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Should I buy the MacBook Air M2?

I currently have a PC with the following specifications: Intel Core i5-9400f GTX 1650 16gb ram

I’m currently thinking if I should sell it and buy the M2 MacBook Air. But the thing is, the MacBook is more expensive, kinda double what my pc is worth. And I’m not sure if it is worth it.

16:33 UTC


Is there a retractable spring-like metal tip for the apple pencil?

Hello! I just got an ipad with a 1st gen apple pencil, and i'm migrating from a microsoft surface tablet. The thing I really liked about the microsoft surface pen was that the tip would retract into the pen when pressure was applied. The apple pen doesn't do that so I was wondering if I could buy a tip that could replicate that retractable motion from the surface pen.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, thanks!

01:20 UTC


What iPad model should I buy?

Hey! First post here. I'm looking into getting an iPad during Black Friday sales and need advice on what model to buy. I'm only interested in the below mentioned three versions, as these are definitely what are in my budget and are available near me; I am not interested in the Pro 12.9" due to its size and price.

I've narrowed it down to my preferences and needs, and ended up torn between the iPad Air 5th generation 256 GB and the iPad Pro 11" 3rd or 4th generation at 128 or 256 GB. The Air is significantly cheaper and comes in colors I like better, but the screen is slightly smaller. From the specs I've read, the Pro 11" has a better camera (which I likely will be hardly ever at all using), but also a better screen, like ProMotion technology. My main uses for the iPad will be browsing the web, surfing emails and such, but primarily art apps like Ibispaint, Procreate, whatever other ones I find, and some video games like Genshin Impact.

I haven't had an iPad since I got my first and so far only one in 2011, and haven't had an iPhone since the iPhone 6S was new, so I'm very behind on Apple products. The iPad Air would be cheapest for me to buy, at around $650 on sale. The 2021 iPad Pro 11" (3rd gen) would be about $700. And the 2022 iPad pro 11" (4th gen, current) would be anywhere from $750-$850 depending on storage. Which model is most suitable for my purposes? I consider myself a beginning and hobbyist artist, so no need for anything professional. And how much storage should I get? As I know Genshin Impact alone takes ~30 GB on my android phone, and I've managed to completely use up 128 GB in the past, but that was including photos, videos, movies, music, etc and this iPad won't have any of that besides whatever images are stored in the art programs.


Edit: Also posted in r/Procreate

05:23 UTC


M1 Mac Studio or M3 Macbook Pro

My laptop is trashed and i want to switch to apple. I dont want a laptop cause of the smaal screen and heating but my ma wants me to use a laptop again. Which whould you prefer for longevity and performance ? My budget is like 2400 dollars (65k liras in turkey)

03:49 UTC


M1 iPad Air vs. i5 MacBook Air

Need a laptop for school. Not sure if the extra price is worth it for the MacBook because MacOS is definitely less limited than iPadOS. What would be the better option?

20:59 UTC


How to buy an iphone 15

i have iphone 8 plus ( sim card) need to upgrade

05:01 UTC


2023 macbook pro or 2024??

was thinking of getting a macbook pro (2023, M2, 14”) for school but should i just hold out until the next macbook pros ??? will the M3 be worth it at all??

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08:21 UTC


Unlocked iPhone - Where to Purchase?

I would like to purchase a new unlocked iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Plus or Pro Max.

It seems that Apple and Costco are my only 2 options. Is this correct, or are there other retailers that sell unlocked iPhones? It would also be nice if I can trade in my current iPhone for a discount, which I assume means Apple is my only option. I’m not willing to take my chances on eBay after encountering problems in the past.

Does anyone know where I might purchase a new unlocked iPhone 14 Pro Max, 15 Plus, or 15 Pro Max?

08:10 UTC


Docks with Nightstand mode for Phone and Watch

Maybe it's because I'm in Australia, or maybe it doesn't exist ... but I'm reaching out for help.
I'm looking for a magsafe charging dock that will do iPhone and Watch in landscape format (bonus points if it does AirPods too but not essential).
I can only seem to find ones that do one or the other, not both.

06:55 UTC


Apple Watch Trade-In

Hey all, I tried to search around for the answer but it wasn't all exactly clear.

I would like to buy my wife the new Watch Series 9 for Xmas and trade-in her old Series 5. Optimally I could order one during the black Friday sale and get a gift card for it too. The trouble comes in with the trade-in part. If I do all this online, I only have 14 days after receiving the trade in kit to return my wife's Series 5.

