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Have a story of you or someone you know getting back at someone with pro revenge after being wronged? Post it here!

Have a story of you or someone you know getting back at someone with pro revenge after being wronged? Post it here!


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    Some like it hot 🌶️

    Reading a recent stolen food PR reminded me, I too, have a similar life experience to share. True story.

    I had taken a R&D internship for a food company over the summer in Keokuk (the armpit of Iowa for those unfamiliar). For housing accommodations the company had set me up in the local college dorm that was previously a retirement home so it basically had individual rooms and bathrooms, but one large commercial kitchen. It was summer and the school didn't have a summer program, but allowed 2 fall students to move in at the beginning of the summer. One was rarely there, but the other was constantly in the building and often times had multiple friends over.

    Given the kitchen set up, we all stored our food there and it's a pretty no brainier you shouldn't take from others, but immediately I had various food items going missing or being consumed regularly (sodas, empty boxes of cereal put back on the shelf, etc.). I initially posted a sign on the fridge to not eat others food and also confronted both about having food go missing after the sign was up, but it didn't stop whomever from stealing my food (particularly when I'd head out of town for weekends). After complaining about the situation to my manager during my job they helped formulate the perfect ProRevenge.

    Given I was doing R&D work on food products, I was responsible for getting various ingredient samples to use for new recipes. My manager suggested I get some capsaicin extracts for my "research" even though we weren't doing anything in that realm for flavor profiles. Well I found a company that had various scoville unit extracts and I asked for a variety to see what worked best for our applications. Well did they deliver with some small 2 ounce bottles of 50K, 100K, and 250K scoville extracts!

    I ended up putting the 250K in a travel sized spray bottle (mixed with some water to help as a carrier) and wearing gloves and a mask (borrowed from work) doctored the common food items being stolen with a liberal spraying of my mixture (mainly cereal, chips, crackers, jug of milk and the lip/top of a few soda cans). For the snacks I actually put some into a separate bag and left them open to dry before mixing back into the original packaging. I did this in a different dorm room in my wing as I know well enough how potent this can be in enclosed spaces.

    I did this right before another trip out of town and when I returned I found some of the chips and cereal and milk was missing plus 2 of the 3 cans of soda I had doctored. I never got to see the result and no one ever said anything, but none of my food went missing for the remaining month of my stay.

    I hope the experience was enlightening for them and they still remember the time they played with 🌶️ 🔥.

    20:07 UTC


    Lunch thief's just desert

    Years ago i had a lunch thief.

    About the 12th time complaining to HR about people stealing my lunch (mandatory reporting every 3rd or 4th instance) i was seathing not a dam thing was being done and i still had to go buy something to eat.

    I was bitching to my doctor at the yearly check up and he got a smile saying "your constipated then?" I was dumb and said "no why" he wrote me a prescription for some holy fuck laxitive with instructions to "mix it in with your meal for maximum affect" at witch point i knew the plan.

    I wish i could say they shat their pants but no they ate my sandwich with special avacado sauce. About an hour after lunch i went to HR and reported 2 things 1 my lunch was stolen again and 2 my medication was stolen. HR "so you got hit by the lunch thief again and your medicine was in the bag?" Me "Yes i have had some digestive problems and my doctor prescribed a powerful laxative and advised me to mix it in with my mid day meal." HR going white "You what?" Me smiling "I mixed in a prescription grade laxative with my food per doctor's orders."

    Well being that stealing prescribed medication is a criminal offense the police were called and found the lead man from a department over absolutely shitting his brains out. He was furious and accused me of poisoning his food. I asked "At witch point did you get the idea that food was for you?" Continued "furthermore now i no longer have my medication i was prescribed for my condition."

    It was about this time he knew he fucked up and shut his mouth until he got a lawyer or so im told (small town) one of my buddies from high school took his position i can make and eat my hoagies and i have no clue where lunch thief went after his fines and community service.

    14:26 UTC


    A lawyer's pro revenge on his boss

    “This opinion is shit,” my boss told me. He’d been a lawyer for three years, and the firm assigned me to him for training, to show me, junior counsel, how to be a litigator.

    I disliked my boss for a number of reasons. He knew no law, and he expressed himself badly in writing. For a litigator, that’s like strike one and two right there, and strike three was this: he had no balls. He was actually scared of going to court. I noticed this when he took me to assignment court one day, and when it was his turn to speak his hands were shaking. He was scared, in fucking assignment court, where all you do is set a trial date.

    “What’s wrong with what I wrote?” I said.

    “Not what I asked for,” he said, turning away. But when I checked the memo he’d emailed me two weeks earlier, I saw that the opinion I wrote was exactly what he asked for.

    I knew what was up. He was going to delete my dockets for writing the memo and then claim he did it himself, thus leaving quite a bit short of my docketing quota for the month. I knew that he would do this to me, because he’d done this before. I knew that my memo would wind up on a partner’s desk without my name on it. I knew that for a fact, because the firm I worked at was one of the first in the city to have a really good internal network. We were using email for internal communications before the internet became a thing. So the firm was way ahead in terms of technology, but not in terms of security, and not long after I joined the firm I learned how to surf away on the firm’s harddrive and find interesting things, like evidence that my boss was plagiarizing my work.

    My boss was the very model of the young downtown lawyer. His perfect shoes always gleamed. He wore bespoke suits because he came from money. Everyone just took it for granted that he was on the partner track. I, on the other hand, was well on my way to no where special, so maybe he thought it was ok to fuck with me. If so, that was a big mistake on his part.

    I didn’t like having my billable hours fucked with. I seriously resented it, because I was already being targeted as one of the juniors who doesn’t docket as much as he should and I was getting pushback from the partner who headed our team. I told the partner what was going on, but he didn't care. It was like being back in middle school and showing up in the office with bruises on my face and the principal saying ‘boys will be boys’ and sending me on my way. “You’ll just have to work harder, or smarter,” the partner said when I reported the latest bullshit thing my boss did to me.

    I couldn’t work harder (I was doing the usual six days a week lawyers downtown are forced to do) but I could work smarter, and that night I thought up a plan. Christmas was coming, and I thought I’d give my boss a little present. It landed on his desk on December 24th, in the form of a memo purporting to be from the partner that my boss reported to. The partner was an old guy, and not really on board with emails and computers, so he did everything old school, on paper. So when my boss came in on December 24th and saw a memo on his desk from the partner with a legal research assignment, that wasn’t unusual. The memo was drafted in the usual form that the partner used, because of course I had taken great pains to make sure that it looked authentic. My boss walked over to the little cubicles where the juniors worked, and gave me the same memo. Except his secretary had re-typed it, so now the assignment was from him to me, instead of from the partner to my boss. The assignment was difficult, requiring me to do a deep dive into admiralty law, its relationship to the common law, combined with a constitutional division of powers question.

    “But this is a huge assignment,” I whined, “and I’m going to be away. Can’t you get someone else to do it? Is it really urgent?” The memo I’d forged to my boss stressed how totally urgent the situation was, but there was no way my boss could double check with the partner, because the partner left the day before on vacation. That’s why I’d waited until December 24th. “No can do,” my boss said, “this is a big deal. Just let HR know. Maybe they’ll give you time and half or something.” He turned his back and walked away, thinking he had ruined my holidays.

    But he was mistaken. You see, I’d written a paper for a third year course that was basically the same thing as the research assignment in the memo. So the only ‘work’ I had to do, was to find the old floppy disk with the draft on it, fiddle with it a bit, and voila: a very detailed and very long memo on an obscure point of Admiralty law, with references starting back to Lord Coke’s day. So I put the memo together, and took my holidays as planned. I wasn’t traveling anywhere (because I had no money) but I saw my family and stayed in town and I made a point of dropping by the office during the holidays, sending an email or two, establishing that I was around, and docketing all my time for the huge amount of research I was allegedly doing.

    So the holidays end, and I’m sitting in my shitty little cubicle with a huge stack of work to do and my boss comes up to me, in one of his bespoke suits with a gold tie pin and cufflinks to match. He was wearing a gold watch, too. He was dressed up, even for him, trying to make an impression of some kind.

    “Where’s that memo? You were supposed to have it on my desk when I got back. I’m going into a meeting at noon.”

    “Just finished it this morning,” I said, handing him the lengthy memo that was still warm from the printer. My boss took the memo in his hands and felt its heft and he smiled. Then he turned and walked away without a word.

    Just before lunch I heard a commotion down the hall. It was a pretty loud commotion, as such things go, a loud “fuck!”, and then a door was flung open. It was the partner, and he was screaming for my boss to get his ass into his office, now, right now, as in immediately. I had the pleasure of watching my boss scramble down the hall. “Just what the fucking fuck is this?” the partner said, standing in the doorway to his office, and holding my handiwork at arm's length with his thumb and index finger, as if he were afraid that handling it would soil him. My boss mumbled something, and then the partner ushered him inside. I heard more shouting, then the sound of muffled excuses, and then more shouting from the partner. Then the door flung open again.

    “Calledinthe90s. Get your ass in here, too,” the partner said, and I got my ass in their pronto.

    “Did you write this fucking memo?” the partner said. I took it from him and looked it over.

    “I wrote it. The cover page has been changed to remove my name, but other than that, it’s mine. I spent all Christmas on it. Is there something wrong with it?” The partner exploded.

    “Is there something wrong with it? Something wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. It’s fucking useless! Totally useless!” I explained that I’d followed my boss’s instructions to the letter, and that I’d docketed more than a hundred hours on it. At this the partner really went nuts, and told me to go back to my desk and fetch him the memo from my boss. I brought it to him, and when he read it, his face went red. He told me I could leave and I hauled ass out of there. From my little cubicle I wasn’t close enough to hear the full chewing out my boss got, but I heard the details through the grapevine over the next few days, about how the partners were seriously pissed that my boss had wasted over a hundred hours of a junior’s time on a useless task that was obviously a prank, and how had my boss not realized that he was being pranked, was he an idiot? I wasn’t blamed at all, of course; I had been working under my boss’s close supervision.

    My boss didn’t get fired, but there were some good outcomes for me. For one thing, the partner told me to send him a copy of any memos I wrote for my boss, and that ended him taking credit for my work. My boss also stopped deleting my dockets for my research. Plus I got a belated Christmas bonus for having to give up on my alleged vacation to write the stupid memo.

    I really hated working in that place, but whenever times were tough, I’d think back to the Case of the Forged Memo, and that always brought a smile to my face.

    13:45 UTC


    When I wrote my dad’s obituary I didn’t mention my mom and exposed her years of abuse and neglect.

    I originally posted this in PettyRevenge but it was removed so I’m guessing it’s more appropriate for here 🤷🏼‍♀️

    My dad died December 1, 2022. He briefly lived with me before his passing after a long stint of being chronically ill for the past 15+ years.

    As his health declined he relied more on my mom for things. Prior to this she was never a great person and fully took advantage of his disability and mobility issues as he declined. For years she claimed be separated and divorced, talking to other men on the internet. She made claims many times she was going to move away and marry someone else. In addition she took advantage of him financially. We tried every legal avenue we could find to have her kicked out, arrested, or force her out but those attempts were met with responses that it was a civil matter and there was nothing that could be done. He made me durable POA and added me to all his accounts. This is a small portion of her abuse but I promise her actions were no less than neglectful and exploitive. I’d tried for years to get my dad to move in with me but he wasn’t leaving the house he worked so hard to pay for.

    I brought him home on hospice the day after thanksgiving and made sure his final days were the best they could be. After meeting with the funeral home to carry out his final wishes I was told they required consent from my mother to allow me to cremate him. It was no surprise she initially told me no and only agreed after I “allowed” her to keep the social security survivor benefits, which would have been hers anyway 🙄

    I wrote his obituary and left her out of it. There was not a single word or mention he’d ever been married or had a spouse. I didn’t feel she deserved to be recognized or viewed as a grieving widow when she spent their marriage as a shitty spouse and person. She lost her mind and there were many questions from friends and family alike.

    I’ve spent years in therapy working through maternal narcissistic abuse and believe if she didn’t want me to talk about it she shouldn’t have done it. When people asked about it I was honest about the years of abuse my father and I endured from her. I’ve completely ruined the public image and victim complex she spent years creating. I might be the villain and AH in this scenario but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    07:03 UTC


    An Attorney’s Dream Case: My Parents vs the Bank

    In 1973, my parents had enough money to build a little ranch house in the country. The small bank in town approved the mortgage & the bank signed a contract to give “Bob” the money to build the house.

    Bob, as it turns out, was overbooking himself all over town, leaving his clueless minions to do the actual work. The build took longer and longer, with more and more work having to be ripped out and redone.

    We’re not talking about using the wrong color paint or nailing up some wonky trim, here. The architect forgot to fully erase a line on the blueprints & the framers built a wall through the bathtub. My mother was told “Don’t put anything heavy in the kitchen cabinets” bc they were attached to the drywall – not the studs - using a few roofing nails through the back of each cabinet. The garage door opening was framed into the living room instead of towards the driveway. And so on.

    When the bank’s representative showed up for the final inspection, my parents met him in the front yard & refused to sign off on Bob’s work. Then representative became angry, as the bank had paid Bob a lot of money. He strode to the front door & pulled on the doorknob, whereupon the entire door – casing included – fell on him. It had simply been wedged (not nailed) into place.

    The bank called Bob, who finally showed up to supervise the work himself. The only problem was that Bob wasn’t any better at building a house than his minions were. My parents still refused to sign off on the house.

    My mother was a SAHM in a nasty rental with two tiny children while my dad was working two jobs while this was going on. Throughout the entire process, the bank & Bob treated them very poorly, bullying my mom & lying to my dad. What should have been an exciting time for my parents was ruined. My mom cried a lot. My dad got depressed.

    Finally, the bank threatened my parents with foreclosure & Bob threatened to sue my parents for breach of contract bc the bank refused to pay him any more money.

    So my exhausted parents went to an attorney & gave him the rundown. Plumbing, electrical, tiling issues – the whole sorry mess. My parents were scared. All they had was their small downpayment savings, so if this became a lengthy court battle the bank & Bob would win.

    The attorney, “Tom”, was kind, but my dad said he could tell that he and Mom were doomed from Tom’s facial expressions as he sorted through the paperwork. Then, abruptly, Tom smiled. “Let’s get everyone together for a meeting,” he told my parents. “Tomorrow.”

    So my parents, Tom, the bank’s representative, the bank’s attorney, Bob, & Bob’s attorney met at the bank.

    Tom didn’t give anyone else time to begin. He said, “Well, my clients have decided that they no longer want this house. Please remove it.”

    Everyone else start to laugh. “Remove it? Have you lost your mind?”

    Tom, in a sweeping, theatrical gesture, placed a deed on the table.

    “My clients own the land the house is sitting on outright. They no longer want the house. Get the house off my clients’ land.”

    Bob’s attorney stared at the deed, & then turned & stared at Bob. “You built a house on land YOU DON’T OWN?” Bob nodded.

    The bank’s attorney started yelling at the bank’s representative. “YOU DIDN’T FINANCE THE LAND THE HOUSE IS ON?” The representative stammered, “Uh…no…?”

    Tom said firmly, “As I said, gentlemen, you’re trespassing on my clients’ land. I expect the house to be removed & the land returned to its original state, AT ONCE.”

    My Dad said he’ll remember the blank looks everyone on the other side of the table passed to one another for his whole life. Sure, the bank could foreclose…on a house that wouldn’t exist by the end of the week, with no way to recoup the money. They didn’t even own the land it was on. Bob was out the 50% he’d paid out of pocket, plus he was on the hook for tearing down the house & removing it. On top of that, the bank would undoubtedly want him to repay the initial 50% they’d given him.

    Could they have gone after my parents? Sure. A foreclosure would have meant bad credit for my parents moving forward. They might lose their downpayment. But to sign off on the house in its condition at that time would have meant thousands and thousands of dollars in cash to replace/repair everything from the roof to the basement before the house could be safely lived in. The bank knew my parents didn’t have that kind of money; they’re the ones who approved the mortgage!

