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The aim of /r/RightsMedia is to create a place for coverage both of media rights stories around the world (persecution/suppression of journalists, etc.), and for news pieces that cover human rights stories.

/r/RightsMedia is a space for sharing and discussion, both of great "rights media" content, and of what rights media should & can be.

The aim of /r/RightsMedia is to create a place for coverage both of media rights stories around the world (persecution/suppression of journalists, etc.), and for regular, everyday news pieces that cover human rights stories.

/r/RightsMedia is a space for sharing and discussion, both of great "rights media" content, and of what rights media should & can be.

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Have any free speech supporters actually used free speech publicly? Esp those upset with Pope Francis's comment? Don't they realize even the average Joe can get violent over things they don't like to hear (esp involving sacred cows and self-esteem)?

I should have signed up on reddit and make a comment about it when Pope Francis made it years ago but oh well better late than never.

Several years ago, people were getting quite angry when Pope Francis made a comment right after the Charlie Hedbo incident. He used an example that if a friend insulted his mother, he CANNOT expect the Pope himself to just stand there and take it and it shouldn't be surprising if Francis decides to punch him. Basically the Pope was saying words you say have consequences and esp when it involves something as sensitive as religion, you shouldn't be surprised at the possibility of violence breaking out.

People thought he was defending the Charlie Hedbo killings. Honestly I was flabbergasted they missed his point. The accusations on the Pope being a supporter of the Charlie Hedbo terrorism and even supporting ISIS and anti-Americanism (and similar comments of that nature) got so ridiculous that the Pope had to make a comment stating that he completely condemns the Charlie Hedbo attack and he completely defends freedom of speech. That people are missing his point (which is expecting painful repercussion INCLUDING physical violence).

Even after that plenty of people esp from Anglo Saxon countries in particular Canada and America still expressed outrage at Pope Francis and were stating the Pope is full of **** because free speech means anyone has the right to say anything...............

So I have to ask HAVE any of these commentators- esp on the internet- ever tried to go into a biker bar and yell out that Hell's Angels are a bunch of P*****s fags? Or tried to debate with a redneck from Oklahoma?

I state that because when I was younger I used to love debating about various topics from religion to dinosaurs and politics. Not only would plenty of debates I took part of get so of course with the other side doing personal attacks and using fallacies....... But no matter how much I tried to be polite and use logic often physical stuff would get involved. In fact as early as 10 seconds into a debate just starting, when I would point out inconsistencies and other flawed logic when it comes to sacred cow subjects like military spending, already I got blitzed and punched. This happened too many times I decided to just avoid religion and sensitive subjects.

But even than I'd learn humans would get so damn rude and depending on how long I insisted on the argument and the flow of it, I'd get punched over stuff as snicker bar. One time I was pointing out why Transformers as a franchise had plenty of flaws but the Transformers fanboy wouldn't listen and was getting pissed. He than brought comment out that "Lawrence of Arabia" (which I publicly expressed was my favorite movie at the time) is a stupid Arab, and Arabs look stupid and he literally said "thats what you look like-stupid!"

I was so pissed because not only is Lawrence of Arabia ABOUT A blonde blue eyed British soldier (and the guy never watched the movie) but WHAT THE **** does Arabs have to do with the debate (which was about Transformers?!!!!)? On top of that I was not an Arab and I was white looking and in addition....... Even if you were losing an argument or couldn't come up with a debate........... That DOESN'T JUSTIFY RACIST ATTACKS esp COMMENTS!

Luckily this never got physical but I was so shocked because of all things to get VERBALLY AGGRESSIVE about, a Hasbro Toyline and TV cartoon? And to even bring up OFF-TOPIC racial comments including making a completely inaccurate comment attacking a movie hero as with a racist comment towards nonwhite (DESPITE the fact they never watched it because if they did they'd KNOW the leading role is a blonde blue eyed Englishman?!)?!

I could not believe it! But I'd learn even making comments about stuff thats objective with solid evidence could lead to violence. I remember when I was pointing out to a Filipino that Manny the Pac-Man flat out lost a recent fight because he was injured prior to the bout and he wasn't in his best shape (along with his opponent being taller and heavier), I was suddenly punched out of nowhere. I could not believe it because I was a BIG PAC-MAN myself!!!! And boxing isn't exactly a Biblical thing concerning God's commandments right? Nor does it involve Republicans and Democrats? Hell the simple fact Manny lost the fight in a lopsided match and was knocked down several times (almost losing to a TKO in an early round) is ALREADY enough objective proof. Hell Pac-Man himself said on public TV after the fight he should have not slacked off conditioning months prior!

This was the biggest shock because not only did the celebrity this Filipino claimed to be a "true fan of" supported my views but it was an outright objective one. The results proved it, various referees and experts across the boxing industry agreed, Manny's coach was criticizing him publicly for his incompetence, and even international news including Filipino TV and a good number of his fans were saying Manny had no chance. So to get HIT really ROCKED my world so much.........

I gave up on free speech that day. Don't get me started on a thing I saw at a bar months later where two people were arguing over what music to play. One of them ultimately USED his own money to insert into the juke box and the other person suckerpunched him........... And this isn't even about free speech at all technically!

So I have to ask............. People so insistent on their right to speech..... In particular those who were outraged at Pope Francis's comments about expecting a punch for making a "yo mama" comment...........

Do they have any experience in the real world? Have any of them ever tried to burn the Bible in front of a Church or write an article about revealing the recent theft a local bully has done? Have any of them even tried to debate at a bar politely about trivial stuff?

Because honestly as someone who experienced verbal insults and even physical assaults for politely debating, I am just baffled how naive so many people can be esp on reddit and other website in regards to free speech. Esp about Pope Francis's statement (which is just ****ing common sense!)!

I know this comes off as a rant but I had to post it because its as though many people in the modern day West expects people to send them flowers for burning the Torah. I got insulted (often with off-topic bigoted stuff such as racist slurs like white trash) for far less, for stuff as trivia as the Transformer toys and the Bionicle franchise (despite not even arguing but just debating politely and pointing out real flaws quite often I'm even a big fan of said subject such as Randy Couture and am merely pointing out his slip ups!).

I'll leave it here because I'll go on and on about very bad and even traumatizing memories.

Your take on the subject?

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This government doesn't let parents name their children a name of their choosing.

In Germany, the office of Vital Statistics has to approve the name you choose.

I have to share this because I don't think any government should be allowed to tell parents what they can and cannot name their child.

A few banned names in Germany: Taylor, Toby Riley, Matti, Quinn, Cam....I can go on.

German law states that the name MUST be gender specific.

They will not approve the names above or any name that is not gender specific, UNLESS you give them a German approved GENDER SPECIFIC middle name like Anderson Michael. or Toby Michael....

I am a soon be first-time father living in Germany. I just found out the German government has to legally approve the name of my son. I honestly thought it was a joke at first.


It goes against every human right. Does it not?

Is it not our right as parents to name our own child that we created?

In Germany, they have strict baby-naming laws.

So the German government (or whoever is working and approving names that day) gets to decide if the name you select for your child will negatively affect that Childs wellbeing.

The German Government gets to determine your child's name when they are born here. How can this be allowed?

The fact is that it should not be allowed. Full stop.

-Concerned, soon to be 1st-time father, in Germany

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Brave guy stands up for freedom of speech and confronts journalists at their home

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