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LLW V36Pro sub 4L case with 12700k, 4060, HDPlex GaN. No GPU Riser ever again build.

Despite picking up the SFF 4060 as early as possible, I have been working to make this build a reality for a while now. I am happy to report that this is very possible with the right attitude lol.

12700K, Asrock Z690M-ITX/ax, 32Gb DDR4 CL36 GSkill RAM deshrouded, Noctua NH-L12 Ghost Edition with 120mm Noctua fan, HDPlex 250W GaN PSU with *very custom cables, Thermaltake 80x15 case exhaust fan.

Case is very sturdy and easy to build within but I wanted a brickless design. Was originally planning to go with an A2000 GPU but picked up the 4060 SFF from gigabyte and had to do a little modification to the shroud to make it fit along with quite a bit of small little adjustments here and there to put it together. Overall the system runs around 80W typically while working and never goes above 200 while gaming. Temps stay below 70C on both GPU and CPU under normal gaming and work loads.

Feel free to check out the build log here

Let me know if you have any questions about the case or the build

Completed build, still have a little cleanup with wiring and sleeving


A little view inside the case showing the wiring mess and the reason I needed to switch change the front panel screws from hidden to exposed, to be able to close up the case without a magic wand

17:25 UTC


Connecting a 4090 to a Corsair SF750 psu.

How do I connect the 3 pcie connectors for the 4090 to my sf750 psu since it only comes with 2 pcie cables? Do I have to buy an additonal pcie cable? Or can I just use the pigtail of one of the pcie cables?

17:09 UTC


Smallest 240mm AIO Case

can anyone list the smallest case that can still use 240mm aio, like the iqunix zx1 but its a bit pricy 🥲 does you have another suggestion?

1 Comment
16:45 UTC


Changing Mobo for temp?

Having looked at slight smaller cases such as Dan A4 & Terra. And it seem everyone is using a AMD Mobo

But I am currently using a Intel Mobo for my i13700.

It seem this is because generally AMD cpu have better temp.

So should I change change boards?

16:08 UTC


First SFF build review

Hello - been putting a list together for rebuilding. I’ve downsized recently and just don’t have that much space to give away to a full tower, and think it’ll be fun to try build something SFF anyway.

Mostly looking for decent value for money performance at 1440p. Not strongly attached to intel/amd/nvidia if there are suggestions to switch.

Thanks in advance! List:

PCPartPicker Part List

CPUAMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 4.2 GHz 8-Core Processor£341.73 @ Amazon UK
CPU CoolerCooler Master MASTERLIQUID ML240L RGB V2 65.59 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler£118.55 @ Amazon UK
MotherboardASRock A620I LIGHTNING WIFI Mini ITX AM5 Motherboard£176.05 @ Newegg UK
MemoryCorsair Vengeance 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5600 CL36 Memory£114.99 @ AWD-IT
StorageSamsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive£69.98 @ Amazon UK
Video CardGigabyte GAMING OC Radeon RX 7800 XT 16 GB Video Card£535.00 @ Computer Orbit
CaseCooler Master MasterBox NR200 Mini ITX Desktop Case£69.63 @ Amazon UK
Power SupplyCooler Master V850 SFX GOLD 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular SFX Power Supply£164.98 @ Ebuyer
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-12-06 13:26 GMT+0000
1 Comment
15:58 UTC


Revolt SFX 850w or SF750

Hey, currently I have the Asus Loki 850w and I am not happy with the fan. Once it starts spinning, it never stops. When my system goes back to idle or very basic usage like browsing the internet then the fan is by far the loudest part of the build and it stays that way till I either restart or sleep and wake my pc. I’ll be returning it because it definitely is not as advertised.

Now I am deciding between the revolt sfx and the sf750. Before I had the sf600 platinum and it was inaudible even under load and as far as i know the same can be said about the sf750. But I kinda want that direct 12vhpwr connection and I feel like the 850w is more futureproof. However I read on many posts from about 9 - 12 months ago that the fan is loud and starts spinning even during light usage on the revolt sfx. Is that still the case? I also read that more recent units should be ok but that was just 1 guy saying that. Also the revolt would be easier to get for me in my country since the sf750 is out of stock everywhere - only way would be buying directly from corsair which would probably cost more than the revolt including shipping.

13:24 UTC


Seeking Monitor Recommendations for RuneScape 3 on MacBook Pro M1 and PS5 Gaming

Hey fellow gamers and tech enthusiasts!

