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The mission of /r/Comic_Crits is to provide holistic feedback to comic creators based on the understanding that a comic is not just 'writing plus art', but rather a unique combination of both, bound together with elements of graphic design, layout, timing, 'cinematography,' and more.

Remember: Don't downvote "bad" comics (they need feedback the most)


The mission of /r/Comic_Crits is to provide holistic feedback to comic creators based on the understanding that a comic is not just 'writing plus art', but rather a unique combination of both, bound together with elements of graphic design, layout, timing, 'cinematography,' and more.


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    Can you believe this is Randy's first time drawing a comic?

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    23:17 UTC


    Anyone up to review my script for a fighting sequence in my comic?

    I've decided to open my comic with a fight, I've mostly scripted every dialogue after it as I'm not really good at writing fight sequences that aren't boring, this one is taking way to long to finish and I'm wondering if there's any way I can resolve it quickly and epicly.

    If you're interested I'll DM you the document, and explain a bit of the context.

    12:06 UTC


    My first comic (and it is NSFW)

    With pride, I share with you the link to the first comic I have created. My background is in film, but securing funds for this project was nearly impossible, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and tell my story through this medium. It would be wonderful to read your feedback on this comic, which reflects on the ethics of technology companies and the human desire for annihilation and self-annihilation. Thank you in advance.

    To read it, in English or Spanish, all you need to do is follow the link to Globalcomix provided below.


    21:13 UTC


    [OC] Dorylus: Only For You (Full Comic in the comments)

    16:22 UTC


    New comic idea I’m working on

    Toying around with a looser style for a possible horror comic.

    00:05 UTC


    SHADOW: ATARAXIA, part 2

    The Royal Battle arc begins and Kortaria tries to kill Eric and the others but they get away.

    Since Eric isn’t as strong as the queen and can’t just leave the Shadow World they start hiding and make camp. While seeing what they can do Eric begins to have the same feeling he did when he discovered he was Andrew and now Eric starts to hear more voices in his head. The plan so far is to overthrow the queen, but it’s a lot harder than they think. Eric goes on his own journey for a while and searches for 3 temples. Each temple has an answer for what his power is. When going to all the temples he gets the information that he is the next Shadow King, but the way it works is the when the vessel is recreated the Shadow Side of the vessel starts to take over. There is a way to stop it, but only two vessels were able to be close to stopping the corruption. The only way to stop the Shadow King from taking over you need to challenge him between a dual. The plan is to invade the Royal Castle and take out as many guards and defeat Kortaria, when the guards are gone Eric and three others go against Kortaria of course they aren’t strong enough and Eric doesn’t know what to do. When freaking out Eric sees a man that looks familiar and then 6 others appear and sees that there all the other vessels. Combing the powers of all the vessels and his Eric creates the strongest sword he’s made and slashes it right through Kortaria. When the battle is over Eric’s sword doesn’t turn back to his hand nor does his eye turn back to normal, his friends look at him in horror and realize that since he used all that power the shadow side now has the ability to take over and it does. Eric’s body changes into a type of demon still looking like a human but with horns. Eric is now the Shadow King and takes over the Shadow World, but even if the Shadow King took over Eric’s body Eric is still in there.

    1 Comment
    17:18 UTC


    Wondering if I put too much detail in my panel descriptions

    Some time ago I completed a first-draft script for a comic book/webtoon; it's for the first chapter of a series featuring a boy and his digital A.I. partner. I showed it to a friend on Discord for their thoughts and they claimed there's too much detail for every panel and I should give the artist what's necessary. Since then I pondered if their insight is true or not. I sought any source for extra eyes I could think of for feedback, but so far, nobody took a gander. And now I'm here.

    Here's the first draft: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VDHKYghd3-UYJyfObks83_31edP7NJbjTsG3BJjaOhs/edit?usp=sharing

    So do I use too much detail in each panel description, or is it just right?

    P.S.: This is my first post on this subreddit, so forgive me if there are any mishaps by sending this post.

    15:07 UTC



    After the final events of LUNACY, Eric and his friends are taken to a new dimension, a dimension populated by shadow. Shadow have been living in this world to hide away from humans and sometimes travel to the human side for things. Eric and the others don’t have time to look when they’re taken by guards and brought to a type of castle. Eric is taken to the castle and comes face to face with Queen Kortaria who sees Eric as an outsider. Eric makes a deal with Kortaria and states that if he can prove to her that humans can change the way they see shadow then humans and shadow can coexist together, she takes Eric on his offer, but Eric has to help her with problems happening in the Shadow World.

