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Colorful or Black and White

Which is preferred, those modern-looking colorful resume templates, or the traditional black and white ones?

19:39 UTC


Teaching in the Middle East

Hi all

Does anyone know of any schools in the ME? ( except SABIS) that are willing to take on teachers with less than 2 years of experience

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17:25 UTC


Asian countries

Hi all.

Are there any practicing Muslims teaching in China/Korea/Thailand/Vietnam/Taiwan etc

how do you find the environment in terms of racism and islamaphobia

How easy is it to find halal food?

Are you able to find friends that aren't into the clubbing/drinking scene etc


17:09 UTC


EPIK and JET program application

Hi. I’m looking to go back into teaching. I worked at HESS in Taiwan from November to August 2017-18. It’s a cram school corporation for those unaware. I don’t know who’s left at the branch. Plus I left my contract early due to all the current Foreign teachers leaving and I was struggling with 8 different CTs for 10 different classes of varying ages. The middle school aged kids were the most troublesome. One kid would sit on the floor and just rip up the tests. Now I’m leaving the USCG and want to get back into teaching but would really prefer to stay away from cram schools. The EPIK recruiter (from an outside company) said me leaving could cause concern. I’m just curious to hear other people’s opinions on my situation, specifically people that got into these types of government run public school programs like EPIK or JET. Thanks in advance. I appreciate any feedback.

14:39 UTC


Question for those who got their TEFL online

How was it going into teaching without the in-person teaching experience during the certification?

Everyone has told me that the biggest drawback of doing a TEFL online is you are kinda just thrown in the deep end when you start teaching I unfortunately can’t afford an in person TEFL right now as they’re all over $1400 so just wanted to hear others experiences with online and If you used any other resources once you started teaching to get up to speed on what the online course lacked.

Also for context, I’m looking to teach in South America or Spain but may start in Asia since it seems you need less experience to get hired

05:59 UTC


Leeds Beckett university PGCE worth it?

I'm from the UK and teaching in China currently and I want to make sure I have the necessary qualifications if I want to keep progressing. I'm 3 months in to a 2.5 year contract with a kindergarten. Prior to this job I was teaching in a training centre for a year. From I've been told and read (by the person trying to sing me up) the qualification at the end is the same as doing a PGCE in person at the university and only costs £2.5k. Time commitment is around 10-12 hrs per week so it's manageable with a full time job. It obviously doesn't include a QTS but If I need one in the future for the better schools or schools back in UK I can go back and get one, it shouldn't take too long. Am I missing anything? Is this the best use of my time in terms of getting more qualifications while teaching in China to prepare myself career wise? Most importantly I want to check that this qualification will be seen the same as if I were to get it in the UK like normal. Thanks

04:49 UTC


New to TEFL recruiter help

I’ve recently started looking into teaching English in Korea. I have found three recruiting programs that look reasonably and was hoping if anyone has any experience with them? Which would be best if they have used any? They are Korvia, Travel and Teach, and Korean Horizons. Now I know that at the end of the day I’m just a number to them, and people recommend finding a job independently but I feel for the first time and first move an agency would be the best option. Any help would be greatly appreciated

20:52 UTC


Does anyone know of a piece of software that can replicate cards for online activities?

I'm trying to adapt a lesson plan that involves picking up cards and matching the infinitive with the past participle to teach the present perfect. In a normal classroom the students have to match "got" and "gotten", "open" and "opened" "come" and "come" etc. but that doesn't really work via Zoom? Is there a piece of software or website that can emulate that in an online classroom? Ideally free and easy to use!

16:50 UTC


Struggling to apply on the serious teachers website

Hi all.

I've come across a website called serious teachers.

Is anyone familiar with it?

I'm struggling to find any email/apply button

Not sure if recruitment info is only available for their TEFL graduates?

Edit: my account was being verified which is why I was unable to apply!

10:28 UTC


Tefl without a degree

I’m hoping to move to Vietnam soon, my Vietnamese partner wants to go back to look after her mum, and I’m going to go with her. I’m 49, and don’t really like my job here in London, I don’t have kids, and I fancy the adventure of it. I think I’m going to do a tefl, and try and work remotely when I get there. I’ve no degree, but have over 20 years of hospitality management experience, front of house, and ops/strategic roles. Does anyone have any experience of doing tefl as an older person? Or any other advice or tips? Will not having a degree ruin my chances of a position? Thanks

09:14 UTC


Past PowerPoints?

Hi there what are the best websites to find PowerPoints presentations that teachers have used in the past. Thank you

03:14 UTC


MA programs

Hi! I'm a (pre)k-12 educator with a 140hr TEFL cert, looking into TEFL/TESOL/MEd programs. What ones have you completed, and were they worthwhile? Did you go online or in person, where did you teach and what did you earn, etc. Thanks for any feedback!

