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This is the place to discuss maille (more commonly referred to as chain mail) in all forms including historical armor discussions, crafting discussions, creativity discussions and anything else. We're working on getting etsy shops up and posted for those who are interested. If you have questions, want tutorials or just a place to start, you're home!

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Help with ring sizing

I want to make dragon scale and helm chains whats the best ring sizes? I saw someone say use 16 SWG 3/8” 1/4” for helm would this work for dragon scale too?

00:23 UTC



Why does my weave keep coming out like this on the left

23:03 UTC


Help with some very burred up scales

What's the best way to de-burr some sharp edged scales I got from TRL? I will be buying them elsewhere but would like to salvage this group of scales so that I can use them.

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15:53 UTC


Brand New Beginner! Where to Start?

I have a dream of making my own scale mail bra to wear to renfest this year, but I have no context or idea on how to start. I have watched some YouTube tutorials, but my plan was to buy the materials and just give it a shot. I bought a pattern in hopes that it would tell me what materials to buy so I could have some sort of price range to see if it is even feasible to do financially. But the problem is the pattern gives no guidance on what size scale or rings to buy. Is this normal? I have no idea how to buy rings, the only clue the pattern gives me is that each cup need 232 rings per cup. But when I go to The Ring Lord, there are all sorts of measurements available to buy. The pattern I'm using is from DragonheART.

06:18 UTC


What gauge and diameter rings would be good to make chain maille like romeos in romeo and juliet (1996)

Is it 4-1 as well?

14:56 UTC


Adding a Hood

I've been searching for hours for a scalemail coif pattern/tutorial, and I stg, I'm about to lose it..... I'm completely new to maille crafting, and any ideas/tips/resources would be VERILY appreciated. I pretty much just wanna make myself a (comparatively) lightweight/somewhat breathable coif/hood/bolero for everyday wear in a tropical climate. I'm used to said climate, and I'm aware metal retains heat, I just am unsure what materials I should be researching.......

14:53 UTC


Pliers for thick guage stainless steel

Hi all! New mailler obsessed with how stainless steel works and not obsessed with how it makes my hands feel.

Deciding between Joshua Dillberto’s modified TRL Armouror pliers and modified Knipex. (Both linked)

Any tips? I want something sturdy to work with 16-14SWG SS but able to fit in tight detail work. Also: I have largish hands (7in from wrist to fingertip)

Thanks ⛓️⛓️⛓️

17:29 UTC


.999 silver

11:29 UTC


Scalemail supplies

I'm looking for scales for a project with my elementary school students and unfortunately we haven't been able to get anything through The Ring Lord since they ghosted my admin for the last couple of months.

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive supplier of scales in the US? I'd like to be able to do a test run before my students go on break.

18:23 UTC


Welder for small stainless rings?

So, I’ve started a project where I want to fabricate some welded maille forearm sleeves and neck protectors. I’m new to maille. These are intended for practical wear by myself and friends in security & public safety workplaces for protection against cuts, stabs, and bites (I know it won’t stop crush damage). The maille will be sandwiched between two layers of breathable stretch fabric to keep it more discreet.

I looked into Ringmesh and every other producer I could find. I ordered a piece of #210 material from Ringmesh a few weeks ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

I then tried a 316L welded stainless pot scrubber from Amazon that had the same wire & ring diameter as #150 material from Ringmesh. I had several large, strong volunteers do cut and stab tests on a 6x6” piece and found it is pretty good protection. Rings can be broken by high leverage, maximum impact icepick-grip stabs with knives, but even then the penetration depth is limited enough to make it worth wearing. The larger ring size from Ringmesh is probably stronger, but the smaller rings do have an advantage in that most screwdrivers can’t fit between the rings and were also unable to break rings the way knives did in testing.

I’d like to take rectangular pieces of welded stainless maille with 0.51mm wire/3.81mm rings, and stitch them into new shapes myself with jump rings of the same size and material. I want to weld the seam rings. I’m trying to figure out what kind of welder will work decently for it.

I see from searches that The Ring Lord used to sell welders… two different types, I think? Is there a difference between a spot welder and resistance welder? I’ve also come across “sparkle” welders for jewelry, is that the same thing?

I’ve seen a couple demo videos of people welding jump rings with jewelry welders, but none where they’re handling a whole maille garment and trying to weld up seams. Is there a setup anyone’s using that works well?

I’d really like to keep it under $300 for a welder if possible, and I do plan to also get some decent auto-darkening goggles.


18:54 UTC


Casual undershirt?

Hello! I’m using a chainmail shirt I’m finishing for a cosplay and looking for recommendations on what’s best to use as an undershirt to keep myself cool. Most of the time looking this stuff up gives results for actual historically accurate stuff, I’m just trying to get useful recommendations on any type of modern long sleeve to wear underneath to keep myself cool but not have rings on bare skin.

16:25 UTC


What to use for fasteners?

I’m creating a chain mail waistcoat for a wedding. It will have a proper waistcoat behind it which the mail will be sewn to but I don’t want to use the waistcoat buttons to hold it together across the chest.

