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Christian pacifism is the theological and ethical position that any form of violence is incompatible with the Christian faith.

What is Christian pacifism?

Christian pacifism is the theological and ethical position that any form of violence is incompatible with the Christian faith.

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Why do some say there is no Rapture?

These days it is not unusual to hear someone say that there is no such thing as the Rapture. Such people could edify (enlighten / teach) the church by simply explaining what they mean by the term “rapture” – instead, they often seem satisfied to spread confusion. What many of them are actually talking about is the “secret, end-time, pre-tribulation, all-fly-away” rapture; a false teaching popular among American evangelicals. Even though the pre-tribulation rapture is not taught anywhere in the BIBLE, many modern christians believe that they are chosen to escape all of GOD’s coming judgments on the world. (Tribulation refers to a series of disasters outlined in the BIBLE that signal the end of the world as we know it, i.e., the apocalypse.)

What the BIBLE does teach is the resurrection of the righteous dead at JESUS’ second coming. It says the “dead in CHRIST shall rise up and any righteous Christians who happen to still be alive at that time will also be caught up in the air with them to be with JESUS. 1 Thes 4:13-17

Note that the emphasis of the Gospel message is on eternal salvation; the promise of resurrection after death. The rapture of the living at the second coming is just an inevitable consequence of the general resurrection of all who are worthy to be saved.

The word “rapture”

One group that denies the rapture does so because the word “rapture” does not appear in traditional English BIBLE translations (KJV, etc.). This is a pointless and deceptive argument because the apostle Paul originally wrote in Greek. He used the Greek word, “harpazo,” which means to “seize by force, to catch up, or snatch away” to describe what happens to living Christians at the second coming. Early Latin BIBLES translated harpazo as “rapio/raptus/rapturo” – which also means to be taken by force. From the Latin rapturo, we get the English phrase: “caught up,” and the word rapture which is commonly used to describe the scenario at 1 Thes 4:17.

JESUS said that the second coming and the gathering of the elect (the saved obedient Christians) occurs after the great tribulation. Mat 24:21-31, 1 Cor.15:51-52 The pre-tribulation rapture is not in the BIBLE but the “catching up in the air,” the rapture of the living saints at the same time as the resurrection, certainly is.

Other significant groups that dismiss the rapture are preterists / dominionists / post millennialists. Their false doctrines cause them to twist the scripture to support their presupposition that all end-time scenarios in Bible prophesy must have happened in the past – in or before 70 AD – when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. They want to believe that we are currently in the “thousand-year reign,” i.e., Christ’s millennial kingdom on earth, to support their ludicrous claim that white American christians have been appointed to take political control and rule the world for JESUS. Understand that JESUS consistently rebuked HIS disciples for suggesting that HIS kingdom had anything to do with seeking worldly political dominion.


Focusing on the rapture as a way to escape the judgement of the world is missing the point. We were put here to be tested and JESUS has challenged us to overcome sinfulness in order to be saved. Rev 2:7, 1726 ; 3:51221  Aside from those who fall away when they realize that there is no pre-trib rapture, it could be said that the timing of the rapture isn’t really that important. Why? Because every person must still be spiritually ready to face their own personal judgement day. Being alive at the time of the rapture is no guarantee of salvation, particularly for those who have not produced fruit worthy of repentance; those living in sin who have allowed themselves to be convinced that mere acceptance of JESUS has given them the right to claim eternal salvation. (OSAS)

"…for the whole time of your faith will not profit you, if ye be not made perfect in the last time.  …in the last days false prophets and corrupters shall be multiplied, and the sheep shall be turned into wolves, and love shall be turned into hate…" Didache (1st Century letter from the Apostles)

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Religious Hypocrisy – doorway to end-time deception…

What is religious hypocrisy?

Simply put, hypocrisy, including religious hypocrisy, is pridefully lying about your beliefs and intentions in order to manipulate others – usually for personal gain. In modern America, religious hypocrites typically use false interpretations of Christianity to deceive those who want to follow them.

The hypocrisy of the right-wing political church

While hypocrisy is rife in politics in general, I specifically call out the American right-wing republican political machine because it blasphemously pretends to uphold “christian values” while openly flouting the actual commandments of JESUS. In truth, propagandists for Christian Nationalism are mostly focused on achieving political dominion over those whom they hate instead of “loving your neighbor and praying for your enemies” (as JESUS commanded). Their “religion” is much closer to political fascism than it is to Biblical Christianity.

Anyone who wants to argue this point can read this article about the widely quoted interview with the past President of the Southern Baptist Convention, where he laments the fact that right-wing conservative “christians” are actually condemning pastors for preaching the WORDS of JESUS from the BIBLE. Right-wing evangelicals specifically despise the commandments by JESUS to love everyone because those passages oppose their desire to hate the enemies they have chosen to fight in their culture war.

