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Working on my [[Kellan, Inquisitive Prodigy]] deck, anyone have suggestions?

Whenever I play this [[Kellan, Inquisitive Prodigy]] deck, 9 times out of 10 I stomp my friends who are playing technically more powerful commanders. This is the first cohesive EDH deck I've made (I'm very new to the game) and it's been a powerhouse. I'm looking to improve it further, does anyone have any suggestions?


The general playstyle that I've been working with is a lot of card draw, but also using cards like [[Liquimetal Coating]] or [[Relic's Roar]] to turn opponents' creatures into artifacts so Kellan can blow them up when attacking. I'll use any equipment, enchantments, and counters to make Kellan larger since it's imperative that he's attacking constantly, and then countering any removal against him. My last resort to consistently have him on the field is using [[Mindsplice Apparatus]] to keep Kellan's adventure sorcery at 2 mana (even with commander tax), so that if I do lose Kellan, I can cast his sorcery for 2, and then cast him from exile where I don't have to pay commander tax. What do ya'll think?

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17:54 UTC


When proxies go to far?

My LGS has always used proxies to some degree for various reasons but recently a few people have started building incredibly high powered decks entirely out of proxies (power 9, shock lands etc) and it’s getting out of hand. What if any are your groups proxy rules?

17:43 UTC


Is it possible to make a fast and fun "Super Friends" deck that won't slow the game down to a crawl?

Have any of you built a Super Friends deck? Is it something that will ALWAYS slow down the game, because "that's just what Plansewalkers do"?

Hi all. I bought the Plansewalker Party pre-con back when it came out and made a few changes to it. I'm now looking to dismantle the deck because I'm just not a fan of how long my turns can take, and the sometimes-overwhelming number of options I have for game actions, which my pod tends to lose track of.

I enjoy NOT monopolizing my time at the table. For all my decks I make sure to goldfish them relentlessly, and to read all the rulings on all the cards in each deck I pilot. When I draw any card I never have an issue with knowing exactly what it does, and how it will interact with my board. But regardless of my planning ahead playing a deck with 28 Plansewalkers makes our games slow way down. It doesn't matter how many times my pod can play this deck, it is a pretty hard task to differentiate the 5 different Chandra cards from each other, as well as the 4 different Teferi's (but they all do know that any Teferi is a Kill-on-sight).

My main goal when building decks is to build something that will lead to memorable moments, regardless of who wins. I am not a fan of building an Atraxa or Vorinclex deck, and ideally would like to stay in Jeskai colors. One option that intrigued me was from the late Sheldon Menery's Star City Games article on the set thinking that [[Leori, Sparktouched Hunter]] would be a fun commander for a Cat tribal deck. Maybe with just Ajani support? If so, I've never gone into a "life gain" theme, and he lends himself to that. +1/+1 Counters go well with that too, but I also don't want to create a [[Cathars' Crusade]] situation, slowing down my turn just to keep track of counters.

Here is the pre-con as it exists in its deck box right now. I've been too unsure of where to take these recourses to start a new Super Friends Deck. I did try to make an Ajani theme deck two years ago, so I have just about every one of his Plansewaker cards, though almost none of them made this deck.

You Planeswalked Into the Wrong Neighborhood // Commander / EDH (Commodore Guff) deck list mtg // Moxfield — MTG Deck Builder

Any input is appreciated. Thank you!

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17:38 UTC


What do you guys think of my Felix Five-Boots deck?

Been working on this one for a while but it definitely still needs a little TLC: Ooze Your Daddy? // Commander / EDH (Felix Five-Boots) deck list mtg // Moxfield — MTG Deck Builder

The goal of the deck is to get big creatures on the battlefield, make them unblockable, and use Felix to double their combat triggers. The mana curve is a little wonky and that needs to be fixed, what do you guys think?

17:32 UTC


Playing/making MH3 into a Commander Draft

So I've played Commander Masters draft and the Baldur's Gate commander draft, and me and my friends had a blast drafting them and making 4-person pods. I bought a booster box of mh3 and was looking to convert the 14-card packs to the 20-card commander draft packs with some custom additions to make the limited format more multiplayer friendly.

