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    BATMAN 89 Text effect

    Could anyone suggest on how to get this text effect?

    13:35 UTC


    Photoshop doesn’t open raw files

    I’ve tried with several photoshop versions (2022,23,24) but doesn’t want to open raw files

    13:13 UTC


    How to size inlays for jewel cases?

    I’m producing my bands cds within the next few weeks and I need to know how to size the inlays for it. Can’t really find any sizing guides online and the PS ruler kinda confuses me. Thanks everyone

    13:04 UTC


    View>Flip Horizontal is suddenly greyed out | Is there any other option to have a second flipped view open?

    Digital artist here. Just a few weeks ago I was opening a second window>view>Flip Horizontal and it worked... Idk what happened but "Flip Horizontal" is now greyed out and I need to have an additional flipped view whilst working on an artpiece.

    Does anyone know what I can do about it or if there's some way around (maybe with the Navigator?)? I can't always use "Flip Image" because it flips the whole thing and I need to see both (mirrored and non-mirrored) at the same time.

    Using Photoshop 2020; Didn't make any updates so I'm completely clueless why this is happening.
    Already tried resetting the preferences, opening photoshop on another Monitor and ofc restarting everything.

    12:58 UTC


    [Help] Making a roleplaying map.


    I'm actually working in a personal project in which I need to draw some maps. To explain a bit, I just draw the terrain, and create some areas of different height in different colours as a first mockup of the map. Then diffuminate a bit and add a bit of randomness to make it more "organic" but I'm not an expert. (Less in mountains)

    This is just an small part of the map. (Maybe 1%)

    The problem comes now that I need to translate the map to grayscale in order to transport sections of the map to another program, in which I will update, improve and create the final map in grayscale in order to transport again to photoshop, where I will merge and translate grayscale to a fixed colour chart to end the map. But the colours I'm using had different levels of gray so in the end, looks something like this:

    The mountains become depresions, and the ocean appears to be higher than most of the map.

    While I know it would be easy to delimiting again the height zones and just replace colours to make the grayscale, I don't want to ruin the previous work, even if is a mockup. There's a way to make the program use this colour as gray 95%, this one as gray 85%, then calculate with the colours given the grayscale of the map? Any advice to improve? (Brushes, addons, etc..)

    Thanks for any help given.

    1 Comment
    08:37 UTC


    Promotional Social Media Marketing AdS Post Design in 2024 I How does it look?

    08:17 UTC


    My PB1560 Gaomon tablet pen does not have working pressure sensitivity in Photoshop. Can anyone please help? I can't do my homework because of this.

    I've tried installing different versions of both Photoshop and my tablet drivers. Pressure sensitivity works on the Gaomon pressure test but not in Photoshop. Tried enabling/disabling windowsink too. Problem persists on both my computers despite fresh installs on both so I know it has to be on Photoshop's side. No solutions seem to work so far. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    1 Comment
    07:36 UTC


    Same Prompt Comparison Between Adobe Firefly and MidJourney 2024-04

    Hi Pals,

    Here are the links to the comparisons for April (The deadline for making a valid vote is 2024-04-30):

    The prompts are generated by ChatGPT, but they are very similar to the previous ones. I would try to use another prompt to force ChatGPT to create very different results.

    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-P1

    prompt: A futuristic underwater city built within the depths of a vast ocean trench, with transparent domes showcasing marine life.




    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-P2

    prompt: A surreal metropolis floating above the clouds, connected by bridges of light and skyscrapers reaching into the stratosphere.




    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-P3

    prompt: A cosmic library at the edge of the universe, containing books of knowledge from countless civilizations.




    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-P4

    prompt: A mystical desert oasis hidden within a labyrinth of sand dunes, with emerald-green palms and shimmering pools.




    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-P5

    prompt: An enchanted clock tower adorned with intricate gears and magical mechanisms, standing sentinel over a bustling city square.




    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-P6

    prompt: A fantastical garden of glass flowers that bloom in a rainbow of colors, reflecting sunlight in dazzling patterns.



    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-P7

    prompt: A steampunk airship race across a sky filled with storm clouds and lightning strikes, with crews navigating perilous obstacles.



    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-P8

    prompt: A neon-lit cyberpunk nightclub pulsating with electronic music, holographic displays, and neon-soaked dance floors.



