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Human Pupil Tracking App

After 25+ years of studying the human pupil, I am now creating an app to detect 29 different anomalies of the pupil integrated with machine learning: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pupilprof/pupillary-parameter-tracker

I only spend a few hours creating this kickstarter and would appreciate any recommendations, since I am very new at this.

18:44 UTC


About the $1 deposit pre-launch strategy

We're currently in the midst of our pre-launch strategy design and we've been consuming some of launchboom's content that recommends a $1 deposit/VIP offering pre-launch.

I have two questions about this:

  1. Does this still work or does it just seem like predatory marketing? We're planning to launch a SAAS product and I'm concerned that the deposit will be perceived as a scam.
  2. How does launchboom even implement this? I'm a software engineer and I would be building the pre-launch landing page and infra myself. I've been looking at Stripe TOS and they would ban me for offering deposits like this - they strictly prohibit crowd funding. So how do you collect the deposit? Is there a payment platform that wouldn't flag this as fraudulent?
13:41 UTC


[OC]Created these super chonk liquid core dice. We have raised over $100k for them in 3 days.

12:10 UTC


Two New Eighties Influenced Photo Comics Are Now Live On Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for The Chefs Of Death Issue 2 and Hawk Issue 1982 is currently running until June 30th, with the project fully funded within just two hours of being launched, and as with our first comic all proceeds will be donated to charity, in this case Mind. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alexfinch/the-chefs-of-death-issues-1-and-2

In the first issue of The Chefs Of Death the alien Zarmdov had plans to eat humanity and the cowardly English Prime Minister John Borrison attempted to help him. But now Zarmdov appears to be missing, and so his distraught father will do anything and everything it takes to track him down, ably assisted by his sons Capidom and Frandor, and he doesn't care who or what he has to devour to find his beloved son.

Elephantmen and Judge Dredd artist Boo Cook was kind enough to say the following about issue 2 of The Chefs Of Death - "Bonkers new charity kickstarter comic from the brain of Alex Finch and co in the vein of the old 80's photo-strips such as Doomlord... Chefs of Death is a crazy satirical read featuring some curious cameos from various folk in the comics industry, myself included. Watch us show them pesky aliens! All proceeds from this issue will go to the charity MIND so hop on and get involved."

Here's a selection of pages from The Chefs Of Death:





As you'll see from the cover it features very special fictional guest star from an 80's photo comic, and there are also some very special non-fictional cameos industry legends including 2000AD's Steve MacManus, 2000AD artist and frequent Alan Moore collaborator John Higgins, the aforementioned Boo Cook, as well as Barrie Tomlinson, the man who launched Eagle in the 1980s, and Marvel Versus Marvel podcast co-host Will Preston.

The second comic in the Kickstarter is Hawk Issue 1982, an issue from a supposedly long running anthology like Eagle and 2000AD, and it was the comic that first published The Chefs Of Death. There are six brand new strips in this comic including Arcade Gamer, where a man has been trapped in a computer playing games as if in real life for decades, the terrifying tale of The Ghost Children as they are hunted across Europe by twisted priest, and a mad, fun and unpredictable cat based sci-fi epic!





More information, as well as a 13 page sampler of Hawk 1982 can be downloaded here: http://thechefsofdeath.com/

10:08 UTC


Getting our inbox bombarded by Newsletter promotions

We launched on June 4th, and since then, most of the emails we’ve received are from people promoting their newsletters.

It’s quite amusing—one person followed up five times and then asked, ‘Are you ignoring me?’ Another ended their persistence with, ‘This is my last attempt.’

While it’s great to get sales pitches, this is becoming overwhelming.

06:52 UTC


Hi just a guy from mumbai need help to get a second chance in life

02:26 UTC


How many emails and/or sign-ups would you need to feel comfortable pre-launch?

In order to feel confident launching on Kickstarter, how many emails or $1 reservations would make you feel comfortable? Using an example, for a clothing brand with a funding goal on Kickstarter of $10k and a true goal of ~ $25k to $50k in mind.

