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Better Call Saul


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Did anyone watch Better Call Saul before breaking bad? Do you feel like you viewed Breaking bad differently?

Just wondering. I watched breaking bad first but I remember when Giancarlo (Gus) said you’d view it differently if you watch BCS before BB.

22:16 UTC


What kind of place was that Jessie went to after Jane to detox?

What would I Google to see if a rehab place like that is within range of where I live?

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04:29 UTC


Barrel connection

In rewatching, I noticed Walt has his first collapse from cancer while wielding a plastic barrel in Bogdon's carwash. I want to see foreshadowing, but I doubt that was planned so far in advance.

04:26 UTC


Was Walt a Good Teacher?

I'm sure this question gets asked a lot, but it’s still an interesting matter for debate. Was Walter White, pre-Heisenberg, a good teacher? We obviously know that he was incredibly intelligent and passionate about chemistry, but we only see a few isolated moments of Mr. White in the classroom.

I'm wondering, based on what we know about Walt, should we assume that he was a great teacher? How do you think some of Walt's character flaws found their way into his classroom?

01:47 UTC


Mike isn’t as right as he thinks he is…

When Mike says it’s Walt’s fault everything fell apart because of his ego, he’s only partially right.

Yes, it was Walt’s fault. But it wasn’t because of his ego. It was because he cares about Jesse.

Walt runs over the drug dealers to save Jesse. That causes Gus to mark Walt for death, and then Walt does everything he can to save his own life and the lives of his family which means killing Gus.

If Walt let Jesse die, theoretically he could have kept cooking and made all his money. But he didn’t.

01:15 UTC


Breaking bad cinematic universe

Hi guys, I got an idea. I think BB should also do a Marvel like cinematic universe. Kind of like super heroes there should be meth cooks Walter White is the first one now we know how he got in now we need more of those meth cooks. We can have a villager that broke bad or a chem student that becomes a meth cook. Then we see the character development and background stories. After that we get a whole bunch of these meth cooks like the avengers in a series where they take down the cartel or some other villain together and start their own cartel and stuff. It would be fun.

19:36 UTC


How would this ending play out?

Imagine if immediately after Hank found out that Walt is Heisenberg, Walt calls Ed Gailbrath and takes his family to someplace far away with new identities. He would have some explaining to do with this son, sure, but what do you think will happen?

15:19 UTC


Demonflyingfox is a YouTuber who creates TV series A.I. Mash-ups as 1950’s soaps. This is his BB version.

08:50 UTC


What are some BB fun facts?

They could be about anything, such as the actors, any easter eggs in the show, etc. I’ve seen a few good ones, but I am wondering if I can find new ones!

22:03 UTC


just watched a reaction video of season 2

i noticed Tuco throw away the cell phones right next to the house where they stay and we meat Hector

did the police not find the phones? did they not connect the phones to their owners?

19:22 UTC


Face Off S04/E13

This entire episode is a masterclass in episodic storytelling to cap off a season.

From Walt finding out from Jesse about Gus & Tio, to bringing Tio in on the plan, Tio with the DEA, succeeding, destroying the lab, to the zoom in shot to Lily of The Valley to showcase Walt’s expertise in putting people where he needs them to be.

Even the music is perfectly scored. Truly one of my favorite episodes.

16:27 UTC


What did Don Eladio mean when he lets Gus live because he "knew who he was"?

Just a plot device to explain why Gus is still alive 30 years later? Maybe, but Gilligan is a pretty efficient writer and doesn't strike me as the type to leave loose ends.

I always wondered if series 5 was going to hinge around the fallout from Walt killing Gus because of Gus's connections in South America but something happened in real life to change it so we never found out.


15:22 UTC


I loved the video, the segment on breaking bad was my favorite. "it's proof of how excellent tv can be" based

00:52 UTC


El Camino flashback interpretation

To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the majority of El Camino, but what I did really like was how good of a farewell it was for Jesse from his old life into his new one.

We get a lot of literal farewells (to Badger/Stinky Pete and Jesse's parents), but I think the three flashbacks we get with Mike (first scene in the movie), Walter (between Jesse blowing up the welding plant and arriving in Alaksa), and Jane (while he's driving off into Alaska as a new person) could also be interpretted as Jesse's final farewell to them from the afterlife in the present.