Part of this is balancing what to add to the packs. since mh3 isn't designed for multiplayer and commander. Here's some bullet points of what I was planning to include in the 6 cards to balance it out:

  • Add more multicolored legendary creatures that have synergy with the archetypes to increase the number of possible commanders
  • Add more colorless/artifact cards to encourage colorless commanders
  • Adding political cards and multiplayer staples (smuggler's share, faerie mastermind, rhystic study type cards)
  • Add more card draw and ramp
  • Add more board wipes (farewell, oblivion stone, etc)

Are there any cards that you guys would suggest I add to packs? I'm happy to hear any suggestions of cards that would also fit into mh3 strategies/archetypes!

17:30 UTC


How to play against creature control strategies?

Hey all,

I didn't know how to properly phrase the title but I am looking for advice against strategies that are heavily removing creatures on the board.

For example [[Erinis]] & [[Street Urchin]] or mono black edict decks. They have heavy creature removal and I don't know about other ways to interact besides remove the commander several times (for Erinis) or not committing to the board (mono black control). A friend lets us sacrifice 2-3 creatures per turn with Lilianas, Plaguecrafter, etc. and I'm grinding my head on how to interact with this playstyle.

Besides building a hard counter deck like [[Sigarda, Host of HeronsSigarda, Host of Herons]] I don't see a valid strategy. I started to slot more removal and protection and try to politic more but I am looking forward to your ideas.

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17:29 UTC


Going past Leyline of Sanctity?

Went up against a Light-Paws deck last time I played that had out [[Leyline of Sanctity]], which was bad for me since my deck was burn that used [[Brash Taunter]], [[Stuffy Doll]] as one of my burn/stall strategy. My question is, if I played Stuffy Doll before with Light-Paws player as the target, if they played the Leyline later, can they still be burned through Doll's effect? Also, if Leyline was out, is my only hope to burn through mass player burn since that should go through hexproof? I guess if they just happened to run [[Circle of Protection: Red]], my burn is useless?

17:24 UTC


Rebound + additionnal cost

I'm including [[Ojer Pakpatiq, Deepest Epoch]] in my [[Reaper King]] deck to play around the blink mechanic. I just discovered the counterspell [[Familiar's Ruse]] to put a scarecrow back in my hand while countering.
As rebound on a counterspell no valid target I was wondering if the additionnal cost "return a creature you control to its owner's hand." can still resolve when the spell rebound?

Thanks for your help :)

1 Comment
17:23 UTC


Budget Hazezon Deck Recommendations?

I'm returning to mtg after years away and I'm looking into building a [[Hazezon, Shaper of Sands]] deck but have a pitifully small collection of cards and dislike ordering online. Therefore, I'm kind of stuck with buying things from the only LGS in my area. I plan on buying the Desert Bloom precon because I know they have that in stock and there's a lot of cool cards that could work with Hazezon (Including Hazezon himself who I will obtain through the precon because my LGS doesn't have him as a single anyway.)

My question is: What are the cards that work best with Hazezon from the precon and ideally how many of the Desert Bloom cards can I keep while still making the deck viable and cohesive with minimal upgrades? I've upgraded precons with their face commander before but I've never tried to upgrade a deck by using a different commander.

Also, what cards that aren't found in the precon should I look into finding and replacing? All advice is welcome :)

1 Comment
17:20 UTC


What are the best budget cards from Modern Horizons III? [Article]

Modern Horizons III is selling for twice the price of regular sets, with a ton of very strong cards that cost an arm and a leg. But there's a lot of strong cards in the common and uncommon slots as well, that shouldn't run over five bucks. Here's the best budget cards from Modern Horizons III.


I'm sure all the modern players are going to be whining about how this set is going to ruin modern. But that's your fault for spending $1000 dollars on a quickly outdated deck, pal. Why don't we enjoy the cheap cards together?

17:19 UTC


Commanders that pull off a strategy with minimal support?

I'm building a Commander Cube, and while the r/mtgcube community has been very helpful I'm looking for some advice that is more of this community's forte with this post.

