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    [Pre-proposal Idea]: To avoid volatility, use USD as the base calculation for Banner/AMA/Event, to set the Moon amount to be paid based on a steady USD value.

    Currently, the calculation is done by generating a number that directly translates to a set quantity of Moon for the cost of the banner/ama/sponsorship/events.

    Which means that the amount of Moons stays the same, but the USD value wildly fluctuates.


    Use a similar calculation, but generate a quantity in USD as the base number, so the Moons owed to pay for the banner/AMA/etc.. would be based on a set USD value, regardless of Moon volatility.

    So instead of having the price of the banner being set as 7896 moons, and having sponsors pay whatever fluctuating USD value it is that day, it would be set at say $2,600, and the sponsors would pay whatever amount of Moons it takes to have $2,600 worth at the time of payment.

    Problem being solved:

    Banners are currently calculated at 7,896 Moons.

    Cost in USD last month at peak Moon price: $6,158

    Cost in USD now after the drop in price: $1,816

    The volatility is causing big price discrepancies, despite traffic and views steadily going up.

    View Poll

    17:17 UTC


    Proposal to use a portion of the revenue from renting space in r/CryptoCurrency to market Moons.

    I posted this idea in the r/Cryptocurrencymoons subreddit, but thought maybe that it would be better suited here.

    I think that Moons need a marketing campaign to promote them and take the first step in turning them into a multi-platform CryptoCurrency. Instead of burning all of the Moons received from renting places like the banner, we could sell them to pay for advertising on Twitter. I think that this would be a good way to hype up Moons and make them look more like a legitimate CryptoCurrency.

    What does everyone think about this?

    01:53 UTC


    New idea for Moon distribution. Moving away from rewarding quantity, and rewarding people's best posts and comments. Your 2 best posts and 8 best comments determines your karma for distribution.

    As we can already see on the r/CryptoCurrencyMoons sub, where they started relaunching distributions, it's becoming a quantity game again where people are just churning out as many post as they can.


    Distribution is calculated by taking your 2 highest posts and 8 highest comments, to determine your karma score.

    That's UP TO 8 comments, and up to 2 posts. It doesn't matter if you have no posts or fewer than 8 comments. It's the average that counts.


    This will make spamming and low effort quantity farming much less fruitful, and kind of pointless.

    It's like they say to artists, you're only as good as your best work.

    So even if you got some of your content downvoted, it won't matter. Your best upvoted stuff is what determines your distribution.

    This will also close the gap between newbies or casual users, and heavy farmers and karma maxxers. Because quantity is discarded, and the top comments and posts are averaged out.

    How it works:

    The only thing that will matter is your 0-2 best posts and your 1-8 best comments.

    You get an average karma score for those posts and comments that have positive karma ( 0 and negative don't count).

    Your average comment karma is multiplied by 1.5x.

    Your post average and your comment average are then averaged out into your final karma score. So it doesn't matter if you only comment and didn't post.

    That's the karma score that determines your share of the distribution.


    -Keighleigh's 8 best comments got 10, 8, 22, 37, 16, 4, 3, 6 karma (we could use upvotes if karma data is unavailable).

    Her best 2 posts have 120 and 16 karma.

    Comment karma average: 13. Final comment score: 13 x 1.5= 19.5

    Post karma average: 68

    Final distribution score: (68+19.5)/2 = 43.75

    -Gobi only had 6 comments with positive karma and they were 2, 1, 1, 4, 3, 1.

    Gobi didn't make any posts. Final score= 3

    -Jeighson's best comments had 189, 19, 11, 3, 8, 7, 14, 9 karma.

    Jeighson had no posts. Final score= 48

    Notice how this also solves the top comment lottery issue.

    -Condo-Lee's best comment had 22, 16, 4, 12, 2, 3, 5, 2 karma. For a comment score of 12.

    Condo-Lee's best posts had 281 and 48 karma. Averaging 164.5

    Final score= 88.25


    ((Comment average [only with positive karma and maximum 8 of the highest] x 1.5) + (Post average [only positive and maximum 2 of the highest]))/2 =Karma score for distribution

    View Poll

    22:01 UTC


    [Governance] Organizing Pinned Events Length


    Unorganized timing for pinned events, some events events get less time being pinned, others get more time and usually the events stays pinned for 3-4 days.