02:36 UTC


Public school vs cram school hours

Hi, I am currently getting ready to teach English abroad for the first time. The 2 countries that I am most interested in are South Korea and Taiwan but I am still researching a few other places. From my understanding public school hours are like normal work hours around 9 am to 5 pm but cram school work hours can vary but tend to be somewhere between 12 pm-9 pm. I was wondering if anyone has experience working in public schools, cram schools, or both can elaborate more about the pros and cons of working the different schedules?

01:27 UTC


TEFL/CELTA which one can be done in shortest time?

hi everyone. Ive been in Japan for 7 years working as a program dev for smilegate but recently had a baby looking for something to do something product while at home since I took a maternity leave.I only have a degree but no English certifications. I have time at home to get a certification any ideas? I'm reading conflicting stories online and reddit and so many sites. Not sure if it helps. I'm an American from California. 30's Planning to do everything online. Hope this certification will help with a career change since my degree is irrelevant to education

23:21 UTC


I have a student that took revenge on another student

They were in a playground and got into a fight, and the student i spoke to said she got revenge (wasn't clear how) and that the original student's brother called and threatened her.

I told her next time, take the high road, be happy, and don't worry about the brother because people forget these things. Idk if that's true.

I saw her afterwards in class hogging the computer from someone.

15:08 UTC


Average cost of a certification

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to teach English in South America. For that I’ll need to do a minimum of 120 hours of training. How much would that cost me? I’m in the UK and don’t want to do an online course because I’ve heard they aren’t that good.

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14:22 UTC


Hong Kong NET Scheme 2023-24

Hi guys, can I get some advice regarding teaching in Hong Kong. I am a qualified primary school teacher with 5 years experience with a PGDE. I originally had an international school job but the offer was rescinded based on reference to my shock. So, I am looking now to still be able to move to Hong Kong( my boyfriend is moving too) to have a different employer to give a reference/ for employers to meet me in person and see the reference is a load of rubbish. I have considered all my options regarding my reference and discussed with the referee and decided it is not worth kicking up a fuss to get a factual/slightly better one and completely burn my bridges.

So, I have applied to teaching English as a foreign language jobs and received an offer. I do not have a TEFL. This offer is with Language Tree. I am tempted to take it to get a VISA etc and the contract offers flexibility to leave. I also applied for the EDB NET scheme. I have teaching experience in a primary school but have not done a TEFL yet. On my application I have said I can do in before moving although this might be tricky as I work full time teaching.

Do I take the offer?

How much of an issue will my previous reference be?

Do I hold out for a better NET job?

How likely am I to get better offers without a TEFL qualification? How likely am I to get an EDB NET offer?

Thank you for your advice.

12:31 UTC


How much prep time per hour?

Im about to start a full time job (40/7) for a company as a teacher and I was wondering how much prep time I can calculate.

For example: Im supposed to teach 18 teaching hours (45 min each) per week. Should I count in 1 prep hour (materials, pptx, etc.) per teaching lesson? That's usually the amount of time I need but I don't know if that's relatively long compared to other teacher. For this job I have to create most of the material of the classes myself. This way I would have 18 hours prep time + 13.5 hours teaching in class, so a total of 31.5 hours. The other 8.5 hours I could spend with administrative work.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my new boss and am supposed to tell him a (reasonable) number of hours I need for preparing my classes.

Also: I don't teach english, I'm not a nattve english speaker but this is the only place I could found f where I am confident 8 could get an answere.

Thank you

09:32 UTC


Teaching English as a career

Hi guys

My background: non native speaker, bachelor's degree, 4 years of teaching experience.

If I want to pursue a career in this field, what's the best way to move forward?

Get a CELTA? DELTA? Or perhaps Masters in Education or linguistics?

09:11 UTC


Weekly r/TEFL Quick Questions Thread

Use this thread to ask questions that don't deserve their own thread on the subreddit. Before you do that, though, use the search bar and read through our extensive wiki to see if your question has already been answered. Remember that subreddit rules still apply here.

02:00 UTC


Teaching without degree in Latin America

Hello, I’m moved from Europe to Canada 7 years ago but I want to leave Canada for somewhere latin America I have two year degree in customs and border services and two year degree in early childhood education since I have post secondary education of four years and I already paid so much I don’t want do another 3 years of school just get degree in something useless! I have an EU citizenship and I’m planning to do TEFL certificate, do I still have good chance to move permanently and get job teaching English? Would my early childhood education count as teaching experience ? Thank you

23:35 UTC


Anyone been using AI to supplement workload etc?