Hypothetically, if I order on the 27th when the sale is over, even if the trade-in kit takes 2 weeks to get to me, I won't be in the 14-day window to return before Xmas to surprise her. I read some other posts that said you can do trade-ins at the store and they can give you credit towards a previous purchase (so like I could go after Xmas with her old watch and get the $90 credited towards the Series 9 I purchased on my Apple card)? I definitely don't want to get another Apple store gift card.

Any insights are appreciated, thanks for the time!

16:45 UTC


I have a 1st generation Iphone with all utilities(box, earphones, charger) also an old airpod watch, where should i sell it ?

10:58 UTC


Macbook Air M2 vs Macbook Pro M3

Important decision factors:

  • I am a person with disabilities, extremely impatient and no technical support (beyond Apple Support and Reddit!). I struggle using iPad and iPhone, despite having both (thoroughly regret the iPad purchase).
  • Primary uses are A LOT of spreadsheets and documents, online shopping, written communication, heaps of Googling (usually at least 10 tabs/windows on the go), streaming tv & music.
  • I don't currently run any special programs or apps but I'd very much like to, especially accessibility boosters like voice-to-text programs, voice recording, better utilise Siri and shortcuts, etc.
  • I use iCloud for ALL files and photos, so it can be accessed across all my devices.
  • I don't know what kind of power and data these things need. I know they aren't specifically 'intensive' but I also don't want to shortchange myself.
  • It's mostly used at home, I don't have any current travel plans but I need a laptop for a few reasons.
  • I'm extremely sensitive to heat and sound. My current Macbook sounds like a jet engine at times and I have to go to another room.

My current model:

MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015)

2.2 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB

I know everything will be a world of difference compared to what I have now, but that was a choice for the time and the person I was then, I also had a Macbook Pro as my main at-home computer but it died in 2018 I've been solely using this one since.

New options:

13-inch MacBook Air with M2 chip14-inch MacBook Pro with M3 chip
8‑core CPU, 10‑core GPU and 16‑core Neural Engine8-core CPU, 10-core GPU and 16-core Neural Engine
24GB unified memory16GB unified memory
1TB SSD storage1TB SSD storage

Spending $3,000 on a laptop is honestly making me sick but considering how much I rely on one I'm wondering if I should just swallow my pride. I also don't want to have to do this again for another 5 years if possible. If you think I have overestimated my needs on the configuration, I'd be very grateful for advising on what to change (keeping my important notes in mind)

Desperate for some help. I have no one to talk this through with. I've made Pros & Cons spreadsheets and there are considerable ones for each but ultimately it comes back to my lack of knowledge in processors, speed, data, intricacies of engineering, etc. I know this isn't a very active sub but I'm crossing all my fingers at least 1 person sees this who can help.

Thank you so so so much 🥺

02:02 UTC


iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Plus?

I had iPhone 6s+ for about 7 years, then bought 13 Pro Max which was unfortunately stolen and now I got the X. To say the least, it’s time to upgrade and I’m debating between 15 Plus and 15 Pro Max.

The 15 Plus is made of aluminum which is better for overheating, I don’t mind the 60hz and I’m not a photographer or a mobile gamer so the extra lens and the newer chip don’t excite me as much.

This should be an easy pick for me of course but I have the option to buy the 15 PM with a 25% discount and thought of maybe trading it off next year for the 16 (in case it’s better).

If I buy the Plus, I’m gonna hold on to it amap. Anyone got advice?

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18:24 UTC


Question: Is the iPad Mini worth it?

Hello, I am new to the sub. I was curious as to whether or not the iPad Mini is worth it? I never had an iPad before and I kind of want something small and travel friendly for when i just feel like fidgeting or browsing the internet. Could someone who is very knowledgeable about iPads let me know if I should hold off on getting one for myself this holiday season or if I should just go for it?

Note: Redirecting this question from r/Apple as I do not believe I was supposed to ask their but here instead

02:18 UTC


[SE2 v S7/8/9] - Is the screen bezel noticeable?

Since owning iPhones I've had both a S5 45mm Stainless Steel (sold) and a S7 45mm.

I sold my iPhone a while back with the intention of switching to Android but this flopped and I got another iPhone.

In this time, my other half now has my S7 and she's comfortable with it.

I'm torn between a brand-new SE2 and a refurbished S7 45mm from the Apple Store.