    Event length is 48 hours, advertisers can extend that by burning more Moons, each 24h extension = 50% Event price.


    24h Event = 50% Events Price - 0.5x

    48h Event = 100% (regular price) - 1x

    72h Event = 150% Events Price - 1.5x

    96h Event = 200% Event Price - 2x

    23:21 UTC


    r/CryptoCurrency will be hosting an AMA with Cathie Wood of Ark Invest as well as Ophelia Snyder and Hany Rashwan of 21 Shares on March 28th - 11AM EST, 3PM UTC"

    19:39 UTC


    Creation of CC avatars

    I understand moons distributions are (or may) be resuming soon.

    I thought it could be a great opportunity to immortalise this community becoming independently managed through the release of some CC avatars.

    My thinking is as follows:

    • we invite members to contribute designs (must be original to have a chance of being accepted by Reddit)
    • could also commission existing RCA artists to make a few designs for us
    • vote on top three, and desired mint allocations and cost
    • RCA creator contributions go into themoondistributor or another community wallet providing an enduring source of income based on sales volume
    • potential future utility for the RCAs in CC subs, such as free special memberships (ability to set custom flairs and use GIFs), etc to be determined later

    I anticipate a few rounds of voting:

    • endorsement to proceed with the idea
    • shortlisting designs
    • agreement to mint allocation and cost

    What does everyone think?

    I’m happy to oversee this initiative with the mods.

    02:54 UTC


    Moon Week 47 is delayed one week due to a special event this week.

    02:00 UTC


    Governance voting on Snapshot has been updated to include Moons on Arbitrum One

    16:59 UTC


    Governance Proposal: Drop base pricing for both events and banners by 50%

    Last Moon Week the community voted to increase event pricing by 300%, and institute dynamic pricing for banners based on demand. Both were reasonable proposals based on pricing and demand at that time, unfortunately everybody was voting based on inaccurate data. After voting was complete a bug in the calculator was discovered that was keeping base pricing low, and once fixed base pricing for both events and banners increased by ~100%.

    Rather than run an emergency governance poll or switch back to pricing in line with the polls the community voted on, the pricing was left where it was. As a result we have had only one AMA booking since, which is a large drop off in activity compared to before when pricing was lower. You can view burns for events and banners here:


    I propose we retain the original algorithm set in CCIP-043 along with CCIP-082 for banners, but drop the base price by 50%. Similarly I propose that we drop the base price for events by 50%.

    I would also like to include in this proposal that if in the future there are further bugs discovered in the calculator that the price should reflect what the community most recently voted for, and not an arbitrary number that was arrived at through error.

    Current pricing

    Events: 3,150 Moons

    Banner: 7,896 Moons

    Pricing if this proposal passed

    Events: 1,575 Moons

    Banner: 3,948 Moons

    15:00 UTC


    Tutorial: Bridging MOON to Arbitrum One via Celer (Celer Bridge is now live!)

    01:31 UTC


    150 Winner Giveaway Highlights and Results

    00:32 UTC


    (Giveaway) 150 Lucky winners will be part of CC History and be among the first people to ever receive Moons on Arbitrum One and will forever be among the first transactions on the Arbitrum One Moon Contract.

    04:42 UTC


    Want to be part of CC History and be one of the first people to ever receive Moons on Arbitrum One?

    03:17 UTC


    Clarify Rules for Sponsored Polls by: making them Pinned, adding an optional Comment Lock, clarifying rental lengths

    Although Sponsored Polls from CCIP-063 have not yet been used on CC. I think they have a lot of potential. They just need a few rule Clarifications/Modifications.

    I am proposing the following three rule changes or clarifications:

    1. Sponsored Polls are pinned for the extension of their purchase period.
    2. Sponsored Polls have an optional Comment Lock that can be placed. If comments are enabled the purchaser is required to have minimum engagement.
    3. Clarify that if an entity wants to rent for 72 hours - they can do up to 3 questions (one question every 24 hours).

    Reason for #1

    Users are able to conduct polls on CC. Getting a sponsored Poll through the CC Ecosystem provides no additional benefit for the entity if it is not pinned.

    Reason for #2

    Sponsored Poll writers may not want users discussing the results and guessing the purpose of the poll. If they want to disable comments they can.