    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-P9

    prompt: A secret underground city carved into the caverns of a massive glacier, with ice sculptures and bioluminescent fungi.



    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-PA

    prompt: A post-apocalyptic wasteland reclaimed by nature, where mutated flora and fauna thrive among rusting remnants of civilization.



    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-PB

    prompt: A parallel dimension where reality is fractured, with multiple versions of the same landscape overlapping and merging.



    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-PC

    prompt: A majestic tree of life spanning multiple ecosystems, with roots delving deep into the earth and branches reaching for the stars.



    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-PD

    prompt: A cosmic voyage aboard a spaceship traveling through a wormhole, with swirling vortexes of light illuminating the void.



    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-PE

    prompt: A whimsical carnival of dreams, with rides that defy gravity and attractions that blur the line between reality and fantasy.



    Firefly VS MidJourney 2024-04-PF

    prompt: A hidden valley inhabited by ancient guardians, towering stone statues shrouded in mist and mystery.




    (url to the master post of the event: https://www.reddit.com/r/midjourney/comments/183fpvi/yearlong_same_prompt_comparison_between/)

    1 Comment
    06:52 UTC


    PS would "crash" if I use ctrl to move a pen tool anchor point

    as titled. I have made three anchor points, then I pressed ctrl and moved the filled point, and then the PS process completely stuck.

    Does anyone have some ideas? The version I used is the latest one.


    04:25 UTC


    Need help lining up two images

    03:27 UTC


    What is this pattern called?

    I’m referring to the blue/dark blue camo like splatter looking background. Is there a specific name for it?

    02:39 UTC


    Rectangular Marquee substitute

    I use Rectangular Marquee to remove extra background, but its there another type of tool I can use from other program because I am not sure need photoshop since its the only thing I use in photoshop that I could not get elsewhere. No other program has it, but there must be a better way to accomplish the same thing. The crop tool does not work for this. I just had to delete my computer and they will not allow me to download photoshop 2018 or even log in. I downloaded it but they set up something where I can't log in.

    01:39 UTC


    Summary of Same Prompt Comparison between Firefly VS Midjourney in Feb (2024-03)

    Sorry for the delay. I was busy in the past few weeks and didn't have time to manage the event.

    Here are the results of the comparison for March of 2024. (a typo in the title again...)

    (I will neglects prompts with 0 votes. The number of votes are very low...)

    1. An abandoned space station drifting through the void of space, with remnants of past scientific experiments.


    1. A bustling futuristic marketplace on a terraformed Mars, with domed structures and exotic alien goods.


    1. A serene Zen garden with carefully raked sand, bonsai trees, and a tranquil pond.

    (I made a mistake and the two images are similar, so there is no result for this prompt.)


    1. A surreal desert landscape with towering sand dunes and a mirage of an oasis in the distance.


    1. A fantastical underwater library filled with ancient tomes and glowing coral shelves.


    1. A cybernetic forest where nature and technology intertwine, with biomechanical trees and digital fauna.


    1. A time-traveling train winding through different epochs of history, from ancient civilizations to future metropolises.


    1. A mystical portal hidden within a cave, shimmering with otherworldly light and mysterious symbols.


    1. A cosmic dance party on an asteroid, with extraterrestrial DJs and intergalactic revelers.


    1. A steampunk cityscape with airships gliding between towering clockwork skyscrapers and brass-fitted bridges.


    1. A floating city above the clouds, supported by levitation technology and powered by renewable energy sources.


    1. A post-apocalyptic society living among the ruins of a once-great civilization, scavenging for resources in a harsh landscape.


    1. A whimsical candyland with gingerbread houses, cotton candy trees, and chocolate rivers.


    1. A parallel universe where physics operate differently, with impossible architecture and gravity-defying landscapes.


    1. An enchanted forest at twilight, with fireflies illuminating the path and magical creatures emerging from the shadows.


    MJ vs FF Score for 2024-Mar: 6:3

    MJ vs FF Aggregated Score till 2024-Mar: 28: 11

    01:39 UTC


    Photoshop Curser Issues

    I updated my photoshop and now have an issue with my curser. If I click on an object, it switches to a "rotate" curser and is almost impossible to get back to a normal curser without accidently rotating my object.

    I have tried pressing "Enter," "Clicking," "Double Clicking..." but nothing seems to help exit out of the curser. I've been using photoshop for years now, and never had this problem before. Is there something I can "turn off" so that the curser quit changing?