    Suddenly, my parents were good people, it was all SUCH a misunderstanding, & the bank & Bob couldn’t do enough for them! The house was brought in line with the original blueprints & specifications immediately, at no extra cost to my parents (but at considerable cost to Bob). My parents signed the mortgage. Bob got the rest of his money (& just about broke even on the build). The bank’s representative was fired.

    And Tom, attorney extraordinaire, got a stinging tale of triumph to recall to fellow attorneys for the rest of his life!

    * Before you question this tale, please remember that 1973 was 50 years ago. Banks did things differently back then. Smaller rural banks, in particular, were not run the same way the bigger, city banks were. There were far fewer Federal regulations, & in a smaller community people didn’t always follow them, anyway. (I’m pretty sure they don’t always follow them now.)

    * Yes, they built a wall through the bathtub. No, I’m not making that up. I even left out how a plumber left his lunch bag on a partially built kitchen cabinet, but the cabinetmaker didn’t feel it was his job to move the bag so he left it there & built the rest of the cabinet around it. I don’t know where Bob found these people, but they were gems, every one of them! /s


    I must admit that I'm immensely surprised at the traction this story has gotten. 😳

    The bank & Bob put together very poorly written & pretty much unenforceable contracts. My parents' attorney figured this out & the bank & Bob had to back off.

    I thought this was interesting, but surely not the one & only time this happened. Aren't contracts being written all the time by clueless people? Is this really that unique? I guess we should be glad it is! 😂 Thanks for reading! ❤️

    20:19 UTC


    A lawyer's pro revenge on a wife beater

    Let’s call him Joe. I have to call him something, the man I ruined, but I can’t call him by his real name, so let’s call him Joe. Joe was a wife beater.

    I was hired by Joe’s brother-in-law, the brother of the wife that Joe beat. My client was also Joe’s ex-business partner. Aside from the whole ‘you beat up my sister thing,’ my client had another beef with Joe, a serious business beef. My client took it to court, and gave me the case to handle.

    Joe and his lawyers fought me long and hard. Joe was confident that his bullshit and outright perjury would carry the day. It had always worked before. His bullshit, and his fists, had won him a good settlement with his ex-wife, free of child support, so maybe he thought that threats and lies would carry the day once more, but he was wrong, and after the trial I had a judgment against him, a big judgment, far bigger than he could pay.

    Joe twisted and he turned and he shimmied and shaked, but after a while I’d located and taken all his assets. It was easy, really; Joe had no thought of consequences, and so he didn’t lawyer up until it was too late. If one of my clients ever sues you, you’re in trouble, because my clients lawyer up before they even know your name. But Joe didn’t lawyer up until the process server threw the papers at his feet, and by then, it was far too late.

    I went through Joe’s assets like a meat grinder, and after a while Joe had but one property left, a house, and he clung to that house, for it was rented out, and his sole source of income. Joe lived in the unfinished basement, and he survived on what the upstairs tenants paid him. He cashed their rent cheques at payday loan places, paying hefty fees, but it was worth it, because he knew that I’d garnish any bank account that he opened.

    Joe managed to hide his rental place from me for a while because he owned it through a numbered company, but my investigator found him one day, and followed him home.

    Joe self-repped his way through the next stage, which took a couple of years, while I punctured his corporate veils and his sad efforts at a fraudulent conveyance, but in the end, I had his last house, the house where he lived in the unfinished basement. Joe stepped out one day to get a pack of cigarettes, and when he came back the sheriff had changed the locks.

    “Can my client at least live in the basement?” Joe’s lawyer said to me, pro bono, because by this point Joe had nothing to pay lawyers. I knew the pro bono guy; he practiced law nearby. As I was talking to him, I could see Pro Bono guy’s office window across the parking lot from my office tower window.

    “Ask the purchaser,” I said, “it’s out of my hands,” and it was. I told Joe’s lawyer that the new owner (a nominee, one of my client’s employees) wouldn’t let him back into his shitty basement apartment. Joe, a man who had owned this and that here and there and all over town had just lost the last thing he owned on earth. Except for his truck. He still had his truck left.

    Joes’ truck was this big ass gas guzzling beast that he drove around in. It was too old and too frail to be worth seizing, so I let Joe keep it, and I was glad I did that, because now the truck was where Joe slept. Until he made a mistake, and lost his truck, too. He lost his truck the day I got a phone call from the tenants at the house that Joe used to own.

    “He came back, and parked his truck across the driveway, " the tenant said, adding that Joe had gone nuts. He’d parked his truck there in a rage, out of spite, and then walked into town, saying he’d be back later that day to sleep in his truck.

    “Can you get around the truck?” I asked. The tenant could not. The driveway was blocked. I called one of the tow truck guys that I used to defend back in my criminal lawyer days, and in a couple of hours that truck was gone, and parked somewhere else, somewhere special, in accordance with my specific instructions.

    “My guy wants his truck back,” the pro bono lawyer said the next day when he called me.

    “Not happening,” I said. I stood in my office fifteen floors above the parking lot, and looked down where I imagined my pro bono counterpart was standing in his office, facing the same lot.

    “But you have no right to the truck,” he said.

    “He has no right to block a man’s driveway,” I replied. It was terrible, really, standing up high, pronouncing words that took away a man’s final asset, the last thing he owned on earth. I imagined that this must be what God feels like, before he strips a man of everything and sends him to hell.

    “Are you really gonna make me go to court over this?” said Pro Bono guy.

    “Do what you gotta do,” I said, and Pro Bono guy said his client was coming in the next day to sign an affidavit, and then they were going to court to get the truck back. But I was unconcerned.

    The next day was bright and the sun was shining and it was nine a.m. as I looked out the window, and sipped my coffee. My phone rang. I picked up. It was Pro Bono man.

    “Why didn’t you tell me that Joe’s truck was parked right outside my office?” His voice was tight, and I could tell that he must have been shaking with anger.

    “Is that so?” I said, staring out at Joe’s truck parked fifteen stories below me. “How careless of my bailiff to leave the truck where your client could easily take it back. I really must speak to him.”

    “Very funny. My client’s going to sue--”

    “No he isn’t. He’s going to get in that truck and drive away, right now. I told my tow guy to fill up the tank, and he gave it an oil change too, gratis. Tell your client to get in his truck and drive off, and that if I ever see that truck again, I’ll seize it, to satisfy the rest of my client’s judgment.” Pro Bono guy tried to argue, but I was firm. Then I put the phone down, and picked up my coffee.

    A few minutes later Joe walked out of his lawyer’s office and over to his truck. As he walked I saw that there was no longer a bounce to his step. The joy had gone out of him. Joe wasn’t the first guy I ruined and he won’t be the last, but he is the only one whose final ruin I witnessed from on high, from my office, and it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, watching a man walk to his truck, knowing that I had stripped him of everything else he had, and that he owed his possession of his last asset, his truck, to my mercy.

    Joe drove away, his big ass ancient truck spilling clouds of smoke from the exhaust. I was pretty sure I’d never hear from him again, and I never did.

    01:14 UTC


    I blew up a romance scammers life

    I blew up a romance scammer’s life

    This one is fresh and still unfolding but it’s already hit an explosive level. Some details intentionally vague.

    Context: I’m a woman in my 30s with a reasonably good corporate type job in a field with lots of room for growth and am recently back into the dating scene after a decade. I’m kind of a “would be a 10 if she lost 30 lbs” looking girl, beautiful face if a bit chubby, but I never have issues getting a date. I’m not well off but I’m stable and have a bit of spending money. I live in a large multicultural city and my ex was an immigrant so I’m open to dating people of any origin.

    What happened: A few weeks ago I met a very charming man from a Latin American country only a couple years younger than me. Seemed very sweet, cuddly, intelligent, family oriented, emotionally available, educated and in a good profession back home in his country and had a lot in common with me. Chemistry seemed amazing inside and outside the bedroom. He was honest that he was in my country on a tourist visa but hoping to stay. I made it clear I wouldn’t be able to help him with that but we’d have a fun summer fling while he was here. If he managed to stay or come back, only then would we consider a real relationship.

    Then the other shoe dropped. A couple weeks and 4 dates in, During a text conversation about my work, he asked me to be his sugar mommy. I initially laughed and assumed it was a joke. He kept pushing and clearly said it wasn’t. Of course, feeling insulted by this, I went off on him. He maintained it as a serious ask until I hit a nerve with my complaints about how embarrassed he should be to ask me that. Then he got angry and insulted me for thinking he was serious about it. No apology for being hurtful to me.

    Obviously what I did next was take screenshots and cry about it to my closest friends. I was hurt that I was fooled into thinking he liked me and that he thought I needed to pay for a man. My friends started the fuse on what happened next.

    One of my friends started snooping more on his online presence, together we found about 6 different Instagram accounts that were him using different variations of his name and different photos of himself all uploaded in batches. On Facebook, a similar pattern. All very scammy and suspicious looking. He’d been foolish enough on one of his profiles though to follow and tag the employer that he was working for illegally on his tourist visa in my country. So I contacted another close friend in a local law enforcement agency that works with immigration. She looked up his file, he had a wife and daughter at home!

    I released the hounds after that. The friend who helped me investigate online made several group chats on multiple platforms with all of his family (immediate and extended) and friends. She released all the screenshots as well as a rant about how shameful it was. As they started blocking her, she added more people. I found his sisters phone number, she sent her messages on there too. Everyone he knows including his wife know he’s unfaithful and trying to take advantage of women.

    30 mins after the online bombardment started I got a rude message from him about how I should be smart enough to know he was joking and he doesn’t need to sell himself. I didn’t reply.

    Next step? Online immigration reporting form with all the info we found; work info, employer name and address, his home address, full name, dob, photos, screenshots admitting to working. Usually these reports take months to be reviewed if at all but I gave the file number to my law enforcement friend. Two days later, law enforcement officers visited him at home. They found him with a phone number that was issued to a local resident. All his roommates also had numbers issued to the same person, a direct link to the employer. He received a caution for trying to scam me, a no contact order and a flag on his immigration file that based on his country of origin will likely mean he can never return as well as a strict warning to not work without authorisation. His roommates also received warnings. His employer received a visit next. They found significant proof that they’d been employing him illegally as well as multiple other people. Their investigation is still ongoing but so far they are likely to receive tens of thousands in fines or possible jail time. The guy isn’t getting deported because the government would have to pay for it and proceedings take longer than his remaining visa time but he’s now upgraded from a flagged file to a multi year ban on reentry to my country. If he bothers me again though he will be deported as well.

    Hope he enjoys going back to his angry wife and the ridicule from everyone he knows. See ya again never!

    EDIT: The comments on my appearance are a tongue in cheek way of describing how he may have viewed me and speak more to his failure to select the correct victim profile. It’s not that deep and I don’t really care about my appearance very much. Relax a bit peeps.

    It’s up on nuclear revenge now too https://www.reddit.com/r/NuclearRevenge/comments/15vhzob/i_blew_up_a_romance_scammers_life/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1

    15:01 UTC


    Boss tried to sleep with my fiancée

    This was several years ago. So my boss, an extreme type “A” personality, found out I was seeing a young lady at another one of our offices, it was a long distance relationship. He was the type he liked to control everything and mess with people for fun. He was also married to another employee, but he was very unfaithful. And he had a hobby, photography, he liked to take pics of himself and his conquest, in the act! Then he would show the pics around the production floor and brag about it. Well, on his next trip to this other office he tried to get my girlfriend to sleep with him, but she spurned him. He made up some lies and got her fired.

    It took a long time but I was patient, I knew he kept the photos in his office, he could not risk keeping them at home where his wife might stumble upon them. One Saturday I was working OT and the cleaning lady came thru, they unlocked his office. I came in acting like I was taking dimensions on some drawings. The lady just ask me to close the door when I was finished. She left and went down toward accounting, that’s when I went thru his desk. Sure enough in the back of one drawer I found a stack of photos 4” tall. I took them all!

    Then I waited until he went on another trip. When he did, I went out for lunch, I had a dozen pics of him, in the act with 4 different women, all showing his face, the women all had dark or red hair, his wife is a blonde! I drove to the town he lived in, to the closest post office to his house, and mailed the pics to his wife with no return address.

    She divorced him, and her lawyer took him to the cleaners! My girlfriend is now my wife, and we aren’t mad anymore.

    22:56 UTC


    IT pro revenge on cheating wife

    T.L.D.R. below

    Someone posted a story earlier that was a bit too close to a true story that I was involved in. I previously shared it as a comment in another sub and thought I'd share the real story.

    This takes place before smartphones were omnipresent.

    I had a friend (we'll call him Bob) that was suspicious of his wife's social circle. One of her closest friends had been caught cheating and tried to throw her under the bus as well. Bob had no proof and things settled down for a while.

    Bob was an IT professional and very VERY good with PCs and networks.

    Nearly a year later Bob's wife is acting shady again after her high school reunion. He confides in me and we talked through some scenarios, he jokingly mentioned a keylogger. He finally asked me to just drop it and most of all "don't tell anyone, not even your wife".

    A couple months pass and I'm up early, 5:30-6, getting ready for work. I get a Facebook messenger notification and see that I've been sent a link from Bob, but it's a group chat. It's literally everyone we know, her family, his family our friends, strangers... everyone. I didn't open it, it looked like a phishing link even though it came from him who's extremely cautious.

    A short while later I get an email from Bob with some ominous/unsavory comments and the same link. It's a group email with the recipients open copied, his wife's work, her family, her friends, his family other people I didn't know.

    I knew it was legitimate now, so I opened it. The link was to a hastily made website containing pictures and videos of his wife and another man. This wasn't hidden camera footage, it was screenshots including video screen captures. Weeks worth of screenshots. He had captioned each item with snarky comments and colorful names for his wife and her lover.

    It was an embarrassing amount of evidence. Videos of her masturbating with her lover. Chat logs about how they can't wait to fuck again. Solo masturbation videos of her and him. Tons of pictures. And the straw that broke the camel's back... Trash talking her husband to her lover. Comments about how much bigger and better he was. Her efforts to stroke her lover's ego were especially hurtful.

    I dropped what I was doing and called him. He was drunk and combative, he had been up all night making the website and drowning in liquor. Not one good word to say about women in general. He was extremely emotional but after some work I had convinced him to take the website down before it does irreparable damage to his marriage, their careers and his children.

    As he's sobbing and logging in to remove the website I hear loud yelling as she bursts into the room. A screaming match ensues and there's nothing I can do to pull him back. Apparently her mother or sister saw the page, blew up her phone until she woke up and answered. She saw the website and went on the offensive. The phone call drops after 30 seconds of her screaming while Bob is calling her a whore and I can't contact him again. The website was still up for the rest of the day and he was kind enough to put a view counter on it. HUNDREDS of people watched her masturbating with a married former classmate.

    Bob had done his homework. He installed a keylogger that records the whole screen. When he was out she would log into the PC and/or Facebook and play with her boyfriend. Bob had found her lover, his family , his wife, his wife's family, his job, etc etc. All these people were included in the Facebook and email groups.

    I do not know what became of her lover and his marriage, but I do know what happened to Bob's life. His wife was desperate to make amends, she tried and offered everything. In the end it was her comments about her lover and his prowess that were her undoing. Bob tried to take her back, even after all his friends and family had seen her naked and cheating. But he couldn't get over the comments about his manhood. Bob eventually left her, gained about 100lbs and then finally moved as far away as possible and became a horrible human being. I have no idea what he's doing now as he went scorched earth with most friendships and his family. She's gross and has a face shaped like a bowling ball now. Line forms at the rear...

    T.L.D.R. : former friend sets a trap for his unsuspecting cheating wife. He then shares all the pictures and videos with her friends, family, employer as well as the boyfriend's wife, family and employer. Many lives ruined.

    Edited for clarity.

    07:40 UTC


    Ex Cheat on me with her cousin and expected to save face, I think not.

    For context, it was her cousin-in-law.

    Let's start this story by saying this happened 12 years ago. I'm now happily married with three children and regret absolutely nothing.