I've got the cube set up with 10 different archetypes and starting the playtesting process. But I'm looking for some commanders that don't really require much support to play out their own unique strategy. This would diversify the options available while not watering down existing archetypes by throwing 50 new cards in.

For example, [[Urza, Chief Artificer]] is in despite artifacts not really being a theme itself, there's always going to be some artifacts in a cube anyway and he'll be solid even with just mana rocks out.

Any other gems like that?

17:07 UTC


Ishai/Bruse Tarl voltron build

It was suggested to me that I should try a voltron deck in my meta. The meta is higher power level and very creature based so voltron decks can get over whelmed but we have two successful ones [[Queen Marchesa]] equipment and [[Tuvasa the Sunlit]] so I thought I’d give it a try.

I went with [[Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker]] and [[Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder]]. Basic idea was to get Ishai out, let him grow, drop Bruse and swing for a lot of damage. Went with a [[Sunforger]] package to ensure he stays protected and an extra attack phase package to double up his attacks. It’s a little unique voltron build because I’m not building on top of one guy and investing into it. That one guy gets bigger on his own and then there’s lots of ways to double his damage through double strike and extra attacks and loads of protection cards.

Not sure if 5 tutors for Sunforger cards is enough to ensure I have it most games but that’s what I started with. I think the SF protection package is decent enough ways to protect Ishai, the whole board or SF and 5 removal seems like enough to me since it’s more about executing my attack plan and protecting that as opposed to stopping others from executing theirs. Also 6 counter spells to help protect that way as well.

The one thing I found that I’m interested in but haven’t included yet is [[The Ozolith]]. Seems like a great way to build Ishai fast if\when he dies.

Any suggestions? Anything I’m missing that I should consider?


1 Comment
17:02 UTC


Building The Necrobloom - Recommendations?

I managed to pull The Necrobloom yesterday and had been interested in building it since seeing the spoilers. I'd love to hear some recommendations on how to get the most out of this card! I've got a pile of about 300 cards in front of me that fit the colours and work well but I'm sure I've probably missed some key pieces

[[The Necrobloom]]

16:39 UTC


Modern/Standard Players are wierd

I played in my first draft. I’m usually a commander player and have only been playing for a few years.

Everyone I played against was odd. This is my LGS and I only recognized 1-2 people. They were twitchy. I don’t really play this format and I’m not very good at just opening 5 packs and slapping them together. I had no chance of winning. I was never like “I can win if I draw X card.” I would sit down and say, “hi, I’m Jim. I have no idea what I’m doing and this is going poorly but I’m happy to be here and hangout.” One guy was like, “lol. Me too.” Then proceeded to explain this is his format and he’s a competitive player. I kind laughed inside.

No one trusted anyone. No one seemed to really be having any fun.

So I used the time to ask them questions about the format, what they thought of commander, discuss kids and the weather. Told them what I pulled. They were like “oh…you’ll find out.” But I still tried to Keep it casual and chat.

At one point when I was losing badly and was just trying to swing to live myself open so we could move on I was like “so what does your favorite deck do?” and my guy like slammed his cards down, put his hands out, and was like “ok. It does X and y to go infinite. Ok.” Then picked up his cards and began tapping his hands and twitching again like I was fucking Kasparov and the world was watching.

I have never seen such an intense group of people playing MTG. The judge opened with “this is casual. Rollbacks are fine. No freakouts.” So that is what I was expecting. Most of them were jumpy. They couldn’t stop moving. Their eyes were shifting around.

I’d be like “oh you didn’t have to tap for that much mana” and they were like “oh thanks for the catch, I’d do that for you too” and it was just odd.

I can not imagine any joy (and it sounds like they share the sentiment) in playing that format.

They weren’t so much rude, just nervous and oddly suspicious.

Is it the packs? Like are they really this intense over an extra couple packs of cards? Do they know they sell them at the counter?

Anyway, just sort of my experience. Wondering what other EDH players see or someone who plays both- Do you go from frenetic crazy person in standard or whatever to chill commander?

16:25 UTC


Which booster box should I get?

