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The Good Place airs forever in…

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Season One

1 Everything Is Fine
2 Flying
3 Tahani Al-Jamil
4 Jason Mendoza
5 Category 55 Doomsday Crisis
6 What We Owe To Each Other
7 The Eternal Shriek
8 Most Improved Player
9 Someone Like Me As A Member
10 Chidi’s Choice
11 What’s My Motivation
12 Mindy St. Claire
13 Michael’s Gambit

Season Two

1 Everything Is Great! (Part One)
2 Everything Is Great! (Part Two)
3 Dance Dance Resolution
4 Team Cockroach
5 Existential Crisis
6 The Trolley Problem
7 Janet And Michael
8 Derek
9 Leap To Faith
10 Best Self
11 Rhonda, Diana, Jake, And Trent
12 The Burrito
13 Somewhere Else

Season Three

1 Everything Is Bonzer! (Part One)
2 Everything Is Bonzer! (Part Two)
3 The Brainy Bunch
4 The Snowplow
5 Jeremy Bearimy
6 The Ballad Of Donkey Doug
7 A Fractured Inheritance
8 The Worst Possible Use Of Free Will
9 Don’t Let The Good Life Pass You By
10 Janet(s)
11 The Book Of Dougs
12 Chidi Sees The Time-Knife
13 Pandemonium

Season Four

1 A Girl From Arizona (Part One)
2 A Girl From Arizona (Part Two)
3 Chillaxing
4 Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy
5 Employee Of The Bearimy
6 A Chip Driver Mystery
7 Help Is Other People
8 The Funeral To End All Funerals
9 The Answer
10 You’ve Changed, Man
11 Mondays, Am I Right?
12 Patty
13 Whenever You’re Ready


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Did These Ding Dongs Ever Figure out how to Doink?

02:12 UTC


I think Michael cares more about Eleanor and Janet than any other friends.

And similarly only Eleanor and Janet care about Michael. I don’t think others ever really appreciated him much.

04:52 UTC



There is an extra 45 min vid to do with the good place called The Paley Center Salutes The Good Place and i cant find ANYWHERE to watch it and very minimum posts about it. Please someone help

21:27 UTC


Is it always so repetitive?

Hey - just started watching and so far I’m on Season 2 Episode 3 and it feels SO repetitive. I feel like they could have cut out 90% of episode one and two seriously it’s just the same - I get that’s kind of the point for the plot but it’s so boring to watch. Does it get less repetitive or should I give up now?

11:49 UTC


Just noticed this on my rewatch

In season one episode eight Eleanor tells Chey that “snitches get stitches”. Jason agrees and says he read it on the back of his friends tricep. Then he proceeds to point at his wrist instead! I also never noticed the number of cactuses when Jason walks into Micheal’s office in the next scene. Love how you can always find something new in this show.

1 Comment
00:10 UTC


New TGP Tattoo!

Obviously, it wasn't practical to get the whole quote, which I wanted. I tried shortening it. But it was still long. Gave the Artist, Jeff at Ocean Wave tattoo, the quote and said I just wanted a wave above it, and something below that would represent still water. He had a vision, and it came out Awesome!

22:39 UTC


New good place show?

What if there was one just set within the new after life systems and the humans who died in the crazy situations. Only reason I'm saying this is because I just wish we could get a little bit more clarity on what happened to Tahani and Micheal and Janet and maybe even Mindy Saint Claire

16:19 UTC


Clarifying the rules is important

03:35 UTC


How did Mindy’s case end up getting argued?

In Season 1 when we first meet her, Mindy St. Claire said the two sides fought over her for a long time before they stuck her in her own Medium Place. Season 3 introduced us to the Accountants, who calculate the points of every human to have ever lived, as well as assign point values to new actions.

At what point did someone say “uhhhhhh let’s get the judge involved” about Mindy’s situation? Did the accountants not know what points to assign for Mindy’s actions? Did Mindy get sent to the Good or Bad Place and the workers there say “I don’t know about this”?