    I was with my new ex for 3 years. I had noticed that she was being extremely controlling. I was expected to give every little detail of my day and tell her my schedule in advance, and if I deviated from that, she would be very upset. She chalked it up to just bad feelings she was having and shrugged it off as her paranoia for past relationships of infidelity. I had never once cheated or strayed, and I never gave her a reason to act like this. It felt unbecoming of my fiance to act in such a way.

    Now this is where it gets juicy. After she had asked for my schedule to make plans, as mine tends to be more hectic than hers, I noticed she was texting someone. In my line of work, if I put in more than 40 hours, I have the ability to take time off at will as long as the work is completed at a later date. I was very good friends with a brother and still am. We laugh about this to this day, and he actively reminds her of it. I messaged him stating I wanted to do something special for her a little bit earlier than our anniversary to make sure it was a special surprise. They both worked in the same fabrication facility. He was a fabricator and she a shipping manager. He was kind enough to let me know her schedule. That's where the discrepancy falls into place. Without my knowledge, she was foregoing overtime; she worked 12-hour shifts Monday through Friday, with the exception of Wednesday, when she would only work half a day. She had been taking Wednesdays off right around the time that she started getting extremely controlling. Lucky for me, I had stacked several days of leisure time up, so taking a Wednesday off for me was not an issue. A few days go by, and Wednesday's here. I put on my work gear and "leave" for work. I was expecting her to leave as our apartment complex had two exits on the same road I could see directly across from a shopping center, so I parked my car near the back and waited.

    After about an hour, I notice a very specific red Mustang with a specific decal on the back window. It was her cousin by marriage. I had also done my due diligence to take an old laptop, which we kept on our desk in an office area with a full view of the living room, bedroom door and bathroom plus the kitchen. I had set it up for remote access and had it alert me when the webcam noticed movement. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I thought he may be dropping something off or coming over to assist her with something, as her family sometimes does. Sure enough, a message came through so I remote into my laptop. He walks through the door without skipping a beat, she unbuttons his shirt and begins kissing him. I created a URL link for the live stream. And as she was preoccupied, we had a family group text and a friend group text. They were both part of it, but at the current time, they were currently indisposed and didn't look at their phones. They didn't even wait; they could have gone to the bedroom, but no, they decided to get freaky deeky right there on the couch. I sent the link off to the friend group chat and the family group chat. Within minutes, I'm getting calls non-stop from friends and family alike. There was no turning back. She was getting blown up, but she was ignoring her phone. Not until the 4th or 5th call came through did they decide to take a break.

    For context, the state I live in allows recording of personal property regardless of occupancy. I was the only one on the lease; she wasn't allowed to be on the lease because of poor credit.

    The call she had picked up was from her cousins mother who she was banging. She answers the phone on speaker, and I kid you not, the first words out of his mother's mouth were stop fucking my son. They both became rigid, and she began to stutter over her words, saying, What are you talking about? etc. The mother then divulged that there was a live feed of them sent out by me to her family. She grabbed every pillow off the couch and covered herself up. The cousin staggered off, trying to put on his pants and shoes, just to trip himself up and bang his head off of my coffee table. Leaving it with a divot. By this time, I had made my way to the front of the apartment complex. I was there to greet the adulterer as he came out of the front exit. He froze and began to cry, apologizing profusely. I'm not going to lie; what happened afterwards wasn't my best moment, and I nearly got into legal trouble if it weren't for the fact that he was trespassing on private property. Let's just say I had a cast for 6 weeks, and he wasn't in any family photos for months.

    I went up to the apartment, where she was now fully clothed and crying inconsolably. I asked her if it was snot or cum on her face. Then I told her not to answer because it didn't matter anyway. I gave her 1 hour to remove all her belongings, as again, everything in the apartment was mine except for clothes, some makeup, and a few kitchen utensils.

    Her mother would not let her move in, as she was just filled with embarrassment. Same for her brothers, and the cousin's mother kicked her son out. Rumor spread around our town very quickly, and for a lack of better words, she was untouchable.

    Edited for bad grammar juju. Edited for UPDATE of proof No police report for theft of property I apologize y'all.


    https://ibb.co/R3CKKxp https://ibb.co/9HQVSnc

    https://ibb.co/x5p36zS https://ibb.co/cQZg7RN

    https://ibb.co/qYv6wW7 https://ibb.co/RzBsQh4

    15:47 UTC


    I was fired early in my career by a team of 2 senior people I reported to - revenge came in time.

    (Edit Below for Clarification) When I was in my early 20s trying to make it in the world and just starting out I reported to a senior sales team as a junior salesperson. Really it was a support role and I knew my place- watch, stay quiet, learn and help them.

    I report to a lady who was 'mid level' and the senior guy who was head of sales. I was green, and while I was seeking mentorship and periodically asking for advice to improve how I was able to support them they mistook it for incompetence.

    It was simple things like learning what format each of them preferred their daily reports in, and tasks they had to do.

    I also had an issue because the senior guy basically stole my first bonus at the 3-month mark. It was tiny amount to him but a lot for young me. I didn't officially complain but asked him about how he was able to keep my bonus when it was obvious it tracked back to my efforts on the data. He didn't like that and didn't pay me.

    I was doing a good job - I'm fully aware of my skills. But with the explanation "It's just not working out" they fired me a few weeks later. I spent a couple months getting a new job which turned out to be an amazing smaller firm where I was appreciated, mentored correctly and thrived. The new firm was very successful.

    (They brought me into a room, the two of them, and fired me. SHE was the one who said It's just not working out, and he said "so we're letting you go" - even to my question as to why - since from the beginning I had been doing well)

    About 2 years later after I'd become a vital-but-still-junior part of the smaller company, my former firm closed up in the region and put everyone out of work.

    So I saw through the glass while walking by the boardroom one day that the senior guy who stole my bonus was being interviewed for a job at my current firm. My current superiors didn't see me walk by but my old boss and I made eye contact.

    Now, in a small sales team at a small firm its important to have a nice working relationship and trust. It's also a lot of selfish salespeople who are there to make money and don't like being ripped off. So later that afternoon I quietly mentioned to the one boss "I saw X in the office today when I walked by - I used to work for him that asshole stole my bonus one time".

    It was all I needed to say because the last thing my current boss needed was a person who'd do that on our team.

    Then times got tough and I know that man spent 2 years looking for work.

    6 or 7 years later I was at a new company in a more senior role and the one lady who I originally reported to called me and was selling at a new firm and she was calling to ask if I'd be interested in purchasing from her. I didn't know she had started working there.

    The firm she was with was selling something that was very basic - and interchangeable to competing firms. She'd gone from selling important things to selling a 'nothing' product after the original firm closed.

    She acted all happy and nice to me - and recalled the great job I did when we worked together. I also know she didn't want to be talking to me but her call log said she had to call.

    I told her thanks and send me along an official quote and proposal. (several hours of work for her) .

    In the industry we were in she was paid not only on new sales but a 'net sales' measurement - meaning she had to retain clients as well and bring in new ones.

    I had a LOT of commitment at the firm she was now at. While she spent her afternoon drafting a proposal I spent a couple hours pulling all my business from that company and subbing it for a competitor up the street.

    She emailed me a full proposal and mentioned she was excited to be working with me again and supporting my business. She had no idea yet i'd just pulled everything and she would never receive a bonus this year because of the size of the amount I pulled.

    The next day she emailed me quite upset and had CC'd her boss who i've known for years and had a good working relationship with. I replied-to-all and thanked her and said I'd decided to go with a competitor because "It just won't work out as I find your approach to business dealings to be insincere" .

    Her boss emailed me back directly and asked what happened and I replied that i just don't think she is a sincere person.

    My business to their firm was worth more than her job and she didn't last more than a month there after that.

    16:53 UTC


    I broke up with my boyfriend on his birthday for horrible actions he did when he was a teenager

    I don't know whether this count as a "pro" revenge but here is my story, which happened some years ago:

    I (26F at the time) had just started dating Thomas (28M) and things seemed promising: very sweet man, educated and quite smart, good looks. After 7 weeks of dating, he invited me and 2 of his childhood friends (let's call them Alex and Bart) for a long 29th birthday celebration weekend at his fathers' country house in a small French town. His father was going to be around as well and I was very excited to meet everyone.

    Day 1 (Friday) is fun. I am happy to get along well with Thomas' father, a smart and caring man.

    Day 2 (Saturday) : after a very nice day, we enjoy a party in the garden with the neighbors (including some friends of Thomas). After a few hours and lots of drinks, a group of people gather around a small campfire and start sharing childhood memories. This is where things go wrong.

    At first of course, innocent and dumb stories as you would expect ; but then, Thomas and his friends started sharing REALLY sick stuff.

    In particular, they told a story about how, when they were 14 or 15 years old, they found very amusing to bully for almost six months "Arthur", a boy of their school who was very isolated and shy. Making jokes, calling names, you name it. As if this was not enough, they created a fake girl profile on msn messenger (a computer platform to exchange live messages that we used in years 2000s) and spent f*cking months (!) exchanging messages with him under the false girl identity, flirting and developping a false relationship with the poor boy. Some people were in the confidence at school and it became a big and cruel joke behind Arthur's back. They used pictures of Bart's real cousin and the boy truly thought he had some kind of online girlfriend to whom he even sent confessions and love messages. At some point they got bored and scheduled a false rendez-vous IRL asking the boy to take a bus for 2 or 3 hours, wearing a tshirt Elmer the Elephant (based on a private joke). Obviously there was no one waiting for him and they did not know how long he waited over there, by himself. If Arthurd had not alreay understood what was going on, he found out the next day at school after Thomas and Bart told the story to everyone and even shared the love messages that Arthur had been writing. The poor boy stopped coming to class and apparently changed school and it is easy to imagine that this must have been extremely traumatizing to him.

    Do you think that Thomas, Alex and BArt had any bit of shame about it? NOT A BIT of remorse, in particular on Thomas and BArt side. They kept making jokes about it and even seemed to regret that they were "not good enough at being evil" to convince the boy to send nudes or sexy pics. I don't even want to imagine what would have happened if he had done so.

    To say that I felt uncomfortable would be a gross understatement. I was absolutely horrified and started to despise Thomas more than anything. I was not the only one shocked: Thomas' father, who heard the end of the story, had the most disappointed look in the eyes. His stupid son was so drunk that he did not even notice it. I escaped the party immediately after that and got back to the house.

    I could not sleep at all this night and I kept thinking about the evening and how Thomas was still finding this funny. I heard him coming to bed around 4am but I pretended I was asleep.

    Day 3 (Sunday) was the actual birthday, and the initial plan was that I would take Thomas on a 1-1 fancy surprise date for lunch nearby and then we would meet the group for a late afternoon party. But instead, I woke up very early on Sunday morning, took all my stuff in silence and went alone to the train station where I took a direct train heading back to Paris.

    I decided to send a text to Thomas wishing him happy birthday and telling him to meet me at a certain location 1 hour from the house for a surprise and that I needed to go a little bit in advance to make sure that everything would be perfect. I had picked the location randomly, using google maps, to gain time.

    Thomas read the text around 10am, when he woke up. He responded with excitement that he would follow religiously the instructions. When he arrived there at 12:30, I told him to wait further as there was little delay on something. Then I asked him to meet me at a restaurant which was 30min drive from the initial location. When he arrived at 13:15, I texted him that I was on my way, would arrive in 20min and that he will understand when he sees me why I made him wait ; I also asked him to order some food and the most expensive bottle on the menu. Around 13:30 he started calling me several times and sent a lot of worried texts, and after 45 minutes I responded (in French) "So, how does it feel to have people play with your feelings?". Then I stopped responding. I let him call and text the entire afternoon, but never responded. At some point an unknown number called me, it was his friend Alex asking what was going on and that Thomas birthday was completely ruined because of what I did. I just responded : "this is an extremely small payback for what you did to Arthur. Tell Thomas to stop calling me." and hung up. I blocked them.

    I still felt bad the entire evening as I had started to grow attached to Thomas back then. The following days, a common friend called me to say that my reaction was completely absurd and unfair, that it was not my role to punish someone for actions they did as a teenager, that they were adult ways of saying things and that I had been completely crazy. Only a few people supported what I did, everyone else seemed to think that I was a bitch.

    Thomas tried to fix things and win me back for a few months afterwards. I never responded to any of his messages.

    I don't regret it. I simply hope that Arthur, who should be 35 or 36 years old now, is well.


    • I really did not expect so many reactions and comments. As expected, I see that not everyone approves what I did ; but I am surprised to receive so many kind messages . Thank you!

    • about Thomas’ father : he was actually one of the few people understanding my actions. He called me shortly after the incident to discuss an unrelated topic (I was to give him a list of recommendations about something) and was already aware of everything. He did not bad mouth his son but i could really feel that he was disappointed ; he simply told me that he had not found sleep the night of Saturday to Sunday because of what he had heard during the party. He told me he appreciated meeting me and expressed regret that I was not with his son anymore, but also said that he understood my reasons. He did not try to convince me to get back with Thomas. This man was truly a gentleman.

    • I don’t know what became of Arthur. I don’t even know his last name. I think that even if I had known his name, I would not have reached out to him by fear of making him remember things that he probably wants to forget. I hope he is a confident man (and that he still likes Elmer the Elephant).

    20:45 UTC


    Micromanager forced to step down after mismanaging a new retail service.

    This one might be petty and definitely not as epic as some of the posts I've seen here... And I'm long winded.

    Relevant background info first:

    Anyway, several years ago I was working at one of the big hardware stores in my area. It's a household name and had some upward mobility with decent pay for the area.

    I never really found a niche there after my first year and a half. I learn quickly though, so they kinda made me a swiss army employee. I could work hardware, plumbing, mix paint, make keys, prepare contracts for installs and knew all the features and flaws of the appliance models we sold. I was happy to do this because I was building a reputation as someone who could do everything.

    Two years in, a new program was implemented that I was uniquely qualified to assist with. They crated a new position for me. It was marketed as an all in one renovation/remodel service for interiors. I was to assist the designer with product selection, product information, contracts and local marketing for this service. Everyone involved was super excited about it.

    Note: I was still only making $10 an hour in 2015 for this.

    The problem was that because this was brand new, no one knew how it should work. The designer basically had to figure it out for herself while I tried to catch her up with all of the store and product knowledge I had accumulated during my unique experience with the company.

    Issues with the program:

    1. It was waaaay too expensive.
    2. Product to be used HAD to come from one of our stores, which was limiting.
    3. No one knew about it.

    It was a rocky start. Coworkers would call me over to talk to customers if they mentioned working on a big project, but that's all we had. No completed jobs to reference or anything provided by corporate to get us running. We made our own stuff. I put together a video advertising the service and got the nod from management to use company card to purchase a TV and media player to roll the video on repeat. We built vignettes in the store to showcase our design ability (I had been picking up a lot from the designer, so it ended up being a partnership in effect).

    The micromanager:

    Enter Devin the assistant manager. He had actually been involved in the project from the beginning, and had been pretty supportive and brought good energy at first. But I think he got fed up with issues that we couldn't control (sloppy contactors refusing to fix things that they messed up, slow design process as customers worked out what they wanted and people just backing out after taking a bunch of our time when they see the price).

    We were, on average, charging $3k more for a small bathroom remodel on labor alone. Consulting and design fees were also worked into the final cost. The product was discounted to basically being tax free, but as I mentioned, options were limited to products the company sold. It was just too expensive to make many sales on the poorer side of town, where almost everyone knows some kind of contractor or tradesman with connections.

    It wasn't a good market for this program, but we did manage to start hitting (and exceeding) our numbers. #7 in the region for the brand new program was not bad. And just when we finally started getting some business and a rhythm around 8 months in, Devin decided that it was not working fast enough for him. Obviously the designer was to blame since he had no authority over the contractors or setting prices. She didn't know what she was doing and he was "going to make some changes." He honestly didn't do much besides hover, bring bad energy and make terrible suggestions. He didn't understand the scope of what we had to do to get a customer out the door and happy. He forced us to cut corners and get the sale as quickly as possible without concern for liability (for basically destroying a room in someone's home to remake it) or what was realistic in terms of timelines.