I’m making a myrel stax/token deck (which I know brothers war is good for), goblins, hammer time/ red/white equipment, and green/white tokens. Also some decks i am making just for fun are landfall (I know zendikar has), and energy counters. Any advice is helpful! (Also note I’d like to get cards for as many of these decks as possible.)

16:08 UTC


Help review my mana base?


Relatively new player here and this is my first-time using lands that did not come along with the Caesar fallout deck. Do we think I've made the right decisions here?

Check Lands over Cycle lands? I currently have Clifftop Retreat/Dragonskull Summit in over Fetid Heath, Graven Cairns and Mount Doom. Or maybe I cut something like Bojuka Bog or Nomad Outpust instead?

Should I run Fellwar Stone here?

Also debating Securitron Squadron VS Knight of the White Orchid VS Powder Ganger if anyone has an opinion on that.

Am I running enough removal? Don't think I need a ton based on being aggressive, but I can include a path to the exile or lethal scheme here also.

Obviously open to any other suggestions as well! I have all the fallout cards that I could add back in, but tried keeping my Maybeboard to a minimum for easier reading.

Appreciate any advice!

15:53 UTC


What do we think about this list? (Meren deck list)


This is my Meren deck I ran last night and I felt it was missing something, in my eyes the deck should feel fast but i was playing it really slow. Is the card list the reason or should I just play it faster and be more agressive? I went up against stax two games in a row I know this doesn’t help much but even then the deck has stuff to go against stax somewhat.

Opened to additions and cuts recommendations. And also tips from Meren users.

Maybe even to a commander change if you guys think something would run most of these cards better. As long as black green stays in i can add colours.

Thank you all!

1 Comment
15:46 UTC


Fun white-themed commanders?

Hi, I very much like to play white cards, and run white as a support in many decks, yet I would like to try a predominantly white deck, even in 2-3 colors combo.

I tried to build a selesnya human tribal but it felt a bit plain, what would you suggest that you find fun and interesting?

15:19 UTC


Nelly Borca, Impulsive Accuser Deck Help

Hi everyone! I am helping out a friend build out a goad deck with Nelly Borca. We would love help on optimizing the deck a bit more to get it into tip-top shape! There is no budget, so anything goes!

Anything in particular that we've included that doesn't work, that we could switch it up with?

Thank you in advance for any and all advice!

Moxfield - https://www.moxfield.com/decks/qV295TBy90q5CGV7MDXoIg

15:14 UTC


Ojer Axonil vs Solphim, Mayhem Dominus as a burn commander?

What it says on the tin really. Which is the better burn commander? My ears are open to other commanders too, and I'm already running Indoraptor as a more casual deck while this will be more optimized. Mono red would be nice, but I can see other colors too.

15:04 UTC


Upcoming Pride Commander Event - Dork Deck Help

I'm a mostly limited player starting to get in to EDH and looking for help with a deck I'm getting together for the pride commander event at the end of the month. The main restriction is that I want all creatures to have a mana ability and the current list are just what I have in my collection. I expect this deck will be lower power and I think mostly lacks card draw and protection for my board but opinions and suggestions are welcome. Any good dorks to add or spells I can sink 7+ mana in to would be greatly appreciated as well. Commanders are [[Raggadragga, Goreguts Boss]] and [[Tyvar the Bellicose]]. Thanks!

14:44 UTC


How have you blinged out your favorite decks?

Alright guys, I’m not here to talk about deck quality, deck building, or power levels, what I wanna know is how you’ve blinged out your favorite deck(s). I’m talkin custom sleeves, deck box, alternative arts, alters, special dice, playmat to match the deck, etc. give me all the details.

For example, my favorite deck is a [[Rielle the Everwise]] deck. I’ve gotten an absolutely killer alter done to make her look like a foiled out Megaman X, with a custom Izzet colored deck box with a 3D printed Megaman X on the top of it, I’ve got custom dragonshield sleeves for it, and then a playmat of some of my favorite art to match. I use exclusively red and blue clear dice when I play the deck, and the deck is completely foiled out in my favorite art versions, with some really cool old inclusions like a mint tropical island. My brother also got me some sweet alter inner sleeves over a few of my favorite cards that look pretty on theme. It ran me more money than I’d like to admit, but life was good to me at the time and it was an expense I don’t regret.