JESUS threatened religious hypocrites with hell

JESUS specifically denounced religious hypocrisy, saying: “…you hypocrites, you honor me outwardly with words but your actions and true beliefs aren’t consistent with what you say; your worship is useless because you stress your man-made rules instead of the commandments of GOD.” (Paraphrase of Mat 15:8-9)

JESUS went on to pronounce a terrible condemnation against the scribes and Pharisees - the seven woes recorded in Mat 23. (A “woe” is a warning of impending doom that will inevitably result from opposing GOD.)

JESUS makes it abundantly clear that unrepentant religious hypocrites (liars) are condemning themselves – HE calls them “sons of hell, vipers and serpents,” and asks them: “how can you escape the damnation of hell?” Mat 23:15, Mat 23:33

Nonetheless, many modern right-wing political christians lie so brazenly that it is apparent that they are not afraid of any consequences in the world to come, connected to their hypocrisy. IMO, the popular “once saved always saved” false doctrine is the self-deception that emotionally empowers people, especially nominal christians, to feel secure in their salvation even when willfully committing sins that the BIBLE says are disqualifying. The BIBLE says that no (unrepentant) liars will be permitted in Heaven. Rev 21:8, Rev 21:27 Hypocrisy is lying.

A modern parallel…

The ancient Israelites killed many of the prophets sent to them by GOD because the rulers hated the message the prophets were sent to deliver. They were often rejected as false prophets because instead of prophesying the blessings that the self-righteous hypocrites wanted to hear, they prophesied destruction if Israel refused to repent. “Killing the messenger” did not stop the prophecy of destruction from coming true.

One of the woes that JESUS pronounced against the religious rulers of HIS day was for the same kind of hypocrisy. The Pharisees were telling themselves that they were the “good guys” – that they would not have murdered the prophets like their ancestors did. However, JESUS told them that was exactly what they would do:

“… you testify against yourselves that you are descendants of those who murdered the prophets. Fill up then the measure of your ancestors!” Mat 23:29-33

“Fill up the measure” is a biblical ultimatum that if you keep on sinning, GOD will have no choice but to allow you to be destroyed. This prophecy was fulfilled when the Pharisees and Sadducees rejected John the Baptist and crucified JESUS.

In a striking parallel, modern American dominionists hypocritically tell themselves that they bear absolutely no guilt or responsibility for America’s immeasurable racism; past and present. They refuse to be accused of racism - even when their political sympathies obviously support a future white supremacist vision of America. In their almost universal acceptance of right-wing propaganda against so-called “wokeness,” the modern dominionist church hysterically attacks any discussion of America’s ongoing racism and other related corporate sins.

Self-Deception in the end times

Dominionism and Christian Nationalism (D/CN) are the motivations behind this hypocrisy. In their warped preterist view of patriotic christianity, D/CNs have convinced themselves that as God’s chosen nation, they must return America to the “values and lifestyles” it was founded on. Then they want to institute a theocratic world government – no matter how long it takes – after which, according to them, JESUS can return. (Preterism and Dominionism are, in fact, titanic end-time deceptions.)

It upsets their un-biblical, fantastical applecart to have truth tellers expose the fact that America was founded on a mountain of horrific soul-destroying sins and that there are, in reality, no decent founding values to return to. This is why they continually repeat the trope that “America was not founded on racism;” they need to believe it, even though racism was written right into the original Constitution. The truth delegitimizes all of their claims of moral authority. The greedy, genocidal, money loving, slaveocracy that was/is America has no historical spiritual imprimatur to lead the world towards a regime of Christian moralism – especially when its own massive sins have long gone unrepented.

Their overwhelming hypocrisy and self-deception lie in the fact that D/CNs are determined to believe what they want - in service of their prideful quest for political and racial supremacy - regardless of what the BIBLE says. Like the Pharisees, they are following in the footsteps of their sinful racist ancestors by refusing to repent and admit that they have the same sinful mindset.

They need to “kill the message” because they fear that the succeeding generations – those they are counting on to continue their quest for “christian” white supremacy - will be derailed hearing the unvarnished truth about American history. Hence, their tooth and nail political fight against “wokeness” and any allusion to America’s overwhelmingly sinful past in the public school curriculum.

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.” 1Tim 4:1-2

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Maoz Inon : I'm not crying for my parents - I am crying for those who will lose their lives in this war. We must stop the war

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Dominionism Opposes the BIBLE - Church heresies that Encourage American socio-political dysfunction, Part 4c.

This is part 4(c) in a series of articles showing how the acceptance of anti-biblical beliefs by people calling themselves Christian has led to the current political situation in America - where a large portion of the population is willing to accept fascism to maintain their perceived racial dominance. (See this post for definitions.)

Dominionism is the thoroughly unbiblical belief that politically conservative Americans (dominionists and christian nationalists, i.e., D/CNs) have been called by God to take control of all worldly institutions in order to enforce their version of white supremacist “christianity” on all Americans and ultimately to create a world theocracy under their control.

What if… Dominionism is just a strategy for world control by the evil rich?

