon?

18:36 UTC


Need help adjusting my Ur-Dragon deck

Hey everyone! I’m rather new to the subreddit and Magic in general. I’ve been messing around with some different EDH decks and built an Ur-Dragon deck, mainly because Ur-Dragon just seems really cool and some of the combos it looks like you can pull off are fun!

I’ve been running into a problem where it feels like it just takes me too long to get going and by the time I can actually get anything out, everyone else has an answer for anything I can do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


18:35 UTC


Esper Artifacts help!

Hey everyone!

I’m upgrading a very old deck that was given to me when I first started Magic. If you look each card is either from mirrodin or older. I love Sci-fi and a lot of what makes this deck fun and very thematic is the artwork.

Now I understand the meta is getting more powerful. I was wondering if there were cards I need to switch out?

I will take any and all criticism and advice. Only thing is Sharuum stays the commander. Would Urza be better? Maybe but no. Sharuum was my first artifact commander given to me from a dear friend who passed away so Sharuum is definitely a pet card with a very strong memory attached. I just want to play it with today’s meta. Any upgrades would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


18:33 UTC

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