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Visit our Guide to Military Acronyms in the Ukrainian Conflict (the GMAUC).

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Trump, Himmler, Putin and 'Atheist Christianity' | Slavoj Žižek's plot to save the West

1 Comment
07:22 UTC


THE ART OF LIES: How Russia Manipulates the West - Ukraine War Update

1 Comment
04:30 UTC


Update from Ukraine | Ruzzia Shot down own Fighter jet in Sevastotol | Putin wants Kharkiv

1 Comment
01:49 UTC


Based on Russian Pension Fund data, men with disabilities increased by 507,000 or 30% in 2023. This confirms that the total Russian casualties are now 1 million dead and disabled. Material losses are also astonishing. Russia only has "meat" and old equipment. Ukraine need ammo.

01:18 UTC


Andrew A. Michta - Washington’s Failing Strategy in Ukraine Shows the Urgent Need for New Thinking

23:34 UTC

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