America’s “christian” plutocrats have historically told their followers that because they are God’s elect everyone should accept the methods they used to gain control. Inspired by Calvinism, they claim that their money and/or power is proof that they were chosen and that all of their actions represent God’s sovereign will. But what if dominionism is just a long-term propaganda tactic meant to convince naive right wing political Christians to support a totalitarian form of government that will eventually be exported world-wide? What if dominionism is just a means to popularize the one percent’s quest for world domination?

Creating “Another” Jesus to justify the love of money

He who says, I know him (JESUS), but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 1 Joh 2:4

In the previous post we examined the “Family,” a powerful politico-religious cult of Calvinist authoritarians who have created a false version of christianity to justify their greed and lust for political power. I promised to show how the oligarchy’s false dominionist christianity (represented in the Family’s theology) opposes the true message of the BIBLE. According to their extreme version of Calvinist double predestination, they believe that they were chosen to rule over the poor and will not be held accountable for any misdeeds because everything they do is ultimately part of God’s plan.

In the documentary about the Family, there is a scene where one of the cult leaders uses the story of David and Bathsheba in an attempt to justify this belief. In the Old Testament, king David stole another man’s wife and caused that man to be killed in an attempt to cover up the adulterous affair. 2 Sa 11 According to the Family’s false theology, GOD ignored/excused David’s terrible sins - adultery and murder - because David was chosen and “elect.” The Calvinist authoritarians claim that GOD ignores their sins on the same basis.

This false interpretation is so dangerous because:

  1. GOD made an eternal covenant with David long before this incident and there is no such covenant with modern D/CNs. The modern Calvinist oligarchs are employing biblical eisegesis – taking phrases and concepts out of their original context to try to prove something that the BIBLE does not actually teach. No credible prophet or righteous person has ever told the 1% that they now represent the elect of God – this is just an idea derived from Calvinism. In fact, the BIBLE says that those who love money and love the world are the enemies of GOD. Jas 4:4-8 1 John 2:15-17

  2. GOD did not ignore David’s sin. 2 Sa 7:8-16 GOD pronounced a curse on David – his punishment was that he would never have peace in his household and that someone would humiliate him by publicly taking his wives just like he took the wife of Uriah. As an immediate judgement, the child that resulted from David’s adultery did not survive. Later, David’s grown son Amnon was murdered by his half-brother Absalom, after Amnon raped Absalom’s sister. Absalom eventually rebelled and started a civil war, naming himself king. Absalom captured the royal palace and took 10 of David’s wives as his own. Saddened and humiliated, David ultimately regained the throne but 20 thousand Israelites, including his son Absalom, were killed in the war.

So, unlike the false teaching of the Fellowship, GOD didn’t ignore David’s sin just because he was chosen – he paid a heavy price. Like the Puritans who murdered the native Americans to steal their land, the capitalist oligarchs who proclaim themselves to be the elect of God are using an Old Testament promise that was not made to them as a blasphemous anti-christian self-justification.

Their false version of Christianity has been called "Jesus plus nothing." Members of the Family are expected to surrender themselves to “Jesus” - in exchange for which, they claim to be saved and to be working for Jesus in everything they do without actually having to change their worldly behavior or trying to become Christ-like - IOW claiming christianity without actually obeying the commandments of JESUS. The Calvinist oligarchy’s lawless nominal christianity is just a version of hyper grace (antinominionism), i.e., they believe they are “chosen” so they are not accountable for their sins. (Whether any right-wing billionaires actually believe the Calvinist inspired version of dominionism that their minions promote or whether it is just an authoritarian strategy used to deceive the masses into supporting their regime, is a discussion beyond the scope of this article.)

What JESUS said about the rich and the poor – Lazarus and the rich man…

It is instructive that JESUS gives HIS most direct teaching about the reality of hell in the context of HIS parable about “Lazarus and the Rich man.” Luk 16:19 JESUS presents HIS attitude about the damnable greed of the rich so plainly that it is amazing that anyone pretending to be a Christian would have the audacity to promote an opposing idea.

In the parable, Lazarus, a cripple, begs for food by the gate of a rich property owner who lives a lavish, royal lifestyle. The rich man, whether through maliciousness or simple thoughtlessness, ignores the poor beggar and allows him to starve right outside his house (not even offering him scraps). When both men are dead, the spirit of the selfish rich man is shown being tormented in flames (hell) while Lazarus is seen in the eternal realm of the righteous.

Was Lazarus, crippled and reduced to begging, not among GOD’s elect because of the unfortunate circumstances of his life? Was the rich man elect and unconditionally saved as evidenced by his riches? JESUS teaches the very opposite of what Calvinists and dominionists would have you believe: the rich man was damned because of his selfish greed and the poor man was saved regardless of the dire circumstances of his earthly life. GOD stresses HIS concern for the poor dozens of times throughout the BIBLE.