I imagine if Mindy got sent to the Bad Place, they would’ve just kept her and not said anything. If she got sent to the Good Place and they weren’t convinced that she had earned the points she was allotted, then it seems odd that they would then fight for her in front of the Judge, but at the same time the Good Place employees follow rules to a dangerous fault, so that does seem like something they’d do. But, I think the Accountants most likely were the ones who felt the need to bring this up to the Judge, especially since in Season 3 Neil the Accountant says no one has gotten in for 500 years so they likely hadn’t sent her to the Good Place at all.

00:13 UTC


why didn’t michael just double down?

i dont get why he didn’t just double down the when eleanor figured it out. “oh you wanna see the bad place? let’s go to the bad place.” and then show them the very active and torture-y regular bad place. “see? THAT’S the bad place. definitely real.”

then continue screwing with their heads in “the good place” for eternity.

01:33 UTC


Is Jason a virgin

Why couldn’t Janet and Jason “figure out sex” Was it because janet’s anatomy was not-human or was jason so incapable and stupid (and virginal) he couldn’t even figure out sex

23:26 UTC


What happened to all the dead children and babies pre-system change?

Since nobody entered Heaven in centuries, would that include the babies and children too? Did they just get tortured like the rest of the afterlife?

00:52 UTC


this might sound dumb but…

something that’s always confused me is the people who work in the real bad place (shawn, vicky, glenn) all hate humans, so i never really understood why they would find it fun to torture murderers and stuff because wouldn’t they agree? and if they’re bad people themselves, why would they want to torture other people who did things that they would ALSO do???

10:56 UTC


How did I not realize…

! Obviously it was the Bad Place… look at that open floor plan! !<

20:57 UTC


Guys, this is such a silly question, but can anyone please tell me the name of that song that plays when Michael is showing the neighborhood to Eleanor in the first episode? It's around 3:24. Youtube search absolutely sucks now and i can't find it anywhere.

1 Comment
00:06 UTC


Individual episode rewatch?

I just finished my third (maybe fourth?) complete rewatch of this perfect little TV paradise. Unlike other favorite shows, I always feel compelled to rewatch the entire series because of how beautifully the story arcs from start to finish. But sometimes, I want to enjoy some of it without having to commit to the full rewatch. Do you find it possible to slip in and out of individual episodes? If so, which ones are your go-to choices?

01:30 UTC


I need this community.

It’s a bullshirt post. I had posted in another community that would seem like a positive place to post and was met with…not positivity. I used you fine folk as a safe place. I feel confident in it. I need nothing but good shirtposts or gifs and Michael gifs to make us all feel good. Thank you all for being here. Much love ❤️

23:08 UTC


The Good Place

22:14 UTC


Being a good person makes me suffer from withdrawals 😪

22:18 UTC


In hindsight Tahani dodged a bullet.

18:03 UTC


Is the "Bad" Place really that bad?

I mean it's been a while, but I only watched season 1 some of 2 and clips and summaries of the next episodes. A question that always lingered in my mind was how Micheal's plan got approved of? I mean the place he constructed seemed honestly not that bad and I could think of worse? I mean it's just unlimited fro-yo added onto having to deal with difficult and different people. I just couldn't really get into the whole plot twist that it was "the bad place." Anyway here's a photo of Ted Danson because of the first rule.

15:14 UTC


Clarity is important

1 Comment
01:17 UTC


Did any part of The Good Place "change" you

Did any part of this show affect who you are as a person and/or how you see the world around you? with it's large ties to philosophy, especially around how we interact with other people, I wonder if anyone else finished the show and had some sort of realization about their life.

slight spoilers ig? idk I've brought up season 3 and season 4 below

i don't tend to recommend shows to people unless they've really impacted me. for example, I tell everyone to go watch Bojack Horseman because it's the show that made me get serious about therapy and my addiction, it's a show that every time I watch it I'm left thinking about the world around me. The Good Place did something similar, I finished season 3 and was really thinking about how our relationships with our family fundamentally shape who we become. I cried over Eleanor talking about her mom and I kept going back to Tahanis hug with her sister. It made me look at my family differently. The new afterlife system and how the tiny voice tells you to change certain things you do has stuck with me for a while. By the time I finished to show completely, my view on ethics and morality was very different than when I started.

anyone else relate?

21:44 UTC

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