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    Jamie Lannister could beat Aragorn in a fight

    1 Comment
    20:39 UTC


    Robb Stark and the Tully/Frey marriage arrangement???

    Re-watching GOT and on S3 E6 right before the Red Wedding.

    Robb not keeping his oath with the Freys on marrying one of them now falls to his uncle, Edmure Tully? Not sure how this is the Tullys problem or benefits them.

    My main thought/question why would Edmure and House Tully (not Catelyn as she only cares about her children) agree to this union? It only makes them weaker.

    First off, Robb is King of the North, not the Riverlands, so how can he give Harrenhall to the Freys? There's no way any other Great House would willing give this up to a "lesser" house and totally weaken there position.

    Then what benefits is it to House Tully marrying to House Frey? Maybe securing a less fractioned alliance, but not likely with House Freys track record.

    Possibly House Tully is concerned the Lannisters will kill them off if the don't go along with Robb on this, but I think there could other possible avenues for them to go down instead.

    Maybe I'm totally over thinking all this, but it just seems completely ridiculous from the Tully point of view to do.

    It's been a while since I read the books so I don't remember this part and if there were any other details the show left out to make it make more sense.

    Or maybe it's just really lazy writing by the show runners...

    1 Comment
    20:36 UTC


    The scene in season 1 episode 7 where Littlefinger explains his love for Catelyn while two of his whores have sex is ridiculous.

    This whole scene is made to explain Littlefinger's motivations, but the way it's done is ridiculous. He is talking to two of his whores who he is forcing to have sex to "train them" and explains to him how he was into Catelyn since he was a kid. Then he starts talking about how he got totally fucking owned by Brandon Stark who he describes like he has a giant male crush on him. After that he describes Ned as "an even finer specimen". This makes Littlefinger sound like he is just jealous little kid who has made this whole fucking plan up, cause he didn't get the girl he liked. Also this whole explanation is still done while two women moan on the background the whole time.

    20:17 UTC


    He didn't see that one coming

    18:13 UTC


    Ned Stark/The Starks were WRONG - Their downfall (Pride) explained(spoilers)

    The Starks (my favorite house) although the protagonist, have made costly mistakes along the way, and in a way deserved their downfall. They let their pride, their honor, and overall need to be "just" get in the way of making logical decisions and it blindsided them when looking at the bigger picture.

    Let's first take Ned. Ned Stark was WRONG. Look at all the innocent civilians who died in Kingslanding as a result of Ned's negligence dealing with Daenerys. The main reason Ned was dismissed as hand of the king was because they didn't "handle" Daenerys in the way Robert wanted him to (ie: Killing her), and as a result look at the destruction of the capital. Robert and the small counsel were RIGHT. War is not always just and the "right thing to do" is not always the best thing to do. Maester Pycelle actually said it best: "How many lives will be lost as a result of war, if she is not dealt with now"? Next thing why Ned was WRONG was actually thinking the City watch would back him. When he found out about the true lineage of Joffrey Baratheon he should have immediately left the capital and retreated to Winterfell. Did he really think a northerner (viewed as an outsider in the capital) would be treated with dignity and respect? (P.S I don't like the ending of the show, but I'm using it as an example here, the books I have a different view point)

    Next Robb. Much like his father his pride and sense of what's right and wrong, thinking he always has to do the honorable thing was ultimately his undoing. Firstly he backed out on his marriage pact with the Frey's. The Frey's are the most powerful house in the Riverlands.....not a very smart idea to go back on the same Vow's and Oaths you so righteously live by. He easily could have married the Frey to build the alliance during the war and married Jeyne westerling (Talisa) after the war was over. Secondly, in the show he claims the Karstarks are HALF of his forces. HALF. He decides to break an alliance with a house that is a branch of your own house for thousands of years, by beheading the head of the house because he killed some Lannisters? WRONG AGAIN. You're at war. There are many other ways he could have handled rickard Karstark other than killing him and losing literally half of your army (I know in the books the karstarks don't make up half of his army but in the show he says they do). I'm not saying the Rickard Karstark was right in killing the hostages, but it's just not smart to behead the guy who commands half of your army.

    War is bloody, it's a mess, and it's involves making difficult decisions, some of which may not be necessarily the "right thing to do". But you do what you have to do to win and you make need to make decisions that prevent future lives from being destroyed and that's where the Starks downfall was.

    18:03 UTC


    What parts of the books do you wish where included in the series?

    17:56 UTC


    I don’t think Danny was wrong when she put fire to Kings Landing in Season 8 or when she burned down the Lannister army in season 7. Terrion was just bitching. She wasn’t wrong when she burned Lord Tarlly & his son when they decided they they were gon rock with Cersei after she gave them a choice.

