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Traveling to Wales and would like to see a mining museum/exhibit

I found the Big Pit Coal Museum in Bleaenavon, but it's a long trip from Cardiff on public transporation. If it's worth it, I'll go, but if there is another closer to Cardiff, Tenby or Llandudno, that would be preferable. Thx, can't wait to visit!

13:19 UTC


Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen

Insanely beautiful here🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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11:37 UTC


Teppanyaki/Hibachi restaurant in Wales?

I’ve only had that experience once on holiday and I’m really fancying it again soon. I see that the famous American chain Benihana’s only have branches in London and Glasgow (too far).

Are there any at all around south wales?

Swansea, where I’m from, has about 4 sushi/Japanese restaurants but none of them do that. I was DMing one of the newer ones but they didn’t seem to confirm or deny. I assume Cardiff might have some but google doesn’t bring anything up.

Or is there just a gap in the market for it?


11:21 UTC


Suggestions for a Cwmcarn camping trip?

Hiya all,

Later this summer I have a few friends from outside Wales visiting for a camping trip. We're staying at Cwmcarn, which I know well and I'm sure it'll be a wonderful time.

Nonetheless, I grew up in the area so I feel I'm maybe a little blinkered. I'm reaching out to ask if there are any things in the eastern Valleys or Cardiff that you'd consider 'must dos'? We're all early 20s and in favour of physical activity, but we'll only have use of cars on some days. Thus far I'm thinking about:

  • Hiking Twmbarlwm;
  • Seeing Cardiff Bay/walking the barrage;
  • Caerphilly Castle;
  • Big Pit.

This will be fun I'm sure, but I'm also worried it's sounding a little bit tame! Therefore, suggestions for anything slightly more high-energy would be most welcome. In particular, one of my friends is a fan of open-water swimming (we met in Oxford, where there's more of a culture for that sort of thing) so I'd love to hear if anyone knows of any spots for that in the area.

Many, many thanks in advance / diolch yn fawr!

11:08 UTC


Langland Bay to Rhossili - Swansea - Wales

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22:25 UTC


The word "fedrau" - is it used as a name?

Hello. My surname is "Fehdrau", of Mennonite/Anabaptist descent, possibly from the Netherlands, definitely down through Germany and Prussia, to Ukraine, and then over to North America.

I had always assumed it was of German or Dutch origin, but I've just learned that the word "fedrau" exists in Welsh, and may have something to do with skills, and since people were often named after their trades, I got to wondering if the origin might actually be Welsh, far in the past. It could also just be a false friend, a similar-looking word that isn't related, but I had to ask.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter? I'd love to hear them, one way or the other. Either way will narrow down the potential answer(s). :)


21:25 UTC


Where to celebrate my anniversary

This summer my wife and I will be spending our holidays in Wales. We are really looking forward to staying there - Snowdonia area - and enjoying the countryside, the people and (hopefully) the food.

During our stay we will celebrate our anniversary (#38) and I want to surprise my wife with staying in a special, beautiful location and having a nice dinner. Preferably on the majestic Welsh coast, but open to other suggestions. All suggestions are very much appreciated!

18:57 UTC


The Secret Welsh Nationalist Paramilitary: Capel Celyn & the Tryweryn Bombing

Not sure if posted buy i found this an interesting watch and would highly recommend it.

18:20 UTC


I found this when I went down to wales at llanfairfechan. Any of you know what it is

16:14 UTC


Lake Vyrnwy Straining Tower

16:07 UTC


Quiet & dog friendly walking spots near Merthyr?

Looking for somewhere with water that I can take my dog on the weekend?

She’s a big dog but is friendly so I want somewhere I can let her off the lead and able to play in the water! She loves a swim so much!!