    Customers felt rushed and got nervous. They backed out. We came to a standstill. We would only have two or three designs in progress at a time, but suddenly after working our asses off building the program, we had no customers for the first time in 6 months. Obviously Devin was not subjecting us to his authority hard enough. So he went harder, and fired the designer. I lost my patience.

    Justice (or injustice idk)

    I'm a chill dude, but I had been working my ass off for this company, making peanuts on the promise that I was working towards something. I endured working for the incompetent managers that got their positions because they started working there at 18 and made it their life. The toxic alpha male "I will lead, you will follow" BS was too much. So I started bullying him back, making fun of him in a teasing way where he couldn't really react without looking bad or losing control. I did that for a while and he left me alone to run the program in the interim since I was the only option.

    The designer and I had become friends though, so I was still mad about how it went down. I wasn't finished yet, but I didn't know what to do. Eventually they got another designer and Devin had me moved back to what I had been doing before. Passed over for several promotions that I was more than qualified for (the market had been flooded with long time employees that were being moved around). Bad luck, but I was done with the place. One day we were sent an email link to an anonymous manager review survey. The store computers were set up with an always on and logged in user profile, so I wrote down the link and verified with a coworker that they weren't unique. In every department I visted that day, I wrote a review for Devin. All different ratings, some good, some bad, but I made the good ones so that they sounded bad, but as if I didn't know it was bad. I did that maybe 10 times.

    It wasn't character assassination or anything, just opinion based stuff with some vague examples so no one could figure out it was me. I didn't lie either, I just said what people don't usually say out loud.

    He would barely look at anyone after that.

    A couple of weeks later he resigned his position as assistant manager and took an exterior design position at the other end of the store, as far away from the departments he had been over before. Basically the same thing as what we had done with interiors, but he was in the designers shoes.

    I left a couple of months later to work tech support for DHS, but while I was still in training for that, my friends from the store told me he had gotten fired.

    Maybe he learned something? He should at least have learned how my designer friend felt. They were both fired at Christmas.

    16:28 UTC


    Former manager ends my job at the company I loved; I helped end his career in local tech forever

    This is my first one of these; I hope it qualifies. ! Apologies for this being so long but I've had to keep this story to myself for more than a decade. Ironically a recent court ruling means I'm now free to discuss the details publicly for the first time without penalty. I'm starting with here. !

    I. The background

    I worked at a very big tech company for a very long time (like decades). Over the years I had worked my way up from being a n00b to a kind of specialist 'fixer' - I became fairly well-known internally as a security/emergency response person. I got assigned the bad or unfixable projects, many of which made news headlines. (I have many stories. That I can never tell publicly, sadly). Suffice it to say that multiple senior vice presidents in various divisions got to know who I was, because I effectively wrangled gnarly and complex problems and herded many intense tech nerds together to resolve big things in multiple divisions over the years. It was SO fun.

    At the time of our story I was working on a small security team in a product engineering division. It was a somewhat turbulent time and our team of 8 had weathered multiple re-organizations and had SO many manager changes. It was a lot. But we kept our heads down and did the work, and we all got along just fine.

    Sidebar (and relevant later): One of the better managers assigned to run our team immediately assigned me a HUGE and complicated and urgently important project to manage. It would involve people in 6 different divisions, had seriously big legal implications, and our Senior VP wanted it to happen by an aggressive deadline within like 4-6 weeks. Oh and my manager was leaving imminently on a long-planned vacation so he apologetically would be away for the next 3 weeks and unable to assist. The project was to do something big and technical and which had never been done before, so no one was entirely sure HOW to do it, who all it would require, what steps in what order, some of the key players had what we gently called 'difficult' personalities . .. and oh by the way it would definitely make international news and cause a ripple in the industry when we did it. No big whoop. Manager was a decent guy and he felt bad about leaving me with this thorny mess. Aaaaand I did it. We got all the people from all the divisions in a room and mapped it all out on a whiteboard (it took days) and hashed out how to do it before the deadline - actually WELL before, for bonus points. And we lined everyone up to get it done. Before we pulled the actual trigger on the VERY BIG THING, I had to attend a meeting with the VP and exec leadership (several levels of mgmt above me) AND with the legal team to present the plan and to assure all of the execs that we were ready and had it all handled. So I looked the VP in the eye and assured him that I got this …. And then I did. The team did the big thing SOONER than the deadline. It was flawless. We rocked that. W00t! Just another day at the office? :-P

    II The inept manager

    A few months after that EPIC project, our good manager left us for another role and someone new moved over from an unrelated division out of nowhere. We'll call him IneptManager. IneptManager did not know anything about security. He did not know anything about emergency response. He didn't know anything about what our division did, in fact - no one on our team had ever heard of this guy. He was that worst kind of middle-manager: self-important, dismissive of everyone, cares most about appearances and ego, micro-manages stuff he doesn't comprehend … and just makes EVERYTHING worse. But he apparently knows people and those people get him job assignments because of … politics? Loyalty? He certainly didn't have any skills or experience for our TEAM. Ugh. That guy is the worst.

    One of IneptManager's many weird quirks was that he didn't think it was appropriate for our team to disagree with or correct each other in front of other people. Things in tech - specifically product development - move pretty quickly, and things change ALL the time. So if some of our team was meeting with someone from another team, and someone something like: "So we decided to make the sky green, and we're on schedule" and someone else on our team chimed in to say: "Actually that's changed - we decided that the sky is now going to be blue and we pushed the deadline back 2 weeks, that just happened in an earlier meeting." "Oh, okay cool.". IneptManager would interrupt and say: "We clearly need to get on the same page - let's end this meeting right now and reschedule when my team has all the facts straight." Um, what? That's INSANE. We'd literally never have ANY meetings if we waited until everyone knew all of the same information all the time. Other teams would routinely leave meetings with us with INACCURATE info which affected release schedules, resources .. . It was just a MESS.

    III IneptManager hostility

    Shortly after IneptManager became our manager he started being really hostile to me. Not to everyone on the team .. . just me. As far as I knew I hadn't done or said anything to earn his hostility. Suddenly after 20+ years at this company I could do nothing right. While this jerk didn't actually understand most of what my job was, he was sure I wasn't doing it right. And he was quick to tell me so, and often in front of others. To the point that my co-workers would take me aside to ask WTAF was going on? I didn't know either.

    The thing is: I was the only woman on the team. And I have a disability. Now I've been through some things working in high tech over those decades; it was very much an old boys' club back then. And .. Meh? I was fine. I'm not one to claim discrimination at the drop of a hat or for no reason. However …when I was trying to piece together the cause of this dude's hostility? Some of his comments were sexist and not at all subtle. He also didn't like that due to my disability (and frankly, my seniority) I was given one of the few offices with a door on it in our new building; the rest of our team was in open floor plan cubicles which EVERYONE hated. He was INCENSED that I, a lowly direct report (and woman), got an office and he didn't. Um. I had more seniority than just about anyone, so even without my disability I'd have scored the office ahead of him. Note that other MEN in our division got offices too, because again - seniority - and that bothered him less. But I was the only woman on our floor with a door, and I was his subordinate. His ego did NOT like it, not one bit. He threw a fit about it. Repeatedly.

    There were lots of other things he said - my favorite among them towards the end was him reprimanding me for my 'bad attitude' in a meeting we'd just had. IneptManager had told me beforehand NOT to say anything during that meeting (because he was insisting on sharing INCORRECT information again and he knew I'd want to correct it), so I sat quietly and kept my eyes on the powerpoint presentation or the floor nearly the whole time. When I asked him how I'd had a bad attitude when I hadn't said anything - as he'd requested? "I didn't like the look on your face!". Ummm. Okay dude.

    After realizing there was NOTHING I could do to make this guy happy with my work and to lose his hostility, I finally went to HR to go on the record. I knew they'd do fuck-all about it, but I wanted to document it at least. So predictably they told me to 'work harder at getting along with IneptManager", and because it wasn't my first rodeo I went back to my office and emailed HR saying "thanks for meeting with me about my concerns about IneptManager. I fear his bias and misogyny will reflect negatively in my next performance review. HR should be aware that there is a real problem here and I hope you'll take steps Etc. etc." Which, of course they didn't. But now it was on the record.

    IV: The axe falls

    And then a few months later he gave me a terrible performance review, as expected. Long story already long: he was trying to fire me for underperformance. Unfortunately for me, the company had started rounds of layoffs all over and it was the worst possible time to be looking for another job internally. And now I had a bad performance review on my record, too. I went back to HR and said: "That thing I said I was worried would happen when we met six months ago? That happened. Exactly as I said. Now what?" HR, once again, was no help. Also they'd done literally nothing. But hey it was on the record, again. Helpful for the attorney later!

    Blah blah blah - when I realized I couldn't find a new gig at my company because of all of the layoffs (sigh) I scored a new job for MUCH more money at a different local tech company, and pretty quickly. (I live in a tech-heavy area; there was lots of shuffling between 3-4 big companies during this time period, and we'd often bump into other company veterans at these other companies. It was a small world). With my track record and references it was super-easy. After THAT was lined up, I called an employment discrimination attorney to negotiate my exit from the company I thought I'd work at until I retired. Sadface.

    Because I had documentation with HR explaining IneptManager's misogyny and ableism going back for some time - and because they'd done fuck-all about it, and because there were witnesses who confirmed his behavior - they had no leg to stand on. They agreed to write me a relatively nice check to go away and to not sue them, and I agreed to not talk about the details of my 'separation agreement'. I went down to my lawyer's office and signed the agreement. I looked to see who had signed the agreement for the company - I assumed it would be someone in HR - but it was still blank. I'd eventually get a copy once someone there signed it. I took my check and packed up my office and left. Bye, old company. :-( I started my new job a few weeks later.

    V: Karma begins

    This was August of that year that I left. I got my copy of the executed contract in the mail in October. Who signed it for the company? Not HR - but MY EXEC VP. The one who asked for the urgent, highly important, legally complicated project. The guy I looked in the eye personally, and then DELIVERED on this VERY BIG THING™ he personally asked for, before the deadline he asked for. THAT is who signed off on my separation agreement. I suspect that he had no idea until that moment that I was gone, and I imagine that he likely had MANY questions about WTF had happened. And also: why did they have to pay me a chunk of money on the way out?!! Whoops. I chortled when I saw it. Since the VP knew me and we had some history - and IneptManager was NEW to the division and was one of hundreds of middle-managers he'd likely never heard of - I'm guessing IneptManager had some explaining to do. Mwah hahahaha. I really enjoyed the thought of that.


    Cut to November. As I mentioned it was a relatively small tech community in the area, and those of us who worked in security in particular at company X would often encounter other current/former colleagues at company Y or Z or whatever. Heck there was a ton of poaching going on between the companies. One day I got a in-company chat from someone who'd worked in security at my old company - we'll call her SecurityColleague. SecurityColleague asked me if I knew someone named IneptManager. (!!!) Ummmm. Why yes. Yes I did. Why? Because IneptManager was appearing on SecurityColleagues schedule to interview for an open management position the very next day! It seems that shortly after my former exec VP had signed my separation agreement contract . . .. IneptManager was actively looking for a new job at a new company! Heh. SecurityColleague asked me what I thought about IneptManager. I said … .you know, I can't really talk about it for legal reasons (which - BOOM everyone knows what that means) but if you wanted to ring my personal cell phone later this evening to catch up on old times. . . Please do.

    She did. I *hypothetically* shared some stories with her about IneptManager. I also told her where his hot-buttons are - the appearance/ego thing, the dominance stuff, etc. etc. And ALL about his misogyny and ableism, which was perfect since SHE was conducting his interview. I may have shared some specific scenarios/questions to ask which I knew would set him off. I wished her luck, and for the love of all that is holy to please call me after (when appropriate ) and tell me how it all went.

    It did not go well for IneptManager. When SecurityColleague rang me I couldn't wait - HOW did it go?? "Well, he got combative and angry and yelled at me - TWICE. During HIS interview to be hired as a manager." (facepalm) There were lots more details, now lost to time. Except: at that company, interviews loops were assessed as such:

    • Strong HIRE for this role
    • Hire, but not for this role (not a good fit for THIS job but we like them)
    • No hire
    • NO HIRE EVER, not for any role

    IneptManager's interview was rated that last one - NO HIRE EVER. Blacklisted from ANY job, ever, at one of the biggest tech companies in the world. After being pushed out the door of one of the OTHER biggest tech companies in the world. Derp.

    Shortly after that it appear that IneptManager moved himself and his wife and kids a few states away to work at a smaller company in another region. It took less than six months from when I left my old company for him to be gone as well. Heh.

    What gets me - still - is that IneptManager thought I was so inconsequential, so unimportant - that he didn't bother to check and see where I landed after he forced me out of the company I loved. And when he had to look for a job himself shortly thereafter it also never occurred to him that I'd have connections with - oh, thousands! - of colleagues I'd worked with over the years, some of whom could now be working at Company X or Y or Z WHERE HE WAS INTERVIEWING. And where I'd scored a huge raise for myself.

    To this day he doesn't know why his interview at Company Y TANKED so badly. And since SecurityColleague was not legally precluded from sharing 'stories she had heard through the grapevine about IneptManager's management problems', it's possible that other of our old security colleagues at Company Z and other companies in this area heard those stories, too. Which means he's unlikely to get a job at any major tech company in this area .. Maybe ever. Definitely not at X or Y - and they are BIG companies. Among the biggest.

    And it's all because he's an asshole ableist misogynist middle-manager who underestimated lil' ol me. Mwah ha ha ha.

    01:21 UTC


    I had a member of staff (M) try to force himself onto another staff member (F)… she chose not to press charges. That didn’t sit right with me…

    To preface I live in a country that employs a large foreign/expat workforce, in pretty much every industry and in all levels. For someone to move here for work they have to be sponsored by a company or the individual that’s employing them. I own and operate a small restaurant business here and employ more than a handful of foreigners as servers, cleaners, kitchen staff, drivers, etc…

    So here’s the story. I was lounging on my couch enjoying the last of my weekend one day when I get a call from telling me that one of our sponsored employees, a server (let’s call her Janice), was picked up for indecent exposure essentially. Long story short she was caught hooking up with a guy in a private booth at a local restaurant. Basically the police walked in on them whilst engaged in some seriously heavy petting. They were fully clothed but the guy she was with, or practically on top of I should say, has his junk out. Turns out he works at the restaurant two doors down from where she worked. After a bit of chastizing and threatening to escalate the situation and have them deported to sufficiently scare their senses back into them they let them go, but not before signing a pledge type document promising to never repeat the offense, “or else”… a slap on the wrist basically and everyone got to go home… but it doesn’t end there…

    That night something clicked in my brain and I had the thought, “How and why did the POLICE find them in a private booth in the back of a restaurant before the restaurants own staff did???”

    So I called the restaurant the next day, I thought maybe they called the police on them immediately for some reason. Or maybe the couple got belligerent when staff asked him to stop… turns out the staff didn’t notice a thing. In fact up until that day the police have never been to that restaurant before, and when they did they simply walked in, went straight to the back booths where the two were sat and busted right in.

    I realized this meant that someone must have seen them and called the cops on them point blank… the question was who??? I decided to speak to Janice. I wanted to speak to her anyway that day both to check in and get her version of the situation. I also gave her the employer “you know you did something stupid” chat and reassure her that she’s keeping her job.

    I also wanted to ask her who she thought called her in… without hesitation she said it had to be Sami, who was one one of our drivers. “Why do you think it was Sami?” I asked. “He’s the one that dropped me off at the restaurant that day. He might’ve seen my friend walk in right after me and called the police on us.” she said. I knew the part of him dropping her off was true, that literally his job and her only free mode of transport. “Well that sounds a bit drastic. Why would he do that even if he had seen you do anything?” I asked. She claimed it was because he was jealous. He was really into her apparently and kept trying to get her into bed she said. What genuinely pissed me off was when she told me that he actually tried to force himself on her once and she fought him off and that he hasn’t tried or even said anything since other than be very short and curt with her.