1. They aren’t really Christians

Way back in the first article of this blog, I said that the actions of American right-wing political christians (D/CNs) show that they aren’t really Christians. As provocative as that statement may sound, it was recently corroborated by Russel Moore, the former leader of the (very conservative evangelical) Southern Baptist Convention – the largest protestant denomination in America. Moore, now chief editor of Christianity Today, in a widely quoted interview said that the evangelical church is in a spiritual crisis because right wing evangelical church goers are openly and blasphemously rejecting the teachings of JESUS as sounding like “weak liberal talking points.” IOW, republican parishioners are proving themselves to be more devoted to their hateful white supremacist politics than they are to the WORD of GOD.

Dominionism / Christian Nationalism is just fascist politics masquerading as Christianity. D/CNs blatantly ignore the commandment(s) of JESUS (“love your neighbor as yourself”) and hate any realistic recounting of history that shines the light of truth on the lies they tell themselves to justify their quest for political dominion. In fact, falsifying history is a classic tactic used to implement fascism. The BIBLE tells us that hating the truth is a major indication of end time deception. 2 Thes 2:8-12

2. Bow down to the rich and they will care for the poor - the farce of “trickle down” economics

One of the biggest political lies in recent decades has been the “trickle down” economics theory. The idea being that if (through tax breaks) the rich and powerful could become even more rich and powerful they would, out of the goodness of their hearts, share their bounty with the poor. This concept is an outgrowth of the Family’s grossly unbiblical doctrine of helping the rich instead of helping the poor.

The concept of helping the rich to get richer so they can be more generous to the poor has proven to be a laughable farce. As we see from the current distribution of wealth in America, trickle-down economics was/is nothing more than a transparent scam – a ridiculous falsehood. In 2023, the top 1% of wealthy Americans hold 36% of the nation’s wealth. The top 10% own almost 70% of the wealth - while the bottom 50% own a mere 2.6%. There are between 700 and 800 billionaires in America. Those few hundred people own twice as much as the bottom 50% of the population (167 million people). About 12% of Americans currently live below the official poverty line, making less than $13K per year - when the average yearly rent for an apartment is $20K. At least 10% (34 million people) in the richest country in the world don’t get enough to eat, including children, while republican controlled state legislatures vote to abolish free lunch programs in public schools. World-wide, 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day, with a quarter of the world’s population, over 2 billion people, living in semi or actual starvation conditions. The idea that the rich will give more if they have more is just a sad joke.

Nevertheless, one might reasonably think that there is some merit in preaching JESUS to the rich so that they might become better people. Historically however, the greed of the rich seems to grow more vicious as their paranoia overtakes them and corrupts their souls; the love of money being the root of all evil. Unsurprisingly, the false christian doctrines that cater to the rich have emboldened them to become even more greedy. Not content with massive tax breaks (shamelessly rebranded as the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” under Trump), they propose to end as many social programs as possible so they can take even more.

3. Dominion and the New World Order – the ultimate deception?

For decades conspiracy minded Americans have been groomed by right-wing propaganda to fear a United Nations led world government - the so-called New World Order; a world-wide communistic regime that would enforce a single currency and usher in the anti-christ. Could the so-called New World Order that we were warned to fear in the 80s and 90s already be in place? What would you say to the possibility that the NWO already exists and we are blinded to its existence by the fact that those currently implementing a NWO are nominal christian capitalists instead of godless communists?

The US has over 1000 military bases operating in at least 80 countries world-wide. The US spends more on its military than the next 10 countries combined – imposing the will of its corporate oligarchy throughout the world. Who indeed, can make war with the beast? Rev 13:4 Is the US the evil empire, a dominionist NWO, that we don't recognize because we have been convinced by everything we've learned since childhood that we are the good guys?

In terms of influencing national and international politics, the Family courts “key men” – with the idea that every person in power, no matter how hypocritical or even demonstrably evil, is somehow ultimately doing god’s will. The Family will do business with that person if they are willing to play ball by calling on the name of “their” Jesus (no matter how insincerely). This false image of Jesus has allowed them to partner with some of the most overtly evil dictators and business people in the world to gain political power and access to money. Thus, the corporate oligarchs blasphemously invoke the name of JESUS to justify their support of murderous third world dictators; selling them weapons produced by America’s military industrial complex to create the havoc that allows corporations to gain control of the oil and other natural resources in their impoverished nations. For those who don’t understand, the political and economic instability purposefully created in third-world countries by the west makes it impossible for average people to continue living there – they risk everything to flee to Europe and America where they hope to find some semblance of the rule of law. (Look up the documentary "Mission Congo.")

By promoting never ending war, the oligarchs are getting paid on both ends. They own the weapons contractors who have direct access to your tax dollars and they use America’s military influence overseas to steal what they want from less powerful countries.

Consider that the D/CN promoted to the masses could be just a strategic stepping stone; propaganda sponsored by the plutocracy to get right-wing political “christians,” i.e., Trump voters (including police and military), to support the installation of an authoritarian government – an actual NWO anti-christ government that would no doubt, soon set out to destroy them along with everyone else.

The Wrap up – what are they really after?

“The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it."  Billy Graham

The typical joe-sixpack D/CN doesn’t seem to realize that the plutocracy / oligarchy they idolize are the ones who have always been pushing for total control – the kind of control that is characterized by the desire for world dominion. They are the ones sponsoring the propagandization of the masses, making them believe that democracy needs to be dispensed with in order for whites to maintain political control in America.