    If comments are enabled Sponsored Polls are not intended as a cheap way to have an AMA. The entity conducting the poll must have minimum engagement in the comments

    Reason for #3

    Currently a Sponsor can purchase a sponsored poll slot for 24 or 72 hours. If they choose 72 hours they might not want one question. As such we are clarifying entities can ask up to one question every 24 hours. So 3 questions on a 72 hour rental period.


    These Changes are Aimed to make Sponsored Polls more desirable for potential entities.

    22:56 UTC


    Proposal - Clarify CCIP-069 and remove Sponsored Posts after six hours.

    Sponsored Posts need clarification as to what happens to them after the six hours are up. The options are:

    • Leave them up after six hours
    • Remove them after six hours

    CCIP-069 is not clear on what should happen to Sponsored Posts after the six hour period. As such if we take it at face value we should leave sponsored posts up after six hours. I am proposing that we remove all sponsored posts after the six hour period.

    Hypothetically if a single advertiser purchases every sponsored post slot over two days, and uses the same template for every post. Than there will be eight identical posts on the sub over that two day period as a result of the sponsored posts and they would all be up at the same time.

    This hypothetical situation does not sound enjoyable to sub viewers and as a result is not ideal. In order to prevent this problem we could remove duplicate sponsored posts and keep one off sponsored posts - however this solution is not consistent and presents multiple potential problems for advertisers who purchase multiple slots such as:

    • You are encouraged to only purchase a single slot so the post stays up for longer
    • If we remove a hot post in favor of a new sponsored post slot, it could actually result in less views for the advertiser.

    In order to prevent these problems and to be consistent I am proposing that all sponsored posts are removed from the sub after six hours. This way all advertisers will be treated consistently and we are not prioritizing one off sponsors who get to keep up posts for longer. Additionally if we remove a hot post in favor of a new post it isn't hurting the sponsor as that is what would happen regardless of the amount of slots that the advertiser purchased.

    This clarification in rules will allow us to better advertise sponsored post slots and will allow us to treat buyers equitably regardless of the amount of slots they purchase. (currently we either risk spamming the sub or treating one off sponsored post purchasers better)

    16:37 UTC


    Announcing Partnerships with Celer and Camelot to Bridge and Trade MOON on Arbitrum One

    21:50 UTC


    Sunrising Community Currency Beta 🌅

    04:18 UTC


    Moon Week 46 Governance Results and Impacts to Ecosystem Pricing.

    00:30 UTC


    Brainstorming thread for DAO constitution details

    Hi all,

    We are working with a company legalnodes to pursue the formation of an entity to manage the MOON operations of the subreddit, which I did a bit of a rambling overview of last night here:


    You can find an article by this company and a downloadable copy of their DAO constitution template here:




    At our current status, I think we want to move forward with DAO LLC formation in the Marshall Islands (though we should have an official vote on this). Assuming we are going this route though, we need to draft a DAO constitution, pick a smart contract basis for our DAO (maybe these guys https://daohaus.club/), and then draft an operating agreement and articles of incorporation (that reference the constitution and our smart contracts) to form the entity in Marshall Islands.

    The first step is the constitution, which is what this thread is about and why I provided the links above.

    Some important things I believe we need to discuss and vote on related to this document:

    • What constitutes membership? Is it simply holding MOON, or is it earning+holding MOON?
    • What operations are covered by the DAO? Banners and AMAs? Distributions and calculations of? Moderation itself?
    • With respect to distributions, I believe we definitely want to mention them, but I think we really can't be too specific, but we need to define them in some way, and also decide if newly earned MOON will carry more governance with some exponential decay (or some other way to try and offset a lower number of MOON being distributed).
    • I think we should specify some intent to expand beyond Reddit here.
    • Treasury management, bookkeeping, taxes and fees, etc. Who handles this? Do they get paid? (Do moderators get paid if moderation is a covered activity of the DAO?)?

    I hope that we can use this thread to try and generate ideas and make sure we're not missing anything, and we are thinking about being too specific or too general. I believe we should vote on most/all of these issues as we are consecrating them into a constitution, and I know people want to get this done asap so let me know what your thoughts are, and hopefully we can use this as a starting point to begin a series of votes over the next few weeks 🌕

    21:56 UTC


    3 full months the banner is booked out during a bull market at the lower cost - When’s the dynamic model kicking in?

