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Polar Bear Dumbbells

Can anyone make a design of a muscular polar bear holding very heavy dumbbells? Please DM for more details.

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21:31 UTC


professional banner

**Hi , good day** . it looks hard to find a professional banner .

but not anymore, I advise you to find this website: fiver

Click here to join :

13:01 UTC


Design for board game assets: cards, icons, logo, box, rulebook, ...

I'm making a game called Wizards of Roygbiv

You can download the full game on https://wizardsofroygbiv.com (download game pdf).

Card design idea: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MGU1t_RQ5jxZG7K1EbfJ2NfA20LG0T5s

Example card art: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16T7NdmRze3OAFvL-5iye3FmmPO0qxxxU

I'm looking for someone who can make a good design, and I have a total budget of around €1000 for the whole thing (but that also includes a single page of web design and a few banners). I am aware this is not a "professional" budget. Too bad, it's just my financial situation and I still hope to get a good design! ;)

As the title said, I will need design for the cards, icons in the texts, the Wizards of Roygbiv logo, the box, and a nice rendering thereof, the rulebook, ... I already have an artist that will provide art; now I need a designer! :)

If you're interested, please contact me!

20:01 UTC


Exterior Redesign Help Pleaseeee!! [OTHER]

I want to update the front of a house with shutters and maybe some window planters but I cannot visualize stuff like that for the life of me! The only thing I’m opposed to is painting the brick. That may change but for now I’d like to avoid it. Can anyone point me to a place that I can just send a photo to and they can come up with some options? I want to do the work myself (I love projects!) I just need a little help getting started. :)

17:29 UTC


[IHAD][GRAPHICS] Logo design/other graphics with a bunch of creative freedom

We wanted to startup a small business called "Unfortunate Odds". We thought it would be clever to use the letters "UFO". I sketched a few poor rough drafts of what I could come up with for possible logo designs or other graphics. You could attempt to create any of my designs, tweak them however much you please, create something completely new, or even just provide feedback. Any work or consideration is appreciated

This links to 3 sketches I made... https://imgur.com/a/uRj87

Thanks in advance, UFO

08:37 UTC


(Hiring) Pediatric Dental Graphics

I am needing some Safari/Serengeti style graphics made up for a pediatric dental practice. A logo, letterhead, social media graphics, etc. If you offer some sort of package for businesses, that is great. I can give further detail via email and send you examples and what they already have that needs improving.

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22:01 UTC



Hey I’d love to help you with your design. Do you have any picture of yourself or your band members which I can manipulate could be quite interesting.

14:36 UTC


[GRAPHICS] Reworking a Brewery Logo

First time poster here, hello everyone.

I've been working in the beer industry for several years and decided to start up a brewery of my own. A friend worked a logo for me originally to use for my gimmicky homebrew facebook brewery page. Now that we have been approved through the city(Tampa!) to start our build out process, we're looking to rework this logo in a way that will look a bit simpler and more professional. I would like one logo with just an LS and also one to include the name of the brewery in the logo design, Late Start Brewing.

We like the geometric look, linework, and depth this logo provides.

Lowercase type treatment would also be helpful.


This is our Facebook page if you'd like to browse our photos out of curiosity or get an idea of what our brewery is about. https://www.facebook.com/LateStartBrewery/

22:47 UTC


[Request] In need of a school club design logo

Hello there, I have been trying to get a good friend to help me design a logo but he has been busy with his wedding coming up. I was trying to do it myself but I don't know how to use any graphic software. I was seeing if you guys could help me out. If it's not possible can you let me know and If there's any fee or I need I pay for this let me know. Thanks in advance for your help.


17:33 UTC


[Request] Mermaid with angel wings for boat logo (will pay reasonable price)

I'm looking for a classy, simplistic, and sleek logo for my boat and possible business. Mermaid with angel wings is what I want and I will pay a reasonable price if I like the design. It's a sailboat if that matters. Thanks

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02:18 UTC


[INAD] [GRAPHICS] Logo / Branding Design *retro/1950's/Grease theme* for my new beauty services business


x posted to /r/logodesign

x posted to /r/freedesign

Hope this is clear enough. Please let me know if you would like any more info. Am happy to credit your work on my website / fb page once I am up and running.

Design Brief Notes

Thanks in advance

06:30 UTC

01:57 UTC


[GRAPHICS] Youtube rebranding banner and a lot of thumbnails!

First and all sorry for bad english! I am searching for a person/team that are helping me rebrand my youtube channel. Need help with banner and a lot of thumbnails. I have a round 20 (2-3 videos every week) ideas for youtube videos and I need someone that can help me with making thumbnails to them (I am really bad at photoshop) My channel have over 8000subscribers in Sweden (but I have taking a break 1y.) https://www.youtube.com/user/xWayze/featured My target audience are for mens fashion (in sweden) with news story about new yeezys, styles, 20$ fashion budget, top 3 clothingsites for men etc etc Person/team will get paid for each thumbnail and get link in desc for shoutout. Youtube channel and Website (or something other) The price is more a quality thing so we will agree on the terms and payment in PM! Be ready with ur portfolio! :)

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17:21 UTC


[GRAPHICS] Twitch sub Emote anime style (would pay)

Hey im looking for someone to desgin a twitch emote for me. Its supposed to be in anime style witch shows me as anime character( maybe just the face and my arms not the whole body) holding a cute meerkat.

my instagram

Would love to find someone having interest in doing this.

