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Creators helping creators make comics.

In addition to finding collaborators, this is a great place for feedback and advice. Post your work! Ask for help! There are lots of writers and artists who are willing to discuss and critique your work. We have plenty of members who can answer your questions and give you tips regarding publishing and breaking into the industry.

Now it's all up to you! Let's make comics!

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Welcome to Comicbookcollabs!

Creators helping creators make comics.

In addition to finding collaborators, this is a great place for feedback and advice. Post your work! Ask for help! There are lots of writers and artists who are willing to discuss and critique your work. We have plenty of members who can answer your questions and give you tips regarding publishing and breaking into the industry.

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Now it's all up to you! Let's make comics!


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01:58 UTC


How to just do it?

I've been dancing back and forth with starting my own series for years now. I'm an Illustrator by trade, but have always loved story building and concept work, so it seemed like a comic was the perfect medium for me.

THAT BEING SAID. How the hell do you get over the initial fear of I'm not good enough to start this? And what's the first step you took in creating your comic?

I get so overwhelmed with all the possibilities of formatting and what platform I'm intending it for that I keep stagnating despite having entire concepts and stories written.

This is my main character for the comic I'll start with and I'm definitely leaning towards traditional art.

20:30 UTC


My comic SLAVA is printed! After 6 months of work, it's an amazing feeling to have this 200-page book in my hands! This is a French version, but the English one is in the works too - you may find it on Indiegogo.

19:43 UTC


Comic colorist avaible

13:59 UTC


[HIRE ME] Freelance comic script writer looking for new projects

Greetings, I am a freelance writer looking for new clients. I promise to deliver quality work and will provide them within the agreed-upon deadline.

I have experience in short story fiction writing, particularly in the fantasy adventure genre. I enjoy creating fantastical worlds and creating stories in said worlds. As such, I can assist in any world-building or story drafting you may need. I also have experience in script writing, particularly script writing for a webcomic. As such, I can write out whatever story you need in an easy-to-read and properly formatted script. A properly formatted script allows you to easily convert the script into a webcomic, visual novel, or whatever medium you need.

Writing portfolio: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1A09K9SeZmWTUAt3rCeGJFK4V3Sa\_LtEs

Additionally I also have copy editing experience. I can edit your comic scripts or any other written work and ensure the content is written in a clear and succinct way that is easily understandable to artists or any other readers. My editing rate is 1.5 cents per word for copy editing and 1 cent per word for proofreading.

Editing Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-1O-T2DOzo00AVQJOF2iOd5CmvTFqw46

If you feel we would work well together, send me a message, and we can discuss more. I look forward to working with you.

13:17 UTC


My newest traditional artwork

12:57 UTC


[For Hire] Novice Comic Writer

I’m Lily and I’ve been writing stories for about 8 years and I even have normal writing commissions, but I’ve never dipped my toes into comic writing despite reading them in most of my spare time. I’ve got quite a passion for comic books and even small comics, but have never offered to write for them until now. I would like to request $10/page, but the price is negotiable because of my inexperience. You can find some more about me here: https://lilys-writing-comms.carrd.co

12:28 UTC


[FOR HIRE] Digital Artist | Starts at $80

01:55 UTC


My first kickstarter is in pre-launch!

Hey all!

My name's Christof.

I started out on this subreddit close to 7 years ago. When I first jumped on I didn't have a completed comic to my name.

Cut to now: My first graphic novel, Under Kingdom came out a month ago from Dark Horse and I am about to hit go on my first kickstarter.

I guess my point is if you are new - KEEP AT IT. I know I am just one of a bunch of creators who started as newbies on this subreddit and are now working in the industry.

Now, to the reason I am posting….

The pre-launch page for Requiem #1 from me, David Hazan (writer behind Nottingham at Mad Cave) and Phil Appley has recently gone live.

Here’s the quick pitch:

When the crew of the Genesis stumble upon their sister ship with the crew dead and data erased, they awaken a monster trapped in their own memories.

It would mean the world to me if you could take a look and give us a follow if it sounds down your alley. Plus, once the kickstarter launches we will have a bunch of rewards designed for new creators including script/ pitch reviews.

The Pre-launch page can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/christofbogacs/requiem-1-dare-to-remember-live-to-forget?ref=6vcsnj

Thanks in advance!

01:07 UTC


Clairvoyant Clover - One Shot Manga by Calium Katcri and Manna

01:01 UTC


Advice for a Novice Writer

Hey Everyone!

So I have decided to try and write a script for a graphic novel, but I don't really know where to start or how to go about it. I was wondering if any you have some advice for me. What do I need to do? What is expected as a writer?

When I do find an illustrator, I want it to be as comprehensive as possible for them.

I also would like some advice where to find an illustrator.

Thank you

00:36 UTC


Animatic for my thriller comic (TW: blood)

Follow me @bayswipe or on r/chestbreaker for more

23:16 UTC


[Paid] [Long Term] Writer Looking for a graphic novel/manga artist for a historical fiction story I'm trying to tell.

I have another comic project I'm getting ready to launch, but before I do that, I'd love to begin working on my passion project.

It'll be set in ancient rome so a big plus if you can draw in that setting or draw from heavy loads of reference.

Minimal action sequences but some. Story is primarily focused around gladiators and the Marcomanniac Wars.

Around 10 chapters in total (the story could theorertically be 100 chapters but I condensed it into a 10 chapter thing unless it picks up) . 16-18 pages per chapter.

Please provide me with a portfolio and make sure you include art that is sequential. I don't care what type of art style it is, as long as I think it fits. could be western, or Manga.

I prefer if you can DM me directly through send message instead of direct chat, as my direct chat often times will bug out, or just send me an email directly

If you could provide your rates as well, that'd be great.


21:01 UTC


I started a series on 'How to make indie comics'

Hey y'all, I started a series on 'how to make indie comics' from an indie writer and publisher's point of view.

It's been about 2 years I've been creating 'The City' and I often get questions from the community on how we manage to 'get things done'.

This is most definitely not the industry standard approach, but an approach I took to get started and learn LOTS on the way.

This first article is on how I write and format:


I'm scheduling 2-3 articles a week that covers finishing your script, finding a team, raising funds, printing, and marketing.

My intention is to help and encourage anyone that wants to learn how indie writers make comics!

Hope it helps...and again I'm just another amateur navigating and learning!

19:20 UTC


New Letterer Looking To Collab!


I am looking to collaborate on a comic project, attached are some things I was practicing on this morning. If you want to give somebody new a shot, please reach out and we can maybe make something happen!Feel free to DM or if you'd rather, you can email bjosephwatson@gmail.com



17:55 UTC


[For Hire] Illustrator and Concept Artist available for freelance work. Send me an email to find out the budget. Links in comments.

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12:29 UTC


[FOR HIRE] Hello everyone, I am open for character commission, feel welcome to DM me.

07:36 UTC


Sci Fi Fantasy Artist Wanted

Hi, I'm based in the Los Angeles area looking for a local (realistic style) artist to possibly collaborate with on bringing a sci fi fantasy comic book/graphic novel to life that I wrote. There is partial nudity and LGBT content. It's about a pro bodybuilder/Astro test pilot, male 27 (black bi-racial) who crash lands on a mysterious, somewhat primitive, Jungle rainforest like dwarf planet with rings, 40,000 light years away from Earth. You can also contact me at StarOneComics@gmail.com

07:29 UTC

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