    Anyone else catch this? Should be obvious right? Advertisers aware of the change being implemented to banner cost and have basically just booked it at the cheap cost.

    K so be it, but this new banner dynamic pricing model kicks in today, right? Voting should be ending correct?

    14:28 UTC


    Join Us Tomorrow Sunday 9 PM EST, live on Youtube, to talk about the future of the sub and the formation of a MOON DAO, and also Monday at 10 PM EST to chat NFTs, punks, and ittybits

    Myself and u/nanooverbtc will be live on Youtube to discuss the formation of a DAO LLC in the Marshall Islands that will be responsible for managing future MOON distributions and other subreddit business. This will be live on Youtube, we will post links here and the main sub tomorrow for the stream. For more background see the recent CCIP polls such as https://snapshot.org/#/cryptomods.eth/proposal/0xa85cfd6f37e42cdd306d1f0c9cd14b2abf4ed78c755ceabdd422e0fcf814be70

    Monday night we will also have myself and \@cryptohydrate will host some folks from ittybits and chat NFTS on the r/CC Collectible Podcast:https://twitter.com/cryptohydrate/status/1764052221669347567

    You can leave questions here or on the Youtube chat.

    Copying from a comment for some context on legalnodes:

    I have been the sole point of contact with legalnodes, so I plan to share my discussions with them, but main points are:

    They recommend Marshall Islands DAO. This would allow either all token holders or all token earner+holders (depending what we decide) to be DAO members. The only other jurisdiction where this is possible afaik is Wyoming, but the reporting requirements there are onerous and not compatible with our situation.

    So, if we are going the path of a Marshall Islands DAO LLC...

    We need to setup a DAO constitution, and we need to decide upon a smart contract basis to reference in our articles of organization or other founding documents for the LLC. The constitution needs to describe:

    What constitutes membership

    The DAO responsibilities (governing the sub, managing banner&AMA stuff, etc.)

    Treasury management and operating expenses

    DAO smart contracts (probably DAOhaus or Moloch as template)


    If we are for profit LLC we need to pay 3% rev tax per year. Also there is $3-9k setup costs and $5k/year fee to be MI DAO LLC. These and other expenses need to be addressed in treasury management.

    I believe we will have the option to be a non-profit. I think if we are non-profit we can still redirect revenue to distributions but avoid 3% tax. I think if we are for-profit we could theoretically redirect MOON or other revenue passively to DAO members (token holders or token earner+holders).

    We are waiting a report from legalnodes hopefully by end of next week that will address these questions and more about reporting requirements.

    One other thing to mention - apparently we are in very good shape distribution-wise. It can be problematic if one entity holds more than 10% of the token supply. We don't have any holders except exchanges with more than a few percent, and importantly this is very good in terms of easing registration and reporting requirements.

    22:43 UTC


    Where’s any link for “moon week”?

    Haha, is no one voting after day 1 now?

    I get it we want the daily posted, but then we need to put a link for “moon week” somewhere.

    Could we just make the daily a chat like they have set up on other subs? One less spot we have to be concerned about every day.

    Or just make the moon week the “weekly” chat for moon week

    00:31 UTC


    Lets talk CC Sponsors MegaThread and Ideas

    In case you weren't aware governance proposals are up and one of them is for a SponsorShip Program on CC and that looks like it will absolutely pass. The point of this thread is to brainstorm ideas for who could become potential sponsors and discuss the benefits of the program.

    If you are a potential sponsor or are interested in reading about the details of the program you can see the full details at this CCMeta thread Final Draft: Expand the CryptoCurrency Ecosystem by introducing a Sponsorship Program.

    If you just want a quick run down here are some of the key benefits:

    • Sponsors will be listed in the increased visibility section in the order they sign up, and will stay in that spot until they fail to renew or someone above them fails to renew. That means if you are one of the first sponsors you would be listed near the top of the sponsorship section. This Imgur link gives an example of what that increased visibility could look like.
    • After becoming a sponsor you get 7 days of Banner time to use how you wish - you could advertise the sponsorship or just advertise yourself.
    • Sponsors get a Customized Message automatically pinned whenever they come up on CC in a Post.
      • Lets use Gods Unchained as an example of what that could look like
        • A post Titled: "My Experience playing Gods Unchained over the last year." is posted on CC.
        • An automatic message will get pinned to the top of the post that all visitors who read the comments will see. The next bullet is an quick example of a potential Customized Message.
        • "Gods Unchained, the trading card game where every card and victory is truly yours. To play on Desktop go to: (URL to download on desktop). To play on Android go to (URL to app on play store). To play on Iphone go to (URL to app on App Store).