After rewatching all three flashbacks, a lot of the dialogue between Jesse and the other person could be read as happening in the exact moment that its placed in the movie (clearly the flashbacks happened in the past, but maybe a talk with someone in the afterlife could take place in a setting that doesn't make chronological sense). So:

  1. Jesse talks to Mike about skipping town WHILE he is driving away from the ending scene of Breaking Bad, i.e. Jeese's asking Mike for advice in this heated moment of escape

  2. Jesse talks to Walter about Jesse's next steps WHILE Jesse is in the back of the vacuum guy's truck, transitioning from Jesse to the new person he will be, i.e. Walt wonders what Jesse will do now that Jesse is finally out of the drug business. The whole dialogue struck me as a bit awkward (Walt even says "oh just trying to make conversation"), almost as if the entirety of Season 5 just happened, but now they're both "safe" (Walt is now just a soul) and never got to clear the air 🥸🥸🥸

  3. Jesse talks to Jane about choosing what to do vs going with the flow WHILE Jesse is starting an entire new life and can choose whatever he wants to do.

The lighting and setting of the first two especially feels like a talk with someone in the afterlife. Mike's scene was really sunny and sort of eerily out by a river. Walt's scene was also quite sunny, but with a different mood in that the two are sharing a meal together (a total reach but dead people don't eat food, and Walt wasn't eating anything 👀👀). Jane's scene matching the Alaska colors is something that I am not quite sure about. Is she with him going into Alaska? She's the only flashback we get that was melded in with the current scene (meaning, Jesse turned to the passenger seat in his current car which we know is clearly empty, but we flashback to Jane in the passenger seat)

Why does this matter? Well, Jesse never got a chance for a proper farewell with these three people, who he clearly cared for or loved. Mike was killed by Walter; Walter and Jesse only had time for a nod; and Jane died of an OD while Jesse was asleep. This all hit me when Jesse told Walt that Walt's family was for sure going to get every dime of his money, and I started tearing up 🥲🥲🥹🥹🥲

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07:34 UTC


In relation to Walt’s speech after the Wayfarer crash, it’s likely that Jesse was in Mr. White’s class on 9/11

Jesse Pinkman was born on 09/24/84, meaning 9/11 was 13 days before his seventeenth birthday. At my school, he would’ve been a junior. When making his confessional tape with Hank and Gomie, he says that he first met Mr. White in junior year chemistry.

What speech do you think Walt had in store for that certain day? Did he pull out some obscure disaster from the 1800’s in an attempt to soothe his students? Did Jesse get an early indication of how unhinged his future partner could be? I just, it’s just something funny I noticed.

07:21 UTC


Records for binging Breaking Bad?

Pretty simple. I’m sure one of you Redditors has done it in a day. How long did it take everyone? I think my record is like 3 weeks

05:15 UTC


The genius of the music supervision

I’m watching the show again and I’m realizing how insanely well placed the external music is.

The songs they use during the meth cooking montages or the prison murder sequence aren’t just fabulous pieces of music, but they also provide contrast to the nature of what’s happening on screen.

If the songs reflected the emotion of what’s happening it would be brutal metal or atonal noise rock. Heavy, grimy, dissonant.

Instead they play these light lounge tunes to give us some emotional ease as we watch the horrors happen. Brilliant.

01:21 UTC


What if Jesse did buy the nail salon or another front business?

Let’s say he decided to listen to Saul and actually buy it. Another option could be the laser tag joint owned by pryce. Either way, it might have saved him trouble since when he leaves he’d still have a stead income stream to pay the bills with.

23:50 UTC


Now that I think about it....

.....if Mike ever went with Gus to go visit Hector at the nursing home in order to guard him as Gus tormented him, I wonder how Hector felt deep down at the irony of Mike; the guy who he intimidated in order for his insane degenerate piece of filth nephew to get less time working for his worst enemy?

Because I know deep down Mike probably felt a sense of satisfaction seeing Hector in such a state for having his Terminator Nephew Twins threatening his granddaughter and daughter in law and then later on killing the last of them.

22:35 UTC


Is it just me or is anyone else finding it hard to commit to any other series after watching Breaking Bad?

On my 3rd time watching it again btw. As the title says, it seems as if this series has set the bar to high for me that no other series has given me that kind of full packed entertainment. I've watched Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire before it. After it I started to watch Sopranos (one of the greatest series in its genre) but didn't continue after S1.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

21:00 UTC


I’m new ama

I’m on season 2 episode 2 and making fast progress this show is amazing so far great characters. Plots, little moments just it feels real and I love it. I love how Walt is slowly become worse and Jesse is conflicted on what to do aswell same for skyler, hank is funny sorry for the ramble but the show is just fucking awesome. I love the fast progress no episodes really feel like filler which I wouldn’t even mind with how much I love the little moments and how it feels like real life and real world problems as in the family drama or the cancer just snit everything thanks for your time AMA

12:51 UTC

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