I thought of four falls but she’s soo big and clumsy I know she would knock someone on the stairs 😂

I live in Merthyr but anywhere within around an hour drive would be great

Thanks guys 🙏

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20:29 UTC


{North Wales} Girl Group Seek 4th Singer

We're a Girl Group ( with a full band behind us )

Looking for a 4th voice to join us. We do all our own songs, and of course are open to some covers.

We practice Sunday nights. I can send you some audio and video.

Looking for someone 18-25

We already have studio time booked for autumn.

Want to be gigging this summer.

18:29 UTC


3 day Snowdonia hike,

Is there a software that can plan my whole hike for me if I gave it the ONS coordinates. I would like to use the map while on the hike.

17:22 UTC


Arolwg ymchwil pryfisgol/Graduate research survey

Helo, sut dych chi? Rwy'n fyfyriwr graddedig sy'n dysgu cyhoeddi a rwy'n gneud fy ymchwil graddedig. Pwrpas yr astudiaeth hon yw archwilio addysgeg gwneud darllenwyr graddedig ar gyfer ieithoedd lleiafrifol, yn benodol ar gyfer astudio’r Gymraeg.

Hey ya'll! I'm a graduate student and Welsh learner getting a Masters in Publishing and I am working on the research portion of my final project. The goal is to create a graded reader for Welsh learners with additional material for using the book in literature circles. I am currently looking for responses to my survey on language learning/teaching, the effectiveness of graded readers, and general interest in study activities.

If you have the time and would like to please fill out my survey as your experience as Welsh language learners/speakers is invaluable to my research. Mods, if this is inappropriate please delete my post.

If ya'll would be interested in my final work let me know and I'll be happy to share the outcomes! Diolch i chi a pob lwc gydda'ch dysgu!


13:19 UTC


Is Ellis a Welsh name?

Hi everyone. So I was talking with my grandmother about her parents and she mentioned that her mother's maiden name was Ellis. It's not a common name around here and I decided to look it up to see which country it originates from. So I found that it comes from England and Wales. But in your opinion, would you personally say it's Welsh name or an English name? Where is it more common?

08:59 UTC


Hoff bwydydd traddodiadol o Gymru?

Heb law am rarebit wnes i feddwl i fy hun fod nad oes llwyth o fwydydd Cymraeg rydw i’n hoff o neu’n fwyta, dim llawer o opsiynau ar gael? Unrhyw awgrymiadau?

22:44 UTC


Bird Spotting - request

Has anyone got a cheatsheet of the bird types,

My 80 olde mum has a new back garden with a nice view of towy valley...

Many birds, eg robin, crow, red kite... but the others... ????

has anyone got a cheat.sheet for identifying the others ??


21:28 UTC


Coverage of 'other' sports

We all know that one of rugby or football is the most popular sports in Wales (let's not have that debate) but does anyone else find it a bit weird how little media coverage there is of the other sports that happen in Wales?

I went to Glamorgan Cricket on Friday night. Glamorgan got a solid win, followed up by another one on Sunday to start the T20 season strongly. The crowd turned out as well as thousands gathered to have a few beers and enjoy some cricket in the sun. And with Welsh Fire in the Hundred yet to come later this summer, it should be a great time for Welsh cricket.

Earlier in the year I've attended a few Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey matches. The atmosphere at these is absolutely buzzing, matches frequently sell out and there is a dedicated fanbase.

In Athletics, the Cardiff Half Marathon is one of the largest half marathon events in Europe and the 3rd biggest running event in the UK (only the Great North Run & the London Marathon are bigger).

And we haven't even mentioned the legend that is Geraint Thomas.

Yet it feels like any sport other than football and rugby gets really starved of coverage. They don't get literally none (BBC Wales' cricket coverage is good) but most Welsh media websites seems to relegate these sports to a tiny corner of their homepage or maybe one column in their newspapers.

Geraint Thomas winning the Tour de France and Jade Jones' Olympic gold medals seem to be the only time I can really remember another sport getting the headlines in recent times. Would be nice to get a bit more diversity than just the big 2.

20:08 UTC

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