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LOVE💝(The Root Of Life🌳✨)

23:00 UTC


Me (21F) and my bf (21M) had a threesome recently

Recently my relationship wasn't the best. You know your usual arguing and what not. But it has gotten a lot better I've fell back in love and find those feelings once more along with him. About a day or so ago we agreed to have a threesome. But to me it always felt like it was something pushed. It's been that way for a while. It would always be a constant conversation whenever horny or anything really to do with fun. At first I was genuinely okay with the idea because I've always wanted the experience myself. But then it just became something he wanted most. I remember asking him would you enjoy it with another man or women, obviously most guys say another women. Of course im okay with women I actually am attracted to women but more in a fun way. But one specific time I asked if I could add another man, it was of interest in my head. He didn't like the fact of that at all and commanded it only be a women ever for the sake of not wanting another man to fuck me because he wouldn't "trust" that at all. So I went along. I just wanted to make him happy, regarding our past I just wanted to give him everything he wanted to I agreed not by force I had some time to think. The experience of the threesome was amazing I enjoyed it so much. But... I noticed how much more he was into her last night then me. I know I can overthink and maybe over analyze sometimes but I was very optimistic that day and was so open to everything but reailzing this just made me absolutely turn to a complete WREAK in my head. Honestly sitting here thinking back to this he provided more favors for her then me and left me to lay there doing nothing ever while providing my hands as extra and doing things too. He fucked her longer then me would fuck me for so little and then go back to her, play with her, and just do 100% more for her then what he usually would for me. He knows I have sensitive feelings and I feel as if sometimes he uses that to an advantage against me. I know this is kind of stupid to feel sad over but I am genuinely overwhelmed that maybe im just not good enough from the start. This morning was pretty much just intense.. I laid with back to them as he fingered her, and kissed her. He touched me softly like slid his fingers across my arm and turned back around to her. They proceeded to get further into it and she ended up climbing onto on him meanwhile like almost shoving me off the bed in the process of it all. She pinched my leg with her leg pretty bad. Then next thing you know he's moaning words he never moans to me. One thing he never does with me really is kiss me while on top but her.. she was his spotlight for kissing. The whole time im laying there hoping its over soon and dreading to not be talked. I gave up, I wanted to cry so badly while laying there. My life feels so lost right know, I didn't know someone could make you feel like your this kind of nothing. I feel like I've never been enough. Like I feel so dumb, I probably should have never agreed to this but I thought it would be fun and I could trust him considering we are engaged I have so much trust for him but now all I can think is .. can I really trust him. If I feel this way now what's gonna happen when me and him just have sex ? How am I gonna react or what even if its a small gesture like a kiss or a hug. This is effecting me badly and I really don't know how to go about this.

1 Comment
14:16 UTC


If forgetting was easier

I’ve liked this guys for as long as I could remember having him around. Pretty sure he’s available and all that, catch is he’s probably straight. People around us say we’re different when the other is around, he’s comfier, I’m more distant (they say). They’ve been bugging me to admit, but I know there’d be nothing waiting for me there. I’d say it’s easier to just accept it than try, but man is it gnawing at me. I could play it cool, act like its nothing, but wouldn’t it really all be the same than just keeping quiet? Would it be better to have passed and said nothing?

1 Comment
11:17 UTC


Thought’s 💭💭

Sometimes my thoughts are so overwhelming it feels like a hole person I want them to shut up .the feel of not having a peace of mind it so annoying even sleep can’t take them away

1 Comment
04:58 UTC


Trying to keep peace within.✨💖

23:16 UTC



Forgive me father, forgive me God. For I’ve sinned with no remorse. Apocalyptic dreams went through my head. Here today. Gone tomorrow.

It’s all insane. I’m feeling sick, I feel numb. The storm will come. I’m the name of God; I’m the chosen one.

15:15 UTC


when i think about my homie being gone

1 Comment
07:32 UTC



04:40 UTC



I think I realised that I’m tried for waiting for perfect moment or timing to do what I want coz I think I forgot how believe in myself and let other people opinion get to me and I want be my best self do what makes me happy 😊

01:46 UTC


How I feel

This feeling I have I’m not good enough and it kill’s me to feel this but can’t help it maybe not good maybe I’m waste of space coz if I was good enough I would did something with my life .

00:57 UTC


This one got me.

20:03 UTC


A little message: BE PATIENT✨💖

01:53 UTC



03:22 UTC



03:41 UTC


When did sex become meaningless?❤️‍🩹

03:14 UTC



20:09 UTC


Why do i feel like this? A few hours ago i went to my girlfriends house, it felt like it was the last time i spoke to them also the last time i saw my room. Idk why im feeling like this, everything is going well but this feeling is overbearing me... it feels like im not going to make it to tommorow.

06:33 UTC


My Experience With Loneliness. (You're Not Alone🫂)

00:33 UTC


A Big Question for You All

Do normies have real vitriolic hate for us, just because we're losers?

Lemme back up a sec

So I'm pretty low on the totem pole of male dominance, but there's like 2 people I associate with who are even lower than me. We'll call them Nigel and John.

Now sometimes, because they're more beta than I am, I find myself annoyed sometimes when they bug me for simple questions or to tell me a joke that doesn't quite land. Sometimes it's slightly annoying, but I still am friends with these two.

My question is:

Do normies get this same feeling towards us, but to a super-accelerated degree? Are what we view as minor annoyances, they view as reasons we shouldn't exist, like we aren't even worthy to breathe the same air as them?

1 Comment
22:24 UTC


Gaming friends leaving

I usually prefer playing alone in an MMORPG because I easily get attached and the idea of them leaving really scares me but still, I kinda want to have gaming buddies because it makes the game even more fun to play. I don't know. I have been playing NNK and joined a friendly guild or kingdom for a month now. I don't usually talk but I love reading my guildmates' conversations. It makes me feel happy knowing that I have them even if we are not close and I barely talk with them since I'm way too shy. Haha. Last night we won a war against another kingdom. However, today, 2 of our OG kingdom members (the strongest ones) left the guild and joined another guild. Now, I feel sad and helpless. I don't know. We are not even that close to begin with but I don't understand why I feel so down.

Ps. I know that it is bound to happen in a game but still whenever it happens, there's a strange sadness that stirs within me.

1 Comment
06:00 UTC


My Daughters lost their grandfather and their dog last week. It has been ruff...but it's getting better

05:43 UTC



23:22 UTC


What language do I speak?

Does anyone ever feel as if they speak a completely different language than those around them? Misunderstood at every phrase.

22:19 UTC


My heart

I’m tough around my friends and most of my family members but with her, my heart goes so soft..I literally cry whenever I make her frustrated because I don’t want to give her a hard time or headaches from my dumbass. I always stay on call with her until she falls asleep and tell her goodnight and how much I love her and that she deserves the sweetest of dreams. Tonight felt heavy because although she said that she wasn’t frustrated anymore and went to sleep (she was exhausted from work), I still have this feeling of being away tomorrow so I don’t frustrate her again or maybe even more. I just want to be a good gf..I feel awful because she also has work in the morning and I caused her night to go a bit wrong.

15:04 UTC


Anyone else feel that they are more comfortable alone rather than around a group of people?

10:56 UTC

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