I'm currently on the hunt for a new monitor that can effortlessly handle RuneScape 3 on my MacBook Pro M1 while delivering a top-notch gaming experience for my PS5. Budget is not a concern; I'm seeking a high-performance monitor that seamlessly blends both worlds. While I don't mind a gaming aesthetic, I prioritize performance over looks. However, if there's a sleek, non-gaming design that doesn't compromise performance, I'm all ears!

I'm eager to hear your recommendations and insights on the best monitors for this setup. Thanks in advance for sharing your valuable suggestions!

13:18 UTC


Best cooler that pulls air away from motherboard?

Trying to air cool on my H1, I have the AXP120 from thermalright but when I flip the fan to pull air up there is a horrible whine/turbulence noise.

What are comparable options? Is the Noctua LH12 the only one?


11:35 UTC


Gigabyte Aorus B550I Pro AX Socket issue

I'm currently upgrading from an 5600X to a 5800X3D.

The problem is that my 5600X does not come out of the socket. Normally wile pulling the retension arm up the CPU is lifted out of the socket.

When i lift the arm nothing happens. The CPU stays fixed like it was glued in.

Seems like my MB is problem right? Any suggenstions?

This isn't my first build on AM4, but never saw something like that.

I have the Rev 1.0 board

EDIT: Came back from lunch. Friend of mine asked if he could try get it out. Works first try.

Happens to all of us I guess. Thanks for the tipps tho

10:09 UTC


can i use liquid metal on id-cooler is-55?

i know copper can absorb the liquid metal and i need to reapply it a couple times before the copper completely absorbs the liquid metal before it stops drying out but is the IS-55 a good cooler to use liquid metal on?

09:47 UTC


Best CPU cooler for ryzen 5600 that fits in the pc tu 100?

I bought pc parts and am afraid I bought a cooler too big. Are there any you would recommend. I prefer it to be good enough over slightly better but much more expensive

08:15 UTC


any try mATX with the meshroom D?

Anyone try building with the meshroom D and do an matx build?

I just wanted to get some clarification on a few things like:

Does ATX PSU fit or is SFX preferred?

Is a low profile CPU cooler preferred?

can it fit a 4070 or A770?

08:12 UTC


Sapphire 6950XT Nitro + Pure Case recommendation

Hi guys, I am totally new to this stuff and currently have a 6950 XT Nitro + Pure sitting around, thinking of building a small PC (doesn't have to be that small :D) and wonder which chassis you guys recommend? Thanks

06:48 UTC


Noctua NH-L12S vs ID Cooling IS-67-XT (both with NOCTUA NF-F12* PWM)

Noctua NH-L12S vs ID Cooling IS-67-XT (both with NOCTUA NF-F12* PWM)



In recent weeks I have been testing several more popular low-profile cooling kits:

ID Cooling IS-67-XT, Noctua NH-L12S, Thermalright AXP120-X67, quiet! Shadow Rock LP, ID Cooling IS-55 (the only thing missing from the set was DeepCool AN600).

I tested them with original fans and two models from NOCTUA (NF-A12x15 PWM / NF-F12 PWM), also in push-pull configuration (if possible).

Logs: Core Temp, GPU-Z and HWMonitor - but the more I collected, the less sense I saw in it (paradoxically).

Always used the same paste (Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut), and the whole thing ended up in two cases: Phanteks Evolv Shift Air 2 and Corsair 2000D AIRFLOW.

Conclusions (?):

-all mentioned cooling systems are "good" - but at the same time I would replace all their fans (with Noctua 25/15 mm);

-the mounting system to the motherboard is very important (often overlooked); does it allow installation in all four orientations? for example, with AM4 only a few from the above list allow it;

-the difference in work culture between the (fan): STOCK, NOCTUA 15mm, NOCTUA 25mm is noticeable;

-the fan mounting system may affect the ease of installation;

Which is the best in my subjective opinion?

Either IS-67-XT or NH-L12S... personally, I obtained the best performance-to-silence ratio with the combination of IS-67-XT and NF-F12.


06:25 UTC


Best gpu for s300?

I am currently struggling to find a good 1440p gpu that fits in the s300. I am looking at the 7700xt/7800xt but they all seem to be bigger than 305mm. Also the only 6700xt I can find that would fit is the power color fighter which I haven’t heard the best opinions about. I would be fine with NVIDIA but AMD seems to have much better price to performance. Any suggestions?

06:03 UTC


New pc for the office

Needed a new pc for the laser and 3D printers, this thing is a tight fit even making custom cables it’s a squeeze.

05:32 UTC


Recommendation: Smallest ITX Case that will fit PNY 4090 XLR8

Hi there, I'm ready to build a new SFF PC and finally found a smaller 4090 at stock price. Please can you recommend the smallest ITX case that I can fit a 332mm card?

