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Topics relating to the development and use of game AI. Note that this is often not real artificial intelligence but rather what has been referred to for decades as "AI" in games. Usually, that is variations on some form of artificial behavior.

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A subreddit for those interested in the development and research of artificial intelligence for games. For broader scope, check out /r/gamedev and /r/artificial.

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M-Body Project (non profit AI solution - research group)

Whether you're in the animation field or academic research, get ready for the launch of the M-Body project! Supported by NSERC-CRSNG federal funding, this project brings together a multidisciplinary team from four leading applied research centers across Canada : SIRT Centre, Centre de développement et de recherche en intelligence numérique - CDRIN, MRC Studio Durham College and Laboratoire en innovation ouverte (LLio). Our goal is to provide a collaborative, open-source toolkit and software systems for cutting-edge generative character animation, complete with a high-quality, human motion dataset. #AIgenerative #animationtech #dataset #opensource

Follow us: m-body.ai / Open-source data and tools, for generative animation

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Solutions for "AI for Games" Ian Millington

Hey Everyone, I have been reading AI for Games by Ian Millington and I was wondering if anyone knows if there are some solutions available somewhere. I cant seem to find any. Thanks!

Also, if anyone has any other books or resources for game AI, id love to hear them. Or even your thoughts on this book if you have read it :)

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How do I become competent enough at Apex Utility AI + Aron Granberg A* pathfinding for Unity to assist an ongoing project, from scratch?

Sadly, I have little programming experience, but I'd like to learn in order to work on an ongoing project. At the moment I have a couple of resources lined up, like the C# course at CodeAcademy, as well as this resource on learning gamedev: https://github.com/notpresident35/awesome-learn-gamedev . I'd prefer free resources if possible. Thank you to anyone who stops by to read or even comment.

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2-3 minutes survey for people interested in AI and games

Hey guys!

I'm doing a quick, anonymous survey about AI and games for a little project of mine: https://forms.gle/mocR2Aenewwdqgdb6

Thanks in advance to you, good folks, that are going to give us some of your time and opinions!

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Amorphous Fortress Online

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Considering designing a tool for creating games with AI-powered logic and actions

I have seen a lot of AI-powered content creation services (like Ludo.ai), but I have not seen many tools focused on powering logic with large language models. I know there is a problem with cost, and that in the past it has not be viable to design a game with LLM logic because of the enormous overhead.

But I think that will soon change, and I want to make a project that makes it possible for game devs to start experimenting with LLM-based logic. I want to make it easy to design your own objects, actions, and character behaviors within an environment that is dynamically updated.

I am curious if anyone is familiar with any existing projects or tools related to this (currently looking at sillytavern, horde, and oobabooga as potential starting points).

I am also curious if anyone would find such a project interesting. My goal is to make an easy to use playground with little to no code requirement, so that people can start designing the next generation of AI games now and be ready to deploy something once the cost becomes less of an issue.

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I made a AI play flappy bird

I made a AI in Godot 4 that can play flappy bird, if anyone is interested.

Youtube video: https://youtu.be/9yuPFYosmLA

Project is on Github: https://github.com/bit-flows/flappyAI

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I want to make an AI for Smash Bros. Melee

I want to create a bot that can learn what the habits of the other player are and just be slightly better than the player. I want it to be able to play games with the player to help learn how to break those habits.

There is an API to connect to slippi, Melee's Dolphin extension: https://libmelee.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

It allows the program to provide inputs to a cpu opponent for the player. There is also already a bot for melee, linked here:


But there are problems with it. It is way too good and it only plays one character. I want to hopefully improve that. There are ways that I can get the top player's game inputs from slippi, so I have the inputs I need for it I believe. I am just not sure on where to even start with the model. I know I need some type of GAN, but I am not well versed on creating models, just updating them through my job.

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Searching resources on how to achieve navmesh tiling / stitching?

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Language based event recognition for one wheeled balancing robot

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Creating 3D animations using Blockade Labs Skybox AI and Animotive

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RL for turn based combat.

