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Need someone to spruce up your sub? Someone to handle all that spam? Someone to edit wiki articles? Then you need a mod! Come request one here!

Tip: Always check user history! Make sure the person you are considering adding to your team has a history on Reddit.
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About /r/needamod

  • Looking for another moderator to aid you in removing spam and irrelevant posts, spruce up your reddit with some fancy CSS or just keep you company on those lonely winter nights? Post your subreddit here and see if anyone will help!

  • Can you ban spammers in the blink of an eye? Handy with CSS or good at design? Just want to help someone out with running their community? Have a browse and make an offer!


  1. Subs looking for mods must have at least:
    • 50 subscribers
    • 25 posts minimum
    (not including sticky/announcement posts)

  2. Users offering to mod must have at least:
    • 500 combined karma (Post karma and Comment karma ONLY - we do not count Award karma)
    • an account at least 3 months old

  3. Request reposts are only permitted every 14 days.
    • This also includes posts for different types of mods

  4. The user making a request for mods must be a moderator of the sub in question.

  5. Offering gold (or anything else) in exchange for moderation, CSS work, etc is not allowed.

  6. Posts that violate the following, will be removed:
    Content Policy

Make sure to use the report function if a post violates any rules.

NOTE: Moderators can use discretion on a case-by-case basis. Even for things that are not black and white on the list of rules. Just because something is not on the rule list, doesn't mean it can't be moderated.

Post formatting

  1. Make sure the post title starts with the name of the sub looking for mods, or your username if you are offering services.
    Example 1:
    /u/esoterix_luke looking for SFW subs to mod
    Example 2:
    /r/needamod is looking for a CSS mod

  2. Please make sure to include any specific information in the text portion of your post. Provide lots of details of what you need.

  3. Please include a direct link to the subreddit in question in the text portion of your post.

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35,622 Subscribers


r/youbelong is looking for fantastical mods.

r/youbelong is looking for fun, creative, and interactive mods. Acquired through redditrequest, I'd love help bringing it back to its former glory! Knowledge to operate automod (or a willingness to learn) is a definite plus!

01:42 UTC


r/70s is seeking additional moderators


r/70s -- a fast-growing 1970s subreddit with over 60,000 members is seeking additional moderators. We are mostly a nostalgia sub with a little bit of news sprinkled in. Previous moderator experience is NOT required, however we are looking for mods with a genuine interest in the subject material. Apologies in advance if we can't bring on every candidate, but we are looking for at least 1 and perhaps several more moderators.

Thank you!

10:27 UTC


r/ForwardsFromGrandma is looking for moderators

ForwardsFromGrandma has about 370k subscribers and we're looking to bring on multiple new moderators to help keep things on track. If interested feel free to contact me via DM or mod mail.

1 Comment
14:53 UTC


r/MonopolyGoTrading is looking for mods


Looking forward to your help!

05:18 UTC


r/1998TeenMovie is looking for a moderator or two with an eye toward running it.

r/1998TeenMovie has been restricted for being unmoderated for at least three months. I recovered it yesterday thinking it was a different sub or I've been using it wrong all this time which is possible. So now I've got a sub that doesn't quite fit our network and I'm not quite sure of its purpose but I'd like to restore it and make it useful but I'm stretched very thin IRL. So I need someone interested in captaining the ship while maintaining the spirit of RTN which basically means being nice and informative to the members. If you're interested hit me up on chat or if you have to DM.

16:07 UTC


r/OnlyFaniverse [18+] is looking for new moderators

https://www.reddit.com/r/t5_aywwiw/s/HArPFcqBat r/OnlyFaniverse has 1.7K members and will be built as a network of subreddits with different categories.

It is obviously an NSFW sub

Requirements Be over 18 and have some previous experience moderating

If you have those Dm me anytime

1 Comment
13:59 UTC


r/transgirlspersonals [18+] is looking for new moderators

r/transgirlspersonals is a subreddit with almost 100 subscribers.

This is a new NSFW community for daddies, subs, friends and anyone and everyone to find a trans female whether as a friend, daddy, sub (femboys, sissies, other transgirls, transboys, etc.)