12:31 UTC


[REQUEST] Can somebody please help me change the text of a logo I recently had commissioned?

Somebody was recently kind enough to help me with one revision this past month, but in order to create signage for my small business, I'd like to change the text of this logo to "Nomad Coffee & Crepes." Thanks, folks; I'd really appreciate the help :)

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a2xe7cyfirq02cw/nickfurnia.ai?dl=0

10:46 UTC


INAD A logo for an exclusive bi-weekly underground electronic music dance event.

I have a design brief Here. Thanks!!

02:36 UTC


[LOGO REQUEST] Can anybody help me out with a simple text revision? :)

I received this submission from a designer on fiverr not too long ago, and, upon requesting a revision to the text received no reply. The logo is intended to say "Nomad Cold Brews." Thanks, folks–I'd really appreciate any help you guys have to offer me! :)

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ykgza93kbaajm8p/nickfurnia%20%281%29.ai?dl=0

14:54 UTC


[INAD] Ideas for updated 'Dirty Hippies' fantasy football logo

INAD: This is the current identity of the Dirty Hippies team in my fantasy football league. Ten years and two championships after starting the team, its manager is a married father of two with a career. Suffice it to say, he's looking to update the logo a bit. I'm posting this in hopes you will comment with your ideas. I'm not asking for actual designs, just brainstorming. Thank you.

19:21 UTC


IHAD need it 3d

twitter @_iErnst

05:14 UTC


[Request] I want this logo to become a gif

Hello I have a design for a logo for my project that I want to make as a gif where the leaf is moving as if wind is blowing at it. If possible I would like the whole logo to be in dark green.

here is the link for the design I have http://i.imgur.com/jpgatGY.png , please excuse me for being bad at drawing but its supposed to be a circular logo.

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23:05 UTC


[Request] A logo for food donation

Hello, I need a logo design, I am a university student working on a food donation project, and I need an abstract logo for it, for minor reasons, it should be circular, the simpler the better, since I'm helpless in art and design, any ideas are welcome. if you need to know more specifications (color, name or so..) that would help you help me, PLEASE let me know.

05:49 UTC


[Request] Youtube Banner & Logo

Im looking for a banner and profile picture for a gaming channel! The channel is based around mainly silly gaming moments. The username for my accounts is the same as reddit (aNickinSkywalker) so something with star wars involved in the pictures would also be pretty cool! As for the banner it would be cool to incorporate the games I mainly play into the banner. (Players Unknown battlegrounds, CSGO, GTAV). I'd like to use the following images in the banner! https://d1wfiv6sf8d64f.cloudfront.net/static/pc/img/visual_main.jpg http://csgobuff.pro/img/sn_logo.jpg Thank you in advance!!!!!

04:04 UTC


[Request] t-shirt print design for a friend

Hello! I need help with designing a print for a t-shirt for my friend. Long story short, he is the best-man to another friend of ours. He is a biggish guy, got a beard, kinda looks like a bear. So I wanted to make him a custom print t-shirt with a design that would let everyone know he is the "ring BEARer". Couldn't rly find any images on the web that I could use for this. Everything is completely up to your creative mind as long as it conveys that he is a bear and got the rings, need help please!

19:17 UTC


[LOGO REQUEST] Minimal Logomark for personal branding launch..

Hey guys, just looking for some small piece of work to use as a launching point for my own personal brand. Don't expect to make any money from it, nor commercialize anything. Just looking to have a recognizable and sustainable jumping point!

Should reflect the name "allday" in someway, really just looking for an iconic mark or a minimal/semi-abstract monogram. Thanks guys, send me a message to talk further if ya want!

23:36 UTC


[GRAPHICS] I have a design for a logo, but I don't know how to use any vector programs.

My friend and I are starting a Youtube channel/Production studio and I'm designing a logo. I've got my design on lock, but I just don't know how to make it properly. Is there anyone at their that could potentially recreate this in a vector program? I can send the photoshop files if you need. I'd REALLY appreciate the help and if there's anything I can do in return I'd gladly do so.

09:05 UTC


[Request] Logo refining for Counter-Strike GO team


Im not a graphic designer and im absolute crap with photoshop, so hopefully someone will be able to refine our logo into something more pleasant.

http://imgur.com/a/YbZ9K 1st one is the drawing, second one was quickly made by one guy who liked the drawing.


21:43 UTC


[AVATAR REQUEST] want to start streaming I need an avatar

Hi like the title says I want to start streaming on Beam and I'd like an avatar. My username on beam is "freakgaming". My name is inspired by my love for paintball, its the name of a modular barrel kit called the freak kit, here is is the freak kit logo I like that alien dude, but I want it to be more playful and cartoon-like, here is my friend's avatar as an example which I like alot. This job pays $30 and includes design, revisions, and the final avatar in multiple formats please. If you have any questions ask away, thank you!

01:53 UTC


[Logo Request] PAID Turtle logo for film company

Hello there, My name is Nathan and I'm a film student in Vancouver. I'm looking for a logo for a new, personal production company brand which I will use to identify myself and my work moving forwards. I need a turtle along with "Lucid Turtle" text underneath the graphic (with transparent background). Thanks! Here's my Logo Design Brief: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yyr3XM5IrBIGuGCFFVlomIoQmo8XCVN2bxarJFF0r4c/edit?usp=sharing

02:46 UTC

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