If you have any doubt that the dominionist tune is being called by the billionaire oligarchy, I refer you to the current right-wing blueprint for ending democracy in America – the fascist-minded Project 2025 recently released by the billionaire controlled Heritage Foundation. (We might consider that this plan was probably already available to be implemented had the tragi-comic 1/6 insurrection been successful.) Here are two articles that give an overview of the immediate danger presented by that plan. The fact that the corporate media is not screaming its head off 24/7 about the existential danger represented by Project 2025 should give you an idea of who is in control.

Nowhere does the BIBLE say that men need to use force to gain political control of the world in the name of Christ – to do so would be the opposite of JESUS commanded. Nevertheless, the rich men of the earth seem hell-bent on imposing an international authoritarian government - as evidenced by the fascist strong men who have come to power in the west during the Trump era. A coalition of non-democratic totalitarian western governments appear to be very much like what might be required to give a world-ruling anti-christ figure immediate control – regardless of whether the oligarchy believes in an anti-christ or not. Dominionism pretends to justify itself as a means of enforcing christian morality, but at its core it is just another “man is god” world domination fantasy, white supremacy gone mad.  

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The Dominionists – Who are they?

Church heresies that Encourage American socio-political dysfunction.

This is part 4(b) in a series of articles showing how the acceptance of anti-biblical beliefs by people who call themselves Christians has led to the current political situation in America - where a large portion of the population is willing to accept fascism to maintain their perceived racial dominance. (See the previous post for definitions.)

The Christian Nationalist Org Chart

The mainstream media often portrays Dominionists and Christian Nationalists (hereafter D/CNs) as nothing more than the millions of gullible working class republican voters who believe and repeat everything the right-wing media cesspool tells them – ie, people whose sense of self depends on being part of “team white America.” However, the republican base did not create the D/CN movement and does not set its agenda, they are merely deceived pawns – spiritual cannon fodder.

The D/CN movement should actually be viewed as an organization with a top-down power structure - just like a government or a corporation:

· Top - At the top of the pyramid are the small number of corporate oligarchs (the 1%) who quietly fund and direct the “conservative” movement. They adopt a low profile so that the people on the bottom never recognize the actual enemy.

· Middle - In the middle, is a much larger group of corrupt self-serving politicians and highly-paid, lying, media propagandists who act as the middle managers tasked with implementing the “conservative” strategy. They protect the oligarchy by promoting the political falsehoods (wedge issues) that obstruct functioning democracy. Such people have sold their souls for money, as evidenced by their eager promotion of all manner of lies – when the BIBLE tells us that all liars will be damned. Rev 21:8

· Bottom - Finally at the bottom of the pyramid are the great mass of deceived authoritarian followers; the republican base that continues to vote for their own destruction in exchange for nothing more than mere assurances from the propaganda class that their white skin ancestry makes them part of the ruling group – “go team white America.” Never mind that their easy, lower middle-class version of the American dream has been purposefully destroyed by the very same billionaires that they idolize.

Although they would not be prepared to accept it, I am ultimately writing for the potential Christian redemption of the great mass of deceived nominal Christians like those at the bottom of the D/CN pyramid – people who have been brainwashed by decades of right-wing propaganda into rejecting Christian decency and embracing their learned (racist) feelings and instincts instead. They actually stand to gain nothing from D/CN in this world or in the next, as they embrace the lies and un-Christian hatred fed to them by their middle management dominionist overseers.

A little history (…OK, a lot of history) about who “They” are

To assess the real motives of those behind the D/CN movement, we need to look at the top of the pyramid and consider what those who fund this movement stand to gain from implementing their hateful racist crusade. To do this, we have to examine the historical background.

The New Deal

In 1929, the reckless greed of the business elites led to a stock market crash that kicked off the Great Depression - the worst economic downturn in modern world history. In 1933 fed-up Americans elected a new, democratic president Franklin D Roosevelt. Instead of continuing to serve the greed of the oligarchy, FDR instituted the “New Deal” – a series of government programs established to revive the economy by providing jobs and aid to the unemployed working classes. For this, he was branded a traitor to the ruling class. The oligarchs felt threatened by the new deal, which they deceitfully associated with the rise of (atheistic) communism in Europe.