    My example is limited due to being a bullet (you wouldn't have that limitation) - but you get the idea. There is a ton of potential to customize, make announcements, and connect to your preferred userbase automatically whenever you are the subject on a post.

    There are other benefits as well to becoming a sponsor however they are of course optional.

    • 2 Q/As during the year (if desired) at No Cost.
    • Sponsors can receive one free Sponsored Ad from CCIP-069 every month.

    The cost of the Sponsorship Program once approved is equal to 2 months of the Banner Cost in Moons burned and will last for one year, at which point it will have to be renewed to keep all the above benefits.

    • For reference the banner cost is currently 3,900 Moons a day but will change as traffic on CC changes and the price of Moons change.

    If you know anyone that may be interested in becoming a Sponsor, you can direct them to this post or tag them below if they have a Reddit Account.

    16:20 UTC


    Moon Week 46

    01:16 UTC


    We need to address the rampant anti-European sentiment on the sub

    I thought this was probably the best place to highlight this phenomenon. I think it's plainly visibile: every thread that somehow cites the European Union, the Euro, the European Central Bank, some European government, rapidly attracts the various libertarian maga american users and degenerates in everyone bashing anything Euro-related, "Americans pay for your defence", "public healthcare is paid by taxes", "the EU is completely irrelevant", "the Euro is useless". You know, the usual type of posts you find in the /r/ShitAmericansSay sub.

    As a European it's very tiring to see all this hate left unchecked. I am sure many Europeans don't feel welcome here for this reason. It's completely unwarranted for and a form of racism. Unless the sub is called /r/CryptoCurrencyEthnicAmericans then more should be done to make those users understand that it's not an acceptable behaviour. Yes, freedom of speech all you want, but I am fairly sure that this behaviour would not be tolerated if those on the receiving end were categories of people closer to the American home.

    10:01 UTC


    Prepare for upcoming Moon Week 46 on Monday 26 February 2024

    1 Comment
    02:05 UTC


    [Goverance] Triple The Events Price

    The idea might sounds crazy but most of us are missing important piece of info:

    There are only 6-7 Events spots per month

    That’s because the post get pinned 2 days before the event and stay 1 day after the event is done. Which means advertisers are paying 2250 Moons for 4 days of pinned post, 562 per day!

    Unlike banner where we can rent 30 days per month.

    Even if we are fully booked with events, the total Moons burned per month is ~16k which is less than 4 days for banner.

    New Price

    3x the current price according to the formula. Currently thats 3 * 2,250 = 6,750 Moons per event.

    01:43 UTC


    Final Draft: Expand the /r/CryptoCurrency Ecosystem by introducing a Sponsorship Program.

    Introducing the r/CryptoCurrency Sponsorship Program


    How you become a Sponsor:

    Burn two month of the base Banner cost to be listed as a Sponsor of r/CryptoCurrency for one year. There will be a dedicated tab at the top of the sub and a Link in the "Helpful Link" section, for users to easily find and see all "Sponsors"

    See this Imgur link for an idea of what the Increased Visibility could look like for Official Sponsors.


    Additional Perks for r/CryptoCurrency sponsors:

    • Comes with 7 days of Banner so party can announce the sponsorship of CC/advertise themselves.
      • This perk = 7 days of Banner Burns
    • 2 Q/As during the year (if desired) at No Cost.
      • This perk = ~1-2 days of Banner Burns
    • Sponsors can receive one free Sponsored Ad from CCIP-069 every month.
      • This perk = 6.5 days of Banner Burns
    • Sponsors get an automated Customized Pinned Message on Posts that they are a subject on.
      • E.G. A post titled: "Kraken Bitcoin volume surges", would get an automated custom pinned message from Kraken if they were a sponsor.
    • Eligible for the Official Banner Sponsor Program (described below)
      • This perk = Unknown days of Banner Burns dependent on availability of banner and amount of time rented.