Just wondering if anyone has been using artificial intelligence to help with work. For example ChatGPT for lesson plans etc.

08:05 UTC


Masters degree, no experience, looking for easy tefl job

I have a masters degree in international education from a top us university and a science bachelors from another good US school. I’m a native English speaker and have experience working in universities as an administrator/academic advisor, teaching professional development seminar courses in non formal settings but no formal classroom teaching experience.

I’m honestly looking for an easy tefl job where they give me the lesson plans and everything already laid out. I plan on going back to my full time career in the US (not as a teacher) after, so I do not have the passion to spend hours creating lesson plans or climbing the teaching career ladder and whatnot.

I would like to travel and teach English with a low commitment of hours per week and make some money to fund my time abroad. It would be great if I could continue working with college students and adults, though I know I don’t have enough qualifications since that usually requires actual teaching experience. If not, working with kids is fine too. What kind of jobs would you advise I look for and where?

20:05 UTC


How to make ESL a career? Good choices for Master’s programs? (Preferably online)

Hey all, I’ve been teaching overseas for about 5.5 years now, and I’m wanting to take the next step and make this into more of a career, not just a way to pay the bills. I love teaching, and currently I’m working at a language center (only English, 45 hours per class per term), and I love it. I don’t think I’d want to work at a traditional school after this since I’m not a fan of having to manage students for the entire day. I love how I can teach my classes and then go home.

I want to get a Master’s in something related to teaching ESL, but I want to make sure it will also set me up for a comfortable future with decent pay and benefits. What is the best route to take with this? I could see myself staying overseas for the rest of my life, but I also want to make sure I’m preparing for a future retirement. Thank you in advance.

19:55 UTC


I have a bachelor's in Music without a teaching license, how do I become qualified and licensed to teach English, Science, and/or Math? (US citizen)

Currently I'm working at an international school in China that still hires uncertified teachers, but in order to one day both get my teaching license and be able to be hired at more prestigious schools, I'm not sure what I need to do exactly.

09:54 UTC


What do training centers in China look like these days?

Finishing my TEFL now and a recruiter wants to set me up with an interview with a training center called Giraffe Inspire. Based on some quick googling, it looks like it used to be an English language training center called Giraffe English that has now rebranded itself as a 'drama school' of sorts, which teaches in English. I'm assuming this is because of the new regulations from 2021 on training centers needing to have a separate curriculum. The recruiter didn't really mention any of this to me, and explained it as an English teaching school where my title would be ESL teacher. Feels a little dodgy, if I'm being honest. I'm not entirely opposed to it but also the salary and benefits aren't great for being in Shanghai.

Curious if anyone has any on the ground experience or anecdotal stories of what training centers in China are like at the moment. Obviously I'd feel more comfortable in a situation where I know my job on paper is actually teaching English, and not teaching Drama in English. Would rather not get caught up with an institution that seems to be skirting the law, although I'm not sure if that's an accurate picture at the moment.

08:02 UTC


Advice; other TEFL spaces


Long story short, I’m not doing well keeping a healthy relationship with my Reddit use and am planning to cut my access off completely.

I have found this community extremely useful in finding resources and reading about the difficulties of other people in TEFL. Dose anyone have any recommendation for other message boards or online communities related to TEFL?


04:29 UTC


Low workload teaching jobs other than China?

I tend to experience burn out quite easily as I'm on the spectrum. Though I'm generally functional and enjoy teaching.

The beauty of China for someone like me is that for 5 years I only had to teach up to 16 classes a week and had no office hours, and made good money.

Is this possible anywhere else? I have a university degree , tesol cert and will have a US teaching license within 12 months.

00:33 UTC


International House Certificate For English Teaching

Has anyone come across or completed this course?

Is it a good alternative to CELTA?

Any idea regarding costs etc?

16:21 UTC


TEFL and tips to return to Japan (non-Native)

Hey guys,

a little background first, scroll to the end for the thread question:
I'm a non native (and non-young) guy from Italy, with a degree on Japanese language and culture that brought me nothing. After having to return to Italy from the UK during Covid, and having tasted the desperation and nothingness this country have to offer, I'm trying to return to Japan, where I studied in a language school for about half a year. I'd like teaching even as an ALT, but the only accredited experience I have was a 3-month part time at a Japanese University as language assistant: while it may sound fancy, I was basically having a casual chat once a week with 2 "students", who actually were more interested in talking in Italian than anything

Question is:
Any suggestions from people already in the country or in a similar position? Last time I checked, biggest wall was being non-native
And lastly, what TEFL courses (on budget) should I choose? Yes, there are better way to get a decent qualification, but 200 bucks the my budget limit when you are on the edge of poverty
Current choices are Theteflacademy and tefl.org

12:13 UTC

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