Now Hiring: Wolves (in sheep’s clothing)

As happens (i.e., not by coincidence), a number of anti-labor, pro-big business “christian” preachers were pushed into national prominence during this same era (1930s). Once again, as with the false blasphemous “christian” justifications for chattel slavery, the rich would promote a dishonest “us vs them” religious narrative to justify their greed, ie, “god-ordained” free market capitalism vs godless communism. One such preacher willing to provide profane religious cover for the oppressive policies of the business elites was a Norwegian immigrant with anti-union, anti-communist, and pro-Nazi sympathies, named Abraham Vereide. Vereide organized a businessman's anti-labor alliance in the pacific northwest that was dedicated to “breaking the spine of organized labor” on the west coast. This was an odd sentiment for a “christian” organization, especially given that the labor unions were forced into existence by abuses from the elites to begin with. According to the man who exposed the modern power of Vereide’s business cult, truth telling author, Jeff Sharlet:

In April 1935 Vereide, a Norwegian immigrant and Methodist minister living in Seattle, claimed to have had a vision in which he was instructed by God to redirect his Christian ministry away from the “down and out” (the poor) and toward the “up and out (the rich).” He subsequently evangelized among wealthy and politically powerful individuals who shared his concerns about socialism and other “subversive” forces. Strongly opposed to the New Deal policies of Democratic U.S. Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Vereide favoured an unregulated economy in which the less fortunate would depend on the religiously motivated charity of those in whom God had vested power and wealth. (Britannica)

Working people were only asking for decent treatment; noting that the Christian BIBLE plainly tells us that exploiting workers is evil. Lev 19:13, Deut 24:14-15, Jam 2:5-6, 5:1-6, 1 Cor. 9:9-10, 1 Tim. 5:18 The fact that Vereide’s vision opposes the BIBLE should be more than enough to tell you where it came from. Nevertheless, to those of Vereide’s ilk, free-market capitalism was/is the divine order – in which the rich are “chosen” by god to control the poor. Needless to say, this false doctrine disregards practically everything that JESUS taught. (In the next installment we will see exactly how this teaching opposes the BIBLE.)

The Cult of Business

In the 1940s, with the backing of big business, Vereide took his act to Washington, DC. His shadowy semi-religious group eventually became one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful lobbying force for international big business interests in Washington. The rise of Vereide’s organization is outlined in Jeff Sharlet’s books and the Netflix documentary, “The Family.”

Back to the “same old” deal - the incredible power of (wanted) propaganda

D/CNs often nostalgically cite the 1950s as the “golden age” of white middle class America. Ironically, the ease and prosperity of 1950s white America was the culmination of the socio-economic policies implemented by the new deal. The right to unionize, the VA bill, Medicare, Social Security, unemployment insurance, welfare, food stamps, etc., were/are all “new deal” inspired government programs. These are the very same social and economic programs that the corporate oligarchs (directing the conservative agenda from atop the D/CN pyramid) have been working behind the scenes for many decades to destroy. Why? Simply because democracy and economic security for the masses threatens their power. To them, too much democracy means an unstable environment for the oligarchs to project their dictatorial financial power - people at ease might start to realize who their real enemy is.

Working class D/CNs have been continually duped into fearing that Blacks, Mexicans and recent immigrants will take their jobs and thus their position in society. No one can take something that no longer exists. The reality is that the majority of their jobs were moved offshore decades ago by the very same corporations that destroyed their unions. Labor unions had always supported democratic political candidates who represented the working class. Thus, destroying the unions effectively disenfranchised union workers by eliminating funding sources for the political candidates that traditionally represented their interests.

With the election of Ronald Reagan (1980), the oligarchs put their plan to dismantle the “new deal” into high gear. Over the course of his presidency, Reagan convinced working class “conservatives” that the same federal government that had implemented the programs which allowed them to have a union job capable of supporting a family of four in their “golden era,” was actually their enemy because it had started to extend the possibility of achieving the “American dream” to Blacks and other minorities.

Divide and conquer – the oldest play in the book

It has been understood for a hundred years that if the white lower and middle classes can be convinced that they have more in common with the plutocracy than they do with racial minorities, they will vote against their own best interests to maintain their sense of racial superiority. That’s right, we are where we are because of greed, envy, and petty racism – hence the need for this blog.

The Links to Knowledge – those who seek will find Mat 7:7-11

While writing this particular section, I happened upon a fantastic multi-part article that offers far more historical detail than I can give here - Democracy in Crisis: We’ve Been Headed Here for Decades. Reading this free article and its links will give you an understanding of who really controls America and where they are leading the nation. (I suggest that you copy this article to your desktop in case it ever disappears.) See my blog (unmonetized) for a more comprehensive version of this post, as well as an expanded list of links.

12:17 UTC


ActAganstWar - an invitation to join us.

I'd like to answer earlier posts on this sub - "What should we do about Ukraine" with the answer "if nothing else, act to help the victims, act to show there are alternatives". We have started a new sub r/ActAgainstWar. It's not the same as r/christianpacifism or even r/Peace but I think your views and input would be valuable. I'd invite you to join us and try to find ways to stop war.

I should first declare that I'm not a christian pacifist. I come from a definitely different side of those that oppose war and want to protect the victims of war. I am, however, a person that believes that it is possible to reduce violence and war and that the alternatives to violence found in pacifistic thought are a key part of that and often a key part of the community reminding us where the boundaries of reasonable action. I am also a person who believes that more action is needed from the peace community. Your input would be welcome.

Trigger warnings: we will post about ongoing wars and war crimes. We will not allow gratuitous violence or any shocking images without spoiler warning or NSFW tag. We are absolutely trying to reduce hate.

