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This sub is for government censorship from around the world.


/r/censorship is a reddit about government censorship in all forms from around the world.

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China vows to punish critical Taiwanese commentators, families for 'slander'

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Canada's Online News Act, Bill C-18, has severely restricted access to local, national, and international news for people in Canada.

Having recently returned to Canada from abroad, I am devastated at the level of internet censorship resulting from the battle between Meta and the Canadian Gov't. The Online News Act, Bill C-18, and Meta's response of blanket blocking all news, has created a serious problem of near total news censorship across the largest social media network in the world. I do a lot of work internationally, I rely on the breaking news from countries where most of their news is not primarily published on a corporate news site, but rather, through Facebook and Instagram pages. I cannot access 98% of pages listed as "news" on any of Meta's services. As a consequence, C-18 has created a huge news blackhole in Canada.

After doing some digging, and considering a VPN, apparently not even this will help because any account that touches a Canadian IP address is also locked out of all news, globally, for 30 days. Americans have come to Canada for hours, only to discover upon returning back to US, they too can no longer access news from FB or Insta.

The only workaround I can think of is buying a VPN, creating an account through the VPN, and then never letting that account touch a Canadian IP address. But that is absolutely crazy for a so-called modern, developed, advanced democracy and this sort of blockage we're experiencing is what I'd expect under a theocratic regime like in Iran, but not in Canada!

Here's an example of what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/oG2gI5w.

17:39 UTC


Meet the Woman Trying Censor the WORLD! Australia's E-Safety Commissioner Mad with Power

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19:21 UTC

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