    Official Banner Sponsor Program Works as follow:

    • Sponsors can book a Banner up to seven days before the current date at a 50% discount for up to seven days.
      • (I.E. if 10/06 UTC a sponsor can book the banner between 10/06 and 10/13 UTC for up to 7 consecutive days if available - at a 50% discount)

    The Intention of the Official Banner Sponsor Program is to decrease any likelihood of having empty banner days, by limiting the discount to *within 7 days* for up to one week. If Sponsors want to book a Banner on a specific date they'd need to book in advance at full price or risk that date not being available by trying to secure a discount.

    Important note: Having sponsors receive a perk for renting empty days will allows us to test base price increases in the future, while having a pool of sponsors who could pick up likely empty days at a decreased cost.


    Additional Details on how the Program Works:

    • In increased visibility sections sponsors will be listed in the order they became a sponsor of the sub. Once a sponsor you will keep your place in the order unless someone above you loses their sponsorship or you lose your sponsorship.
    • Becoming an Official Sponsor of r/CC will make you a sponsor for one year, at which point you'd have to renew the sponsorship by again burning Moons based off of the cost - at that time.
    • Mods can approve/reject a request to sponsor the subreddit if they feel it is not in the best interest of the community.
    • If at any point either the mods or the sponsor determine the relationship is not in the best interest of their respective userbase, both parties have the right to cancel the sponsorship with no refund to the cancelled Sponsor.
      • Removing sponsors would not be a regular process that sponsors have to worry about.
      • This will only be done in extraordinary circumstances via a Moon poll - E.G. removing a company like FTX or Celsius after they declared bankruptcy.
    20:20 UTC


    Applying for /r/CryptoCurrency - /u/EdgeLord19941 – Moons and Cheese lover

    1. How much account age and comment karma do you have? How much comment karma do you have at the sub you're applying for? To find out, go to your user profile in old Reddit and under your username click on "show karma breakdown by subreddit".

    My account is nearly 3 years old, with 27,632 comment karma. 23559 of that is in the CryptoCurrency subreddit.

    2. Do you have experience moderating on Reddit or any other websites?

    I have no experience on Reddit but have been a moderator on Telegram and Discord before.

    3. If you currently moderate other subs, will this be a burden to your mod duties at the sub you are applying for?

    I currently have no duties so this will not be a problem.

    4. Are you familiar with creating AutoModerator rules or programming bots? If so, what experience do you have?

    Not familiar with the AutoModerator or any Reddit-specific bots, but I am a developer by trade and willing to look into it to help out. It's possible I could help with a tip bot or other functionality for the subreddit's token, Moons.

    5. What is your timezone? How active do you intend to be?

    I am located in central Europe and work from home, so I am active for around 8 to 10 hours every day between 9 and 23 CET.

    6. What project in the crypto space are you a fan of or invested in?

    Big fan of Moons, apart from that I mostly just have BTC. I suppose I would be considered a more traditional investor with risk aversion (as far as that's possible in crypto).

    7. Do you have a vision or goal for the sub you are applying for? If so, what is it, and how would you pursue it?

    Mostly I want to help support the Moons project and help out the mods who stayed and have done so much for the community since the sunset. As mentioned before I am willing to look into working on bots, as well as any other tasks that could help lighten the load.

    8. Do you have anyone who will vouch for you in the comment section of your application?

    Not sure, but I hope someone will!

    9. If you're applying to r**/CryptoCurrency**, would you be interested in helping the greater CC Network with various duties so we can evaluate you?****

    Absolutely, since I have little experience this would be preferable. A smaller satellite sub would be nice, as well as potentially checking out the existing bot repositories.

    20:07 UTC


    [Goverance] Flat banner price increase by 100%

    Currently the price of banner is not reacting towards increased demand and does not reflect scarcity of our ad space.
    Last poll was split between 50% and 200%+ increase.
    We should put up vote for next moonweek for at least 100% increase as good middle ground.

    Please note this proposal is flat increase for current final price of banner, not a change of formula.

    Currently by applying formula banner rental for a day cost around 500$.
    After the change, we just multiply the formula total price by +100 % = 1000$.

    Vote question: "Should we increase flat banner price by 100%?"

    Option 1 : Against, no price change.

    Option 2 : Increase banner price by flat +100%.

    Mods please let me know, if wording works.
    Thank you.

    14:04 UTC

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