08:59 UTC


Church heresies that Encourage American socio-political dysfunction – Part 4(a)

11:51 UTC


Church heresies that Encourage American socio-political dysfunction – Part 3, Racism

11:48 UTC


How should Christian pacifists respond to the invasion of the Ukraine?

What is the right Christian pacifist response to the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia? Obviously one can pray, call for the Russians to stop attacking and even condemn Putin for starting the war. None of those things are likely to stop the war instantaneously.

On a practical level, should Christian pacifists call for their governments to stop sending weapons to the Ukraine? Should Christian pacifists call on Ukrainians to turn the other cheek and surrender since fighting will cause more bloodshed than surrendering to the Russians? What are your thoughts?

19:59 UTC


Chrisitan Pacifism could never have worked for the benefit of Christianity

If pacifism had been an unalterable standard for Christians since the beginning, as a movement I am convinced Christianity would have floundered and failed in the context of the ancient world. It was simply not possible for any community in the ancient world which Christians found themselves in, to maintain itself without eventually resorting to violence.

04:26 UTC


On the abortion vs death penalty issue.

Let us believe in the perfectly good and benevolent god. He himself designed humans in a matter that many will die inside the womb, at birth or shortly thereafter. They never had any opportunity to worship, repent or acknowledge him. Still assuming god is good and benevolent, he will of course accept those unfortunate souls into his kingdom since they had no sin. Abortion by default cannot be evil since the souls in question receive the highest bounty in heaven. To be without fault or sin.

Criminals on the other hand likely committed sin in some manner and even if not are still burdened by the original sin. They need a chance to repent and cleanse themselves of sin. Humans denying them this opportunity by execution are doing worse evil then the original crime. It is akin to the unforgivable crime of suicide since it condemns someone beyond redemption. And since the executioner believes themselves just they will likely not repent, condemning themselves as well. Execution is a great evil tainting everyone in the process and only absolute pacifism can fulfill the new covenant as laid bare by Jesus.

03:19 UTC


Greetings, to my fellow pacifists!

I am here to announce on behalf of my community that the Christian deist subreddit is open. For those of you who aren't aware of what Christian Deism is, in short Christian deism is the belief in a deistic God and Christian morals. However the short version of the definition I feel doesn't do it enough justice.

Christian Deism, is the idea that God created the world to run according to natural laws, and we believe God ordained humanity with two laws. These laws were best understood and taught by Jesus

The two laws are that we are to have love for God and love for others.

We love God, primarily by loving ourselves. And we love others.

For this reason I believe, that pacifism is required, to fully follow God's commands.

As I believe the very existence of violence under mines the law of God. So If your interested in fellowship or you want to learn more please check us out. God Bless!


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23:55 UTC


Do You Know What's in the BIBLE?

I recently started a blog about America's racist right-wing version of Christianity. Along the way I began to realize how many people (believers and non-believers alike) who have very strong opinions about Christianity don’t seem to know what the BIBLE actually teaches. Amazingly, it occurred to me that many people may not know what Christianity really is.

To cut to the chase, JESUS explains true Christianity in the book of Matthew, Chapters 5-7. There, and in several other places in the New Testament, JESUS breaks down the meaning of entire BIBLE into one basic rule: Love GOD and love your neighbor as yourself. As a believer, you can suggest these BIBLE verses to anyone (including atheists) to introduce them to BIBLE truth.

The purpose of the BIBLE is to show us how to be acceptable to GOD; how to live with HIM in eternity. It presents as much as we are allowed to know (for sure) about GOD's purposes for mankind on earth. Unfortunately, many people, including church goers, don’t read the BIBLE for themselves.

For example, there are many posts on Christian reddit forums where people ask: “is this or that thing is considered a sin?” Granted, some of these people are just trolling, but those who are sincere don’t seem to realize that reading the BIBLE is their responsibility as a Christian. If they were reading the BIBLE for themselves, they would probably know whether the modern activities they are asking about are sinful, according to the general spirit of the BIBLE.

The Bible says “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Can you imagine showing up on judgement day and explaining to JESUS that you never bothered to read what HE said - not even one not even one book of the BIBLE?

11:49 UTC


Chuck McKnight's journey

Chuck used to blog frequently including on pacifism, but stopped. He recently wrote:

"If you only became my Facebook friend within the past few years, you may not know that I was a fairly prolific blogger in the world of progressive Christianity for a time. If you have known me since back then, you may have wondered what happened to me or where my blogging went.

I'd like to get back into blogging a bit more. But a lot has changed. My priorities have shifted dramatically. And the things I write about will have to shift as well. Here's me dipping my toes back in with an update on some of the biggest changes.


The shift they have gone through is huge. They no longer considers themselves an Anabaptist and the January 6th insurrection caused Chuck to change their mind about pacifism as they now think the threat of fascism warrants the use of violence as a last resort.

Just thought I'd share and see what your thoughts are on their shift.

19:16 UTC


Good readings on the history of Christian pacifism?