I bought a PNY GeForce RTX 4090 24GB XLR8 Gaming VERTO EPIC-X RGB (dimensions 331.7mm x 136.9mm x 71.1mm). I've usually used AOIs before, but open to air cooled and will probably run it at stock speed or a slight undervolt with either an AMD 7800X3D or a 13900K. I was hoping to use a Dan A4H20, Form T1, or Terra Firma or NR200, but looks like those won't fit cards longer than 321-322mm. Obviously, the Dan C4-SFX people seem to love and fits a 334mm card, but people that's unobtanium and discontinued. So I'm not sure what makes sense and looking for your help.

Some other things I think are cool that might work:

  • Fractal Design Ridge (I think this works because this lunatic fit my exact video card in it, and says it will fit a 335mm x 137mm x 82mm card, although PC part picker says it only fits 110mm width)
  • SSUPD Meshroom Mini Tower - fits a 332m, so should fit the PNY at 331.7mm barely.

Not sure what else would work. Can you help me figure out the smallest SFF case I can fit this in.

04:37 UTC


Temporary Ridge Loop

Need to print a couple of custom parts for my Fractal Terra loop so until then, I decided to throw the parts in the Ridge. A ram kit and a psu died in the process, but this'll do until the Terra is ready.

04:22 UTC


First SFF Build (FrankenParts)

First off, I’ve built many PCs over the last 20ish years and this one might be my favorite.

I acquired the K39 case at my local Amazon pallet / return store for $15 earlier this year. Since then I have slowly grabbed stuff to go into it as I found good deals. It’s going to be my TV PC mostly, but I could see myself packing it away for vacations or game nights with the boys.


Case - SGPC K39 Mobo - Asrock Fatality B350 ITX CPU - Ryzen 5 2600 RAM - HyperX Beast 16GB 3733mhz Storage - 1tb Silicon Power A60 m.2 GPU - Asus Phoenix 2060 Riser - SGPC PCIE 3.0 PSU - 600w Chinese Special (T.S SkywindIntl or whatever)

So far it has been insanely fun, mostly I’ve used it to play Madden on my TV. It runs like a champ.

I will be swapping out the PSU eventually but Christmas is the priority over a secondary “pet” project.

My next project will be more serious as I also acquired a Loque Ghost from the same Amazon store for $19 around the same time as I got this. It was marked as just the top hat, so I had to snag it.

Thanks for looking!

03:36 UTC


Best Air Cooler for the A4 H20 and the Meshlicious/Meshroom S?

I am looking towards making an air-cooled build since I want it to be portable enough for travelling, plus from research, liquid-cooling doesn't seem to that much more impactful than air-cooling (correct me if I'm wrong).

I know the cooler clearance for the cases are wildly different (I'm on between which of the cases to pick), but it's to have a better idea for my options. For reference, my build will have a Ryzen 9 7900X and an RTX 4070.

02:08 UTC


N case M1 and 7900xtx

I want to fit a 7900xtx into an N case M1 v5. I wasnt able to find any builds doing so other than using the 7900xtx reference card. The only place i see selling it is AMD and i prefer not to pay 999$ for a refernce card when theres cheaper options.

My question is, is it possible to fit any other 7900xtx into an N case?

1 Comment
01:42 UTC


Build parts for ssupd Meshroom S V2 check

Hi, I'm tryna build my old parts into a ssupd meshroom s V2 and have no clue on if they would fit. Any help or advice on if I can fit everything, or if I need to buy some parts to fit iwould be most appreciated!

Parts list:

MotherboardGigabyte x570 Aorus elite (ATX)
CPURyzen9 5900x
AIOLianLi Galahad 360 (397.5 x 123.5 x 27mm)
GPUEmtek RTX3090 Turbe Jet (60 x 136 x 304mm)
PSUDelta 1000DB 80+ Platinum (150 x 190 x 86mm)


01:16 UTC


PSU 18P and 10P angle

Hi all, can anyone point me in the direction of a 90 degree plug for the 18p and 10p motherboard ports? Something as unobtrusive as possible if it exists.

I'd like toto roll it forward towards the camera rather than strait up. As you can see it's a short jump to the motherboard which would be cleaner and easier if they both faced the same direction.


01:10 UTC


Wanted an Intel build, also my first SFF.

G200 case, Aorus Pro ddr5 MoBo. i5 13600kf. Scythe Fuma 3 cooling. Cooler Master V850 sfx PS. Crucial Pro ddr5 32gb, Crucial T500 1tb m.2.

23:39 UTC

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