Let's say this is for a brand new company that has never launched a previous Kickstarter under the same name, all emails came from Facebook or Instagram ads and are hosted on a landing page not a lead form.

23:25 UTC


Do customers have to pay for it again?

Once the fans or people you get donations from have paid to support your project then do they have to buy it afterwards? Especially if it’s an online thing, like an ebook?

19:57 UTC


Question about revealing extra goals?

I am helping to launch a KS for art stickers. And I wanted to know if its best to show people what the other stickers will be or hide them behind walls until the goal for that piece is reached?

Example: The next item goal is $100 but will not be shown till the $100 has been reached?

We have a few designs but they are concealed for the time being.

Hope I explained this well enough.

18:34 UTC





Paws and Claws Adoption Center is an upcoming horror co-op video game developed by an independent startup studio that combines thrilling survival gameplay with a gripping narrative. The game puts players in the paws of various abandoned pets who must band together to escape a sinister pet adoption center where twisted experiments have turned their fellow animals into ravenous creatures.

1 Comment
17:32 UTC


Difficulty reaching stretch goals

We’re in the final 8 hours of the project. 39 unconverted followers. I’m at a loss how to get to at least one stretch goal 😅 any feedback helpful! I think 30 days was way too long, so what is that sweet spot for next time. 21 days?


14:37 UTC


Kickstarter over to Indiegogo

My plan B if Kickstarter rejects my campaign is to move to Indiegogo - is that an option? I'm not talking about Indiegogo InDemand (which only works if my Kickstarter campaign has already raised funds), I'm talking about if I have a rejection can I simply export the whole lot to Indiegogo?

12:05 UTC


The ARPG Roguelite LINDWYRM needs your support!


Hello there,

I hope everything is well!

My name is Timo from Ghostwhale Games. We're a team with 17 years of experience in developing games like the MMO ARPG Drakensang Online, the classical RPG River of Time, and more lighthearted software such as quizzes and educational tools!

Today, we would like to introduce you to our upcoming roguelite game, Lindwyrm. Lindwyrm blends action combat, puzzling, platforming, and town building within a roguelite framework. The game can be played by 1-4 players online.

We call it the world's first BBB game: Battle - Build - Braintease :)

A video about our campaign can be found here:

We plan to release the game around April 2025, supported by our currently running Kickstarter campaign. The campaign started this Tuesday, and we're already at 6% of our goal from 18 supporters. We're super grateful for this early support!

The campaign can be found here:


It would mean the world to us if you would consider supporting us as well, either by backing the campaign, sharing, or liking it!

Many thanks, and have a great weekend ahead!


10:16 UTC


Chris Cards Covered Circles


Introducing Chris Cards Covered Circles!

I’m thrilled to unveil my latest creation: Chris Cards Covered Circles, a stunning black and white cardistry deck! 🖤🤍 Crafted with precision and elegance, this deck is perfect for cardistry enthusiasts who appreciate sleek, minimalist design. Plus, it glows under UV light, adding a mesmerizing touch in the dark! 🌟

Get ready to elevate your cardistry game with a touch of monochrome magic and UV glow! ✨

Support us on Kickstarter and bring this deck to life!


#Cardistry #ChrisCards #CoveredCircles #NewDeck #BlackAndWhite #UVGlow #PlayingCards #CardistryLove #Kickstarter #MagicDeck #CardistryCommunity #DeckLaunch

Feel free to tweak it to better fit your style or add any additional details you might want to include!

1 Comment
08:42 UTC


Spreading the word about a Kickstarter campaign for an animated pilot I want to see get funded

1 Comment
02:40 UTC


NYX VPN - Feel Freedom and Privacy

Hello Kickstarter Link

We are excited to introduce Nyx VPN to you! We understand the importance of privacy and security in the digital world, and that's why we are here to provide you with the best VPN experience.

What Does Nyx VPN Offer?

🌐 Complete Privacy and Security:*Nyx VPN encrypts your internet traffic, ensuring your online activities are protected. Your privacy and security are always our top priorities.