I'm an Orthodox Christian, which is kind of in a weird position with pacifism (the official statement is that all violence is sinful, but sometimes it's a necessary sin). As time has gone on, though, I've become increasingly interested in Christian pacifism.

Are there any good books on Christian pacifism and its history (esp. ones that aren't as Western-centric, 'cuz I'm Orthodox).

22:58 UTC


A different way to approach the QAnon disease

Ironically, the approach involves the very thing that seems to make many deceived QAnoners so self-assured about their political beliefs – religion. Americans have been indoctrinated for decades to believe that right-wing politics and Christianity are the same thing, so it isn’t surprising that evangelical themes have been woven into the Q propaganda. 

Hatred, anger, condemnation, and acceptance of lying are major behaviors that QAnon has implanted in its followers. according to the BIBLE, these sinful attitudes are disqualifying for salvation. In Gal 5:20-21, Paul says “… hatreds, quarreling, jealousies (malice and indignation), rages, contentions, discords (division/sedition)…”; those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

It is apparent that Q people and many others have forgotten (or never knew) that the real message of the New Testament is love and mercy. A few very basic, easily remembered BIBLE concepts can be used to refute most of the negative tropes advanced by QAnon and the right-wing media echo chamber:

  1. Love your neighbor as yourself. Gal 5:14
  2. Don’t condemn others Mat 7:1-3
  3. Don’t lie (especially in a way that injures others). Exo 20:16

When your QAnoner spews hatred for Democrats, other races, immigrants, non-Q believers, etc., remind them:

Didn’t JESUS say: … to Love GOD and love your neighbor as yourself...? (FYI: JESUS also said this is the most important commandment in the whole BIBLE. Mar 12:29-31)

I thought JESUS said to: Love your enemies and pray for them. Mat 5:44

When the Q person condemns others, eg “evil democrats”, liberal “communists”, Black/ Mexican/Antifa “criminals”, etc.

Remind them that the BIBLE says we aren’t to judge those outside the church and shouldn’t condemn others at all. (judgement is different from condemnation – condemn means “worthy of damnation”)

When your QAnoner makes their typically wild unproven charges (lies) against the people they hate:

Kindly ask them if saying such things is consistent with the BIBLE; especially if they don’t really know whether they are 100% true or just rumors?

After all, this is the age of deception (according to end-time BIBLE beliefs). If they believe everything on the mainstream media is false, why do they believe anonymous people on the internet who are telling others what they want to believe, and in some cases, who just want attention? Remind them that the BIBLE calls for evidence from two or three eye witnesses to bring a serious charge against anyone; otherwise, it is a sin according to the 9th Commandment: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.Exo 20:16 Deut 19:15 Mat 18:16 Ask them, in sincerity, if it might affect their salvation to make and believe charges against others that might not be true. Obviously, no one takes kindly to being called a liar – but FYI, the BIBLE plainly says that Liars cannot be saved. Revelation 21:8, Rev 21:27 You might remind them that lying and bearing false witness, even unintentionally, is dangerous for their souls.

Make your objections with meekness. Don’t argue; many deprogrammers warn that arguing with people who have embraced cult beliefs will just make them dig in their heels. Don’t try to get involved in a theological discussion – merely ask them in a sincere manner if their Q belief/slogan/talking point is consistent with the BIBLE message of love.


I am not naïve enough to think that this will be an immediate solution for most people. After all, these Q folks didn’t come by their deeply ingrained false belief system overnight – it is the result of decades of propaganda that has made them accept the idea that republican politics is synonymous with Christianity. True Christianity works on the conscience (the heart). People often have to stew over the truth that is offered to them – and then, sometime later, they may come around.

I blog about the false version of Christianity that has historically been deployed in America for socio-political self-justification. The christian aspect of the Q belief system is a natural continuation. It is mere sloganeering – not Christianity according to the BIBLE. For more…

14:43 UTC


VICE | I Broke Into an Arms Factory to Destroy Fighter Jets (Story and interview of a Methodist Reverend and Quaker breaking into a BAE base to destroy warplanes)

10:09 UTC


Caesaropapism and the loss of Pacifism

09:48 UTC


Does the BIBLE really say to never “Judge” others?

These days when someone says “don’t judge me” – they generally mean that you have no right to state an opinion about their behavior or beliefs that might be hurtful or embarrassing to them. This is especially true when they rationalize their actions as not harming anyone.

The BIBLE actually does say that we shouldn't judge un-believers; but does the BIBLE tell us to never judge anyone, as so many Christians seem to believe?

The Apostle Paul, says this about judging un-believers: "What business of mine is it, and what right do I have to judge outsiders?... God alone sits in judgment on those who are outside the church." However, Paul goes on to say that we are supposed to judge other Christians – even to the point of kicking them out of the church if they refuse to repent after their un-Christian actions are pointed out to them. “Isn't it those inside the church that you should judge? Put away the wicked person from among you." 1Co 5:12-13


12:32 UTC


Community of Christ Church Signs Anti-Nuclear Weapons Message 1/22/2021

22:39 UTC

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