I’m a new moderator looking for new co-moderators willing to help me grow this community. I’m not online 24/7, so I could use some help.

This is a subreddit dedicated to finding transgirls to dominate or befriend.


  • You must be 18+ because this is an adult-only community.

  • You’ll need to have previous experience with moderation.

  • Your Reddit account must be at least one year old.

Please DM me if you’re interested in being a moderator. Your DM should include your age, why we should accept you in our community, and a brief overview of your moderator experience.


The best regards, Infinite_Two_3389

04:34 UTC


/u/FSsuxxon seeking to moderate r/Kuwait

Hello. I'm new to moderating and I use r/Kuwait everyday. Recently, I found out it would be better to moderate it, so I'm making this post

17:38 UTC


r/cat is looking for new mods!

16:37 UTC


r/OpenChristian Looking For New Mods

Hey everyone!

r/OpenChristian is looking for additional mods to meet the increase in traffic. This sub is growing in both subscribers and daily traffic, and now’s a good opportunity to find some users who thinks they could help out. Most notably to ensure more reactivity in the treatment of the ever-flowing reports and the spotting of unreported infringing comments.

What we require from applicants:

  • Some sort of demonstrable track record of consistent Reddit usage

  • Progressivism, and a lack of bigotry or reactionary politics

  • The ability to mod impartially

  • No subreddit collectors!

What we DO NOT require:

  • Experience modding

  • Being a Christian yourself

Fair warning that we get a lot of anti-lgbt trolls and you will have to be very liberal with the ban-hammer. If that sounds fun to you, then please send us a modmail containing a short application with a little about you, your background, what time zone you are in, and why you'd like to mod.

If you need help, consider using this (entirely optional) general outline for your application:

  • A bit about your background. Talk about your faith (or lack thereof), your journey to get where you are now, and perhaps anything else interesting that you think we ought to know about you.

  • Some basics on what we can expect from you as a moderator. Any relevant prior experience with moderation, what timezone you’re in, and about how many hours a day/week you anticipate being able put in for mod work.

  • A brief explanation of what the subreddit rules, purpose, and scope mean to you, as well as why you’re interested in moderating for this community.

19:20 UTC


r/Lexus Needs ModQueue Assistance


r/Lexus is in need of a few new moderators to help with our modqueue. Our main priorities are handling flame wars & removing question posts that are low-effort, undetailed, or not Lexus-specific. No prior experience is necessary, but we do ask that you be active in our modqueue + mod communication channels, are willing to learn & take advice about moderation, and that you read the r/Lexus rules before applying.

If you would like to apply, please reply below and include All of the following points in your comment:

  • Your understanding of the r/Lexus rules, especially rules 3, 7, 10, 11, & 12.

  • Your knowledge of how to properly handle a flame war and recognize signs of one starting (if you're not currently familiar with flame wars, this modguide is a very good resource to refer to).

  • How experienced or new you are in working with the Reddit modqueue.

  • How active you can be in the r/Lexus modqueue and in the r/Lexus moderator chat channel.

1 Comment
18:17 UTC


r/roleplaybuddy_11 is looking for active moderators familiar with automod & other ways to limit spam

Feel free to message me if you’re interested in moderating r/roleplaybuddy_11 & message me with your past experiences with automod and history with any other subreddits you have moderated

1 Comment
03:14 UTC


r/HSPRDS need new mods for subreddit and discord server

im looking for anyone who can help us with our subreddit r/HSPRDS and our discord server for a game called Hearthstone. this would be a volunteer position and level of experience isnt important. we need active mods that can be available to help us with our subreddit and discord server both are required.

if interested please make a comment or send a DM asap thx.

01:26 UTC


r/StorybookRoleplay looking for 4-5 Mods.


I need months who are familiar with the game, and ones who can have fun with the community and interact often. Thank you.

22:18 UTC


r/onlinejournalism looking for a new mod

r/onlinejournalism is looking for an additional mod to help curate the content of this subreddit

14:18 UTC


r/babylonbee Needs an impartial mod

r/babylonbee needing an impartial mod

The sub has become riddled with politics and we are needing an additional mod for 18k sized sub to help keep the queue empty

The Babylon Bee is a conservative Christian news satire website that publishes satirical articles on topics including religion, politics, current events, ...