I am making a game in which there is turn based combat on a grid of varying size. Each player has units they can move, attack and spellcast with. I am using c# with unity and I'd like to use reinforcement learning to make the opponent ai. I looked into unity's ml, but I want to be able to run a server without unity in the future. I am having trouble finding the right tools or resources to help me figure out how to turn the board's state into a form the ML can use. One of my goals is to have the ai train as the player plays so it learns against them as they progress.

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Tried to make the Spider's behavior natural for the game. WIP still but I think we are on the right track

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Looking for opinions on assistive LLMs for visual novels

So I got to thinking about all the open source llm's out there now (especially the uncensored ones) and was wondering how practical it would be to incorporate that into a visual novel game.

My thoughts on this are a few-fold:

AI lack of 'knowledge' or 'reasoning' means that while they are amazing tools for assisting in ideas, conversations and content generation, they are terrible at 'taking the wheel' themselves. So I am strictly considering them in an 'assistive' capacity.

That means that a VN using AI should, in my opinion, have a predetermined story (issues of branching or linearity aside) and that there should be more or less pre-determined scenes and possible outcomes or 'exits' in scenes.

Where AI could be used is the in-scene comunication or generation. It could be used to generate story and character responses in scene and always be trying to 'steer' a scene to one of the 'exits'.

Obviously a lot would need to be firgured out with a system like this, but I feel like this overarching concept is not unreasonable.

This would of course need to run on a players cpu or gpu to be feasible as a game in my opinion, so the quality of your language models and techniques used are going to be limited.

This is a very open ended thought experiment on my part and I am wondering what the community at large has to say about it. Also let me know if there is a better reddit to post this on.

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New essay series, edited by Mike Masnick, featuring works from Kurt Opsahl, Naomi Brockwell, Holmes Wilson & more on the existential questions surrounding decentralization.

Hey everyone! We wanted to show you all our new essay series, DWEB DIGEST. A lot of work went into it and its filled with essays from some amazing people. Let us know what you think!

Read it here

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How to define goap actions of this kind of goals?

Hi everyone, I'm using goap in my game ai. I have one goal and three actions:

Goal:{"has_food": True}
       preconditions: {"arrived_stove": True}
       effects: {"has_food" : True}
       preconditions: {"found_stove": True}
       effects: {"arrived_stove": True}
       preconditions: {}
       effects: {"found_stove": True}

this actions are well worked for the goal. but if there are many small goals and tools, I have to implement action for every one ,for example:

    FoundCar, FoundHouse, FoundHotel ....

So , is there any excellent solutions to avoid this?

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What kind of Game AI are being used on AAA games?

Guys, I'm developing a paper about game AI in general. Would you recommend a place to find documentation about "what game AI technology is applied" (e.g FIFA/PES are using A*, Fuzzy, etc)?

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Player centric gameAI books?

Hi, I'm interested if there are books that are concerned about how the player interacts or feels about an AI first and then explains some concepts.

I might be wrong, but two books im reading at the moment seem to be just breaking down how you program gameAI but not how you design it around the player and the needs of your game.

A few GDC talks introduced me to this concept and i absolutely love it because i love thinking about designs first

So if anyone has any book reccs let me know!

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Generative AI for NPC movements

Hi, we are two machine learning engineers interested in creating AI tools for animators and game designers.

After speaking with animators and creative directors, we discovered that animating characters can be tedious, and iterations of different animation ideas can be time-consuming. Therefore, we hypothesize that if a model can generate animation clips in seconds and allow for quick iteration, animation work can become more productive and enjoyable.

Here is our conceptual demo video: https://youtu.be/kcdL5qsmLFg

The video is for the purpose of start-up idea validation and was made with Figma and VRChat. We'd like to use this demo to collect feedback from animators and game designers. It is intended to demonstrate that by inputting different types of prompts, such as reference videos, character transcripts/audio, or text descriptions of the desired motion, the model can generate motion in seconds.

We would like to receive feedback from experts in game design and animation to either prove or disprove our hypothesis.

If you are interested in this field, we would love to have a conversation. Your advice will be very valuable to us!

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Game Concept using Machine Learning

I created a free game to show off how hard Machine Learning AI can be to beat. It looks pretty but the controls are super hard to give the AI a challenge. You can get it go if you wish on steam.

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Final Fantasy VII has its own AI programming language

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