    While staying in the Shadow World the team encounters a group of powerful shadow who want Eric to join them and conquer the human world, of course Eric declines and a battle begins. Before the battle begins Eric encounters a type of shadow he fought in LUNACY, it was a shadow that has two abilities, shadow are only meant to have one power, but some have found a way to have more from the range of 2 abilities to 5. When the battle is finally over Eric finds a crystal in an underground temple, but he notices that when he gets close to it he starts to feel dizzy. Not knowing what the crystal does he brings it to Kortaria, she explains to Eric that the crystal ties in with the Shadow King, the crystal is one of the Shadow King’s strengths, but before Eric can ask any other questions Kortaria take the weapon and immediately tries to hit Eric but he knew she was gonna hit him and the next battle begins

    ROYAL BATTLE ARC. Talk about more later!

    17:34 UTC


    stuck in a dilemma for a side character

    I really hope this is the right place for this question...

    TW: mentions of s3xual assault, d34th of family member

    I'm doing a retelling of a fairy tale, and recently I added a side character whose brother is a horrible person. She doesn't realise it, but she later finds out that he s3xually assaulted the main character's sister. Their family wanting to retain their status is doing whatever they can to cover up his crimes. This character volunteers to find information for them, but her true intentions are to withhold any info she finds until she is more certain about what to do.

    She ends up deciding to protect the victim and her family and friends who are helping her hide, and over the next few months she becomes closer to them. It's basically found family lmao they're the healthiest group of people she's ever been with. She becomes a better person for it, and I'm getting pretty attached to her and her dynamics with the others.

    In my original outline for the story, however, her brother gets killed by one of the characters in the found family out of self-defence. If I were to keep both his death AND this side character and her arc, the only way forward I see is that she cuts ties with her found family.

    Which is painful and I'm worried it will overshadow what is supposed to be a happy ending for the main romance plot.

    Sure, I could go for a bittersweet ending with this development. But I'm a huge sucker for traditional happy endings. Is there any way I can keep my happy ending, this side character and her arc, AND still deliver a satisfying punishment of sorts to the side character's brother?

    17:02 UTC


    First Script Feedback

    Hey yall just finished my first script for a graphic novel series called Reptile. Wanted some feedback on structure here. I tried to write with the artist in mind but ended up with what I think I probably too many panels on some pages. This would be the first issue or "chapter" of 36 in total. It's currently sitting at 19 pages. Any feedback is appreciated but I'm specifically looking for criticism on the structure and how an artist would be able to use what I've given.

    Appreciate y'all, thanks


    14:03 UTC


    I am creating reusable assets for my future webcomic and I wanted to know what you guys thought of this "new chapter" transition page that I made. Does anything on it need to be changed?

    01:55 UTC


    [OC] Umwelt: The Jumping Spider (The Full Comic is in the comments)

    14:46 UTC


    SHADOW 3 development

    So the way the 3rd sequel of SHADOW is gonna play out is after the events of LUNACY Eric wakes up in a world filled with other shadows; while trying to uncover the world’s secrets Eric has to cope with the trauma he went through as Eric and Andrew. The big problem is to try and fix the way the human world and shadow world work meaning help them combine both worlds.

    00:33 UTC


    What do you think of this for the cover of my fantasy comic about ancient bards and idols?

    06:05 UTC


    <Beta Readers for Script

    Hi, I'm looking for 2-3 beta readers for issue 1 of my upcoming comic series. If interested please comment below, and I'll email you a link with the script as well as a few questions to fill out. Thank you!

    Genre: action, thriller Length: 7k words

    Blurb: Fighting fire with fire! The Varris family are not your every day demon hunters. For generations, they've fought and captured demons by utilizing a unique weapon of their own, a demon named Insyte. However, when the dangerous Mr. X discovers the power of Insyte he'll stop at

    15:23 UTC


    I’d love to hear what y’all think of my newest chapter of BwT and the story overall. I wanna improve my art and writing

    20:01 UTC


    Hi, can you guys comment on my work, just 4 pages. Just anything comes to you, anatomy, shading, font, grammar, readability ...etc.

    15:58 UTC


    Portfolio Critique for a Writer

    Hi guys! I'm a writer who also makes comics. I want to know:

    - what you think of my portfolio overall

    - whether you think it needs to be more visual (with illustrations or videos etc.)

    - whether it is easy to navigate (if not how can I improve that?)

    Thank you in advance! :D


    16:46 UTC


    [OC] Feedback needed: WiFi Wars Afterburner - Original Comic

    03:52 UTC

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