    My immediate response was “Why on Earth would you not tell me or one of your managers right away?” She said she had dealt with it “her way”, and it stopped, plus she didn’t want anybody to get fired on her account, and she didn’t want any interaction with the authorities so she decided not to make a big deal out of it in the first place. She also declined to press formal charges against him, which I advised her to do. Her declining infuriated me even more. This guy was going to get off scott free! Now clearly I was about to fire Sami but in my mind that wasn’t enough. For someone to attempt to rape a person basically and not get in trouble for it? Not OK with me. But it seemed like it was something I had to live with.

    Obviously, my next conversation of the day was with Sami. My intent was to confront him with the accusations. I called him into my office. I didn’t really know where to start so I went with, “Obviously you’ve heard about what happened to Janice this weekend?”. He stepped in it right away! “Heard about it?” came the unexpectedly proud response from a proud AF and positively beaming Sami, “I called it in!”

    And this is where it started to get super satisfying. You see for a couple of years since I met Sami every now and then he would pull out and show us all pictures of his wife, who was back home living with his mother. She was younger than him and quite beautiful, but sadly barren, which is apparently why she settled with an older fart like him. He was so proud of how pretty she was. He was also a devout religious man, or so he claimed.

    So I ask “And why call the police???”. He came back with “After I dropped her off I waited to see who she was meeting because she’s a ‘trouble maker woman’. When I saw the man walk in after her I call police because I know him and he is married and this is against the laws of God and man.”

    I’m smiling now, I knew I got him. “Why do that instead of calling your direct manager, or even me, and before even seeing for yourself what they were doing exactly at that??? Why make it my problem and the company’s problem what she does in her own time?”

    Silence. Head down counting his shoes.

    “Sami I know why. I know what you did. Janice just told me. I’m disgusted by you and sorry that we hired you.” He had the audacity to mumble “I only tried once sir.” I almost slapped him! Anyways I fired him, handed him him a one way ticket home, which was in four hours and told him to GTFO.

    This is where I get my not so petty revenge. I had his house phone number saved somewhere from we hired him. It was on his CV. I knew that because I called him there to interview him before we first hired him. I waited until his flight took off and dialed the number. I assumed either his mother or wife would answer the call, but I was wishing for the latter. I got my wish.

    “Hello Mrs Sami. I’m your husbands employer. Well his former employer anyway. Just so you know I fired him a few hours ago and he’s on a flight home as we speak. His flight number is XXXXX. He will be arriving at XX:XX. Just so you are aware I was forced to fire him because he attempted to rape a fellow employee half his age. I’m sorry.” I said, and promptly hung up, but not before hearing her gasping in shock. 🤓

    21:28 UTC


    Former manager made my life hell and I finally got her fired

    I was desperate to join a new job after my husband and I were both laid off last year. When I was offered a new role, I knew it would be a step down from what I was doing but the manager and the team seemed great, and that part has not changed. However, since my manager Gary* was so busy, he basically offloaded me to another manager Jane*.

    I was supposed to be the connection point between my team and Jane, but it quickly became Jane micromanaging me. She would ask me to work through lunch, move/cancel vacation days, call at 11pm on weekends, and order me around on phone calls. She also made nasty comments about my weight and said I was big for my race. The list of personal slights so long that it filled 3 pages. I would talk back to her and she did not like that, and that provoked her more.

    I only stayed because we needed to pay the bills. Finally, I had a mental breakdown on a Friday afternoon, after she yelled at me for something trivial about scheduling a meeting without including someone from her team who I didn't know about. I was dealing with a family tragedy and couldn't take it anymore. I told Gary about the situation with Jane and he was sympathetic and not at all surprised considering half her team quit. He immediately offered to move me to a different team under him. I was thrilled.

    Well, turns out going to the new team didn't help. Jane continued to order me around from afar. When I ignored her emails, she came to my desk one day and started loudly talking about how I am not qualified for this role. Gary overheard and finally told her off, but the verbal abuse did not stop. After 2 months there, I abruptly wrote my resignation letter and stapled the list of Jane's offensive comments, and CC'ed everyone. Gary offered a bunch of accommodations to try to keep me, but seeing how she was still provoking from afar, I said the only way for me to stay would be for her to go and he did not have authority to let her go. Her manager was in a different country and despite several HR complaints from at least 5 people, nothing was done. So I left, loudly and without shame, telling everyone exactly why I was leaving.

    Times were very bad for 3 months. There were nights we would eat slices of bread just so we could pay the mortgage and emergency expenses from a health crisis and a funeral. Even after he found a job, we were still catching up on bills and still are. I spent months applying to 5-10 roles per day, sometimes over 20. Last month, I saw a public memo about a bigshot from a former company joining the company I just left. I used to work with this guy closely and texted him a "congrats, let me know if you need any insights on the new place." We had a quick call where I told him some ins and outs, where I thought they could innovate. After this call, he asked me to join the team as his Chief of Staff. I accepted.

    Imagine Jane's shock when we had our 1st all-hands call. All the VPs and above were asked to welcome the new bigshot in a giant conference room. In bigshot's speech, he breezed over that I'll be his Chief of Staff, along with a few key names. I now sat 2 levels above Jane and apparently, within the 3 months I was not there, the other half of her team turned over. Every single person left. Gary was excited for me and said all nice things. However, Jane took the classless route and sent bigshot an email about how I'm an unqualified idiot, that I used to work for her, how I tried to get her fired, and that she suspects I lied to get ahead. She didn't even try to be fake nice. Bigshot forwarded me her email and asked what this was about.

    I was so nervous and excited! Little did Jane know, I was a director at bigshot's competitor company and was already a level above her, so 2 levels isn't a big leap, and I worked with him for 5 years. I had an hour call with bigshot and told him she was bad for the company culture and was a nasty person in general, but the evidence he needed was Gary confirming that her whole team has turned over, my prior resignation letter which was still sitting on my desktop when I logged in upon return, and a few other nasty emails she sent her recent staff, which they were happy to share with us. Bigshot fired Jane on Friday.

    15:39 UTC


    How I got my bosses job and my coworkers a 15% rais

    Hey reddit I can finally share my story because now it is all over. I am on mobile also English isn't my mother language. And this is my first post ever on reddit so pls be gentle haha. And sorry for the long post.

    To the backstory:

    This all happend in an eu country I don't say which one sorry. I did my apprenticeship in a mid to big size factory as a machine operator. After I completed my apprenticeship I worked in the production for around 1 month. Then I got called in to the office and they asked me if I can do some holiday replacement so I said yes why not better hours and clean work. I got teached the systems which was pretty ez because I manufactured those parts for 1 year. After my coworker came back from their vacation they ask me to stay and became a part of their team so I said yes sounds good. So I was now working in the sale/quality department.

    Now to the present time( 7 years later)

    Our team increased from 5 worker to 15 because of restructuring which helped us a lot.

    My boss retired last fall. And after Christmas we got a new young boss around my age (27) who was a major asshole and sexist. We got a few weeks befor him a new hire a lovely young girl (Age 19) which I trained her. If you are new you are doing some error which is totally fine in my opinion. So I Come in last Tuesday to hear my new boss screaming like a maniac at this young girl. I asked her what happend and she said she filled the wrong form which happens even to me. My boss noticed it and screamed at her I paraphrase it.

    Boss: You stupid little slut who dumb can you be to fill out the wrong form I should fire you and make sure that you never find any work in this field again.

    Coworker started crying at this point.

    Then my boss stormed into his office and slammed the door shut.

    I asked my coworker if she's okay and she was still sobbing so I brought her a coffee and took her to our office grandma (everyone loves here so much).

    I was at this point pretty pissed and told everyone what happend. After they learned what he did to our new coworker 3 stormed into his office and quit after 25 years in this company.

    Mx boss said to them that they are worthless and overpaid. They told us that and a plan was formed everyone will quit except for me for now.

    What my boss didn't know yet is we had a huge customer audit happening in 3 weeks which I am the only certified to prepare for. If we fail this it would cost us 15 to 20 million euros and the customer would pull the contract.

    So after my boss learned that the whole department quit except for me he was even more pissed.

    Boss: hey why the hell did everyone quit

    Me: maybe because you are asshole and a sexist pig?

    Boss: what did you just say you asshole!

    Me: you know what I said and do you remember the big audit in 3 weeks by customer x?

    Boss: yeah what's about that?

    Me: you know that I am the only one certified to prepare it right?

    Boss: yeah and?

    Me: I quit aswell because I do not want to work for such a asshole boss see ya. And walked right out to my other coworkers to say goodbye in the whole factory.

    The production vp noticed it and ask what happens so I told him and he was pissed. He called the ceo which I knew pretty well and said Robert the shit hit the fan big time come down to the production floor now. The ceo ask if it's important and the vp said if you want to pass the audit in 3 weeks then move your ass down here now. So the ceo came running down with the entire c suits and asked what's so important. Then I piped up and said our whole department quit today and won't come back until this motherfucker of boss gets removed and fired. Then they ask what happens and we told them. They were mad and asked how they can fix it I said fire him and hire a better fit. Because I held the most trainings and qualifications they ask me which I gladly said yes.

    So we took of to my new office with my old department and the ceo in tow.

    My boss saw me and said arrogantly

    Decided to came back an beg for your job back you little r word?

    Me: nah just to inspect my new office cuz you are fired by now. He laught and said that I am under him and only the ceo can fire him. So the ceo came around the little corner and said to my boss:


    My ex boss was white as a sheet.

    After that the ceo called the police and reported him trespassing.

    In the end I got a 70k raise and a bonus option which I declined and ask if we can split it for my coworkers I don't need that much money( 1 million euro worth of bonuses) My ceo agreed and everyone got their job back and we complete the audit without Any fails. The customer was happy and so we are too.

    If you have questions I will answer them in the commands.

    01:23 UTC


    Try to steal my legally rented parking spot? Enjoy being unemployed.

    This happened last night, I am now in a good enough spot to actually post this. I’m not quite sure if it qualifies as “Pro”, but it definitely isn’t Petty.

    I am a professional driver. As such, on the roads in the US, there are different truck stops throughout the country that has a “Pay to Park” system, usually about 10-20% of the lot marked off as “Reserved”, with each space running from $15-$25. The truck stop where this took place had parking for $17, which is relatively cheap, for a guaranteed spot. The spots are reserved for 24 hours, starting at 4PM local time, and extending to 3PM the following afternoon.

    I knew that I would have a late night delivery, so I came to the truck stop around 3:30, and paid for a reserve spot. I told the manager on duty that I had a delivery up the road that night, and would be back, once delivery was completed, but should still be able to clear out the spot by the next afternoon(today). She told me that this was ok, and she would mark the spot as sold when I left, that way, if someone else comes in trying to reserve that spot, she could consult her notes, and deny the sale.

    11:15PM rolls around, I take off for my delivery. I don’t get out of that facility until 2:30 AM the next morning(this morning). So, I groggily drive back to the truck stop to reclaim my paid for spot, only to find that the reserved parking spaces are ALL full. I call the manager on duty, and after giving her my info, inform her that all the spots are full, and that someone has parked in a spot and hasn’t paid for it.

    She sends her other employee out to start checking trucks. The culprit was from a company that is known for their bright orange trailers, and he was a company driver. The other employee starts banging on his door to inform him that he is parked illegally, and he has to move. Meanwhile, I can see the commotion from my mirror, with my vantage point in the fuel island; where I had been instructed to temporarily park.

    The driver answers the door with a bottle of Heineken in one hand, and some sort of smoking implement in another(I know what it is, but for the sake of the mods, I’m not gonna say it).

    I decided to roll down the window to hear the commotion, and I hear the employee tell the driver to either move, or he will get the towing company and police involved. This driver is flat out irate that someone had the audacity to tell him where he can and cannot park, so he slams the door on the employee, threatening him. Employee calls the police and tow company, and the police show up first.

    I had worked for this company before, so I know their policies, and more importantly, what they can and cannot have in their trucks. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the cab. Anything that isn’t a cigarette or a cigar and a lighter; also not allowed. The coup de Grace; a pew-pew, of any kind, absolutely not allowed, and especially not allowed loaded. This driver had all that, and some other not so legal substances in his cab, so he was hauled away in cuffs. His truck was hauled away on a wrecker.

    I made a call after the commotion died down to the company safety director, and informed them that their rig will be in an impound lot, and their driver is going to jail over the not so legal stuff he had in his truck. She thanked me, and said that he will definitely lose his job, especially over the alcohol and the other not so legal stuff. I guess he played the “screw around and find out” card, and it bit him in his career.

    22:12 UTC


    Greedy owner tries to rip off my friend, ends up paying him double.

    My first job out of college was for a local TV station. The owner was (and still is) the worst human being I've ever met. This guy has money, but he will cheat and lie, anything to get out of paying his bills.

    When I started working there the owner had just signed a contract with DirectTV to become part of their broadcast package. Since they were at the time purely a local TV station, this meant that we had about 2 months to upgrade our system so that we can start broadcasting to DirectTV customers in the entire Bay Area. Every day that we fail to do this past the deadline means that the owner would suffer a penalty, per the contract.

    Not knowing about how any of this works, the owner hired a friend of mine to come in as a freelance consultant. My friend told him that for about $15k USD he can get a system that will automate the entire process, which of course this guy didn't want to pay. He tasked my friend with finding a cheaper way (around half) AND to pay for all the hardware upfront and get reimbursed later.

    Knowing what a piece of sh*t this guy is, I warned my friend not to front the money because he wouldn't get paid back. The guy just smiled and said "Watch me."

    So he made it work, we went live on schedule and the owner was happy. Then my friend went in and presented the guy with the bill. Immediately the usual excuses starts: "Oh, I'm a little short this month, can I pay you later?" etc. etc. Then my friend pull out the trump card.

    Not only did my friend threatened to take all the equipments back and takes the station off the air, he reveals that in order to get the uplink working for cheap, someone had to come in EVERY DAY and code the broadcast manually. It's not a terribly complicated procedure (takes less than 5 mins) but of course no one else at the station knows how to do it but him. So either the owner can pay him what he's owned, PLUS a $2,000/month "consulting fee", or the station goes dark and he starts paying the penalty to DirectTV.

    The fucker paid...fast.

    So instead of $15k, he ended up shelling out more than double that amount as my friend lapped up his $2k/month fee for close to a year before he felt bad and finally teach someone there how to do it.

    Moral of the story: only thinking about short term gain will always cost you more in the long run.

    16:12 UTC


    Revenge on the Movie Producer

    Please allow me to note well in advance, this story is not mine. In fact, it's a rather popular story in a town I once lived in (Savannah Georgia), and centers around one homeowner who got royally annoyed with a movie producer. There will be a note at the end about the fellow this story is about, for those interested.

    Okay, so first and foremost, when movie producers are looking for places to set a movie that takes place in colonial, or even 1800's cities in the US, due to the sheer number of parks, wide roads, and period houses; they will often select Savannah Georgia. They'll pull all the spanish moss out of the trees, or trim it back, pour dirt on the roads around the squares, and effectively back date that part of the city to fit most any place, even up to some having used the area as a setting for places like early Washington D.C., and even places in Britain, or France.

    Typically, when producers do this, they will pay each home owner whose house is used as background flavor, a couple thousand dollars for the licensing to do so. That will be important later. Trust me. They issue some rules, like no electric lights being visible, not coming out of any door that faces the street, and you have to move your automobiles away from the drive (if you have a drive).

    Well, 1979, a producer came from Hollywood with the intention of using Savannah for that very purpose. Specifically, the producer was from one of the big three letter TV channels, and was working on making a "made for TV movie" talking about the events after the assassination of Lincoln, and the subsequent accusations of the doctor present at his death.

    The production went to the city to seek permission, and then sent an announcement out to each of the homeowners telling them of the various days that the shoot was going to take place. However, much to their downfall, they also noted that the production company would not be compensating the home owners for the use of their homes as backdrops. This was met with some great annoyance by the homeowners, who turned to the city for help, only to be told that it was their 'civic duty' to allow the use of their homes. Most everyone agreed to this, and bit their lips.