Do you have any ideas as to what I might use instead? I have tried Ebay but with little success, the only silver clasp I could find was actually the only silver clasp I could find was actually polished black.

15:33 UTC


Ring price not adding up

Let’s just see if my math is right (highly unlikely). If I need loose rings to make a hauberk, I’d need ≈25,000 rings. Rings at ringlord come in at $2.62 for an oz (Stainless, 16g, 3/8”). (51 rings per oz). I’d need to buy 490oz at $1,289??? How does that make sense? I can just buy a complete shirt for less than a tenth of that. How are loose rings that expensive? Am I dumb or are rings stupidly expensive?

16:56 UTC


Where to source Titanium rings in the UK

Hi folks,

Been hankering to get a hold of some titanium rings for a while. My partner has a titanium plate in her skull so she's attached (literally) to Ti as an element - sometimes we nerds really are just full on huh, a favourite metal :D - Anyway I would like to make her a maille necklace using Ti rings if I can get them.

While steel and aluminium rings are easily sourced by the 1000s online, it seems most of the maille supply shops that supply titanium are based in the US - I'd rather avoid the hassle of shipping times, prices, and customs charges involved there. The only other things I can find are less-than-trustworthy ebay/etsy listings and while they're charging titanium prices, I'm not sure they're selling actual titanium!

So does anyone know of a good source for Ti jump rings in the UK?

Thanks in advance!

12:49 UTC


Help with riveted maille

Wanting to make my first functional suit of riveted, but having some trouble deciding on size and ring/ rivet shape.

From Ironskin's site, between flat vs round and 6mm vs 8mm, what would be most protective and durable?

18:17 UTC


Very low gauge maille!

https://youtu.be/IyUrDWGtS24 Cody of CodysLab makes maille from Walmart chains.

18:13 UTC


About to embark on my first project!

Any advice on how to estimate how many rings I’ll need? I’d rather make sure I get more than enough first go than end up with too little.

22:40 UTC


Making a Chainmail Riveting Tool out of $17 Pliers

01:27 UTC


Etched scales on the concave side?

So I just received my order from the Ring Lord, and noticed my pack of etched scales have the etched pattern on the concave side (i.e. the "back"). I thought maybe this was a mistake, but I looked on their website and it does state that they're supposed to be on that side. While it doesn't completely kill my plans, it won't be as cool as I had hoped. My question is, what is the point of putting the etching on the side that you won't really see?

00:13 UTC


Can anyone recommend a nice quality mail riveting tool? The two that I got from Lord of Battles were both very misaligned and useless for riveting.

16:43 UTC



I’m new to chain mail but I’ve seen this photo around and would really like to attempt it. Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for this? or should I just eyeball it?

01:05 UTC


What size rings would you get to accomplish something like this?

I’m very new to chain mail and am currently practicing with aluminum rings that are much thinner. Thank you for your help!

18:57 UTC


The ring lord is out of stock of most matte gold jump rings I need. Where else do you find them?

The title says it all. I'm looking to matte gold jump rings, and the ring lord is OUT OF STOCK of 3 of the sizes I need.

I don't see any on chainmaille joe.

I've been searching Etsy for a week and am still coming up short size wise, a few shops have one or two I need in just quantities of 10.

There's one more site in checked that I'm at a loss for their name RN but WHWRE DOES ONE GET MATTE GOLD IN A VARIETY OF SIZES?!? Preferably in a time crunch, my time has been shortened with lack of stock .

17:11 UTC


I'm looking for more of a dull/matte look, what's the best material to use? Both silver and gold in color.

I started off with shiny aluminum rings and am seeking a darker more dull flat silver color, without necessarily going to steel. Though I'm not opposed but that still leaves me seeking matte gold.

Are the anodized silver aluminum rings a darker silver color than the shiny? Is it darker and still shiny or darker and more matte?

Are the anodized gray rings a darker silver color? Or does it look more gunmetal gray?

I was thinking maybe titanium would be the move but I know that can discolor a bit with wear and with opening/closing rings. And it's just less desirable malleable wise.

What about anodized gold aluminum rings? I've seen two colors, one more yellow and one deeper, but both still seem . . . . Shiny?

I've been looking on TRL and CMJ , I wish places had better comparative color swatch photos. I've noticed on some TRL products they have a disclaimer saying that that batch of rings isn't matte like previous batches and so it seems inconsistent in finding them even?

I tried to look through old posts for this but nothing fruitful emerged with 'matte' 'dull' or 'color' searches.

23:10 UTC


Saw this post and got inspired. Is this feasible/practical?

I saw this post on a meme page and I unironically loved it. How feasible/practical is it to make something like this? I was thinking of making a 4’x6’ blanket using 16g 3/8” anodized aluminum which would put me at about ~30,000 rings. My main concern is metallic dust and snagging. Would it be worth the investment to go for stainless steel to avoid aluminum dust? Is aluminum dust even that bad or am I being overly concerned? For snags, I was thinking of soldering the loops if it really becomes a problem. Open to any ideas/suggestions that might make this whole endeavor easier.

03:26 UTC

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