So tell me, how far have you gone to bling out your decks? I want to see all of the well-loved decks on here.

By the way, for those that don’t know, Etsy is a wonderful place for great, cheap deck boxes to customize your decks. Highly recommend poking around on there.

14:29 UTC


Salty Pay to Win Player

We have a decent sized group of people mostly newer to the game (1-2 years of playing) most of us are at the power level of having decently upgraded precons and a few semi strong decks we built. Now one of our players had started with Ixalon, his first deck was the dino precon. After playing a couple times he shelled out a good chunk of change to upgrade most of the deck. It was a really big jump in power but if we all focused him a bit we could keep the deck in check.

The big problem started when he built his newest deck, he wanted the build a [[Sauron, the Dark Lord]] deck. We warned him he would be target #1 every game and he seemed to ignore that. Well, he apparently found a decklist online and shelled out a minimum of $500 on the best cards for the deck [[Orcish Bowmasters]], [[Sheoldred, the Apocalypse]], [[Roaming Throne]], perfect dual lands, all best tutors, etc.

Well now he’s been playing it and surprise surprise, he been getting focused every game. He’s won a couple times but for the most part dies really quickly. He’s been getting more and more annoyed every game and when we try and tell him that if he plays the best cards, he’s going to be the best target. The rest of us are mostly budget players so obviously when we keep seeing one person put out some of the best creatures that’s where we target if we want any chance of winning. He keeps ignoring what we’ve been trying to tell him and has now spent more to upgrade the deck even more.

Any ideas to get the point across that just because you have a strong deck doesn’t mean you’re going to win?

14:26 UTC


My first Eldrazi deck… any good??

Do you think this deck will be work? Need suggestions of what I should take out and put in . I know ow I need Ulamog. Trying not to spend too much more besides getting the new Ulamog, Kozilek, and Emrakul.

14:17 UTC


Who else plays a sleeveless deck?

I currently am the proud owner of one sleeveless deck helmed by [[the howling abomination]]. I’ve had it for a while and have enjoyed playing with it. I’m feeling like it’s time for another. Does anyone else play a deck like this? Who do you run as the commander.

14:12 UTC


[G/W] Angels Deck - First Deck Looking For Critiques

G/W Angels Deck link

I'm working on my first EDH deck to play casually with my friend groups and was looking for some critiques for the deck, I'm mainly looking to see if there are any glaring flaws in the deck (I understand it won't be perfect, especially since its more for casual playing with friends), or better cards/synergies I might have missed. I have several of the more expensive angels already [[Avacyn, Angel of Hope]], and [[Archangel of Thune]], so assembling the deck isn't too crazy for me.

The commander is [[Sigarda, Font of Blessings]], I opted for her since she gives my other cards hexproof and lets me look at my library, and with the inordinate amount of angels in the deck, she lets me potentially play more as I look.

In terms of creature themes, I went angels+, so there are angels and other divine beings or supporters of divine beings, so Gods, Angels, Clerics, Druids and Monks.

For removal, I opted to go with enchantment style removals like [[Seal Away]], [[Quarentine Field]] and [[Suspension Field]] since I put [[Sigil of the Empty Throne]] in the deck to help generate angel tokens.

For fun enablers in the deck:

[[Avacyn, Angel of Hope]], if I can get her on the battlefield along with Sigarda, all my creatures become hexproof and indestructable.

[[Giada, Font of Hope]] can help be a mana dork and also helps pump angels who enter the battlefield.

[[Lyra Dawnbringer]] pumps all my angels and makes everyone a lifelinker.

[[Resplendent Angel]] pairs with the lifelinkers in the deck to generate more angels as I gain life.

[[Spear of Heliod]] helps pump my creatures and acts as removal.

14:07 UTC


Does anyone else find it annoying that Eldrazi are being forced into the meta?