    17:17 UTC


    Bron one of my favorite characters lowkey lol

    17:15 UTC


    Fan Fic ending I wrote

    Hey Fantasy people. I wrote this ending to Game of Thrones for anyone interested lol:

    The Night King leads his army of the Dead and attacks Winterfell. The host of the Living cannot fend off wave after wave, as their fallen allies are reanimated to join the Dead army. John Snow is cut off and is fighting off by Wights before plucked up Danny on her Dragon. He drops his Valaryan sword Longclaw. Many die including Jamie, Briann, the Hound who sacrifices himself to save Arya. Winterfell is lost and the remaining alive flee south on Dothraki horseback and Bran is saved by Jon Snow on dragonback before the Night King arrives and burns the weirwood tree with his undead Dragon. The Undead sweep slowly south and like a vast plague and kill anyone in their path, taking time in overtaking the big Houses. The remaining alive make it to Kings Landing. Cersei refuses them and kills a few people as a show of force. Camped outside the city Bran goes back in time tells everyone about how the Children of the Forest made the Night King by forcing a dark crystal blade into his chest and how they need to destroy it. John Snow remarks that a blade of Valaryan steel or one forged with Dragonglass to stand a chance. Bran notices Melisandre looking at him and he falls into a deep trance. Bran sees an enormous Wierwood tree, the first Wierwood tree, with The Children of the Forest dancing and chanting around it - it erupts into flames. They whisper to Bran the spell they're using as the flames grow larger - but the tree is not consumed. The Children whisper more when they corrupted this magic when making the Night King (because the Lord of Light wouldn't help them against the humans). Yet Lord of Light can counter the evil Undeath magic they gave the Night King, as the Lord of Light brings people back from the dead as whole living beings instead of Wights. They gather around Bran who returns from his deep vision with Melisandre smiling at him Bran explains what he saw and was told. Tyrion mentions the only Valaryan steel they could get now is inside the vault of King's Landing under Cersei control. Arya impersonates Jamie and assassinates Cersei and get the Valaryan sword. The early scouts of the Night King's undead armies arrive on Kings Land and start to overrun the city. Melisandre tells them she can't perform the spell without a sacrifice and that only being as powerful as a dragon will suffice. Danny cries as one of her two dragons roars enormous flames before fading softly to ashes. Melissandre performs the ancient magic and the sword sets aflame - it requires all her magic and then she is revealed to be a withered old crone gasping at the gates of death. John Snow wields it and swings its arc, the flame cuts out 20 feet in front of him like a whip of fire incinerating the dead. He and Danny are able to defend Kings Landing but are slowly losing as the numbers of the Dead are too great. The Night King rides high above on his Dragon overseeing the attack. Danny can't attack him without leaving the city vulnerable. In a last ditch attempt, Bran wargs into the undead Dragon the Night King is riding. The Night King senses this and tries to turn Bran into a Wight in a 2 way street of magic. Bran is able to gain control of the Dragon while being corrupted and plummets him to where Jon Snow is defending the city. The Night King completes Brans transformation into a Wight and will use him to destroy the history of Men of Westeros while destroying the present. However John Snow decapitates the undead Dragon and faces the Night King turns all his minions against John. Danny sees John overwhelmed and rides her dragon low who she commands to burn a path to the night King. She and her dragon are brought down and killed in the process. As a Targaryen John Snow is not hurt by the flames and swings at the Night King shattering his sword and cleaves the undead crystal shard in his chest. The Night King's eyes lose their ice cold blue and flicker back to human before his Wight body shatters. A now naked bloody and weary John Snow sees the Wights all shattering around him. Bran is gone now too. He rules the 7 Kingdoms and rebuild them in peace. The end.

    17:02 UTC


    Spoilers s6 ep5 The Door

    Besides breaking my heart all over again. Can somebody who’s more knowledgeable about this explain to me what exactly happened to Hodor there? Also was Bran seeing the past and watching at the same time? How exactly did he become “Hodor”.

    15:52 UTC


    House of the Dragon

    i’m probably gonna get burned alive for this but i have YET to watch House of the Dragon. i’ve heard it’s good but im genuinely scared to watch it since i believe nothing will live up to GoT. so i need some convincing 😭 is it seriously as good as its been talked about?

    13:39 UTC


    Is anybody else having a really hard time investing in HOTD’s characters?

    Going into Season 2 I feel like I still genuinely don’t know anybody, not even the biggest characters Alicent, Rhaenyra, Daemon, Corlys or Rhaenys. They just all feel so two dimensional. Daemon I was starting to get invested in during the first half of Season 1 but then he all of a sudden got shoved into the background. Don’t even get me started on the secondary cast. Otto just feels like an uninspired Discount Tywin. Larys is equally uninspired, he’s just a slightly creepier and more sociopathic mishmash of Littlefinger and Varys with absolutely none of the build-up and intrigue of those characters. Aegon is a much duller Discount Joffrey. Everyone else just feels like disposable background props (Baela, Rhaena, Jace, etc) save for maybe Aemond who actually has a legit personality and feels like he could develop into an interesting character

    13:31 UTC


    When people talk about smart characters getting dumber in the later seasons, they always include Petyr Baelish but I don't think that's fair.