    One homeowner, however, didn't. He decided to get revenge on the production, attempting to screw up their shooting every chance he got. He first started by leaving his car out in front of his house, only to have it towed before filming started. He threatened legal action against the studio, but that fell on deaf ears. He forbade the use of his home in some of the shots, but the production company got the city to make him back down. Eventually, enough was enough.

    So he waited, biding his time until he was certain they were filming. When the day came that his house was being used as a background shot, the homeowner grabbed a massive Nazi flag and hung it out front of the house out of one of the top windows. The production company balked. They knew that this ruined any shot they'd used there, and what's more they started to question just when he'd put the flag up. Was it just the one day, or had all the previous shots, some which showed the house from across the square, been ruined as well. They turned to the city for help, and the city just basically shrugged saying that it was his first amendment right to do that... and implied that had the production company paid the homeowners, as had always been done before, then this probably wouldn't have happened.

    In the end the production company had to end shooting, and go to the homeowner begging for him to remove the offending flag. He did eventually do so, but only after his lawyer got a contract in writing that required the production company to pay all the homeowners for having their homes in the shot. The flag came down, and shooting wrapped in less than a day.

    Interestingly, it's said that in the movie in question (The Ordeal of Dr. Mudd) there are several shots where you can see a bright red nazi flag flying from one of the homes in the distance.

    That stunt cost a producer quite a substantial amount of money, and pushed production back at least a year while they tried to find every single instance that the flag flew in the background shots.

    This homeowner would go on to himself become very famous... though not for a good reason. Even so, he lives on among the legends of that city, both for his revenge against a movie producer, and his later brush with fame.

    !The fellow in question is none other than Jim Williams. Williams was an American antiques dealer and a historic preservationist based in Savannah, Georgia. He played an active role in the preservation of the Savannah Historic District for over 35 years. Williams was arrested on May 2, 1981, for the alleged murder of 21-year-old Danny Hansford, with whom he had been having a homosexual relationship, at Mercer House. After the subsequent four trials, a record in the state of Georgia, Williams was finally acquitted by a jury in Augusta in May 1989, eight years after his arrest. Williams died in 1990, of heart failure, though AIDS is also suspected. He is the center of the story "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" novel, and later Clint Eastwood movie. !<

    03:11 UTC


    Naval officer didn't want to live with enlisted, gets fired

    So this happend about 1.5 years ago but I recently heard the news on how far my revenge went.

    I was a Navy enlisted service member and was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan for a few years before I got transferred back stateside. I worked in the main hospital that cared for service members and their beneficiaries. It's a small hospital so everyone knows everyone. Shortly after I left, I caught wind of a new physician officer working in the radiology department. My friends would say he's horrible to work with but that's nothing new. However, someone saw him print a letter and he left it on his desk and took a picture of it and send it to me. He's requesting to move from enlisted housing to officer. (Edit: found out it's not a private letter, he did actually sent it to housing, and most of housing is ran by enlisted members)

    For context, military housing is available for those who are married, have a family, or are qualified based on their rank and depending on the military base itself. Typically, officer housing is much nicer than the enlisted. In Yokosuka, housing is basically the same all around because it's overseas. But most of the housing are apartments and each apartment complex is called a tower, example: Fuji Tower. There are 9 towers and 2 are for officers since enlisted members outnumber officers by a lot. Now, one thing about the military, shit happens. When getting stationed, it is the active duty members' responsibility to either apply for housing on or off base before arriving, depending on what is allowed. If there is limited space and you don't apply for housing on time, then you get put where there is space. So our new officer got placed in an enlisted tower. Mind you, enlisted members have families of their own and other officers have been placed in enlisted housing before without an issue.

    Here are some quotes in his letter: (and yes, this guy has a PhD)

    • I have many valid objections to living in a building of almost all enlisted and even many lower enlisted being an officer.

    • There is a lot of crime, violent actions, drug use and alcoholism that happen in enlisted housing. There are also sexual assaults and other perverts.

    • I have a good-looking family, a wife and 2 daughters age 3 and 4. They are prime targets to be victims for these enlisted deviant activities. My family should be safe in housing that is with officers.Officers are much more respectable and these types of deviant activities are incredibly rare compared to the deviant activities of enlisted being common place.

    • Other officer families will not want to visit us because our family lives on enlisted housing.

    • My children need to make friends with other officer children. My wife needs to make friends with other officers wives. I need to make friends with other officers.

    • Forcing an officer to live in a large apartment building with almost all enlisted is unethical.

    You get the idea, so this guy basically looks down on all enlisted service members assuming every single one are drug users, perverts/pedos, criminals, etc. The kicker? He was an enlisted Army member before going to Officer school!

    In civilian terms, think of a manager that discriminates and calls all of his subordinates criminals, violent, alcoholics, pervs, drug users, etc based on your job position. Forgetting that some have a family and you know, maybe aren't any of those things. And he not only have the authority to ruin your work life, he can ruin your personal life (deny days off, make you stay late, write you up if he doesn't like you and not letting you promote).

    Safe to say, everyone was pissed and I have nothing to lose. I was separating soon and figure I'd have some fun before I get out. I created a burner Facebook account and posted the letter and the officer's picture on a popular military enlisted group page. Within 2 days, it spread like wild fire. But I wasn't done yet. The military has some thing called challenge coins. Think of trading cards but custom coins that come in many shapes and sizes. I designed one with his face and a big middle finger in the back. On top of that I designed stickers to show how proud us deviants are. Other coin designs came from other people as well but so far I think mine was more popular. I sold over 70 coins to the initial person who originally send me the picture at a huge discounted price so she can sell them for a profit for herself. So the officer's face is everywhere because most people keep their coins displayed on their desk. No matter where the officer went at work, he would see his face on someone's desk. And since it didn't have his name on the coin, can't officially say it's him. I sold more stateside and even some got sent to Europe. I made about $3k overall which was nice.

    The story even got featured on the online Naval newspaper and on 2 popular YouTube channels. And if you're military, you know the only time big military care is when it's too big to sweep under the rug. This story got the officer sent up to Captain's Mast which is like Navy court. He tried to say his wife was the one that wrote the letter but no one is buying it because her writing style is way worse. She even tried to take the fall but no one believed her. They both ended up deleting all social media. Due to this, he got served 3 UCMJ articles which basically are his offenses.

    But there's more! When you're in the military, you have a deadline on how long you can be a certain rank. If you dont pick up, then you're kicked out. And because he's new and got served UCMJ Articles, he won't be up for promotion and therefore was involuntarily separated. Also the officer program he went through pays for his PhD. When the military pays for your PhD, you have to serve 10 years to pay them back, if you don't complete 10 years, you have to pay the military back with money instead of time.

    So he lost his job and now has to pay back the military for his PhD and since it takes awhile for the paperwork to have him and his family sent back stateside, you can bet he socially suffered because no one worked with him.

    Edit: The hatchet became a symbol of enlisted deviants because in his letter he stated that 2 gangs were attacking each other with hatchets and other weapons at an enlisted housing unit 😂

    02:04 UTC


    My boss stole my Super Bowl tickets, so I made him lose a major client.

    With the NFL playoffs back on, I thought you all might enjoy this football-related revenge story.

    I'm a huge 49ers fan (the rabid all-day tailgate in the parking lot type). A few years ago, we made it back to the Super Bowl. I was working at a consulting firm with a handful of accounts I would interact with directly.

    One client in particular knew how big of a Niners fan I was. I was the day-to-day lead on his account. He really liked working with me and we became friends, often grabbing drinks or dinner after our meetings. He had access to a pair of extra company seats to the game, and as a thank you, wanted to give them to me as a gift. He passed the tickets over to the partner on that account, who I will refer to as DickheadPartner, to be given to me as a surprise.

    The game came and went, we lost, it sucked. The next time we met, we went to drinks afterward and he mentioned "Hey, by the way, why didn't you go to the game? I heard someone else was in your seats."

    I asked "What game?" He said "The Super Bowl!"

    Confused, I answered "I didn't have seats to the super bowl?"

    He told me that he gave DickheadPartner a pair of his company tickets for me as a gift so I could attend. I had zero idea what he was talking about. He looked shocked, told me to quietly ask around about it and get back to him.

    When I was back in the office the next week, I found out through one of the secretaries that DickheadPartner had given a pair of Super Bowl tickets to another one of his clients as a gift from our company.

    I might have let this sort of thing go to keep the peace under different circumstances, but these were seats on the 30-yard-line to see the fucking 49ers play in the Super Bowl. I was pissed. I considered confronting DickheadPartner myself, but realized it was the client who had noticed I wasn't there in the first place, so if I let him handle it, there would be no blowback on me.

    So I texted him "Hey, I just wanted to thank you so much for thinking of me with those seats. It appears that they were given to another one of our firm's clients." He texted back right away, in all caps, "ARE YOU SHITTING ME??" and then "Pretend I never told you, let me handle."

    He followed up with me about formulating a plan. A few days later, we were asked to come down for a meeting in their office. The client requested the partner be present, not entirely unusual, so DickheadPartner and I hopped a flight the next week and headed over to their office.

    Little did DickheadPartner know, my client had orchestrated a wonderfully awkward little show to catch him red handed. When we entered the conference room, it was all the usual suspects along with a woman in her 30's we didn't recognize. My client immediately introduces "DickheadPartner, this is Stephanie Suchandsuch, VP from [other department], she wanted to sit in on this meeting. Hey [OP], you guys must already know her from the super bowl!"

    She then responds as she goes to shake my hand "Oh, I don't think so. Did we meet there? I'm sorry if I forgot."

    Client responds "Jeez Steph how much did you have to drink? They were sitting right next to you!"

    Client looks at me, and I say "Sorry [client], I wasn't there. Are you thinking of someone else?"

    At this point, DickheadPartner is looking visibly uncomfortable, probably trying to come up with an excuse. He starts in with an "Uhm.." when Stephanie says over him "No, [so and so] from [other company] were in the other seats. By the way, I was wondering why we gave company seats to those guys, is there a project we're working with them on that I don't know about?" (obviously not, they were in completely different industries, it would be like Coca Cola partnering with John Deere).

    DickheadPartner lets out an "Uh" again, and the client immediately speaks over him asking "DickheadPartner, I gave you those tickets for [OP]?"

    At this point DickheadPartner is turning bright red. He responds "Ohh, uhh, well he wasn't able to make it, so he must have given the seats away to someone else?" and turns to me looking for me to cover for him. Client smirks at me.

    I respond "Uh, what are you talking about? Client, you gave me tickets to the super bowl??"

    Client suddenly raises his voice "DickheadPartner, those tickets were a personal thank you gift from me to [OP]. Did you give them away to someone else? [pause] Was it another client??"

    DickheadPartner buts in with "Oh, uhm, maybe something got mixed up in the office?"

    Client went quiet for what probably seemed like an eternity to DickheadPartner. He then looked down, grabbed his portfolio and iPad, put them into his briefcase, and said "I think this meeting is over. [OP] it seems as if I owe you a thank you gift, let's go to lunch. Stephanie, you're welcome to join...DickheadPartner, I need to evaluate our relationship, please go back home and expect to hear from us next week."

    DickheadPartner suggests he would like to join, presumably to do damage control, and Stephanie sternly tells him "I don't think that's a good idea." and asks the front desk to see DickheadPartner out. As soon as he is in the elevator, we all break out laughing hysterically. Stephanie wasn't really a VP, just an employee at the company who client had drafted into helping with his pre-planned meeting skit, but she did end up coming to lunch with us and was a fellow Niners fan and total blast to hang out with.

    On our way to the restaurant, I got a desparate text from DickheadPartner saying I needed to "cover for the firm" and that we could discuss things when I got back. I replied "Yes, we need to talk, but I'll see what I can do." Client told me to wait a couple hours and then respond to him: 1) To expect invoices for the resale value of the super bowl tickets (resale is WAY above face value, it was over $10K) as well as our lunch (he picked a pricey spot and made a big show of overspending) and that he expected them to be paid immediately, 2) Expected I be given a direct apology, 3) Expected a written apology to his company for what he considered theft, and 4) He will only interact with me or another one of our firm's partners, never DickheadPartner.

    This whole thing caused a stir with the other partners, and I actually came off looking great because it appeared that I had made a good faith effort to save the client for the firm despite being the victim in this situation. The client would transfer to another partner, which meant DickheadPartner lost his profit share on any work with them. Oh, and the other partners in the firm made DickheadPartner pay the invoices back out of his salary.

    In retrospect, I really have no idea what the hell the guy was thinking. Did he seriously believe the client would just not notice me not thanking him for Super Bowl tickets?

    Anyway, the well was kind of poisoned for me there long term because DickheadPartner wasn't going anywhere. I left the firm a few months later for a much better position. Client ultimately terminated their relationship with that firm a year later, he actually now works with a good friend of mine at a competing firm. I'm still pissed I missed out on the super bowl even though we lost; hoping we make it back this year so I can finally go to one in person. Go Niners!

    22:28 UTC


    Racist bully ruins my life, I annihilated hers

    So the title is self explanatory but you will be suprised. When I(F28) was in elementary school, I had a bully. I'll call her Aia because it's the only nice thing I will ever do for her. It all started in the 1st grade, She was the instant popular girl because she talked about her time in Ghana. She was born and raised there up until she was 4 years old when her parents immigrated to America and I thought that was so cool because the only immigrants I have ever known were from Mexico(I'm also Mexican which is something you need to remember) because we lived in Texas. I asked her what was life like in Africa she looked at me and said in a very smug voice.

    'A lot better than Mexico.'

    I thought that was weird but I let it go because we were kids at the time and I think she just wanted to be cool or something. As the year went on, she always made off handed comments about me being Mexican and it was always directed towards me. It wasn't until the 2nd grade when we were just learning this brand new word that we have never heard of before, racism. 7 year old me at the time vaguely understood it because my mom taught me the words that was derogatory towards us and wanted me to be aware of them. Anyway, we were watching a cartoon about Martin Luther King jr and we were at a scene where the protesters were being unjustly arrested, I thought it was cruel and didn't think it was fair. Aia though looked at me and shouted.

    'A beaner like you would never understand!'

    For those who don't know, the word beaner is a slur against Latin people. Sure it's not as disgusting as the n-word but it Is a disgusting word to people like me and I've been called that a lot of times even back then. I was horrified being called that in the middle of class and I looked at my teacher who just shrugged her shoulders and went back to the show. I couldn't believe it, we're learning about the civil rights movement and I was called a racial slur in front of everyone. I tried asking my teacher why didn't she say anything because what A called me was a bad word towards me and my ethnicity, all she did was say: it's just a word justaboredcitezen, sticks and stones.

    I ran home in tears and told my mom everything, she was upset at first but at the time she told me that Aia probably didn't know that that word was a bad word towards Latin people and maybe she'll figure it out when she's older or say sorry the next day.

    How wrong my mother was.

    For the next 4 years, Aia would throw racial slurs at me. Calling me a beaner who eats nothing but beans or a wet back because I must have crossed the Rio Grande river. I begged her every single time to stop and I went to my teachers pleading with them for help but they never did anything. It wasn't just the racial slurs she threw at me. She would insult me for the way I looked the way my hair was why I was bigger compared to the other girls who were slim(she wasn't a model herself either). Things got worse in the 4th grade, I was going through a rough time because my mom was dating a man who drank beer as if prohibition ended. He also smoked heavily and the smell will end up on my clothes which added fuel for Aia's fire. It was when D.A.R.E was a big thing back in the day, A would always use me as an example about the dangers of smoking. Pointing out how the smell was so bad that she constantly plugged her nose every time she walked by me. It led to rumors of me never taking a bath that followed me up until the end of 6th grade.

    At this time my mom was starting to realize that Aia was not stopping and she tried contacting the school but all she would get was that it was just a "disagreement between 2 classmates".She wrote notes for me to give to my teachers but nothing would happen and in the 5th grade things really took a bad toll.

    My grandfather passed away and his death hurt me so much that even to this day I still feel that raw pain of his passing. Word got out to my school and Aia walked up to me saying how sorry she was that my grandfather was gone. I naively thought that maybe just maybe she would stop being a bully and say sorry for saying racist things towards me.