First, obviously anyone is able to play any deck and strategy, it's up to you if you want to play against that deck or not, rule 0 exists. But I have played 8 PUGs on spelltable in the last day and 7 of them featured one or more Eldrazi decks.

Releasing 2 precons in a year that are Eldrazi themed seems to have significantly increased their visibility, and it's just not a fun deck to play against (cast triggers happen despite counters, cheating out creatures with annihilator, etc) and legit all 7 of those games had a forsaken monument in the first 5 turns.

I didn't lose all of those games, but any time an Eldrazi player gets a fast start it becomes archenemy and either ends the game immediately or drags it out worse than a stacks game. I just don't find it fun to play against, personally. But am I the only one?

14:03 UTC


What are your top 3 most fun cards to play and/or experience in EDH?

And why?

I would prefer to not discuss what our favorite commanders are and instead focus on the cards inside the deck.

I like:

Mishra's Workshop. I really like playing a lot of artifacts in all my decks, so the shop is rarely dead for me.

Mana Drain. I love how versatile it is at every point in the game, and it provides a ridiculous deny and boost.

Draw 7s. I'm cheating on my own thread and just putting in a category because whenever anyone plays a draw 7 I'm usually excited to see my new hand haha.

13:50 UTC


Feeling stuck with my Shorikai deck, looking for guidance

I’ve been playing commander for a few months now after years away from MTG. The Buckle Up precon was my first deck, but it’s seeing less play now after I’ve picked up some others that I enjoy piloting more, mostly because they have clear strategies and wincons. My pod is very very casual, but we’re all competitive.

I’ve used [[Shorikai]] as the commander from day one, and have made a few rounds of upgrades over time, mostly leaning into the value engine of my commander. Things I feel like that works a lot better now, and I’ve added more interaction to deal with threats better, but I’m just lost on what to do with the value my commander creates. Mainly, outside of getting [[mechtitan core]] off the ground or using [[lion sash]] to beef something up, I don’t know how to close games.

I got this deck primarily because vehicles seemed cool and novel (they didn’t exist when I last played) and I liked the idea of the mech flavor. I’m less concerned with that flavor adherence now, or the heavily lean into vehicles though I’m happy to keep them if they work as a sound strategy.

I would love some guidance/feedback on tweaks that could make this deck a bit more coherent and focused while keeping it fun.

Here’s my deck list.

13:35 UTC


Give me your favorite colors/guilds and reasons!

So, I, as a relatively bad player that only recently started to play again, have a hard time deciding what color/guild I want to focus my energy on and would like some input from more knowledgable peeps here :)

I will give my own list of TopFives because I find it fun to rank things, but my list is purely from a casual, non-format, flavorful POV, as I only recently started to play in Commander (which was fun!).


  1. Black - I find black to be the most versatile color there is, and I love versatility. And I love zoms and vamps and rats and horrors. My first really fine-tuned (again - only casual) deck when I was 13 was a mono-black Cabalists/Nightmare deck and I loved it.

  2. Blue - again, versatile, so a close second place for me. And I love control

  3. Green - big things and forests

  4. Red - as much as I love dragons and goblins, I just don't like the playstyle of mono-red most of the time

  5. Plain - boring - bland - meh. Aside from the angel-flavor, I have nothing good for white

Duo: (tough choices as I mainly played mono before now)

  1. Dimir - Control and a variety of cool flavors :D Ninjas and Rogues and Fae. Also works well with artifacts

  2. Simic - really fun landmass play and super cool flavors with all the massive monstrosities

  3. Golgari - The only deck I ever managed to build with G/B that I liked was a zombie/elf hybrid, but it is still higher than my other 2

  4. Izzet - I built a non-creature deck in r/u and it was pretty strong, and a favorite of my best friend back then, but I didn't like it that much

  5. Orzhov - Tried so hard so often to build a good b/u deck (vampires or horrors most of the time) but I never managed to make it good. But I liked it in concept, so it is above the other duo-colors for me

I can't even make a 3 or more color top5, as I only ever played Grixis and Esper artifact decks but I loved those 2 a lot.

I'd like to hear from you guys what your favorites colors and guilds (of any color amount) are :)

13:19 UTC

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