After my 70GBP voucher, the SE2 will be 179 and the S7 will be 199 - 20 difference.

I don't use any of the sensors so the SE2 would be perfect but my main concern is the bezel around the screen and lack of QWERTY keyboard - when using the compare tool, the screen difference looks huge but I have a feeling this is one of those things I won't notice with day to day.

With the saving from the SE2 I could buy a strap.

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15:46 UTC


Turn Wired into Wireless CarPlay

Any advice? I want to stop using the wired version, because I believe doing so has ruined my battery.

20:04 UTC


Apple Watch SE gen 2 (2022) vs Series 7?

Will be used for general time telling, tracking sleep, and tracking light exercise. Have small wrists so will be getting the smaller screen. 40mm on SE 2 or 41mm on S7.

The thing that I'm mostly hung up on is the fact that the SE 2 has the newest chip so it will get more updates in the future. But the S7 has U1 (UWB) chip which could be useful for Find My tracking, and fast charging. However the SE 2 has an improved gyroscope.

06:32 UTC


Advice for 2TB M3 Pro or Max?

I'm stuck on which of the new Macbooks to get. The M3 Pro with 2TB of storage is £3599 which is very expensive for me, but I'm wondering if its worth paying the extra £400 for the M3 Max.

16" M3 Pro

12-core CPU

18-core GPU

18GB Unified Memory

2TB SSD Storage

Price - £3599

16" M3 Max

14-core CPU

30-core GPU

36GB Unified Memory

2TB SSD Storage

Price - £3999

To be honest, £3599 is at the top of what I originally wanted to spend for a new laptop. This is my first time buying an apple device. Any advice is appreciated. Mainly used for UX design, a bit of coding, light video editing and a little music production.

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23:40 UTC


SE or 9 watch?

I only really intend on using it for steps, looking at notifications when I can’t have my phone in my hands, and to check the time/maybe set timers. I probably only need the capability of the SE, but will the 9 last longer?

04:00 UTC


Should I spend $1150 on a used iPhone 14 pro

Context: this is Canada.

I recently fried my iPhone 11 motherboard and both apple and an independent tech shop both said unfixable. However the tech shop said they could perform data recovery for 250 if I bring my own phone.

He also offered a used iPhone 14 pro with 97% battery health - in great condition + he would do the data recovery of my old phone all for 1150 (the price of a new iPhone 14 pro. What are your thoughts? Worth it?

A new iPhone 14 pro costs 1150 in Canada.

16:08 UTC


Apple MacBook Pro

Hey everyone,

I have the M2 MacBook Pro 2023 16 inch and got it in July. I’ve been given the option to switch to the M3 16 Inch, is this worth it? Do you think changing between this M2 chip and the M3 chip is worth it?

I’m a medical student at University so just need it for studying and work.

Additionally, I’m thinking of getting an IMac but my only worries are portability - it’ll be hard moving between student accommodation and my house. What do you think?

13:47 UTC


m3 pro mbp 16” vs m2 pro mbp 16”

for the m3 pro it would be the 36gb unified memory version, and for the m2 pro the 32gb unified memory.

i saw that the m3 pro has less gpu cores and ~3 billion less transistors. i mention that my workload will be software and web development.

after you guys have seen the specs, what do you think? which one should i get?

13:01 UTC


Should I buy gps version of Apple Watch or the cellular version( I always keep my phone with me)

02:38 UTC


Should I get the IPhone 15 or the SamsungGalaxy S23?

I have an IPhone 11 right now and wanna upgrade because of some issues I had in the last months with it. This is my first IPhone and I love this ecosystem more than the samsung ecosystem but at the same time samsung is better in other ways like specs

18:12 UTC


I really love the iMac form factor but do not buy one on principle: I can't accept that I will not be able to use that gorgeous screen in target display mode

This reeks of unnecessary obsolescence and waste to me. I'd rather use an iMac I knew I could use as an external display when no longer supported by Apple but I find myself using mac mini and an external display instead.

Thoughts ?

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08:26 UTC


How much should I sell my iMac and watch for??

How much is the iMac going for?

I’m trying to sell my pink 2021 iMac that’s barely even used. Still in box. I’m in Portland, if that makes a difference. How much should I try selling it for? I also have a series 8 41MM Apple Watch that I’m trying to sell as well with all the accessories. Barely used. What would be a good asking price?

22:11 UTC

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