21:28 UTC


r/Pain looking for more mods

Hello everyone,

As we will continue the grow and revitalize , I'm excited to announce we are looking for dedicated moderators to join the team. Whether you've been here before as part of the community (in it's previous forms) or you recently discovered the community, this is your chance to help shape the future of this community.

Who are we looking for?

We need proactive individuals who are passionate about creating a supportive environment for discussing all aspects of pain, physical, emotional, and psychological. Ideal candidates should be empathetic and responsible, and have a good understanding of the community rules and the topic of pain. Previous moderating experience is not required but is certainly a plus.

Your role:

As a moderator, your responsibilities will include:

  • Enforcing subreddit rules to ensure discussions remain respectful and supportive.
  • Engaging with the community through comments and posts (would like all mods to do, but not required).
  • Organizing and managing community evens or discussions, if they happen in the future.
  • Helping to resolve conflicts and managing reports of rule violations.

How to apply:

If you are interesting in applying, please fill out our moderation application form here. The form includes a few questions about experience, availability and your ideas for the sub.


There is no real deadline, I will be onboarding mods continuously, as this community will likely continue to grow. Pain is a common thing among everyone, I foresee the community needing more mods continually as we go along.

I look forward to reading everyone's applications and hope we can add quite a few new mods to the team.

21:13 UTC


r/Hauppauge looking for some additional moderators.

r/Hauppauge is a pretty small subreddit with less than 300 members. I do expect this number to grow in the coming months. But when I took over the subreddit, it has been restricted for 2 years and the only mod left not having been active in about 10 years. I want a moderator who can help me manage the subreddit as it grows in size and I want to make some quality of life improvements which I may be unable to do alone. I also want to update some misinformation in the sidebar and basically, I want some mods who will help me do the tasks so I don't get burned out

The requirements are below

  • 500 karma.

  • Reddit account must be over a year old.
  • Prior mod experience (you will be asked to prove it)
  • Must be willing to be active (not like every day but atleast do something every month or something)
  • Lastly, be willing to interact with the community

The form to submit a request is https://forms.gle/pvuEmiLJsK25Vqag6

Good luck!

11:29 UTC


r/relationshipadvice [18+] is looking for new moderators


r/relationshipadvice is a subreddit with almost 100,000 subscribers. After the original owner abandoned the community for ten years, I recently became the new community owner of r/relationshipadvice. I'm looking for new moderators to assist me regarding subreddit moderation as I'm not 24/7 online.

It's a subreddit dedicated to relationship advice.


  • You must be 18+ because it's an adult-only community.
  • You'll need to have previous experience with moderation.
  • Your Reddit account must be at least one year old.

Please DM me if you're interested in becoming a moderator. Your DM should include your age, why we should accept you, and a brief overview of your moderator experiences.

With kind regards,
Nice_Pro_Clicker ♡

19:06 UTC


/r/asda is looking for an additional mod!

r/asda is a pretty small subreddit, but growing (almost 600K views over the past 7 days, 44K uniques). When I first took over the subreddit, there were roughly maybe 100-200 subs and no activity, and it's ballooned now and has been growing by the month.

When the sub was a lot smaller, I was able to manage it by myself with no issue, but with the activity now, and the amount of reports we get on a 7-day, it's getting harder to manage, so I'm looking to take on another mod to help manage.

To apply:

1 Comment
22:48 UTC


r/needhelp is looking for 2-3 mods

Hello everyone!

I am currently looking for 2-3 mods to join the r/needhelp team.


  • Modding experience is nice but not necessary.
  • Must be willing to use discord
  • Must be willing to collaborate /communicate regularly with the team
  • Interested in helping people

Comment or send a chat message to apply. Please tell me a little bit about yourself and why you're interested in joining the mod team. Thank you!

14:14 UTC


r/invinciblegtg is looking for a Mod

r/invinciblegtg is a small (5k) and humble sub for the Invincible: Guarding the Globe gacha game. We're growing at a decent rate so we're looking for an additional mod who has general mod experience, remains cool and level headed.