    People talk about how cunning and smart Petyr was in the earlier seasons and how he became stupider in the later seasons since he tried a plot that got him killed. But he basically failed because he was unknowingly going against someone that was basically all knowing (Bran). Even season 1 Petyr would have failed if Ned had one eyed raven Bran in his ear.

    12:34 UTC


    Snow is older than Danny right?

    Although Daeny is his aunt? Jon Snow is born during the war, but she is born after Robb became the king ,right? Kind of weird that nephew is older than aunt and fall in love…

    11:46 UTC


    I was always a bit confused by Ned Stark and his notion of "honour"

    Ned Stark is always described as an honourable man, but what exactly does that mean? Loyalty? Morality? Doing what is right? Integrity? In particular, in the council meeting in 1x5 in which Robert Baratheon calls for Daenerys to be killed, Ned Stark objects and refuses his King's demands, which is technically treason despite their long friendship. Is this the honourable choice? Is being ethical and pragmatic more important than duty as Hand of the King? He's so holier-than-thou judging Jaime for being a "Kingslayer" and stabbing the Mad King in the back even though he was saving countless lives doing so, and even if they didn't know that, they knew he was Mad and tyrannical and were rebelling against him and going to King's Landing to kill him anyway. But isn't that basically the same thing? Doing what is right not what your King commands? Is he hypocritical, or is he against killing any one person to save millions, whether it's an insane murderous King or his innocent daughter? If he expected Jaime to just stand idly by and let the Mad King burn everyone alive, surely he must also stand by the King's decision to murder a child because of the threat she presents to the throne and the realm, against his better judgement?

    11:34 UTC


    So is Jon Snow the true main character?

    I mean above all he is the SON of ice and fire🤣

    09:26 UTC


    Bran the useless

    08:30 UTC


    Who would have been the perfect wife for Tyrion Lannister?

    08:28 UTC


    How do you think things would have gone for Stannis if he never had Melisandre?

    05:35 UTC


    Jon & the Wildlings: “What if…”

    Anyone who has finished Season 5 is safe from any spoilers.

    I read the novels so long ago, I now cannot recall all the deviations between the books and the HBO series. While the novels don’t detail what happened at Hardhome, the HBO series clearly showed how the army of the dead grows. Since the Night’s Watch pledges to “guard the realms of men,” the choice to allow the Wildings south of the wall seems obvious; yet at the end of Season 5, several Brothers were so strongly opposed to helping the Wildlings, they resorted to murder.

    Did Jon Snow clearly explain this risk to the Brothers of the Night’s Watch? Were they aware of the risk if the white walkers killed the Wildlings first? Did they simply doubt Jon’s testimony?

    What if the Brothers had acknowledged the danger posed by the army of the dead? What if they’d also embraced the Wildlings as fellow men rather than enemies?

    04:05 UTC



    This isn't very important, but I noticed something a little strange in Season 3, Episode 5. When Roose Bolton told them to take Jaime to Qyburn to have his arm looked at, his arm definitely didn't look like it had been cut off with one chop, like it was. Locke removed Jaime's hand with one swing of his blade, which would make one think, that his cut would have looked more precise and clean. His cut looked as if it had been made, by sawing it off. It was very irregular, and it had chunks missing out of it. It also had hairs all over it. I guess the hairs weren't hairs, but instead, they were threads from the wrapping. I also am guessing that his arm had been rotting away, causing his arm to look like it had chunks missing out of it. Qyburn did say that "it was full of corruption", so I guess that sums it up. It just took me a little off guard.

    03:35 UTC


    Couldn't they all have gone to Essos?

    It's kind of established in Hard Home that the White Walkers can't handle the water, and that is revisited when they trap the hunting party of Jon, the Hound, Beric,Eric, etc.

    Is there a reason they couldn't just get everyone to haul ass to Essos? Could the White Walkers somehow get ships? And would they?

    03:15 UTC


    Why did Sansa not go with the Hound during the Battle of the Blackwater?

    Ok just a preface I’ve never read the books. I am rewatching the show and don’t understand why she wouldn’t go with him. In the scene when he is in her chambers and asks her to go, she even says that she now realizes he won’t hurt her. He told her he wanted to take her to Robb. Why wouldn’t she go with him?

    00:28 UTC


    S3e6 question

    It's that Ros that Joffrey kills in the bedroom (that was a gift from Tyrion)? I see on here Ros is very popular with the men but I can't tell if that's her or just a similar looking girl.

    00:17 UTC


    This scene is underrated in terms of comedy in my opinion

    When Sansa is at the table with Ramsay and he forces Reek to apologize to her. His face and smile at the end are hilarious in my opinion ,,That was getting very tense''

    What do You think?

    I wish Everyone a good day.

    1 Comment
    23:55 UTC


    Hot take…

    Ok I’m not sure how you guys are going to react to this one😂 but am I the only one that wanted Jon and Daenerys to live happily ever after?😂 like, I get why they did what they did, but part of me just wanted to see them grow a little dragon family together 🥲

    22:42 UTC

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