    00:49 UTC


    Mother tombstone art

    My mom recently passed and so we’ve been wanting to have a mural carved into her tombstone of something she loved. After some consideration we decided to have a scene of deer grazing in our yard. She loved watching them or really any animals that would come into our yard while she sat on the porch. Anyway it would be great if someone could photoshop deer into the picture and remove the power lines. I’d like it if there was 1 doe and 5 fawns since i have 4 other siblings. Willing to pay

    1 Comment
    00:43 UTC


    Does pure white in RGB (#FFFFFF), when converted to CMYK, become grayer?

    [body text]

    23:55 UTC


    How is he getting these effects? Any tips on these textures?

    20:28 UTC


    Greetings Everyone, Could someone please help me, i want to close the dress up yet also look natural, and i don't know how to, could someone please explain to me as there are many photos like this

    20:08 UTC


    I’d like some help making custom sports cards!

    Hello! I’ve been a card collector for years specifically football / soccer ones. I really like the idea of making some custom cards for my team Everton to see if I can make a cool series of them myself

    I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall at my first hurdle with creating them on photoshop. The traditional card size is 2.5x3.5 inches (not too sure what the pixel size is) and the photos are obviously bigger than that size in pixels so when I scale the image down it becomes blurry and distorted.

    My question is, when designing cards that use photos do you design at a normal size and then reduce the size to card size or do you edit everything at card size from the start?

    Also, I’m using photoshop because that’s what I’m kinda used to but is there any other card making software out there?

    1 Comment
    20:07 UTC


    Best place to find bad/flawed images to edit and use on the website as examples

    I've been using some stock photos and editing them to use as before and after examples on an editing site I'm working on, but even stock photos are way too perfect and staged, for example, I cannot find anywhere a photo of a centred main subject with a crowd in the background, that I can use to show crowd removal services. Thanks!

    Edit: I have tons of client examples but haven't asked for permission to use them, and I would like to finish the site before doing more client work under the new site.

    19:39 UTC


    How does this "dynamic" texture work?



    I'm very familiar with Photoshop (10+ years of experience) and how textures work, but this one always gets me. I'm calling it dynamic because, as you can see, the dots or stains on the texture become smaller as they approach the edges of the background, which is blurred. I'm wondering if the texture is blurred as well, and some kind of Threshold or adjustment layer makes it work this way? I need to know ASAP.
    Thank you beforehand.

    19:07 UTC


    What tool is used in this Incognito Mode video?

    What is the tool that is used at this timestamp in Incognito Mode's architecture video?

    17:19 UTC


    Frame Animation Frame Delay Issue

    Hi, I’ve been making animations and gifs for years now and I do this in photoshop in the timeline with layers and frame animation. I’ve never had any issues with this but on my new project, I’m experiencing some sort of bug or issue with the speed. I’m unable to change the frame delay. Well I actually can “select” and “change” the frame delay from say .5 to 2.0 but NOTHING changes. When I play it, there is absolutely no change whatsoever in the speed of the frames. But the frames reflect the selected change at the bottom of their box in the timeline. Any help please?

    1 Comment
    17:00 UTC


    Please help me understand matching the perspective while compositing 3D objects in PS

    Hi, I'm using an older version of Photoshop (21.0.3), because I'm working on a project where I need to composite 3D files onto a 2D image. I'm trying to add a 3D file of a balcony to a photo of a building and struggling to understand how to match vanishing point planes with the 3D camera placement. Here are some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/yaoENGL

    This is where I'm at:

    Step one Opened the image in PS, created a vanishing point grid and also rendered it to a new layer to help me visualize the new plane.

    Step two Import the 3d file and start playing with the current view camera. Not so easy to match the perspective, so use the Vanishing Point preset. For some reason it doesn't match with the grid at all.

    Step three Try increasing and decreasing the FOV but no luck. Tried orbiting, paning and sliding the camera but I can't get the 3D Ground Plane to match with the Vanishing Point grid. What am I doing wrong?

    How would you go about matching the ground plane with the building, so that the balconies are easy to duplicate and the shadows render correctly onto the walls? I've already done some similar projects but the perspective was much easier to match on these images and I guess just lucked out.

    Thank you for your help!

    1 Comment
    16:42 UTC

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