But more importantly someone who must have experience with Automod.

For those interested please feel free to DM me.

23:22 UTC


r/TheBoys are looking for mods in preparation of Season 4 premiering next week

r/TheBoys are looking to add a few more mods with Season 4 premiering next week. If interested, please apply here. Thanks!

1 Comment
23:31 UTC


R/limitlessrp is still looking for mods

Position: Subreddit Moderator

We're actively looking to select a few individuals to join our volunteer moderation team at the r/LimitlessRP subreddit. This role requires no major time commitment and no prior moderation experience – we're very open to welcoming those who are enthusiastic about fostering an online safe space that serves our niche.


  • Monitor user posts and moderate when necessary.
  • Check Modmail and reply to user issues and questions.
  • Enforce subreddit rules in a fair and consistent manner.


  • Basic understanding of our subreddit rules, as well as online roleplaying.
  • Willingness to regularly dedicate a small amount of time to our subreddit.
  • Able to take direction and insight, as well as provide your own.
  • Decent English for effective communication.

If you're interested in making a positive impact and being a part of our community, we'd love to hear from you!

To apply, write us a Modmail with a brief introduction and your interest in the role.

11:02 UTC


r/Crystals needs help

Looking for one or two mods for r/Crystals (https://www.reddit.com/r/Crystals/) to help enforce the rules and keep an eye on the queue. I will go in depth with the details if you are interested.

04:33 UTC


r/onlinecourses in need of mod help!

Looking for 1-3 mods to help with reviving the r/onlinecourses space — it has been untouched for years but has the potential to be a really helpful community now that so much information is online.

Send me a message if you're interested!

16:19 UTC


r/forgottoswitchaccount is looking for moderators! (2k members)

I'm looking for 1-2 new moderators to help out with r/forgottoswitchaccount, a community for those hilarious (and sometimes cringe-worthy) moments when you forget to switch accounts before posting. If you're:

  • Active on Reddit
  • Have a good sense of humor
  • Can tell the difference between a genuine mistake and spam

Then we want you!

Being a moderator is a great way to give back to the Reddit community and help shape a fun and supportive space.

To Apply:

Just send a message to the me, the mod of r/forgottoswitchaccount with a little bit about yourself and why you'd be a good fit for the team, and I'll respond asap. We look forward to hearing from you! r/forgottoswitchaccount

1 Comment
16:16 UTC


u/Professional-Yam6977 available to mod SFW

Looking to mod

Hi all

u/Professional-Yam6977 is looking to help mod any SFW reddit server(s) who needs an active member. Looking for SFW. Unbiased & fair. Have discord & discord modding experience in larger servers but only a minimal amount of reddit experience but quick learner.

Especially interested in anything medical, science etc but am happy with anything that is SFW.

1 Comment
09:35 UTC


r/thesims3 is looking for a new mod.

Hey there! I am the owner of r/thesims3, I have been working on sprucing up the sub and promoting activity with projects and events. This sub has been around for quite some time and currently has 8.5k members. There is another sub for The Sims 3 that is much larger/more active but I want to grow r/thesims3 to be a close-knit community where everyone feels like they're apart of something special and have a voice and that sometimes gets lost in bigger communities.

I am looking for someone who is excited to become a moderator on reddit or who is already one/has been one in the past. We need someone who can make sure everything on the sub is up to par with the rules of Reddit and the sub itself. If you're interested, please let me know!

15:11 UTC


r/FuturesTrading looking for some mods

Hi, our sub r/FuturesTrading is undermoderated and spammed often by "prop" firms which actually are pyramid schemes (scams).

I've tried several things, all of which failed:

  • promote community members to mods (most went inactive or were scammers)
  • locked the sub & went approval only, turned into a ghost town (now anyone can post, last 2 years, activity has shot up)
    • side node is that scammers promoting their pyramid schemes had a ton of influence on the community before they were banned
  • went deep auto mod, spammers still get around this

We need volunteers who are into finance/stock-market to know what users are talking about so they can catch scammers.

14:24 UTC

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