🚀 Fast and Reliable Connections: With our global server network, you can enjoy fast and uninterrupted internet access from anywhere.

📱 User-Friendly Interface: Our VPN is easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface. Protecting your online presence is just a tap away.

🔒 DNS-over-HTTPS: Nyx VPN adds an extra layer of security by securing your DNS queries.

📆 Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy the internet without any ads!

Key Features:

  • Free Servers: All our servers are free to use, allowing you to enjoy high-speed connections without any extra cost.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Nyx VPN is available on iOS and Android, with more platforms coming soon!
  • Strong Encryption: We use industry-standard encryption to keep your data safe and secure.

Why Choose Nyx VPN?

  • We prioritize your privacy and never share your data with third parties.
  • We value user feedback and continuously work on improvements based on your suggestions.
  • We combine speed, security, and user experience to offer you the perfect VPN service.

Download Nyx VPN today from the App Store and Google Play Store to experience digital freedom and protect your online privacy and security.

18:27 UTC


Launch kit /launch boom pricing

Anyone ever used this company for their campaign? I can't find their pricing or formula. Are they suitable for campaigns with lower or medium budgets?

14:54 UTC


BATTLEDROID Kickstarter - if you like armies of giant robots blowing each other to bits autonomously, this is the game for you



So we're trying to get our game released but after many, many years of developing it we just don't quite have the resources to get it over the line and make a success of it ... so this is our shameless hustle to scrounge for your filthy cash.

The Kickstarter's got quite a modest goal but it seems we aren't reaching anywhere near enough people. So if you're into computer games about blowing stuff up, and armies of robots, please take a look at Battledroid and throw us a few crumbs.

Note Battledroid is going to be free. We want everyone to be able to play it. Yes, you can buy stuff if you've got more money than time and accelerate the fun a bit, but ultimately it's designed so that if you've got more time than money you can just play away with it without ever spending any money on it and accumulate all the things your rich friends have. There's no paying to win. It's a bit like WH40K... you're collecting miniatures.

10:24 UTC


Could anyone provide me some tips for kick starter campaign?

It's my first time manufacturing a product.

And I hoped to use Kick Starter Campaign for my product.

It's related to dental whitening product.

But I have heard numerous reviews of people that had failed their campaign.

So, I was hoping our reddit family would be able to give me a tip for a starter.

I have took out all of my savings for this product. And hope for the best.

I would do whatever I can to make it better.

I've studied and worked so hard for this as most people does.

I acknowledge that just putting it on Kickstarter doesn't just make the prelaunch or campaign just become successful. I would do what ever I can.

I don't have a lot of budget for advertisement.

But if there is anything useful or was helpful please would you share me some tips?

If paid ads are needed I would work more to have the right amount of the ads as well.

Thank you so much for reading this post everyone.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day ahead.

05:53 UTC


Does Kickstarter sometime not track pre-campaign followers correctly?

I am running ads to get pre-campaign followers for my future KS campaign and I have noticed that the stats shown on adsmanager facebook rarely align with the real leads I make (I make more leads usually, sometimes even 2x what adsmanger reports). And yeah I set up everything correctly.

Anyways, today I have gotten the same amount of views, clicks, etc. Everything is exactly as the last month and a half my campaign has been running, which usually gets around 10 new followers per day and yet today I have gotten 1... Then I got another but then the counter went back one, so maybe that person clicked on followed, then unfollowed idk.

But my point is that this would be an statistical anomally so rare (getting 1 sub when I always get 10 new subs with the stats I am getting) that I just think sometimes Kickstarter doesn't track follower count correctly? Has this happened to you?

04:08 UTC


Does my Indie Game Page look Good?

