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Pharmacy conundrum

I’m interested if anyone can fathom the thinking behind this. My local pharmacy (three staff behind the counter) now requires seven days between receiving your prescription and dispensing the pills. There was a lengthy queue or I’d have asked the staff there and then. It’s in Wales so they don’t even have to take a payment.

18:05 UTC


I’ve recently moved to Chepstow and live near the town centre. Are there any recommended unofficial jogging routes around here?

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17:57 UTC


exchange programs for middle/high school students?

i'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but i've been planning to move/study on wales, but most of the exchange programs i found are only for university which (kinda) sucks since i'm in seventh grade and 15 years old (but i would only travel when i'm 16 ofc) and yeah ik i'm very dumb for my age bc if didnt repeat a school year and wouldn't have to be asking this question, but do you guys know of any exchange program for middle/high school?

and sorry for the poor grammar and just generally bad english since it is not my first language

edit: forgot to include that i'm from Brazil but actually live in Portugal since that is relevant information

22:48 UTC


Uses for Laverbread?

Quick question, I’ve been gifted some laverbread recently and I’ve made all of the standard dishes that I’ve seen but now I’ve got about half a tin left and was looking for some more unique ideas for the stuff. I’ve made butter with it, even dehydrated and blitzed to make a decent spice blend, now just looking for some more applications.

Was thinking maybe a broth of some sorts using it, but running low on ideas. Anyone else got some suggestions?

22:21 UTC


Boiler/heating options? Is there anyone who can be called to give a good, unbiased assessment?

Due to living in the middle of nowhere I can't get gas and currently rely on an oil boiler. I would though like to look into other options - is there a way to get an assessment of my options carried out by a good, unbiased and reliable company, council service, etc? Therefore somebody who would know the options and their potential costs inside out (oil, electric, heat pump, solar, etc)?

I only live in a fairly small property.

21:08 UTC


Looking for Welsh Floor Lamp makers/ Wood furniture makers

I find Google very unhelpful these days in finding locally produced products.

Does anybody have some recommendations on Welsh makers of furniture, in particular floor lamps?

16:52 UTC


Early planning stages of moving to south Wales

In truth I don't really know what I'm looking for people to say... As a family we've always had a strong connection with Wales as my great grandmother was Welsh, my uncle got evacuated there during the war, moved back home when it was safe and then very quickly moved back to Wales, he still lives there now in his old age.

Nearly all my family doesn't like it where we currently live however my family will stay due to various reasons. However if things were different I have no doubt the would all go. I feel it's best for me and my life in general to move somewhere I have always loved and every time I'm there I have this imence feeling that this is my real home, where I want to be and grow old myself. It would be a new start and exciting adventure and hopefully something good, which without getting into specifics and boring you all, is something needed! It's around 4 hours drive to the Bridgend area, I'm looking around anywhere from Port Talbot to Newport really.

I'm a gardener by trade although I would be more than happy with most horticulture/green fingered work. I'm a big metal fan and motorcycle enthusiast.

I guess I'm just looking for some outside input, work wise, living wise, general feeling of people living there. How does someone, that knows only what I've just said about me, think, pros, cons. Maybe something I haven't thought of.

My mother is quite torn up about it as we are so close, she knows deep down it's the best thing although it's almost like she needs something to help her along, she'll never be alright with it but I would love to put her a bit more at ease with first hand, real people's thoughts.

As always, I appreciate any help!

17:22 UTC


First Bronze Age hoards to be discovered in over 100 years from Ceredigion!

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19:13 UTC


Worth it learning welsh?

Im wondering if its worth learning welsh, my mum is welsh and i take a lot of pride in my heritage but she cant speak it nor can my grandparents so im wondering if its worth learning it, if so what courses would you recommend?

01:21 UTC


Independence Supporters

A question for those among the group that support Welsh independence.

If you could wake up tomorrow and Cymru was;

  1. An independent state outside of the EU.
  2. A part of the EU but as part of the UK.

Which would you choose?

18:46 UTC


Spiritualist card reading

I live in south wales, Caerphilly area….does anyone know any one who does spiritualist card readings thank you

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16:16 UTC


I think there's an obesity crisis in Wales

I don't know what everyone else is thinking, but since Covid I've noticed it's gotten much, much worse. Almost every place I've been lately well over half the people have been overweight (putting it nicely), if not obese. I was talking to some friends in England (the south east) and they told me it's not quite as bad over there but should be catching up any minute. I'm not trying to be cruel, but, it is something I'm worried about.

12:44 UTC


The famous photo of Amelia Earhart coming ashore at Burry Port in 1928 as the first woman to cross the Atlantic by plane. Earhart didn't fly the plane beyond Newfoundland, as her fellow pilots, Wilmer Stultz and Louis Gordon, also pictured here, were more experienced pilots in the foggy conditions

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14:53 UTC


What is North Wales missing?

I’m doing a little bit of research and just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what North Wales is missing ? (If anything) in terms of attractions, places to go, things to do etc? Thanks in advance :)

14:54 UTC


Tap Water

Hello all, recently moved from Bridgend to Cardiff for university. Is it just my accommodation but the tap water is disgusting****(Fixed it for you all, as it really like annoyed you lmao... Blame the Dyslexia lol) , it tastes off and is really bubbly when coming out the tap. Compared to home where it tastes drinkable surly its a few miles down the road it can't be that diffrent right? Shower wise my skin has been better since showering in the water here... But drinking wise 🤢

03:42 UTC


Pontypridd Mun

19:23 UTC

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