    ' It's sad that he died to get away from you, I would too if I realized my granddaughter was so ugly!'

    I broke into tears while she and a few of her friends laughed. And as always none of my teachers did anything to stop her. I told my mom who managed to finally get ahold of my teacher and demanded that she'd do something about a or else she was gonna go up there and make her stop. So for the 1st time in the whole year, my teacher walked up to Aia and told her to stop being so mean to me. A look at her and burst into tears crying that she was being so mean.

    'It's because I'm black isn't it!?'

    Immediately my stupid teacher backed off. Aia would go on to use that phrase EVERY. SINGLE. TIME any of our teachers even attempted to do something. Now you're probably wondering how did she ruin my life, well I'm getting to it.

    Things slowly quieted down when I was in 6th grade but a was plotting something. I used to draw anime a lot. I wasn't any good but I practiced every single day and slowly my skills were improving. I was drawing the main cast of sailor moon during free period and it was a decent first attempt really. For once there were no stray pencil marks and I didn't have to erase as much. I left to go to the bathroom and when I came back my drawing was ruined. It had pen marks everywhere with the words beaner and wetback in permanent marker all over it. I was devastated and broke down, I worked so hard on that drawing and it was vandalized with hate. I looked over to a group of desks where Aia was sitting and I saw her laughing. She and a couple of her girlfriends were saying how funny it was I was crying over a stupid picture and I saw that she had that stupid permanent marker in her desk.

    I marched up to her and yelled at her. I demand to know what is it about me she hated so much why was she acting like a racist towards me when I did nothing to her. I was crying I was screaming and my teacher told both of us to go to the office. I thought we were finally going to solve the issue but as always I was wrong.

    My principal looked at the both of us and said that I SHOULD APOLOGIZE TO AIA!

    Me: What?

    P: Apologize to a for yelling at her. Just because you're upset overdrawing doesn't mean you have to yell at a classmate for it.

    Me: But she ruined my drawing! She wrote slurs all over it!

    I should point out that she even had permanent marker stains on her hands.

    Me: Why aren't you telling her that you don't tolerate racism in this school!? Why are you always taking her side?

    P: I'm not taking sides young lady but those are just words. Sticks and stones.

    I honestly didn't know what to feel at that moment. I realized that Aia was getting away with her racism and there was nothing I could do about it. I still refused to apologize and the principal called my mom who demanded that the principal do something about Aia but nothing happened as always.

    After that incident, Aia was emboldened at the fact that she could get away with the bullying and made my life hell.

    She destroyed me.

    It was to the point where I could no longer draw again. Even to this day if I even try to draw a character I liked, I would break into tears and just stop. My mom tried everything. She pleaded she demanded and she threatened but my school just brushed it off as an overprotective single mom who just didn't like seeing her overly sensitive child hurt. In my mom's perspective from what she told me she watched as her happy-go-lucky little girl slowly morphed into a sad and combative teenager. I developed a hatred towards my own ethnicity and I cried that I wished I was white because I hated being called those words and I hated the way my face looked because I could see my Native American features. That's right, I'm indigenous too. She made me hate myself.

    It was only after elementary school did the bullying finally stop because she went to a different junior high school but just because I was able to get away from her didn't mean that the effects of her bullying stopped.

    I had to go to therapy to get rid the terrible things she said to me out of my head and slowly regain myself as a person. My family who knew of the bullying gathered around and gave me unconditionallove and support, all the while telling me stories of our ansetors who started our family, how they fled spain during the Texas revolution. I even went to the tribe I was descended from to help gain a better understanding of my indigenous roots and they helped me immensely as well.

    Yeah Aia and I ended up going to the same high school but I avoided her like the plague because I wanted nothing to do with her or her bullshit. Aia was a model student and during black history month, we used to have an assembly where we talked about the great black figures in history. She would always go on the podium and talk about how proud she was of her race and that we should embrace everyone of different race, religion and all that good stuff.

    It took all of my willpower and constant reminding of myself that what happened in elementary school was in the past to not laugh and roll my eyes.I just thought she was a piece of work.

    Fast forward to 2021.

    I was packing up my room because I was getting ready to move some of my stuff to my new house with my then fiance( now husband) While we were planning our wedding. I was reading a book on my phone when I got a notification from someone I hadn't seen since high school.

    It was Aia!

    I'm an adult now so instead of feeling the terrible anxiety I would always feel whenever I would get a note from her, I just looked at it annoyed and wondered what the hell did she want and opened it. Apparently she was hosting our elementary school reunion because the old building was being torn down in place of a new one. She was inviting everyone who went to school there so we can say goodbye to the old girl. Honestly I didn't want to go because that school has done nothing but bring me grief and anger, just driving by it over the years would make my heart pound uncomfortably.

    I wanted to decline but I thought to myself, that stupid school will be destroyed, why not spit on it or something. And then something sparked in my head. This could be my last chance to expose Aia for what she really was. Aia no good racist who takes joy in other people's misery. And it wasn't just me she threw racial slurs at. She was like that to everyone! From the girl who was from Delhi to a Chinese student who ended up transferring to a different school because he couldn't take it anymore.

    The planning.

    Having dinner with my mom, I asked her if she remembered the girl who used to bully me. She gripped her fork and said that she did remember and how much she hated that little bitch. I asked her if she remembered going to the school many times to complain about her and she said yes and that she had written down everything that was said. And knowing my mom she never threw anything away because it was important documents. I decided to look into her old files and I found them. It was not only the notes mom took but it was also full of the hateful messages Aia wrote to me even my sailor moon drawing that had those terrible racial slurs on it. The terrible feeling of self hatred and sorrow came back in full. I was close to tears seeing that drawing and those notes. I really wanted to know why she had so much hate in her heart. After calming myself down, I went to work. I printed copies of the notes along with a note from my principal which said 'it seems that Aia called justaboredcitzen nasty words based on her ethnicity' it was even signed by that principal which PROVED two things: A was a racist and the school knew but refused to do anything.

    The revenge.

    The little party was basically a barbecue on the school playground. I showed up in casual clothing and saw my old classmates for the 1st time in years. To say the least, I was the only one who still looked fresh faced and not worn down by parenthood. I did catch up to a few of them most of them were actually Aia's victims but unlike me they ignored her when she would bully them. Looking around I actually saw some known members of our local equal rights group, I assumed she invited them because Aia made a name for herself over the years since graduation. It almost made me feel sorry for what I was going to do. And when I mean almost I mean never. The little barbecue went by smoothly and Aia was talking about the beautiful memories she had at our old school and that she was so thankful that they welcomed her with open arms because she was an immigrant from a far away country and was worried of not being able to belong. I remembered how proud she was when she first walked in our class, no fear at all. After her passionate farewell speech everyone in our class took turns saying their own farewells. They half-assed their speeches and some just said that the school was awesome.

    When it was my turn, I looked around and saw everyone staring at me. Aia is standing there with a confident smile on her face as if she thought that I was so beaten down that I would just say whatever with the school and that's it. But nope. Over the years since graduation, I sort of developed a "I don't give a fuck" attitude. I say what I say and I will do a microphone drop if I have to. I talked about how I was so nervous going to the school because it was something new and I knew that it would lead me to a path of adulthood. I talked about how this damn school had brought nothing but nightmares, horrible teachers and a terrible student who bullied me so much that my poor mother had to spend thousands of dollars of her life savings just to give me therapy because I could not function well. I then looked at Aia and said that she was a prime example of the American dream. An immigrant who worked tirelessly to make it in this complicated country. I then said in the same smug tone of voice she had twenty years ago.

    ' I am so glad you grew out of your racism.'

    And with that I stood up and left. And remember what I said about those notes my mom kept? Well I sent them to that local group anonymously and told them that their star volunteer was not who she was. I just thought that would be the end of it but I did not know of the absolute shit storm I caused.

    Aia's reputation destroyed!

    When the leader of the group saw the notes, he was livid. He immediately told her that she was no longer welcomed and said that she was a terrible example for the people they were helping. Her fiance dumped her, she lost her job and as it turns out, her parents never knew of the bullying. I guess my principle decided that it wasn't worth calling them years ago.

    They were angry with her and demanded to know where did she get this attitude because from when I found out her father works in a business that required them to travel to and from Ghana and he worked with many interesting people. On top of that, my former principal apparently lost a special award she got for her contributions to our school district when the superintendent happened to get an envelope containing my mother's notes and he was just as livid. I got an apology from the school district along with other victims of Aia. They accepted that just to get it over with but I politely refused saying that it was too little too late.

    I did get comments from my former classmates saying that I should have just let it all go but here's the thing, I did get over it. I wanted nothing more than to just close that chapter in my life and move on but seeing her name in that email really triggered something in me and knowing that she was running around saying things which was opposite of what she really believed, I wanted her to feel broken the same way as I felt.

    My mom was neutral about it. I don't resent her because she did everything she possibly could to stop the bullying. I'm thankful for that because in some stories I've seen on reddit about people being bullied, their parents do absolutely nothing.

    I'm in a much better place now. I moved out of state after I got married and I'm happy. Aia has attempted to contact me demanding I apologize for ruining her life but I just ignored her and blocked her. I wish I knew why she had so much hatred. I was never rude to her. I thought she was cool that she was from Africa. I love their culture and I thought it was awesome that she was a part of it. I also wish I could draw again because it was my only escape from a troubled life I had aside from the bullying. I'm just glad I was able to regain love for who I am as a person of Mexican descent and of indigenous background. Because she really made me feel like I was worthless for it.

    That's the story of how I ruined the life of my racist bully.With the plot twist was that she was black and I was Mexican. Sure, the words she said were probably just words but those words were very derogatory to me and many people of my ethnicity and it's just as degrading as being called an n-word to a black person. And it also shows that even black people can be the worst racists. I'm not saying that all black people are racist because I've met amazing black people in my lifetime who truly believe in racial equality.

    I wanted to keep this to myself but after seeing the terrible attacks on Asian Americans since the stupid pandemic happened, I noticed that it was sparking a big debate on who should be charged with hate crime. We're still not there yet when it comes to truly being equal regardless of race, gender, religion and orientation but little-by-little we are becoming a little bit better. Not much but a little bit.

    Sorry for the long post. I just want to get this off my chest and please don't make the comments into a debate. I'm really not trying to start anything I just wanted to tell how I finally got my revenge.

    EDIT: OK, I really meant it when I said I wasn't trying to start anything when I posted this. But because some people are doubting this(which I'm not suprised) let me clarify a couple of things for you.

    Why did I still have those notes? Because the bullying happened before social media became a big thing, it was the early 2000s. She saved those notes because I think she was planning on going to the district but by the time she was able to even consider it, elementary school ended and Aia went to a different junior high.

    Where does she learn those words? When she first called me beaner she noticed my reaction. Bullies will tell you anything just to get a reaction out of you, the strongest reaction the better. I even told her not to call me that word because it was a slur but that didn't stop her.

    And why did it cause that district to apologize? Because it wouldn't be the 1st time they were accused of covering up bullying based on race. They were already going through a lawsuit over a recent incident similar to mine and they just wanted to avoid any legal repercussions. But as I said I don't care about that school anymore it can go to hell for all I care.

    04:40 UTC


    Young firefighter disrespects a Lieutenant so I shame him and get him to quit

    I'm not sure if this is "Pro" or not, but I got revenge on a douche bag I used to volunteer Fire Fight with. This was in the early/mid 2000's. I decided to going the local Fire Department as a volunteer fire fighter. I did it for about 5 years and it was great. Training consisted of 3 months of Fire Training (2 nights a week and all day Saturday) and then you would go to EMT training (another 3 months of training). I was about a year and I was asked to help train some new recruits. One of the Lieutenants, Amy, was a short, middle aged woman who was so full of fire she could make a grown man cry. One of those people who commands both fear and respect where ever she went. Honestly a great Lieutenant and great person. When she wasn't being a drill Sargent, she was extremely kind and generous. She would often bake people cakes and treats and deliver them to the various stations in our Department.

    However, in this new Academy class that I was asked to help with, there was a cocky kid that we will call Aaron. Aaron talked big during the training and acted like he was the all American hero. Like he was going to be the lead bad ass in Back Draft 2. He performed moderately well in training but far from the top of the class. He gets assigned to Amy's station, which is a pretty quiet station in the Department.

    A few month after he starts, Amy swings by my station one night to say hi. She brings us the "Motherlode" cake from Claim Jumper (massive 6 layer cake). She explained that she had treated her crew to a night out a Claim Jumper, which must have cost a lot of money. I think she took out about 8 people and bought a whole cake to top it all off. They had eaten the first 2 layers so she gave us the remaining 4. We thanked her profusely and she left.

    Back then, the big social media platform was MySpace and I decided to look up some of the people in the department to make friends. I came across Aaron's page and I noticed some photos of him and the rest of his crew at Claim Jumper with Amy. However, when I read the comments, he bragged about how he had purposefully ordered the most expensive dinner, appetizers and drinks since Amy was buying. He bragged about how he was going to take advantage of her "stupidity". This alone pissed me off because she was doing this super nice and generous. What an ungrateful, selfish dick.

    Then I read the rest of his profile. He had videos and memes on his page glorifying himself as a bad ass fire fighter, bragging about running into burning building and how he was such a hero. He was flirting with girls, blatantly trying to impress them with how brave he is. Bear in mind, he just graduated from the Academy 3 months prior and hadn't even gone to EMT school. He had never been to a house fire and all he basically did was carry gear for the other fully qualified fire fighters. It was too much for me to tolerate.

    So here is the revenge. I printed off copies of his MySpace page, including his comments about Amy and toxic bragging. I made multiple copies and took them to every station in the Department. We all had pagers (God I'm old) and a small keyboard at each station to send out text messages. I made an anonymous, all staff page to everyone in the department. I had to keep it brief since I couldn't fit a ton of characters, but I sent out his MySpace info and to told everyone about how he treated Amy. Within an hour, Aaron had cleared out his MySpace page of all posts, photos etc. A couple of days later, he deleted his account. It's a good thing I made so many copies :)

    Immediately after this happened, he stopped coming to volunteer and a few weeks later, I heard that he had quit. I later talked to Amy and admitted I was the one who sent the page. I told her I hated how he treated her and she thanked me. She seemed really sad and hurt by what he had done. But being the tough short lady that she was, she quickly got back into being an actual bad ass fire fighter. She later started dating and married a Fire Chief that also helped at the Academy. I've lost touch with her but I hope she did well. She seemed pretty happy last time I saw her.

    Edit: I can't stop laughing about how this story ignited a fire storm about Claim Jumper's Motherlode Cake.

    02:39 UTC


    Call me a race traitor in a PM on reddit? Lets destroy your life

    A few years ago, on a different Reddit account, I mentioned that I was in an interracial relationship. A Redditor reached out to me and told me I was a race traitor and unfaithful to my race.

    I was like, "um...wtf, bro"

    I looked at his account; it was 6 years old...which told me his username was likely something he used a lot. So I started googling his username@gmail, username@yahoo, etc., etc., and I found a match with Hotmail...a guy by the name of, let's say, Jeff was selling some NFL game tickets and had posted his email.

    Now, this doesn't necessarily mean it's the same person.

    However, in the post, he mentioned a city in America and that he was a fan of a particular football team. I went through the Reddit user post history

    He posted quite a bit in the respective city subreddit; he mentioned going to NFL games, and in another post, he also said he was born in Canada.

    So through the ad for the NFL ticket, I figured out his real name. I found his biography on his employer's website; he was a senior-level manager, so they had a bio for him.

    In that bio, they mentioned he was born in Canada, was a fan of said NFL team, and loved living in the city. I also found his LinkedIn page during this time. So I sent him a connect request on Linkedin, which he accepted. I figured he would because he had 500+ connections.

    So here's what we know.

    • His username matches his email handle
    • He likes the NFL team
    • He lives in a said city that he posts in said cities subreddit
    • He was born in Canada

    I then...found his Facebook page. His Facebook page was public, and he posted what I would describe as semi-racist material. Also, his Reddit page was significantly more racist.