I started my indie game, Viktor OFFBEAT around a year ago and I'm now starting to put together a Kickstarter cause the game has been costing me thousands for music, voice acting, animation etc. So I'm looking for feedback and improvement on my game, thanks! Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/secretman/595141523?ref=3p92p7&token=ed0824b4

00:06 UTC


"The Book of Lost Things" Kickstarter - I got a surprise refund

So back in Jan 2022 I believe, there was a Kickstarter campaign called "The Book of Lost Things" that had done really well and was successfully kickstarted. I pledged around $79.00 (with $25.00 shipping) for this product and was super excited about it. It was actually my first time, however, having a Kickstarter that outright just dissolved into a scam. Now I'm not sure if the person who started it always intended it to be like this but basically as the months and years went on, the delays were pushed back with no end in sight. Updates were just a few sentences describing some new character with a MS Paint looking character underneath it.

At first, I wasn't very vocal about being upset about the delays. I'm quite used to it. Think I'm going on 7-8 years for some products but the updates I get from those Kickstarters are much longer and more detailed that I'm not concerned about them. But every month that these updates would happen, the people got more and more upset and rightfully so. Eventually, I was getting upset as well and joined in. The creator never commented, refused to address backers concerns, etc. It was a whole crazy thing. Regardless, I knew there wasn't anything that could get me the product. I knew the rules for Kickstarter, and basically resigned myself to have losing $104 CAD to this project. But I did go to Kickstarter and filed a complaint, just asking them to stop this creator, as best as they could, from doing it again to more innocent backers. I knew there wasn't anything they could do for me or those who backed this one. But at least to ensure he doesn't get away with it for a new project.

But this morning, randomly, I got a refund for the product. I had never requested one and when I went to the Kickstarter it was still up. But I got an email stating they were refunding my money. I'm not sure if this Kickstarter or somehow the creator. But now, I can't post anything in the comments of that Kickstarter which is fine by me, trust me I'm ecstatic to get my money back! But I want to try to help the others who got scammed but don't know how to tell them that I got a refund. If it was Kickstarter responding to my complaint than I can only hope that they will issue more but if not I want to somehow let the community know that sending a complaint got me a refund. Hopefully, the creator is the one actually issuing them. But I'm not sure.

If anyone is a part of this Kickstarter and happens to be on Reddit, please try to spread the message out. I want people to get their money back. I know so many others put so much more into this project. I can't guarantee what is causing the refund (Kickstarter or the creator) but if filing the complaint somehow got me my money back, maybe it can get yours back too.

TDLR: I got my money back from a scam and scummy Kickstarter and want to get the message out to help others who also lost their money that maybe they can get it back too.

23:17 UTC


After funding, Next Steps Question

I just got fully funded on my first ever campaign and I was wondering what everyone's experience has been with payment processing? How long does it usually take and is there anything that kickstarter doesn't tell us?

21:27 UTC


43 hours remaining in the Fractured Sphere Kickstarter! We're almost funded!


Nearly a hundred years after unification the earth sphere faces full scale war. Earth’s Children fight through the black void between gargantuan habitats in orbit and across the wilds of the earth they once called home. Powered Armours, 30 foot tall robotic exoskeletons, once used for construction and peacekeeping duties have come to the forefront of this fight and the aces that pilot them will be crucial to its conclusion.

Fractured Sphere is a 28mm combined arms mecha wargame with 3d printable minis. Players battle with mecha, tanks, aircraft and footsloggers in a hard sci-fi 22nd century earth-moon system.

Fast paced and destructive rules, made with love and admiration for oldhammer and 70s, 80s, and 90s mecha anime bring your battles to gigantic orbital colonies, the surface of the moon, and the earth that was home to humanity for so long. Do you love destructible terrain? Want to throw a tank through a building? Miss blast templates and damage tables? Fractured Sphere is for you.

Fractured Sphere has a model range of 52 Infantry models (the vast majority of which are posable multipart minis), 4 roughly 6” tall Powered Armours (massively posable multipart mecha with a huge variety of weapon options), 4 Ace Pilot upgrade kits (special character mecha upgrade kits with unique parts and a unique pilot mini) and 6 Vehicles and Aircraft (easy to build multipart kits).


20:09 UTC

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