    Based on the numerous connecting factors, I determined, so I create a report. I included screenshots and links and summarized my findings in that report. Now, based on this person's position in his company, he likely had a significant role in deciding who this company employs. Also, his company clearly stated they were an equal opportunity employer. So I called their HR department, I found the number, and I called them, and I asked them, "Would you be concerned if a senior level manager in your organization was a proud racist and degraded your equal opportunity employment policies"

    They where concerned

    So I told them I had done an investigation into one of their senior level managers and described he was racist and I had put together all my evidence and findings in a report and could email it over to them.

    I emailed them the report

    A few weeks later I called to get an update and I was told they appreciated my report, however they would have to comment on the status of their decision and make public statements in regard. Basically, "Thanks for letting us know, but we aren't going tell you shit."

    That's fine

    So I waited another month, and I kept checking his Linkedin page. Then one day, I saw a Linkedin post from him in which he said he is looking for a new opportunity and if anyone had any positions open.

    So I messaged him on Reddit and I told him "Hey Bro, heard you got fired. Just want you to know I'm the reason why"

    He threatened to find out who I was hunt me down rape my spouse and strangle me to death. So I reported him to reddit admins who promptly perma banned him.

    Now, he really should have learned his lesson...because guess what...he didn't connect the dots, he didn't know I could see ALL HIS LINKEDIN activity, he didn't know who I was, he simply acted in rage. So I put his newest message in his "folder" and added it the report...because you see I can be an incredibly vindictive motherfucker.

    I checked his Linkedin...once a week.

    Good news

    He got another job

    Bad news, their HR department was also quite easy to get ahold of and discuss their new hires online racist, threatening behavior. However, let's just say I had a lovely conversation with this HR representative. She was a woman and based on how she sounded and her name I suspect she was a woman of color...

    So yea...

    I'm not sure what happened after this, because a few weeks later his internet history was cleaned up, and his LinkedIn page was deleted. However, this company listed their senior management which was what his position was...I never saw his name listed :)

    What I suspect happened is after his HR reviewed my evidence they terminated his employment with them.

    I would have totally gone after him a third time...but he got smart the 2nd time around.

    TL:DR guy called me a race traitor, I got him fired from not one...but two jobs.

    Hey btw Jeff, if you see this post I'd love for you to send me a new message :) I really enjoyed the little game I played with you. I also question how did you handle getting fired from two jobs back to back on your resume and in future job interviews?

    14:56 UTC


    Lying and using people? I got you.

    This one needs background to fully understand why I went out of my way for this revenge.

    My best friend was married for 10 years. With his ex for a total of 13 years. He was absolutely head over heels in love with her like I had never seen before. Which I never understood due to her alcohol abuse. She would take it out on him, and when he'd be venting about it he'd always fall back on "it's not her it's the illness" a very respectable and admirable stance on it.

    Last year she asked for a divorce because after years of what I would call abuse, he had simply run out of gas. Her reasoning for asking for one? When she got fired for testing positive for weed, he wasn't empathetic enough. He admits he wasn't because it had come on the back of one of her drunken tirades where she told him he was a piece of shit who was always trying to control her. When all the ever tried to get her away from was booze for the way she treated him when she was drunk.

    It took him forever to move on from this with the divorce following shortly after. And earlier this year after thinking he was moving on, he calls me to come over and he's in a bad way. I arrive and he is absolutely fall down level of drunk. Going on that she didn't ask for a divorce for those reasons that she had really been cheating, with several other people. The next morning when he's more coherent, I ask him how he knew. He was cleaning out the spare room and selling/donating stuff he didn't need anymore and when he went to clear an old tablet, she was still logged on and all of the evidence was there. He gets that out and says he's going back to bed and asks me to lock up when I leave. Before I left, I looked at the tablet, after seeing what I saw, I wanted to find a way to get even with the horrible and conniving woman, so I took pictures of it all and left.

    When I got home I started looking up information about these people, two of them were just normal guys, whether they knew she was married or not I don't know. But the third. Well the third comes up as a registered sex offender. Still on probation for being such a disgusting pile of shit, and address listed as "123 lane, city, state" Chomo knew that she was married.

    I immediately knew what I was gonna do. Chomo didn't live at 123 lane. Chomo was living with the conniving ex. She made regular posts about their time together, on top of that she is an avid weed user, and has several firearms because she enjoys sport shooting.

    So I go into the states sex offender site, and make a report of chomo not actually living where he's registered, and that chomo is living in a home with what he has no right to being a convicted felon and on parole. I include screen shots of the social media posts and all to back it up. I was thinking little would happen but an inconvenience to their lives. Boy was I wrong. She broke her typical posts with nothing serious trend on social media yesterday. With this gem.

    "My year can't get any worse. Chomo lost his job and I am now facing eviction because I can't afford my rent"

    So I go on the state court system site to see if it's related. And yes it was. Chomo was re-arrested. She clearly can't post bail or Chomo would be out. The job she took after being fired definitely can't support her lifestyle. So he's probably going back to prison or at least jail and she's a breath away from being homeless.

    I don't know if I'd ever tell my best friend I was the one behind this. But he is definitely ecstatic to see a horrible woman and sewer rat get what they deserve. Part of me wants to put up the sex offender registration link and that it's sitting in jail and say something to the effect of "it's a little more than losing a job" but not wanting to make my best friends life harder I'll just let sleeping dog lie.

    22:02 UTC


    I got my childhood bully arrested

    I was bullied repeatedly by this guy when we were kids. I saw on his social media profile he was arrested because his profile picture was of him in one of those visiting cells. I also noticed his last name on the account wasn’t the same as when we were kids. I wondered why so I looked up his original name on the arrest warranty registry and there was indeed an arrest warrant out for him (it matched his birthdate). I reported his social media and name change anonymously and got $1000 from his arrest (my county has an anonymous online report system that gives you a confirmation number to follow up on and you submit that confirmation number to a location if it results in an arrest). To this day, no one knows I ratted his alias to the police.

    I guess you can say his debt has been paid.

    21:09 UTC


    Stiff me on overtime? Queue the long, expensive, revenge.

    This happened in the early 2000s when I joined a start-up. We agreed on a salary and no paid over-time and an evaluation in 3 months and then annually. Standard stuff mostly. It was a very mediocre salary for the work, but I really liked work itself, which was extremely interesting and challenging. For me, even if the finances were so-so I felt I'd learn a lot of skills which would be useful in the future.

    After 3 years and having 10 decent clients and a bunch of clients trialing and money rolling in, the talk turned to back-pay and paid over-time plus compensating for past over-time. At that point, around $50k in OT had been accrued, which is a lot. Legally it couldn't be back-pay, so the talk was always of a discretionary bonus. Now at this point, everyone is okay with this, myself included. And this was discussed in writing, via company emails too, so I felt secure and that no bad will was in play. I felt the company should be able to afford the payment, equally I'd happily settle for equity at a discount (which is legally possible there) if cash-flow was an issue.

    The discussions about back-pay, possible equity and now started to drag on and I was getting irked by this. In the end, I was made an offer of equity which meant the company valuation was far beyond anything reasonable, in the hundreds of millions and I'd get a miniscule stake (less than 0.01% of a company with 9 employees and a projected annual turn-over of around 2 million). It was a F-U of sorts to stiff me out of money and I didn't want to take that lying down. To say I was furious was an understatement.

    Anyway, the day he made that offer I handed in my resignation. This sent the CTO into panic-mode because the CEO had refused an updated contract and I was still on a 1-month notice period plus I had a lot of untaken paid leave. Basically it meant I was walking out right then and there. So... off I went that very same day, to the shock and surprise of everyone, I guess.

    The next day I sent an official, registered, letter requesting my overtime/back-pay and received a negative response, which I followed up with another, detailed, demand. This was also rejected because the bonus was discretionary and "there is no over-time". However, I'd been seeking legal advice and I understood that they don't have a leg to stand on if I am willing to pay for an attorney.

    As the liability in such matters is firmly and 100% on the employer, I was willing.

    You need to understand that going to a lawyer was very rare in those parts back then, so companies didn't generally expect this outcome (things have since changed). When going through the applicable laws with the attorney, I noticed there is a limitation of 7 years. So, while my attorney was laying out what to do in order to get me my money in a little as a few weeks, I just asked him what if we wait until it's 6 years and 11 months after the transgression and then file, demanding interest? I wanted this because the law stated that back-pay is due at a 9% APR ABOVE the base-rate (3.25% at that time), accrued daily, for every day past the due date. We're looking at ~12-12.5% compound daily APR. The risk is that the company folds in that time, but I decided to take that risk. I sent one final letter stating that I expect "all the owed and accrued amounts to-date" to be paid immediately. Of course, nothing happened.

    For the next few years life rolled on. The company did grow and become a known player in the area. When the time came, I found an attorney and started the case. We had copies of all the communications, copies of the registered letters and responses. The back-pay demanded now, including interest, was $112k. What I didn't know was that in addition to this that there are fixed penalties for each instruction to perform uncompensated over-time. The total demand was Something like $135k. To say that the CEO, who was still CEO, lost his sh*t would be an understatement. I got a very verbally abusive phone call which I dutifully recorded (as it wasn't completely unexpected) and was added to the filing. The CEO fought, or tried to, but when the judge heard the phone call, he took an immediate dim view. Reading through all the communication just put more nails in the defense's coffin. The judge just ruled and instructed the company to pay "immediately and without delay" and also ordered the company to pay all my legal costs. They also got a full audit from the department of labor.

    The company paid up a week later.

    To add insult to injury, the evening of the court's decision, the CEO apparently got very drunk and crashed his car into another vehicle while drunk. He got a DUI conviction and lost his driving license for half a year and his insurance refused to pay out for the damages to his vehicle (brand new Mercedes S-class) as he was drunk. All in all, a glorious day.

    13:12 UTC


    How I got a car dealership to give my friend a "newer" car

    Circa 2020 January my friend makes a stupid decision and buys a brand new car he can't afford. His insurance is like $400 a month, he makes like $10.25 an hour working as a shift supervisor at McDonalds. His car payment is like $795 a month.

    Now at $10.25 an hour, 30 hours a week that's a weekly income of about $300 a week or about $1,230 a month....so yea.

    So my friend came to me for help because I used to sell cars and know the industry pretty well. I go over his paperwork. The dealer did rip him off, but my friend is trying to find a way to get out of this mess. And ripping someone off isn't illegal. They did of course over charge him for warranty, they gave him a higher APR, they had add ons, etc...but none of that is illegal and I know the only way I can get my friend out of this deal is if they did something illegal.

    So I look at his finance application that my friend signed, it correctly listed his income. Which turned a light bulb on in my head.

    No bank is going to approve someone for a $795 car payment if they are only making $1,200 a month. It does not make mathematical sense to do that. So I start searching through his paperwork for the finance app the dealer submitted to the bank.

    You often times when you submit a finance application at a dealership the dealership will take the hand filled out application and reproduce it electronically. This is pretty normal.

    However on the application the dealer submitted to the bank the dealer said my friend was a GM of the McDonalds and made $70,000.

    My friend had good credit, so it doesn't appear like the bank asked for proof of income.

    So I go to the dealership with my friend and tell the sales manager he's going want to put me in touch with the GM because we are going be unwinding my friends deal and giving his trade in back. The sales manager thought I was joking, the GM also thought I was joking.

    Then I demonstrated how his dealership finance department committed bank fraud. I showed the GM the finance app my friend filled out. I then showed the GM the finance app his dealership submitted to the bank and pointed at the income difference. My friend really made $14k a year, the dealership claimed my friend made $70k a year. That's bank fraud, that's a felony, lets keep this simple shall we.

    The GM sees his dealership is in a load of shit. The proof I am presenting to him is rock solid. He knows it, I know it, we are all on the same page.

    He goes "ok...so what can I do to make this right?" I go "Unwind the deal give me my friend his trade in back"

    Unwinding the deal is basically the GM agreeing to cancel the deal, and basically erasing the deal and pretending it never happened.

    GM tries to avoid that but I remain firm and remind him we can take easily take this documentation and turn his life in a living hell. He knows i'm right. My friend also needs a car to get to work the next day.

    The GM says he'll check into it he comes back and tells me unfortunately they sold his trade in already. I said "That's fine, unwind the deal and lets put my friend into something as good or slightly better then what he traded in for"

    So the GM goes "So he'll buy a car similar to his trade in?" I said "No, you'll give him a car similar to his trade in" the GM goes "It doesn't work that way" I go "It does when you commit bank fraud" Gm is upset with me and I remind him...I'm being really nice and this situation can totally get really ugly. Like felony level charges ugly. Like losing your franchise ugly. SO yea this is going hurt...but it's going hurt less my way.

    So the GM goes alright and he looks in his inventory and he tells me they have a 2007 Focus with 10k more miles. I tell him "no, the car you give my friend needs to be the same or better then what he trade in" the GM counters "i'm giving him a free car" and I go "no, you took his trade in, you sold it, you made money on that sale, you also committed a felony in the process of selling him his new car, you are now correcting that mistake, this isn't a free car for my friend, this is a you are correcting your mistake"

    GM insists that's what he's willing to do I tell him if he can't do better then that we will go to a consumer protection attorney and have a conversation with them.

    My friend didn't wanna go this route...but it was our plan B.

    We get to get up, the GM says "Wait' give me a second"

    The GM goes "I have a 08 civic, it has 5k more miles, but its a civic and not a focus. I unwind the deal on the new car, and put your friend in the civic at no extra cost"

    We agree

    GM has the paper drawn up, the old loan on the new car is canceled, they take in the new car again (but because it's already titled they'll have to sell it as used, that sucks for them) and they gave my friend a better car then the one he traded in.

    For people asking why we didn't get a lawyer involved from the start

    We could have done that

    But courts take a long time, and this was a faster way to fix the situation.

    06:09 UTC


    Terrorize my family? Enjoy losing everything and going back to jail

    M Wife douchebag Entitled woman Entitled woman 2

    Hello, this is a long post so buckle up for the ride!

    Myself and my wife had just had our second child and moved into a duplex in an amazing neighborhood, had its own playground even! We moved in and greeted the neighbors, bunch of younger people but they seemed okay. The first day after moving in we find that they're gone and they're left their 7 year old (on a school day) outside our door with a bag of goldfish and a note asking us to watch him while they went out, queue cps call #1. The neighbors and me got along really well old guy next door repaired bikes for a hobby and the next door neighbor did wood working and would always come over to see the kids and sent his grand kids over to play to.

    They warned us that our upstairs neighbors were trouble, constant traffic going in and out and parties every single night. This was 110% the truth, it got to the point we couldn't sleep at night and we had multiple altercations to the point it was full blown yelling matches. The landlord was useless and would do nothing to get rid of them so I bided my time, eventually one night they came home in their red Mazda 3 and it was destroyed, they must have hit someone and ran, so I called the RCMP to let them know as at the very least I figured they'd get in deep shit but oh man I had no idea what I had just unleashed, turns out the douchebag had a warrant out for his arrest for drug trafficking, he got hauled away in cuffs that night and entitled woman 2 got a visit from CPS again as they left their son home alone again this wasn't once or twice it was every. Single. Day.

    So my wife went digging for names and found the mother on Facebook, using public record searches we found out that they owed easy home nearly 48k in assets as they had taken off from the original address with all of their furniture including tvs and a huge sound system, 48 hours later the sherrif was there with a box truck emptying their house. Took the beds, couches, tvs, the annoying sub woofer system, kitchen set and even the dressers. CPS came shortly after and removed the child from the house, I didn't enjoy seeing him taken away but they never fed him and he was always in the same clothing and it was falling apart (we went out of our way to make sure he had full meals when we could not gonna let a kid starve) the douchebag went to jail for drug possession (he was out on bail and hid the drugs in a dresser they took) entitled woman 1 went to jail for assaulting the sherrif and entitled woman 2 actually had a happy ending, far as I know after she lost her son she went through multiple programs to clean herself up and started working to provide for her son. Ran into her a couple years ago and she thanked me for what I did.

    I got pro revenge on the drug dealer and his girlfriend and thankfully helped someone get on the right path.

    23:00 UTC

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